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Season 8

The Famous Dream Season

(192) The Family Ewing

The family mourns Bobby's death and Gary comes to the funeral from California. Pam blames herself for Bobby's death. J.R. attacks Sue Ellen for not being around when the family needs her. Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) tries to keep the family strong. Pam faces the difficult task of explaining Bobby's departure to Christopher. Jenna regrets all the wasted time she should have been married to Bobby. Dusty Farlow comes to Southfork and is confronted by a hostile J.R. Miss Ellie tells Sue Ellen that she needs professional help with her alcoholism. Clayton Farlow meets Gary Ewing. Dusty follows Sue Ellen to a bar and tries to stop her from drinking. J.R. harshly rejects Ray's offer of help with Ewing Oil business. The Ewing family, Cliff, Jamie, Jack, Dusty, and others gather around Bobby's coffin for his funeral.

(193) Rock Bottom

J.R. objects to Bobby's will being read so soon after his death. J.R. tells Sue Ellen off who winds up falling victim to car theft. Ray regrets his misbehavior toward Donna and wants to make up. Sue Ellen winds up on the street among the homeless. Donna tells Jenna about her pregnancy. J.R. is in pain after Bobby's death. Cliff tries to warn the cartel against J.R. Pamela's appearance at the reading of Bobby's will makes J.R. angry. J.R. objects to some of the terms of Bobby's will. Sue Ellen disappears from Southfork which gets Clayton and Miss Ellie worried. Cliff sees an opportunity for himself in Pamela's situation after Bobby's death. Sue Ellen drinks heavily and falls victim to more theft. J.R. and Mandy Winger further discuss "the Sue Ellen problem."

(194) Those Eyes

J.R. investigates legal possibilities of stopping Pam from messing with Ewing Oil business. Jenna considers leaving Southfork. Ray plans to build a new house. J.R. wants to buy back Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil from Pam. Sue Ellen is found in a detoxification ward of the county hospital, barely alive. Miss Ellie tells J.R. to take decisive action on Sue Ellen's alcoholism by having her committed to a sanitarium. Jeremy Wendell makes Cliff Barnes a very tempting business offer. J.R. and Dusty have a violent confrontation by Sue Ellen's bed in the detox ward. Charlie wants to stay at Southfork. J.R. blames Dusty for Sue Ellen's problems. The Krebbs make plans for their baby. Police release Katherine's diary and Cliff and Pam learn of her whole plot to get Jenna out of Bobby's life. J.R. has Sue Ellen committed to a sanitarium.

(195) Resurrection

Sue Ellen is shocked to find out that J.R. had her committed to the sanitarium and her freedom is in his hands. Jeremy Wendell extends a business offer to Miss Ellie. Pam has a hard time handling stress at Barnes/Wentworth. J.R. tries to negotiate with Pam concerning Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil. Jack Ewing spends time with Jenna and her daughter Charlie. J.R. questions Harv Smithfield about whether outsiders can legally own Ewing Oil. Dusty secretly visits Sue Ellen at the sanitarium. Pam thinks she's being followed. Sue Ellen achieves a small "victory" in her fight against alcoholism. Cliff probes Jack Ewing's family loyalties. Pam has a surprise visitor from the past.

(196) Saving Grace

Mark Graison returns into Pam's life and explains his long absence. J.R. plots to maneuver Cliff and Wendell out. Sue Ellen is scared before going through an alcohol rehabilitation program at the sanitarium. Mark's comeback shocks everybody around. Miss Ellie consults Gary before making a decision on Wendell's offer. Ray warns Jack Ewing against J.R. Miss Ellie tells Dusty Farlow to stay away from Sue Ellen. J.R. fears that Mark's return will be bad for his relations with Pam. Clayton warns J.R. against pressuring Miss Ellie on the Wendell offer. A burglar shows up at Jack's apartment. Cliff accuses Jack of changing his mind on Wendell's offer. Mark violently confronts J.R. over Pam's recent wild-goose chase in the Caribbean.

(197) Mothers

J.R. wants to nominate Bobby as Oilman of the Year. Mark Graison wants to fund a medical research center. Sue Ellen's mother Patricia (Martha Scott) arrives at Southfork and meets Clayton Farlow. J.R. harshly rejects Wendell's buyout offer. Jack confronts J.R. about the burglary in his apartment. Sue Ellen is determined to get well in the sanitarium. Patricia questions J.R. about his marriage to Sue Ellen. Mark acts as a go-between for Pam in her business dealings with J.R. and Wendell. Jack is interested in Jenna Wade. Sue Ellen's mother visits her at the sanitarium. Mandy Winger disappears. Patricia and Miss Ellie have a fight about J.R. and Sue Ellen. Pam makes a decision on Wendell's offer which gets J.R. depressed.

(198) The Wind Of Change

Miss Ellie feels sorry for J.R. and changes her mind on the Wendell offer. Sue Ellen apologizes to J.R. for the problems she caused as a wife and a mother. Sue Ellen leaves the sanitarium but doesn't go to Southfork. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that John Ross must stay at Southfork. Jack invites Jenna to be his date at the Oil Barons' Ball. Miss Ellie tells Pam that the Ewing family is falling apart. Donna learns of a serious abnormality in her pregnancy. Charlie is happy to see her mother dating Jack Ewing. Mandy Winger reappears and offers herself to J.R. A new and improved Sue Ellen shows up at the Oil Barons' Ball. Cliff and Jamie make a scene at the ball. Jack and Jenna worry over Donna's medical problem. At the Oil Barons' Ball Bobby is posthumously named Oilman of the Year and Pam makes a startling announcement.

(199) Quandary

Miss Ellie is happy that Ewing Oil will remain in Ewing hands. Pam has a major fight with Cliff over her decision concerning Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil. J.R. wants to make sure Jack is on his side in Ewing Oil business. Mandy is impressed by the new Sue Ellen. J.R. feels he's on a roll, with Mandy back in his life and Wendell no longer a threat. Donna and Ray are divided over the baby. Pam takes over Bobby's office. Jamie and Cliff don't get along. John Ross fears his parents may get divorced again. Dusty returns to Dallas and tells Sue Ellen about his plans for their future. Angelica Nero (Barbara Carrera) of Marinos Shipping offers a deal to Cliff. Mark and Pam have a big fight over Pam's involvement in Ewing Oil. Mark complains he has to fight Bobby's ghost. Angelica's assistant Grace (Merete Van Kamp) follows Jack. J.R. talks business with Angelica.

(200) Close Encounters

J.R. tries to get Jack involved in Ewing Oil business. J.R. invites Angelica Nero to the annual Southfork rodeo. Sue Ellen's mother Patricia tries to tell Sue Ellen to stay away from Dusty. At the rodeo, Sue Ellen confronts Mandy Winger and J.R. has an unpleasant exchange with Patricia. J.R. has a fight with Sue Ellen over Mandy. Angelica does business with J.R. and Jack, and then meets Pam. Sue Ellen tells Clayton that she can't live at Southfork. Donna has an accident and is rushed to the hospital. Angelica tries to get close to Jack. Donna and Ray lose their baby.

(201) Suffer The Little Children

Mandy Winger questions J.R. about Sue Ellen and their marriage. Ray and Donna grieve over the lost baby. Pam keeps Phyllis as her secretary. J.R. gives Pam a "lecture" on his business style. Patricia and Miss Ellie discuss J.R. and Sue Ellen's marriage. Angelica is reluctant to discuss Dimitri Marinos with J.R. Sue Ellen hires a lawyer to get legal separation from J.R. and full custody over John Ross. Angelica tells Jack that he's important to the deal with Ewing Oil. Cliff assures Pam that he loves Jamie. Donna falls into apathy after the loss of the baby. Cliff admits to Jamie that he used her to try to get control of Ewing Oil. J.R. gets personal with Angelica during a business visit to her hotel room. J.R. hires a private detective to investigate Dimitri Marinos and Angelica.

(202) The Prize

Sue Ellen has nightmares. Angelica Nero's friend Nicholas gets impatient in Greece as the scheme to sign the deal with Ewing Oil unfolds. Miss Ellie tries to console Donna after the loss of the baby. J.R. talks to John Ross before custody hearings. Angelica explains to J.R. Jack Ewing's critical role in the Marinos-Ewing deal and J.R.'s role in assuring Jack's participation. Jenna spends more time with Jack who reminisces about his mother Nancy. John Ross runs away from home. In Greece, Nicholas follows J.R.'s detective Pete Adams. Pam keeps reassuring Angelica that she's an equal partner in Ewing Oil. Cliff and Jamie have a new start. Miss Ellie finds John Ross. Jamie wants to work by Cliff's side. John Ross doesn't want to pick between his mother and father. Jack tells J.R. that he needs to talk to Pam before committing to the deal with Marinos Shipping. Pete Adams fails to return from Greece. The judge decides custody of John Ross.

(203) En Passant

J.R. tries to win over the judge in charge of the appeal in the custody suit. Ray tries to help Donna go through the crisis after the baby's loss. Jack Ewing doesn't want to get caught between Pam and J.R. on Ewing Oil business. In Greece, Nicholas and his friends hold Pete Adams. Angelica instructs Grace to intercept Pete's letter sent from Greece to the U.S. Pete is coerced to tell his Dallas associate that J.R. should sign the deal with Marinos. Donna thinks that Ray doesn't understand her pain. Sue Ellen doesn't want to take John Ross from J.R. before the custody appeal is decided. Ray goes into a rage at the construction site of the new house. Dusty comforts Sue Ellen before the appeal. Jack tries to get close to Jenna. Pam aprroves the co-venture with Marinos. J.R.'s appeal in the custody suit is decided. Sue Ellen surprises everybody with her decision on John Ross.

(204) Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

J.R. finds out that if Sue Ellen were to move back to Southfork, she would forfeit custody of John Ross. Sue Ellen tells her mother that she tries to control her life too much. Jenna tells Jack Ewing it's time to stop seeing each other.Clayton tries to sell off his subsidiaries while keeping it a secret from Ellie. Angelica is furious after reading Pete's report for J.R. Sue Ellen explains her decision on John Ross to Dusty. J.R. questions Angelica about how much he will get out of the deal with Marinos. Jack seeks Ray's advice on how to handle Jenna. Sue Ellen comes to a decision regarding moving back to Southfork, and J.R. and Sue Ellen make an "agreement", with mutual conditions. Jamie gets Pam thinking about marrying Mark.Sue Ellen makes up with her mother. Dusty says goodbye to Miss Ellie and Clayton. Patricia leaves Dallas as well. Sue Ellen is back at Southfork and the family reunites.

(205) Curiosity Killed The Cat

John Ross is very happy having both his parents around. Cliff warns Mandy Winger against J.R. Jenna breaks up with Jack who leaves Dallas in anger. Ray and Donna temporarily move into Southfork. J.R. gives Mandy an apology gift. Cliff hires a man to spy on J.R. and Angelica Nero. Pam receives a surprise return on Bobby's emerald-mine investment in Columbia. Sue Ellen gets hired by Mark Graison. Angelica and Grace eliminate Sam Barker, Pete's partner. Jack's disappearance gets J.R. and Angelica frustrated. Cliff plots to break Mandy and J.R. up. Mark makes plans for a European trip for Pam and himself. Clayton's strange behavior gets Miss Ellie worried. Mandy finds out that J.R. has lied to her and she feels betrayed.

(206) The Missing Link

Miss Ellie questions Clayton about his strange behavior, while Charlie and J.R. question Jenna about Jack. Matt Cantrell (Marc Singer) shows up at Ewing Oil, looking for Bobby. Mandy spies on J.R. for Cliff. Ellie seeks help from Punk Anderson to deal with Clayton's mysterious behavior. Donna visits a school for handicapped children. Sue Ellen starts her job at Mark's institute. Ellie learns about Clayton's problem. J.R.'s deal with Marinos is threatened and he lashes out at Pam, unaware he's been duped by Mandy. Pam and Matt discuss continuing investment in the emerald mine. Jamie has an accident which leaves Cliff feeling terribly guilty. J.R. thinks he found the spy.

(207) Twenty Four Hours

Jamie's life depends on a blood transfusion and everybody is looking for Jack. Mark Graison offers help from his blood research center. Nicholas returns to Dallas and discusses strategy with Angelica. Jenna feels guilty for Jamie's fate. Mark confides in Sue Ellen regarding Pam and the emerald mine venture. Cantrell, Pam, and J.R. discuss continuing investment in the mine. Nicholas gets frustrated because Jack is nowhere to be found. J.R. appears on television offering a reward, which leaves Mandy and Cliff stunned. Ellie tells Ray about Clayton's financial problems. Mandy tries to find out from J.R. why he's looking for Jack. Donna gets involved with the Woodgrove school. Mark and Matt Cantrell have an exchange about the mine venture. Jack is found and Jamie is stabilized, which leaves everybody happy but J.R. is stunned.

(208) The Deadly Game

Jamie is stabilized at the hospital but the doctor warns against being overly optimistic. Pam and Matt Cantrell reminisce about Bobby.J.R. shows appreciation for Sue Ellen's new job. Angelica admits to J.R. that her previous story on Jack wasn't true, and she tells him "the real truth." J.R. senses trouble with the Marinos deal,so he manipulates the cartel to avoid possible loss. Ray shares with Miss Ellie his view on her handling of Clayton's problem. Pam wants to visit the emerald mine in Colombia,which leads to a fight with Mark. J.R. wants to make sure Jack is around to complete the deal with Marinos. J.R. and Cantrell plot to keep Pam in Colombia.

(209) Blame It On Bogota

J.R. and Cantrell discuss preparations for the Colombian trip. Jack spends time with Grace. Mark is disappointed with Pam's involvement in the mine. Sue Ellen spends time with Jerry Kenderson. J.R. feeds Mandy information on the emerald mine. Ellie tries to raise huge capital, which gets J.R. worried. J.R. and Cantrell put on an act at the dinner table at Southfork. Donna wants to bring some of the disabled children from the school to Southfork. Jamie makes progress at the hospital. Jenna keeps talking about Bobby. Jamie questions Jack about him and Jenna. Pam and Matt Cantrell arrive in Colombia.

(210) Shadow Games

J.R. takes advantage of Pam being away from Ewing Oil. In Colombia, Matt Cantrell nervously awaits the package from J.R. Jenna spends more and more time at Bobby's grave. J.R. warns Grace and Angelica to play fair. Miss Ellie is happy seeing Donna with the disabled children. J.R. confronts Clayton who learns of Ellie's steps to help him out of his financial problem.Donna tells Ellie about the lost baby's abnormality. J.R. meets Dr.Jerry Kenderson (Barry Jenner) Clayton and Miss Ellie get his problem out in the open. J.R. questions Sue Ellen about Jerry Kenderson. At the auction for Graison Research, Nicholas arrives with startling news from Athens and Angelica Nero makes a surprise announcement. Matt and Pam face danger in Colombia.

(211) Missing

Pam disappears in Colombia. Back at Southfork, everybody is impressed with Sue Ellen's performance at the fundraiser for Graison Research but Jenna feels left out and can't get over Bobby's death. Mandy tells Cliff she won't spy for him anymore. J.R. flies down to Los Gatos, Colombia to help Matt look for Pam. J.R. fears that he might be held responsible if Pam gets hurt. Mark and Cliff make a trip to Colombia, too. Angelica fears that J.R. may have learned of Dimitri's death. J.R. negotiates with Los Gatos police chief concerning a search party for Pam. Mark and Matt have a fist fight over Pam's disappearance. Grace gets instructions from Angelica to get closer to Jack. The Ewings are increasingly concerned over Jenna's psychological state. Grace questions Jack about him and Jenna. J.R. wonders about Angelica's true intentions. Matt receives a note about Pam's whereabouts.

(212) Dire Straits

Pam is held by the kidnappers. Fights between Mark and Matt continue. Sue Ellen misses Pam. The Ewings decide to get psychiatric help for Jenna. Jack and J.R. get ready for the conference in Martinique. J.R. is generous with Mandy after she confesses to him a major breach of trust. Donna makes friends with one of the disabled children. Jenna resists psychiatric help. J.R. gets jealous of Sue Ellen seeing Jerry Kenderson, and he questions her about it. In Colombia, Mark gets impatient with the search for Pam. Jack questions Angelica and J.R. about the Martinique conference. Charlie overhears a conversation about possible drastic steps to get medical help for her mother. Pam is released. Jerry confesses to Sue Ellen his attraction to her. J.R. investigates Marinos Shipping. In Colombia, Mark has a surprise plan for Pam after her release.

(213) Overture

In Colombia, Mark talks Pam into staying on and seeing the mine. J.R. and Matt plot to keep Pam away from Ewing Oil. Jack has more fun with Grace. J.R. invites Sue Ellen to go to Martinique with him. J.R. tells Harry McSween to find "dirt" on Jerry Kenderson. J.R. comes across a serious obstacle in his investigation of Dimitri Marinos. Cliff gets discouraged at the mine site. Jamie goes back to work. Angelica, Grace, and Nicholas discuss details of the conference in Martinique. J.R. is jealous of Sue Ellen's relationship with Jerry Kenderson. Jenna wants everybody to think she's fine but then she cracks under Donna's pressure. Matt gets ready to talk to Pam about J.R.

(214) Sitting Ducks

Mark, Cliff, and Pam return from Colombia. J.R. is happy to learn that Pam is determined to continue her investment in the mine. The Krebbs get increasingly involved in the Woodgrove school for disabled children. J.R. receives a warning about Angelica Nero. J.R. pressures Pam to let him run Ewing Oil. Mandy questions J.R. about what she should do with her future. Mark pressures Pam to get her priorities in order. On the way to Martinique, Jack Ewing is told of his role in the "oil conference." Jenna refuses to cooperate with the psychiatrist. Pam thinks she's ready to get over Bobby. In Martinique, Jack learns of Grace's plot and he feels hurt. Angelica, Grace, and Nicholas rehearse the upcoming events involving J.R. and "Dimitri Marinos."

(215) Masquerade

In Martinique, Jack Ewing agrees very unwillingly to go along with J.R. and Angelica. Pam considers selling Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil to J.R. Jerry Kenderson continues to be interested in Sue Ellen. Pam pours more money into the emerald mine, which leads to another fight with Cliff.Ray misses being around a big family. J.R. talks Jack into making up with Grace. Jenna cancels her appointments with the psychiatrist. Cliff thinks that Pam will marry Mark, and he makes big business plans for the future. Pam tells Jenna that she was the one Bobby was going to marry. In Martinique, Jack poses as Dimitri Marinos at a masquerade ball, and he and J.R. face deadly danger.

(216) Just Desserts

In Martinique, police clean up the mess created at the masquerade ball and Angelica's entire scheme is revealed. Angelica takes the ultimate revenge on Grace for her betrayal. Back in Dallas, Pam spends sleepless nights worrying about Jenna. Charlie and Jenna disagree on Jenna's plan to leave Dallas. Ray tells Donna about the idea of adopting a child. Mark tries to talk some sense into Jenna regarding Bobby. Jack feels fed up with all the business deals and wants to leave Dallas. Jenna has flashbacks of the conversation with Bobby on the day of Lucy's wedding. J.R. surprises Sue Ellen with a confession of love. The cartel pressures J.R. to come to an agreement in the aftermath of the events in Martinique. Jenna explains to Pam her psychological reaction to the events surrounding Bobby's death. Jenna and Pam reconcile. Pam decides to sell Christopher's 30 percent of Ewing Oil to J.R.

(217) Nothing's Ever Perfect

J.R. is delighted to gain control of Ewing Oil, and he wants Sue Ellen back. Jenna pays Jack a surprise visit to "clear the air." J.R. has big plans for the future of Ewing Oil. The Krebbs come to a decision on adoption. Harry McSween reports to J.R. on Jerry Kenderson. Sue Ellen almost has a fight with Jerry over her staying at Southfork. Miss Ellie worries about the family's future. Nicholas testifies against Angelica. Miss Ellie asks Jenna to reconsider her decision to leave Southfork. J.R. says farewell to Mandy. Pam's sale of Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil to J.R. becomes final. Mandy decides to leave Dallas. Mark proposes to Pam. Donna and Ray begin adoption proceedings. Angelica takes care of "the Nicholas problem" and vows revenge on Jack and J.R.

(218) J.R. Rising

Mandy Winger faces some tough career choices. Clayton and Ray encourage Jack to stay on in Dallas. Ray's past criminal conviction doesn't help in going through with adopting Tony. Sue Ellen fears going back to J.R. Tony doesn't want to be adopted. J.R. tries to intimidate Dr. Jerry Kenderson. J.R. and Jack wonder what Nicholas' death could mean to them. In Colombia, Matt hits a vein of emeralds. J.R. promises John Ross to try to get Sue Ellen back. Jerry Kenderson pressures Sue Ellen for an answer regarding their relationship. J.R. goes ahead with the Marinos drilling venture. Angelica Nero returns to the United States.

(219) Serendipity

Mark Graison warns J.R. to stay away from him and Pam. The Krebbs learn the reason Tony doesn't want to be adopted. Matt wants to surprise Pam with the emerald strike. Jack wants to sell his 10 percent of Ewing Oil back to J.R. Sue Ellen confronts J.R. about his investigation of Dr.Jerry Kenderson. Police detain Angelica. Ray and Donna ask Tony to reconsider. J.R. is slightly disappointed with Harry McSween's working style. Jamie wants to strike a "deal" with J.R. concerning the Ewings and the Barnes. Cliff gives Mandy another "lecture" on J.R. Marilee confronts J.R. about the Marinos deal. The Krebbs bring Tony do dinner at Southfork. Angelica is released by police and heads for Dallas. An earthquake destroys Los Gatos and Pam fears for Matt's life. Sue Ellen turns Jerry down. Mandy changes her mind about leaving Dallas.

(220) Thrice In A Lifetime

J.R. and Sue Ellen get a lot closer. Jack Ewing doesn't like new ranch hand Ben Stivers (Steve Forrest). Cliff lashes out at Jamie for trying to make peace with J.R. Sue Ellen tells Pam about going back to J.R. John Ross wants to work at Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie gets an invitation to Pam and Mark's wedding. Cliff and Pam have a fight over Jamie and J.R. Angelica orders a briefcase that's "gonna make a lot of noise." Cliff and Jamie reconcile. Matt Cantrell returns from Colombia and brings Pam both good news and bad. J.R. gets angry because production stops on the offshore venture with Marinos. The Krebbs' adoption petition is denied. J.R. gets a punch in the face from Matt Cantrell.

(221) Hello...Goodbye...Hello

J.R. tries to get Ewing Oil out of financial trouble. Ray is determined to fix the problem with Tony's adoption but he learns that it may be necessary to have Aunt Lil testify. Ben Stivers talks to Clayton about his past. Harry McSween comes up with "dirt" from Mark Graison's past. Sue Ellen invites J.R. to go to a reception with her. Punk Anderson has a strange feeling that he's met Ben Stivers before. Jerry Kenderson is upset to see Sue Ellen with J.R. at the reception. J.R. and Sue Ellen get even closer. The Krebbs get another chance at adopting Tony. J.R. gets squeezed by the banks. J.R. tells Mandy again that it's over between them. Angelica Nero has J.R. at gunpoint.

(222) Blast From The Past

Angelica offers J.R. a deal. Sue Ellen worries about J.R.'s safety in his dealings with Angelica, a woman who's wanted for murder. Jack pulls out of the horse venture despite Clayton's and Ray's disappointment. Tony calls Ray "dad" for the first time. J.R. sends Sue Ellen flowers and buys her a new ring. Mark and Pam get married. J.R. tries to outmaneuver Angelica but tragedy strikes Jamie and Sue Ellen in the process as Angelica plants a bomb at Ewing Oil and in Jacks car. Jamie gets into Jacks car and is killed and as Sue Ellen arrives in JRs office it explodes. Pam wakes up at her house, walks over to the shower door and Bobby turns around and decares "Good morning".