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The Uncut Scene from Episode Black Market Baby

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Sue Ellen wants a baby and she asks JR to make love to her as he never makes love to her anymore. He tell s her he hates that kind of talk and that there's nothing uglier than a woman who can`t handle her liquor. He walks off and she shouts that he can`t run out on her she runs after him.

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JR gets into his car with Sue Ellen following, she says she needs a baby , she needs something to hold on to. He tells her he will buy her a puppy and drives off. She screams "that's the last time you do that to me, the last time I promise". Rays truck pulls up.

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Ray gets out his truck and says "Mrs Ewing everything alright?" She says full of tears "everything's just fine Ray just fine"


Ray walks over to her and says "Your gonna catch your death of cold like that out here". She replies "not if I can get something to warm me".   Ray moves closer to her, she asks if he has anything to drink at his house as she touches hi chest. He says its best if she goes inside as she will feel like hell tomorrow. She looks at him with both hands on his collars and says "I'm feeling better every second". He whispers "is there anything I can do for ya?". She puts her finger in his mouth and says "I think so". They then begin to kiss passionately.

The scene fades.

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The next morning Ray arrives on horseback at Southfork. Sue Ellen sees him coming and looks uncomfortable and goes and lays down on the sun lounger.

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Ray walks over and says "morning how you feeling" She ignores him. He says "are you ok Sue Ellen?" . She replies "Mrs Ewing". He laughs.

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She turns to him lifting her sunglasses and viciously says "Mrs Ewing Ray". He says "Mrs Ewing? What about last night?".  She pauses and says  "I don`t know what your talking about" and gets up.

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She walks away ignoring him. He stands looking angry.

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