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DALLAS - Who shot JR

Trouble is brewing for nasty oil man JR Ewing as he gets his just desserts in the most famous cliffhanger of all time in this episode from 1980.

JR has crossed just about every character in the show this season and has been at his evil best.

Alan Beam arrives at JR's office escorted by dodgy cop Harry McSween. JR tells Alan he knows that he and Kristin planned to blackmail him. JR informs Alan that he has to get out of Dallas and he will never work there again. JR asks Harry "What's the penalty for rape?" Alan asks what JR is talking about. "That woman you raped a couple of months ago". "There is no woman" Alan replies.
"You got a woman yet Harry?" JR asks. "Blonde, Brunette or red head?" Harry replies. JR instructs Harry to throw Alan out

Meanwhile Bobby states he has had enough of all the backstabbing by JR and that he and Pam will leave Southfork in the morning.

At Alan is with Kristin at her apartment, Harry Mcsween bursts in with a warrant to arrest Kristen for prostitution - he tells them they have 24 hours to get out of Dallas.
"I'll kill, I swear I'll kill him" Kristen states
" Take a number, there are a few of us ahead of you" Alan replies

Meanwhile JR plots to put Sue Ellen back in the Sanitarium. Vaughn then phones JR and threaten him.

"This is the last crooked deal you'll ever pull" Vaughn threatens

Meanwhile back at Southfork Sue Ellen contemplates shooting JR. She grabs a gun and puts in her purse and heads out to see Dr Elby.

Cliff visits Diggers grave and states that he has to stop JR for good. Sue Ellen visits Dr Elby and says that JR must be stopped . Just before she leaves she says:

"I want to tell you something Dr Elby. You have been right all along, I can't rely on anyone else to do what I have to do"

At Ewing Oil JR sits alone in his office. The phone rings, he picks it up but the caller hangs up.

An unseen figures arrives in the darkness at Ewing Oil, JR hears a noise and calls out "Who's there?". JR walks towards the door to leave his office to investigate.

As JR leaves his office, 3 gunshots ring out and he falls to the floor...shot.

Who shot JR?

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