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Gary Ewing Dallas biography TNT

Gary Ewing Biography Gary Oral History Gary & Val Oral History


"All my life, the only time I ever felt happy was working the ranch. I don't know, I can't explain it. It's something about the rhythm of it, the seasons, I don't know, but it's in me. It's part of me.".- Gary Ewing

Gary Ewing is the second son of Jock and Ellie. and was named after Ellie's brother, Garrison Southworth. He was clearly Miss Ellie's child from the very beginning. Not only did he inherit her talent in painting and her love of the land, but he also possesses all of the gentle, nurtur ing qualities that have served Miss Ellie so well over the years. She adores
him. and it has been an ill-kept secret that he is Miss Elbe's favorite, while also being the son whom Jock Ewing tried to write off.

Gary was born with an addictive temperament. His attitude from birth was "all or nothing," either striving to be a perfectionist or not trying at all and giving up completely. His father's rough and gruff ways and booming voice left him a little afraid.' And so did his older brother, JR who seemed to be able to do everything brilliantly. Gary's greatest dream in life was for these two to leave him alone. Everything he did seemed to irritate his father and invite torture from J.R.
If only, Miss Ellie thought later, Jock had fallen in love with ranching earlier, he would have had respect for Gary's talents in that area.

Gary was devoted to his mother, but that was not enough. He always felt like an outsider in the family, the one Ewing who couldn't compete. On top of that, he felt,and rightly so, that no one understood him at all.

As JR later stated " Gary wasn't into things like that [hunting]. I remember the first time he had to bait his own hook he almost fainted! He was different from the rest of us. For one thing, he used to like to write poetry. Now can you imagine a real man who would rather write poetry than go hunting? Not me!

When he was a teenager, he fell in love with a young girl named Valene Clements. She sparked the self-confidence he so desperately sought but was unable to provide for himself. She believed in him, in his talents, even if his father and
brother scorned them. Their love resulted in an unplanned pregnancy and Gary, defying the wrath of his father, insisted on marrying the fifteen-year-old.
Valene bore him the most beautiful little blond girl Dallas had ever seen. He cherished the newborn, at night dancing her gently around the room to a hushed "Rock-a-Bye, Baby." But constant harassment and pressure Jock and J.R. pushed Gary into heavy drinking. Gary couldn't metabolize alchohol and became a blackout drinker, not remembering what he did.

The otherwise gentle man turned violent when drunk, horrible, and the terror he saw in Val's eyes the morning after plagued him with guilt.

Unable to stop drinking, unable to face his reaponslbilites and his family, Gary ran away in 1962. Val, fearing the Ewings, left Southfork with her precious daughter and went to Virginia. J.R. went to Virginia and took Lucy back from Val,
leaving her with dire threats of what would happen if she ever set foot in Texas again.

Gary drifted around the country for several years. During that time he made two quick visits to Southfork. Though he had stopped drinking, being at Southfork always managed to start him on another bender.

Valene secretly moved back to Dallas County and worked as a waitress. She was frightened of J.R. and made no effort to see Lucy. She just wanted to be near her daughter as she grew up. Her heart was wrenched each time that Lucy was mentioned in the newspapers.
Lucy located her mother in late 1978, at a time when Gary happened to be visiting, and she set up a surprise reunion. After seventeen years of separation, in the fall of 1979, Gary and Val remarried in Dallas although technically they had never been divorced. The ceremony was conducted by Judge Jensen and Val wore the same wedding dress as she had when she was fifteen. Lucy, Bobby, Pam, Ellie, and even Jock attended. For a wedding present, Miss Ellie gave them a house in Knots Landing, California, where the couple was going to make a fresh start.

In 1982 Gary and Val divorced and Gary married the sceming Abby Cunningham. Jock, Gary's father died in a helicopter crash. When Abby secretly found out that Gary stood to inherit a lot of money (10% of Ewing Oil) she persuaded Gary to get a divorce from Valene. Just days after the divorce Gary and Val had a one night stand, Gary feeling guilty decided that he should marry Abby so that Val would be forced to get on with her life.

In December of 1984, Val was delivered of twins, Betsy and Bobby - the result of that single night's reconciliation with Gary.

In 1991 Val and Gary decide that after everything that has ever happened to them, they are still in love. Just before Val and Gary re marry again, Val becomes ill after falling off a horse, it takes a long time for Val to regain her health, but finally Val is better and their third marriage to each other takes place.

Gary finds out from Mack daughter Paige about an exciting new project called Tidal Energy. It is everything he has always wanted to do. Unfortunately to develop Tidal Energy takes a lot of money so Gary decides to risk everything and sink all of his money into the project, which fails leaving Gary and Val with nothing except the home they have in Knots Landing. Val is offered a contract to write a book on a friend of theirs Greg Sumner. Whilst researching her new book, Val is kidnapped. Gary is led to believe that Val has died in a car crash and mourns the love of his life.

Kate a good neighbour and friend , helps Gary with Bobby and Betsy the twins, Kate and Gary become close and start an affair.

A year after Val disappearance, Gary receives a bunch of flowers asking him to go to the ocean. To Gary's amazement Val hadn't died but had been kidnapped and had spent a year trying to escape to come home. Kate who decides to leave Knots Landing and move away.

1997 brings some shocking news for Gary. His former lover Kate returns to Knots Landing with a daughter - Molly and reveals Gary is the father.

Gary and Val remain together with their children Betsy and Bobby.

In 2013 Gary and Valene return to Dallas..............

Gary Ewing - Oral History

Dialogue from the series explaining Gary's story

Miss Ellie: I guess that's why I fussed over Gary so much, because Jock had JR.

Bobby: Mama, she always, always liked Gary the best.

Garrison on Gary: You named him after me.
Miss Ellie: I never knew how alike the two of you were. Both wanderers, both drifters.

Miss Ellie: Gary was a lot like my daddy, always in trouble with Jock.

Bobby on Gary: "A Southworth among Ewings," she used to call him.

Miss Ellie: Gary was always the cowboy among my sons. He really loved this ranch.

Gary: All my life, the only time I ever felt happy was working the ranch. I don't know, I can't explain it. It's something about the rhythm of it, the seasons, I don't know, but it's in me. It's part of me.

JR on playing touch football with his brothers: Old Bobby was the power house. If he couldn't outrun you, he'd try and bite you on the knee.
Bobby to JR: You had the best hidden ball trick in Dallas.
JR: That's what made me so successful.
Gary: Yeah, we did have some great games.

JR: Gary wasn't into things like that. I remember the first time he had to bait his own hook he almost fainted! He was different from the rest of us. For one thing, he used to like to write poetry. Now can you imagine a real man who would rather write poetry than go hunting? Not me!

Gary to Bobby: You were the only one that took me seriously, you and Mama. Yeah, I'd tell you about growing things and what to look for in fine cattle.
Bobby: And about your drawings, your wanting to paint. You never made me feel like a little brother.

Bobby to Miss Ellie: Ever since I was a little boy, I could only speak to two people - you and Gary.

Miss Ellie to Bobby: I used to think only JR was the true Ewing, that you and Gary were all Southworth.


Gary and Val (1960-63)

Lucy Ewing on her father Gary: Once upon a time, he went off and got this lovely fifteen year old girl pregnant, my mommy.

Val: Well, I was fifteen years old, fresh out from Tennessee, waitressing at this little diner just outside of Fort Worth, Texas, at the intersection of two highways.

Lucy to Val: But you said you were sixteen to get the job.

Val: Most of the customers were truck drivers and I was used to getting teased by them, but this one night, we were real busy. Mary Jo, the other waitress, had called in sick, and I was just trying my very best to keep on top of it. Everything backfired. First, one table started complaining, then another and another. Before I knew it, I was right in the middle of it all in tears, when this blond god got up from the counter and just started helping me. He didn't say a word to me, he just smiled at me, and I got this real flutter feeling in my tummy, and right away I knew everything was gonna be all right. It was Gary, the prettiest man I ever saw. I think I fell in love with him that very minute. He made me feel like a lady. He was there when I got off work to walk me home. "Miss Valene," he said, "I have the urge to ask you to marry me." I didn't know what to say, but he took that as a yes, and three days later we got married. Never even touched me. He never
even hardly kissed me till after. It was a good thing too, because I would have been scared. I mean, I was always a good girl. That's when I was the happiest, fresh out from Tennessee with Gary at the very beginning.

Gary to Val: You remember when your mother find us in the garage? I said we were looking for a pencil sharpener. It was the only thing I could think of.
Val: And then Mama said, 'You'd have better luck finding it, sweetpea, if you turn the light on.'"

Val on Gary: He was the dearest man I ever knew, every day I knew him, till he brought me home to meet his family. He kept saying no and stalling, but after you [Lucy] were on the way I made him take me home to meet them. Well, that was the biggest mistake of my whole life.

Lucy: He brought her home, but he couldn't do nothing right.

Val on the Ewings: Last thing they wanted was him being married to a nobody like me. Bobby was the only one who ever acted like he was on my side. I was just poor white trash from Tennessee who got Gary into trouble. I wasn't fit to be [Lucy's] mother. I had no business raising a Ewing, much less being one. We were so young, sometimes I wonder how we ever survived. He just wasn't strong enough to stand up to them,
especially to JR.

JR: I tried to annul that marriage to that trashy girl.

Val on her pregnancy craving: Watermelon pickle, I loved it.

Gary to Lucy: When you were a little baby, I used to dance with you every night. Of course, it's a little hard to dance to "Rock-A-Bye Baby".

Miss Ellie to Gary: You tried to stand on your own two feet when you had Lucy, and your family kicked your heels right out from underneath you.

Lucy on Gary: He started drinking all the time.

Val on Gary: I used to think that he drank because he didn't fit in, because his daddy and his brothers said he was weak and he had no character because he wasn't a tough and ruthless Ewing like them. I lived with Gary when he was drinking and I would see him drift away, even when we were sitting in the same room. I would watch him helplessly and I'd wonder what I was doing wrong, how I'd failed him. Well, I know now it wasn't me. There was nothing I could do to stop him and nothing I could blame myself for. The only thing I could do for Gary was stand by him and love him, and wait. Gary doesn't need a special reason to drink. He'll drink for any reason.

JR on Gary: He was scared of I don't know what. Always running away. Every time there's any pressure, any time there's any responsibility: out the door.

Jock on Gary: I tried to teach him to stand up and fight. It broke my heart when I found out he didn't have any guts.

Gary: Daddy never trusted me. He liked Val. He used to call her my anchor. As far as I could tell, I wasn't good for anything.
Val: Oh, that was your big brother talking, not you.
Gary: Well, I didn't do much thinking on my own in those days. All I knew was, I couldn't breathe on this ranch.

Lucy on Gary: He just came and went.

Gary to Lucy: I ran away from you and your mama a lot.

Lucy on Gary: Disappeared for weeks and months, came back again and started hitting my mom.

Bobby to Gary: I can remember Daddy and Mama sparring with words. I was just a kid when you left, but I can still remember them talking about you. And Daddy would say that you didn't have the Ewing guts, and Mama would say "Well, thank goodness for that", because she thought you had Southworth gallantry, and that was a much better thing to have. Mama thought guts were low grade courage, and gallantry was courage with grace.

Miss Ellie: [Jock] was always hard on Gary. Too hard. The Ewing men are strong - Jock, JR, Bobby. Lucy's father, he wasn't strong, couldn't compete. That's why he left.

JR on Gary: Did not leave. He flat ran out.

Jock on Miss Ellie: She held me responsible for running Gary off, but I loved [him].
Miss Ellie to Jock: But you never cared about him. You never took the time to find out about him.

Jock on Gary: Maybe I could've done better by him, but I didn't know how.

Gary: I was weak, and I let my father and my brother drive me away, and I ran.
Val: We would have gone with you.
Gary: To do what? To go where? I was a drunk and a gambler and a loser. I know it's no excuse, but when I left here, I didn't think they'd make you leave too. I thought I'd be back.
Val: As soon as you left, JR got rid of me.

JR on Val: I told that girl never to set foot in Texas again.

Val: I snuck back for Lucy and took her.

Lucy: When JR found out, he called some nice old boys in Dallas.

Val: JR sent some mean old boys after me to get Lucy back. And they followed me all the way to Tennessee.

Lucy on Val: They went after her. They caught up with her all the way over to Virginia.

Valene to Lilimae: It was me and my baby, and you turned us away.
Lilimae: How could I have let you in? If my manager had found out I was a grandmother, it would have been over.
Valene: What would have been over? Your wonderful career? When did that ever get started?
Lilimae: It could have been my big break. It almost was.
Valene: I told you that I was in trouble, Mama. Those old boys were after me, and when you wouldn't let me in, they caught me and they took my baby. They took her back to Texas, to Gary's folks. So I went back after her, and when I got back to Texas, those old boys wouldn't let me near the ranch.

Lucy on Val: They told her that if she ever came near Texas again, they'd kill her.

Val: Scared me half to death. They weren't fooling. I believe they'd have killed me soon as look at me.

Lucy on Val: One time I even heard she went to the law to get me back.

Valene: I went to the sheriff's office.

Lucy: Didn't amount to anything though.

Gary: The law was pretty tight with my family.
Val: And I can't tell you what that was like, knowing anything at all could be done to me, and there wasn't nothing the police would do about it because there wasn't any difference between those old boys and the police.

Lucy: It was JR who done it all.

Val: What did I have? Nothing. At least I knew Miss Ellie would raise Lucy right.

Miss Ellie to Val: I raised [Lucy] because the Ewings made it impossible for you to raise her, but I shouldn't have. I should have fought them, but I didn't.

Val on Lucy: I didn't see her again for fifteen years.

Miss Ellie to Bobby: Do you remember how I used to sit over there in that chair for hours, trying to feed Lucy? I was just so happy to have her here. What a beautiful child she was.
Bobby: I just remember she was awful stubborn, that's all.

Miss Ellie on Lucy: These strong Ewing men never had the strength to say no to her. And I haven't been any stronger. I always wanted a daughter. Maybe it's a good thing I never had one.

Lucy to Gary: While I was growing up and you and Mama weren't there, I must have had about ten thousand dreams about [my wedding] day, about walking down the aisle on your arm and Mama being there.

Ray to Lucy: I know it hasn't been easy for you growing up the way you did; no mama, no papa. I know you've been lonely a lot of the time.

Bobby on Lucy and Ray: She's been tagging around after him ever since she could walk. He always had time for when the rest of us thought we were too busy.

Pam to Lucy: This family's so full of guilt because your daddy ran away they let you run wild.


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