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Christina asks – I admire your confidence. You have inspired me throughout my life. You see to deal with all that life throws at you. From your recent public divorce, to stock car racing and flying into space. Where does this confidence come from?

Victoria Principal – I don’t race Stock cars they are Formula Fords.  I have a Formula Ford license.

 Life is complicated; we never know what life is going to throw at us. If we have a relationship with ourselves where we know our strengths and our weaknesses and we’re really honest with ourselves, I think it helps us cope with everything better. It doesn’t mean we can’t work towards strengthening our weaknesses, but just having an honest relationship with yourself, knowing who you are and who you’re not is a good start.

Joshua Slow asks I found your performance in the telefilm MISTRESS to be quite expressive. What did you draw on most for this role?

Victoria Principal – Wow. I think the answer is not going to be quite what he expected.
I was ready to leave Dallas and the reason I wanted to leave was I never envisioned that Dallas would be my career; I felt that it was a job. I loved the show but as of the seventh year I did feel there was an incremental decline going on so I really wanted to leave in 1987 and I did do so.
Not only did I leave because I did feel the show was in decline but I left because there was so many things I wanted to try and see if I could do them. One of them was to take my ability as an actress to another level, Mistress allowed me to do that. It was written by a woman who went on to become Oscar nominated, it was produced by Sherry Lansing and Richard Fischoff.  My first project after I left Dallas and I had only been gone for a couple of months, was this extraordinary project with this great writer, great producers, and a great director.
That’s one of the reasons I left Dallas,   was to find projects like that.

Pamkins South Africa asks In 1985 you stated that you were looking forward to live without Bobby. Did his return influence your decision to leave?  It seems the women were downgraded at this time.

 Victoria Principal – I think there is a misunderstanding.  I never looked forward to being on Dallas without Patrick Duffy. It’s just once that decision was made and I had nothing to do with that decision, I wanted to make lemonade out lemons, and what I was going to try to do was take the opportunity to work with another actor and create some new acting experiences. I was just trying to make the best of the situation;   I was using it as a challenge to raise the bar for myself in terms of my performance and my interactions on Dallas.

Colin – It seemed in the infamous dream season, as it is now known, you had a pivotal role, but in the subsequent season the character of Pamela was weakened considerably.

Victoria Principal – Well I had told the Producers and the network that I would be leaving Dallas in 1987, I told them this in 1985. I had two years left on my deal and so I think that the last year I was on, they were preparing the audience for less of me.  Just before I left Dallas, the network and Lorimar came to me and offered me the most money in the history of television for a woman. It would of made me the highest paid actress on television had I accepted the offer. It was time to go and I found out a lot about myself, I can’t be bought.

Milly Oklamaoa asks Can you tell us how it you felt on set during the Phil Capice era?

Victoria Principal – The dream season, although a lot of people found the concept foolish, there really was no other way to have Patrick Duffy return in just one single show. Necessity being the mother of invention, so the invention served the abrupt transition very well. Going from a year of Pam’s life that didn’t exist back to being married to Bobby. So whether or not I was a fan of the way they chose to do it, what matters is that they did find a way to do it successfully.  
No one was happier than me to see Pat back (Laughs)

Colin – Is it true you didn’t know until you saw the show?

Victoria Principal – Well to some degree, yes. I wasn’t there the day he shot the scene that he was back; I knew before it ever aired, Leonard Katzman told me. So I was delighted.

Getting back to Phil Capice, as much as I loved Lenny, I speak in the presence tense as I will never stop loving him, I adored Phil Capice. I really had a wonderful working relationship with him.

 Colin – Do you believe that the partnership of Phil Capice and Leonard Katzman worked better for the show, rather than them working apart? This has been suggested by other cast members.

Victoria Principal – I don’t know if better, I think it was different and sometimes different can feel better.

 James from London asks Even though Bobby and Pam is such an iconic couple, in some ways I found Pam's relationship with Mark Graison more interesting--there was something very poignant and bittersweet about it. Can you recall your reaction upon hearing that Pam was going to divorce Bobby and have a new love interest?

Victoria Principal – Well don’t forget because Patrick was leaving that was all part of that. What I kept doing, I viewed all of these changes and once again tried to make the best of them as an actress.

Sidney in NY asks - It is now 20 years since you left Dallas. Would you ever consider being in a reunion movie. Would you be in it under any capacity?

Victoria Principal – No I would not. I think some things are better left alone. There is a time and place to consider a reunion movie but twenty years later it feels pathetic.
(Laughs loudly, again the hearty laugh is back and is extremely contagious).

Colin – (now has the giggles)

 Victoria Principal – That used to get me in trouble, I’m just much too candid (Laughs)

Colin – Actually all these years later, there is such a big thing about your exit, there was no defining end to the character.

Victoria Principal – That’s because everyone whoever left Dallas came back and they kept the idea going that I might come back and I was fully resolved not too. 

 Charmed one 82 asks Is it true you'd have returned for the last episode of Dallas had it been guaranteed as the last ever episode?

Victoria Principal – No it’s not true. I was asked back for the last episode.

Colin – We now have a question about Earthquake.

Victoria Principal(Laughs loudly) About my hair?

Scott Keith in Hollywood asks Earthquake is such a fun movie, what do you think of it and can you share a few memories?

April in Roma also asks What was going on with the hair in Earthquake?

Victoria Principal – I read the script and knew I had a good chance of getting it, but knew almost every actress in Hollywood wanted it. Because this character, Rosa, was Italian, and kind of funky, I thought it would be interesting if I cut off my waist length, long dark hair and permed it into an ethnic hairstyle.

 I think we all probably turned in good auditions but the hair is what put them over. It was my hair during the entire movie. We had to go back and do re-shoots for the movie, I think half a year later, so it had to be a wig because I was not going to do that again.  (Laughs)

 Pauline in Scotland asks Did you ever regret your perm in 1981, I got the same kind 3 weeks after I saw you with yours and it took me forever to get rid on my split ends!! 

 Victoria Principal – I think I’ve regretted every perm and that’s why I stopped (Laughs)
I permed it for Earthquake and permed it again while I was on Dallas. Spur of the moment and impetuous thing to do. I’ll try never to repeat it (Laughs)

J.H. in Georgia, U.S.A asks Starting a business seems to be an ultimate leap of faith in yourself.  I suppose we all have moments where we fear failure or have doubts.  When you were hit with those moments while you were planning a new career, what did you do to overcome them?

Victoria Principal –  You know the saying ‘all you have to fear is fear itself’ , when I’m beginning a new venture or in the midst of one  and I’m having anxiety and fears about it , I try and separate the realistic fears from the fears of fear. I think the fear of failure really gets in our way. If I can’t sleep because I’m worried about failing what I need to do is stop concentrating on failing and start concentrating on fixing it. 

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