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Sarah in Ireland asks Along with Barbara Bel Geddes, you are probably the most mysterious out of all the Dallas cast. Is there any truth in the rumors that you really did distance yourself from the rest of the cast outside of working hours?

Victoria Principal – Well I think just because you make your living on camera doesn’t mean you have to live your life on camera. When I begun the show I already a very tight intimate circle of friends and I maintained those friendships. It doesn’t mean I didn’t have a lovely working relationship with everyone in the cast and it doesn’t mean I didn’t have particular fondness for Barbara Bel Geddes, Patrick, Larry, Charlene and Mary Crosby.

Colin – Does this go back to what you mentioned earlier regarding that boundary between professional and personal?

Victoria Principal –  When I was doing Dallas, we started in 1978, Charlene and I were the only two people who were single and so my life was very different from the rest of the cast since they were married with families. We were in different places in life.

Denny Lang from Arizona asks I am starting out as a model. Could you advise me?

Victoria Principal – My advice would be, if you can avoid it don’t be a model (The hearty laugh again)
It was the most difficult job of my life. It meant that everything was about the way I look. I think that is just one aspect of anyone and if that is the focus of everything then you are going to be leading a very shallow life

Colin – Did you find it difficult that people didn’t see beyond the surface?

Victoria Principal – I think when I was very young, being treated just for the way I looked really really was difficult for me.  But as time went by I realised that there are ways that I could make this work for me. In as much as that when I went into a business meeting it was much more likely that I would make a better deal because I would be underestimated.  

Colin – So being a woman you must did you feel you had to fight harder in those situations.

Victoria Principal – I felt I always had to try harder for being a woman in this business.

Colin – and what about now?

Victoria Principal – I think once the woman becomes successful in show business she wields a greater power and authority then women in some other businesses. But there doesn’t seem to be any middle road, it’s the swing of the pendulum, either you have almost no forum and no power or you have an extraordinary amount.  There should be a middle road, a middle healthy road in show business where you can be treated simply as a person and valued for your virtues and your strengths and your intelligence.

 In terms of other business, most of what I do now is run my skincare business, interestingly enough the large skincare businesses are owned and run by men. So when I started in the skincare business eighteen years ago it surprised me that I was doing most of my business with men. I found myself in a very similar situation once again where I had to work twice as hard to earn my position.

But once again the flipside I was very often underestimated and it did allow me to (laughs), to grow my business a little more rapidly.

 Maria in London asks Victoria you are the best. I love Principal Secret, it really does work. What inspired you to start the company?

Victoria Principal – I had been interested in skin care since I was a little girl but I always had very nice skin. When I began working as an actress I began to have tremendous skin problems. Dermologists could only solve the problem for short periods of time with antibiotics , which is no way to live and so I went in search of a way to control the skin care issues in a more natural way and it turned out I was allergic to a lot of ingredients in skin care and in makeup. So I had three products made just for me, a cleanser, and a cream I could use day or night and a night cream. My skin cleared up amazingly and my girlfriends began asking to borrow my skin care. But Colin nobody ever borrows skin care; they don’t ever return it (laughs). I realised my products worked not only for me but I really wanted to make this available to other women. So in the 80’s I created my company and then it first became available on the market in 1991.

Colin - Men also use your products. I have used them (laughs)

Victoria Principal – and what did you think?

Colin – Excellent. Really good.

 Victoria Principal – Thank you.  My Reclaim line and reclaim Age Braker line, have just been one of the most elite skin care awards for 2007. It’s been chosen as the top skin care line.

Colin – How can you purchase the products?

Victoria Principal – You can buy my products through my website, you can buy them through an 800 number, and you can order them directly from the infomercial that not only airs in the United States everyday but in thirty countries. In August QVC is giving me a party on the air because it will be the 16th year I have been appearing on QVC, making it the longest celebrity skin care line in its history.

 Tatianna in Virginia asks Hello Miss Principal.  Pamela was such a popular character and fans feel disappointed at the way her character just simply disappeared without giving the viewers closure.  How do you feel about her exit from the show and is Pamela dead?

Victoria Principal – I liked the exit. I thought the fiery car crash was a punctuation mark, I liked it. It was dramatic and I was glad I didn’t have a lingering death scene, it was clean.
Do I consider Pamela dead? I would think as long as I’m alive Pamela is not dead. Having played her for nine years there is just some sort of molecular process that goes on and she is now a part of me.

Tyler Mitchell in San Diego asks How much of Victoria Principal did we see in Pamela Barnes Ewing?

Victoria Principal – I think that the Pamela that was written and the Pamela that I played the first year was the closest to me. As the years went on and she was pasteurized, there were elements of me but less so.  Although I think anyone and all of us should aspire to be as good and kind, and honest as Pam.

Colin – Would you consider Pamela a strong character as she stayed true to her beliefs?

Victoria Principal – Oh absolutely.  She had a very firm, unwavering moral compass, unlike everyone else on the show.

Colin – There is a tendency for strong female characters to be portrayed with a mean streak.

Victoria Principal – People often see things in black and white terms, they often misconstrue kindness as weakness when in fact it is not. Just as violence is not strength.

 Sidney Trantham in Boston, MA asks What was your experience on Titans? Why did it get the chop so soon?

Victoria Principal – (laughs loudly) Well it got axed because it became a lousy show. I think the original concept for Titans was really exciting, it was going to be a dark, funny, satire. It was going to be a cross between Soapdish and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman but instead it didn’t know what it was, it lost its way. It aspired to be something really interesting and really smart and it lost its way.

Colin – John Barrowman is TV in the UK at the moment

 Victoria Principal – Oh my god I adore John. My two best reasons going to the set everyday were Perry King and John (laughs)

Colin – He seems to be on everything at the moment. You can’t turn on your TV without seeing him (laughs)

Victoria Principal – Is he being good?

Colin – Depends who you ask (laughs) I think bad and good

Victoria Principal – I have not seen or spoken to John since I left the show. Has he been a bad boy and got caught?

Colin – (laughs) He is big in a show called Doctor Who.

Victoria Principal – Well if you speak to him give him my love.

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