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Dallas memorbilia from the show

Among the Dallas collectibles produced were jigsaw puzzles, games, trading cards and paperback books. Perhaps the most striking example of the popularity of the show and its tremendous appeal was the marketing of a unique collectible – Dallas dirt. Advertised as genuine dirt from Southfork Ranch, it was packaged in a 3 x 2-inch acrylic box and labeled as the “Dirtiest Dirt in the World.” In true Ewing style, purchasers were warned that “this is the dirt that men fought for and women lied for” and not to “let anyone swindle you out of your land.”

JR Ewing beer
Another unusual collectible was J.R. Ewing Premium Beer. Distributed by Pearl Brewing Company in San Antonio, Texas, J.R. beer was sold from “J.R.’s private stock,” with the personal message, “If you have to ask how much my beer costs, you probably can’t afford it – J.R. Ewing” printed on each can. Most collectors can afford the current $10-$15 price tag, however.



But most of the Dallas collectibles aren’t as unusual. Pioneer Communications Network obtained approval to issue a series of paperback books based on the saga of Southfork. Widely successful, more than a dozen were created, as well as a single novel about the Ewing family by Dell Publishing. Dell’s effort produced two best-selling versions – one with a cast photo cover and color photo stills on the back, and the other with a more simplistic color illustration. Dallas books are easily accessible and are valued at about $5 each.



Some of the most valuable artifacts are those that were made in other countries. They’re more difficult to find, and therefore command a higher price. Inventive, a Holland-based company, distributed a Dallas Dollars board game in 1982. Complete with J.R. money and a fold-out board full of color photos, the game invites each player to become a character from the show. With the throw of the die, for example, Miss Ellie may have to pay $10 million to save Southfork. For the game aficionado, Inventive also produced a three-in-one game set with dominoes, memory, and “Bluff” game pieces. These are valued in the $30-$40 range.

Sets of 24 cigar bands were distributed in Europe. Each band contains a color depiction from the TV series and are much in demand by collectors. Difficult to find, they’re valued at $75-$100 for the set.

Maruca Industries created a “Southfork Collection” of jigsaw puzzles in 1985. Each box contains more than 550 pieces and features Dallas characters. Warren Paper Products also issued a series of picture puzzles, including a cast and two J.R. versions. If found complete, they are worth $15-$20.

Probably the rarest Dallas item is a set of Dallas play figures based on characters from the show.


Mego Corp. proposed a line of 3¾-inch Dallas action figures in 1981. J.R., Bobby, Miss Ellie, Jock, Sue Ellen, Pamela and Lucy were developed into plastic dolls and advertised to retailers. However, production was halted because retailers felt the show didn’t appeal to children and placed very few orders






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