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Omri Katz and Eric Farlow TV show Dallas

What happened to the kids from Southfork?

View a recent short film below starring Omri Katz and stroll down to discover the first baby Christoper Ewing.

Omri Katz

Omri Katz who played John Ross Ewing in Dallas stars in this recent short film by Yehuna Garden.

Warning - This video contains profanity and scenes of a sexual nature




Eric Farlow

Do you remember little baby Christopher on the TV series Dallas?
He was originally played by Eric Farlow and manage to mumble his way through the series until he was eventually replaced by Joshua Harris.

Eric Farlow as baby Christoper Ewing in the TV series Dallas

Well now Eric is all grown up..........

Eric Farlow and Justin Lee Collins in a Dallas tv show special

Here here is pictured on the right with the UK presenter Justin Lee Collins.

He was tracked down in 2007 as part of the TV show `Bring back Dallas'


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