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Kristin D in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada asks Hello Victoria! Thank you for this opportunity!   Which Season is YOUR favorite and why?

Victoria Principal – Well in the first five years they were all my favorites. I think the first five years are just the pinnacle of serial television in terms of must see.  By year seven I just felt there was a very incremental decline going on and I think it had something to do with loosing the writers and also with the Network feeling they had a formula that worked and not wanting to do anything differently. The one constant in life is change so it really is necessary for a show to change in order to grow.  I felt that kind of growth had ceased. That choices were being made for characters and storylines not so much for the organic and true growth of the show but for a kind of tabloid interest hurt the show.

Colin – It seemed to be influenced by Dynasty

Victoria Principal – You know what is so interesting about that. Dynasty, the original title, was Denver Oil. It was so clearly a rip off of Dallas that they were forced to change the title.

Colin – Didn’t Linda Evans try for the role of Pam?

Victoria Principal – The first person to ever meet for the role of Pam was me. I was their first interview and there we have it.

Colin – Maybe it is another one of those internet rumors (laughs)

Victoria Principal – You know something, between my first meetings and getting it I’m sure there were many many meetings. I went in for the part of Pam when I was 27; I was 28 when I got the part. It was four months later.

 Sarah in France (Toulouse) asks Hi Victoria, I'm a Workout teacher and I know your enormous contribution in the workout world. My question is in "Dallas" when Pam had her own Workout club, was this kind of business your choice or was it a producer’s idea?

Victoria Principal – It was the producers. When I went to sign the Dallas contract, because of my previous incarnation as an agent and the fact I had studied contractual law, I really read the contract myself. I realised that one of the paragraphs meant that no one in the Dallas cast could do a commercial or any outside project without the explicit involvement of the network. They had to give their approval and they got a piece of the action. So I X’d out that paragraph and it was a deal breaker for me, and so the network very quietly agreed to make me the exception in the cast. As a result that’s why, you can only notice in hindsight, I was the only person in the cast who did commercials, who was doing movies of the week, who wrote books   and these all belong to me.  I retained the control and ownership of my image. No one owns me

Helene in Rotterdam, the Netherlands asks Are you ever going to leave us a book about your life? I would really like to know how you did it all. Totally love you and wish you all the best! Helene

Victoria Principal – Well actually I had not intended to ever write an autobiography but I have been approached in such a flattering and interesting way by one of the major publishers in America that I am now reconsidering it.

 Pammy Presley in the United Kingdom asks I loved the character Pamela Barnes Ewing; did you have a say in the style of clothes you wore as Pammy?  Thanks,

Victoria Principal – There was a designer on Dallas but I chose to pick out my own clothing. So I was very involved in my clothing. I didn’t keep the clothing, because I felt that was crossing one of the boundaries I set for myself and that was when I left the set of Dallas I left Pam there.


Colin – What is the story with the nightgown from the iconic shower scene?

Victoria Principal – The nightgown and the robe were mine and I brought them to the set of Dallas to use for the scene because the scene came up so suddenly. So yes I took those home because I brought them from home.  (laughs)

The only thing I took from the set of Dallas was I kept all three of the rings that were used over the years. The first engagement ring from Bobby, the second engagement ring from Bobby and the ring from Mark. I have those. I did ask if I could have them and they said yes.

So I have all three rings and I still have my nightgown and robe. I have it preserved, I was going to give it to the museum of television and they don’t have a facility to keep things like that so I have been thinking of auctioning it off on EBay and the money would go to a charity I care deeply about. I’ve received unsolicited letters over the years, people offering twenty thousand dollars for the nightgown and robe, so I thought this might be money well spent for something I care deeply about.

 Pete in NJ asks can you tell us about your trip into space?

Victoria Principal – Yes I’m going into space. (Laughs)  When I first heard about it I called Richard Branson, I was the first woman to sign up and I will be doing my space training and then going up late next year.

 Colin – (laughs) I would be petrified. Is it not nerve racking? (laughs)

Victoria Principal – (laughs) No Colin its not nerve racking. I have a history of enjoying unusual experiences, thrills I suppose. Someone asked me if I thought I was taking a risk and very often I think when we don’t do things that is the greater risk. I consider this living. If you think about how many people have lost their lives going into space more people loose their lives every hour on the freeway.

 Richard in Kingswinford, UK asks I'm watching the early seasons of Family Guy on DVD at the moment, and recently I was surprised when at the end of one episode you and Patrick Duffy appeared in a kind of spoof of the end of the dream season of Dallas. Did you find this strange revisiting that classic moment from Dallas? It was very funny that scene by the way.

Victoria Principal – It was wonderful. It sounded like so much fun and of course I was able to take my nightgown and robe out of the closet and wear it once again. It was great working with Patrick, within thirty seconds we just got right back into the same synergy and the same comfort zone and the joy of working together again.

Colin – You also reunited for reunion show Charlene was involved in producing

Victoria Principal – Yes and that was a joy. I had not participated in any of the reunions prior to that, nor any of the movies of the week. When that came up and I thought now it is a different situation, I knew that Charlene would handle it in such a way and Henry Winker, that it would be done with good judgment and forethought, so we could avoid the pathetic elements.   It was a really joyful, honest reunion.  Now I’ve done it. I have never done it before and I sincerely doubt I will do it again but it was great to do it. It was a terrific punctuation mark.

Pauline in Scotland asks What are your memories of Barbara Bel Geddes?  You said that heaven was in for a good time now that she was there at the time of her death

Victoria Principal – Oh god yes. Barbara was bright and fun and honest and curious, she was extraordinary. To this day, next to my bed, sits a mug she gave me that she had engraved and I keep my pens in it. I think of her everyday when I take a pen and write something down.

 Jerry in White City asks Who do you most admire?

Victoria Principal – Well Ghandi  (Laughs loudly)
There are people who are well known people but I find the people who inspire me most are not the people who are publically heralded for the big things they did but in fact people that I know who live their lives daily, very quietly, with great integrity and honestly and consistency. I think if everyone could do that the world would be a better place.

Zac in Salt Lake City asks how was your relationship with Larry Hagman?

 Victoria Principal – It was wonderful. I adore Larry. I knew him before Dallas, we continue to stay in touch. Larry is a unique human being and I really celebrate his uniqueness. I just got a card from him.

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