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Short Dream   Howard Keel Interview   Victoria Principal (1985)
Soap Secerts part 1   Linda Gray 1985 Interview pt1   Victoria Principal 1985 p2
Soap Secrets part 2   Linda Gray 1985 Interview pt2   Patrick Duffy 1985
Soap Secrets part 3   Charlene Tilton 1986 pt 1   Susan Howard (NRA)
Ewing Oil Chat Mention   Charlene Tilton 1986 p2   Patrick sings
Larry sings   Larry Hagman 1980   Charlene Sings
Rare Dallas Intro   NewQueen off Soap pt 1   NewDallas on Dynasty 1
Dallas Documentary 1983   NewQueen of Soap pt 2   NewDallas on Dynasty 2
Dallas Documentary pt 2   NewQueen of Soap pt 3   NewDallas on Dynasty 3
Victoria Xmas 1984 pt 1        
Victoria Xmas 1984 pt 2        
Victoria Xmas 1984 pt 3        
Dallas ditto (sound only)        
NewKing of Soap pt 1        
NewKing of Soap pt 2        
NewKing of Soap pt 3        

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