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Ginger in Texas asks I have bags and circles under my eyes. I might consider surgery. What else can I do?

Victoria Principal – You can approach the bags through surgery if you choose. There are a number of products that have come out that can temporally reduce bagginess under the eyes. But in terms of circles there is no surgery for that. What you are seeing is the blood supply under the eye; the eye area produces the least amount of moisture. Its thinner skin, its the most fragile skin on the face and so really what one is seeing is ones own blood.  Now of course it doesn’t help if you stay up late, and you don’t drink enough water and you abuse yourself in the sun and if you smoke.

Colin – There is no hope for me then (laughs)

Victoria Principal – There is always hope Colin

Colin – Is there? (Laughs) You have just listed everything I do

Victoria Principal – The hope is you will recognise it and do something about it.

Nicola Cox in Papworth Everard asks Can I buy your skin care in the shops?

Victoria Principal – The reason they can’t is because my dream when I started Principal Secret, was to make great high end skin care affordable. So by choosing direct sales I am able to spend so much money on the ingredients because I’m not having to deal with the stores and not having to pay the overheads.

So by not going retail and never going public, its still a privately owned company, I am able to retain the kind of control that ensures I will always have the integrity I started with the products.

Rosie asks – Were there cliques on the set of Dallas with one group in a position of power?

Victoria Principal – I never felt part of a group that way. As far as I was concerned, I went to work, did my job and went home. If those politics existed on the set I was unaware of them.

Pauline in Scotland also asks You once made a single with Andy Gibb; do you think a singing career would have been an option?

Victoria Principal – Well quite honestly I made more than one. We didn’t release them. Warner Brothers offered me an album deal and I declined because I knew that I was not a great singer. Andy and I were deeply in love and really enjoyed the project together. It was intended to further any kind of singing career and it was easy to decline the offers that followed.

Kay Bohlen in Germany asks You may remember that you've met Olivia Newton-John a couple of times ( Switzerland and in Olivia's former Koala Blue boutique-chain). You both would make a fantastic singing duo. Any plans for that?

Victoria Principal – (Laughs loudly) I really like Olivia and I like her too much to ever do that. She can sing. I can’t (laughs)

Colin - At one point it was rumored Olivia was cast as Pam in the Dallas movie, if it ever happens.

Victoria Principal – You know If we took all the rumors we’d have a book. I’ve been asked who I think should play Pam and I think it should be Halle Berry. I think she would bring all the aspects that are necessary to play Pam. I think she looks right, she has great talent, I think she has a soft sensuality about her that is not overt, she has kindness and strength, she is perfect for Pam.

Colin - We will see if the movie actually happens.

Victoria Principal – I wouldn’t hold my breath unless you look good in blue.(Laughs again) I think like many things its time has come and gone.

Sue in Boston asks Hi Victoria. What are your future plans? Any TV work coming up? I would love to see you back on television.

Victoria Principal – Well obviously running a world wide company is a full time job. But I am approached on a regular basis about television, sometimes independent features, so it is not unlikely that if something I fall in love with I would do it.

Colin – Victoria thank you, fantastic. We ran over time.

Victoria Principal – Oh Colin, its fine, we both lost track of time because I was enjoying it so much.

ColinBefore you go. Do you use the surf the inernet much ?

Victoria PrincipalOh yes (The wonderful hearty laugh returns for one final time)

Colin Have you visited ?

Victoria Principal Prior to us getting together like this today. Now it has peaked my curiousity so I'll need to visit more often in the future.

Special thanks to the charming Victoria Principal and the members of Ultimate Dallas and for their questions.

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Interview by Colin Hunter
Transcribed by Christina Gioberti

Copyright 2008

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