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Sly and Phyliss
Deborah Rennard and Deborah Tranelli together again.

Ken Kercheval obituary
Ken who played Cliff Barnes sadly dies aged 83

Gen Xers watch and review original Dallas.
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Remembering Larry Hagman who played JR Eewing
Remembering Larry Hagman
Articles and video relating to our beloved friend Larry Hagman who played JR Ewing

Props from the TV seris Dallas
Dallas TNT Prop Master Blog
The Dallas TNT Prop Master reveals the story behind her favorite props from the series.

Dallas on TNT set visit
Behind the scenes secrets of Dallas
Our exclusive behind the scenes visit to Dallas on TNT


JR Ewing's best of the best

Original Scripts
Download original scripts from the TV show, Dallas.

Dallas Episode Guide
Indepth Episode Guide for the original and latest episodes of the hit series.

Dallas actor biographies
From Larry Hagman to Dack Rambo, get the life story of the Dallas actors.

Exclusive interviews with the cast of the TV series Dallas

Larry, Linda and Patrick chat Dallas
Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy together in our exclusive video interview.

Victoria Principal interview
Victoria Principal exclusive interview
 Victoria Princpal who played Pam anwsered all your Dallas questions!

Patrick Duffy
It's not a dream! Patrick Duffy joined us for another exclusive interview.

Linda Gray
We met with Linda in a London hotel to ask your questions about playing Sue Ellen Ewing.

Roseanna Exclusive
Fantasic interview with the actress who played Teresa the Southfork maid,

David Paulsen
Dallas Producer David Paulsen enlightens us with the behind the scenes process.

Susan Howard
Exclusive and candid interview with Susan Howard who played Donna Krebbs in Dallas

Danone exclusive
Exclusive interview with Danone Simpson aka Kendal.


Dallas TV series throwback

Dallas the movie script
Remember when John Travolta was going to play JR in a Dallas movie?

Dallas The Gathering
Dallas returned in this excellent graphic novel.

Dallas Memorbilia
Take a trip down memory lane with all these Dallas items.


Dallas TV Series social media

Dallas TV Series forum
Join indepth discussion on the old school official Dallas fans discussion forum.

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