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(Jon-Host) Susan is now here. Everyone please join me in welcoming the lovely Susan Howard

(Question From)
Welcome to Susan from everyone at UD!

(Susan Howard) Hi everyone

(Question From)
(JennyPapas) Susan you are fantastic, I was so pleased to see you recently in Bring Back Dallas. Did you enjoy that show? I thought it was great but a little mean about baby Christopher.

(Susan Howard) I loved it
(Susan Howard) I truly enjoyed meeting Justin
(Susan Howard) He was very funny, very out going. I did not see the show
(Susan Howard) They have sent it to me but we had some serious problems. My mom passed away.
(Susan Howard) We took my granddaughter to Germany.
(Susan Howard) But I have not seen it

(Question From)
Everyone is sorry to hear about your mother Susan!

(Susan Howard) Thank you.

(Question From)
(Sarah) Hi Susan. You played the first female Klingon in Star Trek. Do you have any memories of that episode.

(Susan Howard) It was fabulous
(Susan Howard) Good question
(Susan Howard) I was under contract to Columbia, doing Flying Nun and Jeannie
(Susan Howard) They loaned me to Paramount
(Susan Howard) They put this makeup on me, dyed my hair
(Susan Howard) It was a hoot, really fun
(Susan Howard) It was history making
(Susan Howard) It was wonderful to be part of something
(Susan Howard) I was in Washington with my mom, the air and space museum
(Susan Howard) My mother said oh my gosh, and there I was in full costume as an exhibit

(Question From)
(Blitha) Did you get to know Larry Hagman well when you guested on I Dream of Jeannie?

(Susan Howard) No I really did not
(Susan Howard) He was at the studio where I was filming, he had a great reputation, very funny and delightful
(Susan Howard) But I knew of him
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(lucylover) Hey Susan, My all time favorite Donna scene was in the Southfork kitchen when you were letting Miss Ellie know about what you found out about Jock for the book you were writing. Besides Ellie, why were Donna’s relationships with Sue Ellen, Lucy and Pam not explored more. There was magic when the female cast were together, but besides group scenes, and a handful of one on one scenes, they never seemed to go there.

(Susan Howard) I agree with you
(Susan Howard) With a large cast its hard to develop characters with other characters
(Susan Howard) They may have liked each other or maybe not
(Susan Howard) It did not happen and regrets are there
(Susan Howard) But they were trying to keep the characters where they wanted to keep them slotted.
(Susan Howard) thanks

(Question From)
(AbbyCunningham) Hi Susan, I watched the classic episode where the doctor tells Donna and Ray that there going to have a down syndrome child today, what was it like filming those heartbreaking scenes.

(Susan Howard) Abby very difficult
(Susan Howard) Mainly because the way it led up to that scene, the concern something was wrong
(Susan Howard) I felt such an empathy for the character and the couple, they so wanted a child
(Susan Howard) The message it would send out to couples in that situation. I felt a real responsibility to that storyline
(Susan Howard) I had been around people who had children with downs
(Susan Howard) I saw this boy recently, at the airport in Germany, he was about nine, and I walked by and he was there with his parents, I always try to catch their eye and say something. I encourage you all to that. People who consider themselves normal, find fear in something different
(Susan Howard) He waved at me, he was German.
(Susan Howard) His mom and dad looked up, they knew I understood them
(Susan Howard) Those children treat you with love and respect. I wish everyone in the world would act like that

(Question From)
(KrebbsOne) Susan, can you talk about your experience writing two episodes of the show, and would you have liked to have written more had you stayed on the show?

(Susan Howard) I would loved to have written more
(Susan Howard) I love the idea of creating situations. I wish people would read more, put something out there.
(Susan Howard) It was interesting, most people on the show wanted to direct
(Susan Howard) My granddaughter wants to write, maybe she got that from me
(Susan Howard) On Dallas you don not create all the situations
(Susan Howard) They make a bible at the start of every year, it was mapped out from point A to point B
(Susan Howard) It was pretty static
(Susan Howard) You could in the midst of a scene you could create the dialogue
(Susan Howard) Writing is very disciplined
(Susan Howard) I did know the characters, but it is not easy
(Susan Howard) One scene with Pam and Mark, they put baby Christopher to bed, they are about to go out the door and Christopher sits up in bed and says "I love you Mark"
(Susan Howard) That was the first time it happened, it was a beautiful moment for those characters. I like things like that

(Question From)
(Luke) Hi Susan, Loved you on Dallas. I was wondering if the producers were open to the cast and their moral or religious believes? I read once you and Charlene T used to have bible study on the show, and that part of both of your leavings might have had to do with this. Wondering if there is any truth to it?

(Susan Howard) Luke no truth to that
(Susan Howard) We did not have bible studies on the show
(Susan Howard) I did not leave the show, I was written out
(Susan Howard) I would loved to have stayed on
(Susan Howard) The entire entertainment community right now is pushing the envelope a little far. People should be considered worthy, their life styles and investigate why they believe what they believe
(Susan Howard) I hope that answers your question Luke
(Susan Howard) Next one please

(Question From)
(toni) Hello again dear Susan. I was lucky enough to talk to Steve Kanaly last Saturday in la Mirande Festival and told him you were on the star chat today, so this might be a secret reunion of the Krebbs’.... Do you think that Donna might have had a little attraction to Bobby at college, since they were there together?

(Susan Howard) LOL
(Susan Howard) No they were buds
(Susan Howard) They were a couple who people would say were a couple, but they were friends
(Susan Howard) She adored him and wished the best for him
(Susan Howard) Ray and Donna might be abducted by aliens and brought back to Star Trek
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(KillerBob) Hello Ms Howard! Donna is one of my absolute favorite characters in Dallas and I would like to ask you if you ever watched the show during the later years when so many of the original and beloved characters were gone? What did you think of it? Best wishes from Kiruna, Sweden!

(Susan Howard) I love your country
(Susan Howard) No I did not watch the show
(Susan Howard) I felt so much had been missed out and sold out too
(Susan Howard) Every now and then it reruns on Soapnet and when I have caught the last years of the show, I never know who these people are. It is a different show.
(Susan Howard) I am so sorry for the way it had to end up. Like a lost horizon

(Question From)
(Liza) Susan, so many actors from John Beck, to Martin E. Brooks you had worked with previously to Dallas. What was it like when they would come on the set. Did you ever have an actor come on who you did not remember working with? Also, what was it like getting back together with everyone at the TV LAND Awards?

(Susan Howard) Delighful
(Susan Howard) I guess when you work in it, it is like a small town
(Susan Howard) You pick up where you left off
(Susan Howard) I love John Beck
(Susan Howard) We had everyone on our show, Petrocelli , we had Harrison Ford. I love him
(Susan Howard) I saw him at the airport and not seen him since Petrocelli, he heard I was there and asked to see me
(Susan Howard) Good people, worth while people remember. They sustain it.
(Susan Howard) Next question please

(Question From)
(Mildrew) You were nominated for a Golden Globe in 1976 for Petrocelli,. Dallas seemed to get continually overlooked by the awards system. Why was that ?

(Susan Howard) Because it was a soap
(Susan Howard) They forgot there was depth of talent on the show
(Susan Howard) If you worked on commercials you would not work on a tv show, you would do daytime shows
(Susan Howard) It was an elite attitude Hollywood had
(Susan Howard) It was a totally snobby attitude
(Susan Howard) If it did not fit the formula, Petrocelli did.
(Susan Howard) I was also nominated for an emmy for that show
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(BarbaraFan) i read that your real name is Jerri Lyn Mooney but you changed it to Susan and choose Howard as your surname as Howard keel was your fav actor, is that true and if so what was it like to work with him years later, i loved him. And was Barbara Bel Geddes as amazing as she was on screen?

(Susan Howard) No one impressed me more than Howard Keel
(Susan Howard) I grew up on the MGM mucicals
(Susan Howard) I walked into the makeup room and there he was. I sang, I started singing "we could make believe"
(Susan Howard) He stood up, 6ft whatever, they made them tall back then. He said I love you but you can't sing
(Susan Howard) We saw him at the Albert Hall, he was fantastic. He should of been knighted
(Susan Howard) But that it not where my name came from
(Susan Howard) Barbara was amazing
(Susan Howard) Her father was a famous set designer
(Susan Howard) She was not a theater snob
(Susan Howard) She loved good drama, she loved to make a scene work
(Susan Howard) It gave her availability for people to know who she was more than anything she did
(Susan Howard) Her daughter wrote me a letter when Barbara passed away, personal things. A very unique woman
(Susan Howard) Next question please

(Question From)
(Xander) Was it crazy working on The Monkees? Was this your first tv appearance?

(Susan Howard) LOL
(Susan Howard) I did not know what it was. It was crazy
(Susan Howard) Peter and Mike, they were crazy and talented
(Susan Howard) We were all kids under contract
(Susan Howard) It was silly and fun, keystone cops
(Susan Howard) It was fun, a delight
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(Garry) Hello from Ireland! Can you tell us about your Irish family history and did you enjoy Ireland when you visited the country? Thanks.

(Susan Howard) Garry you bet I loved Ireland
(Susan Howard) My family came from Cork
(Susan Howard) My gran was raw boned Irish people, ruddy complexion, auburn hair,
(Susan Howard) They could sing
(Susan Howard) In Ireland we would drive the country
(Susan Howard) It was cold. I loved the Irish people
(Susan Howard) We plan to go back, this next year

(Question From)
(Nathaniel) Susan did you see your co-star from Quarantine, Gordon Pinsent in the recent film Away from Her. Those tv movies you were in from the 70's were great, I wish they would come out on DVD! I love Pinsent, a fellow Canadian, have you been to Canada?

(Susan Howard) I am so glad you asked that
(Susan Howard) A friend of mine e-mailed me about it, I can't wait to see it
(Susan Howard) He is a fine actor
(Susan Howard) We did a movie of week, House on the Hill, he is brilliant
(Susan Howard) I can't wait to see it. I don't know why they don't release it
(Susan Howard) There is always hope. He is incredible
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(KrebbsOne) Susan, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us this evening. Aside from Steve, Barbara, and Howard, who was your favorite cast member to work with?

(Susan Howard) Patrick was fun
(Susan Howard) Ken too
(Susan Howard) Kenny is an actors actor
(Susan Howard) Really good to work with
(Susan Howard) Next question please

(Question From)
(jackewing) Would you liked to have seen Donna and Cliff together?
(Susan Howard) NO

(Susan Howard) Never happen
(Susan Howard) No
(Susan Howard)

(Question From)
(KrebbsOne) Ray and Donna have been my favorite Dallas couple for a long time now, and I was just wondering, had you been allowed to continue on the show, how would you like to have seen your storyline progress? I think it would have been interesting to see Donna run for office.

(Susan Howard) A good idea
(Susan Howard) I like happy endings
(Susan Howard) Not unresolved relationships, so many films do not have hope
(Susan Howard) I had visions of Donna having her baby and moving to Washington and work for an Ambassador for a European country
(Susan Howard) And Ray, instead of running off with whatsherface, they would meet and sparks would slow, little Margaret 4 or 5 years old, and back together again
(Susan Howard) I believe those were the two who truly loved each other, despite what the scriptwriters wrote
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(DustysGirl) Why did Donna wear a fur coat when she went to confront Bonnie in the bar? Love that scene, you ere great in it!

(Susan Howard) Because Lenny Katzman wanted me too, he hand picked that coat
(Susan Howard) He was thinking, this cowboy bar, this pathetic woman, and Donna should go in there looking like a million bucks and flatten her out LOL
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(CarlaB) Susan I hope you don't mind me asking this. I know you are involved in the NRA. I'm not sure where I stand on the issue.

(Susan Howard) It is a your constitutional right
(Susan Howard) The NRA is over 130 years old
(Susan Howard) Its a personal issue, I would recommend everyone who wants to learn about the safety issues, why people carry them, the right to carry, look up the sites that are not just opposed to them, but those which agree
(Susan Howard) You can find a debate called The Great ungun debate from the Kings College in London, and get an educated view , hear views that might give you thought. I understand
(Susan Howard) Thank you for asking the question
(Susan Howard) I recommend you look up the debate
(Susan Howard)

(Question From)
(Mike) Susan, LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! In some of your scenes with Sue Ellen, you almost seem to be looking at her with disgust, like you wanted to slap her for being so stupid.... was this apart of your portrayal?

(Susan Howard)
(Susan Howard) You wanted to punch her out at times, but she finally found out JR was a jerk
(Susan Howard) Donna had compassion for Sue Ellen
(Susan Howard) Ok next question please

(Question From)
(Richard897) Hi Susan, Do you really think that Bobby's return killed Dallas?

(Susan Howard) Yes I do
(Susan Howard) I don't think there is anymore to say on that. It is a hard thing to say because I love Patrick Duffy
(Susan Howard) But I do think that
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(Myra) Susan can you give us a one word description off the top of your head for the following: Charlene Tilton, Donna Reed, Jim Davis, Timothy Patrick Murphy and the amazing Kate Reid?
(Susan Howard) There is no one word
(Susan Howard) Timothy and Kate especially, not one word for those people. They were unique. We lost a lot of wonderful people on our show.
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(Christina) Is it true you found out you would be leaving Dallas because the makeup person told you ? I find that awful. Why did they get rid of such a powerful strong woman. They always seemed to ruin the strong women! Sue Ellen, Ellie, Lucy, Pam all lost their power as the seasons went by? Donna was a core part of the show.

(Susan Howard) I did find out like that yes,
(Susan Howard) I did speak about that last time I did an interview for Ultimate Dallas, so you could read that
(Susan Howard) There was things to do with Jenna that Donna would not do. Donna wanted Jenna to have an abortion, and Donna would not do that to her friend. There is no way
(Susan Howard) We were coming to logger heads about who we were as woman, my character was easy to get rid of
(Susan Howard) They did not know that destroying one would bring down the whole family
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(Donnyboy) Do you ever read the Ultimate Dallas forums? Currently there is a debate about Donna’s treatment of Mickey. Many found her snobbish and cruel, others understand her protectiveness of Ray?

(Susan Howard) I find them delightful. I do read them
(Susan Howard) I find it humbling, many of you were not born, you keep it going, it is very nice
(Susan Howard) The script was written at that point that he was selfish, but he came around as a good kid. It was horrible he had to die on the show
(Susan Howard) Donna looked at him in regret not being able to have her own son with Ray
(Susan Howard) You can read all things into it, look a little deeper into her motivation

(Question From)
(newexplorer) What do you think about your fans over all the world, that not are english spoken, I am from Mexico, we are watching the series again in TCM now? And I think new generations are touched by DALLAS again in Latin-American

(Susan Howard) Time for a couple more
(Susan Howard) I love Mexico
(Susan Howard) I just came back from Cocumel
(Susan Howard) And I have been to South America, many many places in Mexico
(Susan Howard) I was in San Miguel studying Spanish a few years ago
(Susan Howard) Me gusta Mexico
(Susan Howard)
(Susan Howard) Next please,

(Question From)
(franck2000) Hi Susan, We all love the scenes when you take bobby's chair at Ewing oil and your "collaboration" w/ JR. Great moments of laugh and fights. Did you have fun at this moment, and you had a very strong part to play in the show at this time, did you like it, and would have liked Donna to be more a business woman and have more power in DALLAS ?

(Susan Howard) Yes I had a blast
(Susan Howard) It was wonderful
(Susan Howard) I wish they carried it further
(Susan Howard) It was a great storyline
(Susan Howard) I got to prance around in all my Chanel suits, that was really cool
(Susan Howard) Next please

(Question From)
(KellyUK) Were you close to Phil Capice? It seems he was pushed out of the show. Did you ever talk to him about what happened?

(Susan Howard) No I wish I had
(Susan Howard) Good question
(Susan Howard) Someone called me and said they had spoken to Phil, I don't know what went on
(Susan Howard) Some may of taken it to their grave
(Susan Howard) He was a talented man. I will find out where he is, trust me I will
(Susan Howard) Ok next one host

(Question From)
(DonnaFan) You are being interviewed now but if you could interview a member of the Dallas cast or production team who would it be and what question would you ask?

(Susan Howard) Oh golly, that is not fair
(Susan Howard) So many, where to begin
(Susan Howard) There is a script in that, where to begin
(Susan Howard) To Steve, how Donna and Ray would of ended. I have never asked him that.

(Susan Howard) All of you who watched the Dallas show with Justin
(Susan Howard) There is town near where I live near Luckenbach, Texas where Willy and the gang play some stomping music, I bought Justin a Luckenbach t-shirt, I want everyone to tell him we want to see him wear it on the next show he does

(Susan Howard) Thank you all for still caring, it means very much to me. It is an honor, you all still care. Talk to you again some time. Thanks for keeping the flag flying
(Susan Howard) Bye everyone

(Jon-Host) Thank you very much Susan for taking the time to chat to us
(Jon-Host) Good night



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