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Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy

born: 17-03-1949
birth place: Townsend, Montana, USA

The son of tavern owners, Patrick Duffy was selected for a special drama program at the University of Washington while attending high school in Seattle. He became the state's first Actor in Residence, working as a carpenter and delivery man whenever he wasn't teaching or touring. After performing with the San Diego Shakespeare Festival and spending several years in minor film and television roles, Duffy was starred as gill-endowed Mark Harris in the TV series Man From Atlantis (1977). As a result, he developed a condition called Morton's Neuroma, and in 1989, had to have an operation to cut out the swollen nerve endings. He is now left with permanently damaged feet and it has been rumoured that he often wears clogs to ease the pain.

It was the sort of fantasy role that either typed an actor for life or led to bigger things; fortunately for Duffy, the latter proved to be the case. In 1978, Duffy was cast as Bobby Ewing on the prime time serial Dallas.

Duffy parted amicably with the series in 1985, filming a death scene; with both the show and his career foundering, he returned in 1986 in an infamous shower scene that rendered the entire '85–'86 season "just a dream." A 2004 reunion revealed that, as a teenager, series' star Larry Hagman frequently visited Duffy's parents; both were oblivious to this fact until Duffy auditioned for the role. Perhaps not incoincidentally, Duffy bonded strongly with Hagman throughout the show's run, despite being 18 years his junior. During this time, he continued to hold a variety of roles in various TV specials.


On November 18, 1986 Duffy's parents, Terrance and Marie Duffy, were murdered by Kenneth Miller, who was accompanied by Sean Wentz during the robbery of a Montana bar owned by Duffy's parents. Wentz and Miller, who were teenagers at the time, were convicted of the murders and sentenced to 75 years in prison apiece. Wentz is currently serving his sentence with the Montana Department of Corrections, while Miller is on parole, according to the Montana DOC website's inmate locator.

Patrick Duffy takes a break from Dallas

After Dallas, Duffy moved on to star in the TV movie, Daddy (1991), based on the best-selling novel by Danielle Steel. He then took on the character Jack Lambert, in another popular television series, along side Suzanne Somers, on the family sitcom Step by Step (1991-1998). He also directed 37 of the 160 episodes. During the series he also made time to star and Executive Produce two Dallas reunion movies, J.R. Returns (1996) and War of the Ewing’s (1998), respectively.

In 2001, Duffy took a voice - acting role in Family Guy, where he did a live action scene with Victoria Principal spoofing the infamous ‘shower scene’ sequence when Bobby Ewing comes back to Dallas.

Duffy starred alongside Stacey Keach (American History X, Pretty Woman), in a classic Saturday afternoon Western, called Desolation Canyon (2006). Then he worked on the American daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, in which he starred in ten episodes.

Also in 2006 he starred with Shelly Long in television movie Falling in Love With the Girl Next Door (2006), and appeared as a co-host, with Elle MacPherson and Ellen Croft, for an infomercial for Ellen's "Supreme Pilates".

Duffy has been married to Carlyn Duffy since 1974. The couple have two sons, Padraic Terrence (b. 1974) and Conor Frederick (b. 1979) and live near Eagle Point, Oregon. [1] Duffy is an avid collector of antique dolls and children's books. [2] Duffy, a former Catholic, practices Buddhism.

He Graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Drama in 1971. [4] His nephew is Major League Baseball pitcher Barry Zito of the San Francisco Giants. [5]

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