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The shooting The Episode The fate of JR

Did they really want to get rid of him?

When JR was shot viewers didn't know if he was dead or alive. Larry Hagmans on scenario for the cliffhanger falling 15 stories down an open lift shaft seemed to indicate that he preferred to JR to have died. And for a while during that long hot drawn out summer of actors striking it seemed that Larry Hagman would leave the show. Not JR mind you.........just JR. Hagman says he never wanted to quit, all he wanted was a fairs days wage, the network could afford it, Dallas was making high profits every which way, from selling ad space to selling she show around the world. On the night that Kristin confessed, commercials on Dallas time cost $500,000 per minute. On that night alone,the CBS network made $2,350,000 profit in one hour!.

Kristin confesses - making CBS $2,350,000 profit

"I may never get another chance like this in my life time " Hagman said explaining his salary fight "If you've got a chance to make it.....then make it! Frankly I don't think anyone is worth that kind of money. I think its ridiculous except that's the way it is. I would be a fool not to take advantage of it"

Would Katzman and Lorimar have dumped Hagman and found another JR?

"sure they would " says Larry "If I hadn`t come back they would of found someone else"

And the 3rd year of Dallas did roll without Larry Hagman, well for the first 2 episodes anyway. That body of JR bound in bandages, being rolled away in the ambulance wasn`t Larry at all, it was a body double, a man by the name of Ace Moore.

The producers were busy looking for someone to replace Hagman if he decided not to return, if he had not returned the new JR would of been played by Robert Culp, star of the series I Spy and the film Bob and Carol.

Robert Culp the new face of JR?

There was a storyline already to explain JR`s new face. A bullet had struck him right in that evil smile and he would require plastic surgery and when the bandages came off there would be Robert Culp.

But the pay dispute was resolved and Hagman was back.


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