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by Joel J. Fiegenbanni and Peter Dunne

Sue Ellen tries to get J.R. to admit that he broke up with Mandy for her, but he won’t commit. He does seek out Kenderson and plants more seeds of discontent.

Cliff throws in his hand with the cartel, in the hopes that together they will have the power to beat JR. at his own game. JR. discovers that if he defaults on any of his loan payments, he will lose Ewing Oil. He’s not too worried, though, and gives Garrett the go-ahead on the Marinos wells.

Donna and Ray begin the adoption proceedings, but fear that Ray’s manslaughter conviction for Mickey Trotter’s death will stand in the way. They overcome that obstacle, but find that Tony doesn’t want to be adopted by them.

Matt discovers emeralds in Colombia and decides to go back to Dallas to show Pam. Angelica, still undercover, enters the United States, intent on revenge.

Broadcast: 04-Apr-1986 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum , Peter Dunne d: Linda Day


by Leonard Katzman

The drop in the price of oil forces J.R to shut down his stripper wells, those wells that only pump fifteen barrels of oil a day. Since he is anticipating five-thousand barrels a day from the Marinos deal, he’s not worried.

Ray and Donna discover that Tony has been hurt emotionally by another family he loved and is therefore reluctant to be adopted because he thinks the same thing will happen. They resolve to keep working on it.

Mark tells Sue Ellen that J.R. has been snooping around into his and Jerry’s past lives, looking for dirt. Sue Ellen, furious, confronts J.R., who tells her that he only did what he did because the thought of losing her is so difficult for him. Mark is so enraged that he finally admits to Pam and Cliff that they were right about J.R. all along. Cliff hopes this means Mark will throw in with him and merge Graisco with Barnes Wentworth. Jamie is so worried about a new feud that she goes to see J.R. and begs him to leave Cliff alone.

Sue Ellen breaks up with Jerry Kenderson, explaining that she wants to give J.R. another chance.

Angelica is booked for speeding and carrying a gun but is soon released and continues on her way to Dallas.

Broadcast: 11-Apr-1986 w: Leonard Katzman d: Bruce Bilson


by Peter Dunne and Joel Feigenbaum

JR. settles in to life being just about perfect: he finally has control of Ewing Oil, Jack has decided to leave Dallas, and Sue Ellen admits that she and JR. do, indeed, have a special thing between them which she can’t find with anyone else. J.R. in turn promises Sue Ellen that he will never take her for granted again.

Marilee is so angry at J.R.’s latest ruthless schemes that she tells Cliff that she and the other members of the cartel are ready to band together with him to go after Ewing Oil. Cliff can’t wait to do battle again, but Jamie steps in and takes matters into her own hands, by going to J.R. and personally asking him to promise to leave Cliff alone.

Pam and Mark progress with their wedding plans. When the invitation to their wedding arrives at Southfork, Ellie is misty eyed and pensive. Donna also is pensive when, after finally getting Tony to agree to being adopted by the Krebbses, the application is denied because of Ray’s criminal record.

Angelica meets with an explosives expert who does some fancy work in her custom-made briefcase as she prepares to take on J.R.

Broadcast: 02-May-1986 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum , Peter Dunne d: Jerry Jameson


by Leonard Katzman

When he discovers that Garrett has shut down the Marinos wells, J.R. angrily threatens his former friend. Without the wells, J.R. faces financial ruin; but if JR. has to go down, he’ll take others with him. His snooping into Jerry Kenderson’s past has revealed a choice secret about Mark Graison. Graison was involved in a college prank that resulted in a student death and can be tried at any time.

The new hired hand, Ben Stivers, alludes to a secret of his own in a life related to the Ewings in previous times. Punk Anderson thinks the man is familiar to him, and Ellie, too, is made uneasy by the memories he brings up.

JR Ewing played by Larry Hagman and Angelica Nero
J.R. and Sue Ellen attend the fundraiser she has organized for Graison Research and get along fine with forincrly fending family members. Sue Ellen is convinced JR. really has changed. The two have a wonderful time and Sue Ellen moves back into JR.‘s bedroom as a live-in wife. Sue Ellen tells John Ross that his parents are committed to making their marriage work.

But Angelica has other plans.

Broadcast: 09-May-1986 w: Leonard Katzman d: Nick Havinga


by Peter Dunne and Joel Fiegenbanm

Worried that his empire may collapse, JR. agrees to do business with Angelica Nero, who has returned from her hideout to offer J.R. some papers that will give him power over Alex Garrett. At gunpoint, Angelica forces JR to her car and gives him a sample of the documents she is selling. JR has them authenticated and is delighted with them and agrees to pay her. They agree to meet at the office on Sunday for the exchange.

Pam and Mark are married at Mark’s home. Moments before the ceremony, Ellie tells Pam how much she loves her. All the Ewings and Barneses turn out for the family event. Donna and Ray have finally adopted Tony. Jack refuses to reconsider staying in Dallas, but promises Jamie that she will get to keep his snazzy sportscar while he is off in parts unknown.

JR. gives Sue Ellen a new engagement ring as the two resume their married life. He postpones a Sunday family outing to go to the office to meet Angelica,she keeps him waiting an extra hour. When Angelica shows up, she pulls the pin from her explosive briefcase, setting the timer on the detonator. J.R. and Angelica exchange a few angry words, during which Angelica vows to kill Jack and J.R., then JR. calls in the police, who listened to the conversation and can now book Angelica. As she is led away, Angelica screams that it’s too late Jack and J.R. anyway.

Jack Ewing played by Dack RamboWorried, JR. telephones his cousin. Jack and Jamie are in his sportscar, just about to leave for the airport when Jack hears the phone and runs back to answer leaving Jamie waiting in the car. As JR. asks if Jamie is safe, the two men hear an explosion. Jack’s car is blown to smithereens. J.R. rushes out of his office to go over to Jack’s.

Sue Ellen, who is worried about JR. being so late decides to drive to town to find out what’s wrong. knows that JR. is meeting Angelica and senses danger. JR. leaves in one elevator just as Sue Ellen enters the office from the other elevator. Seconds later, the brief case explodes, wrecking the Ewing Building.

Ewing Oil explodes

On the morning after her wedding, Pam wakes to the sound of running water. She walks into the bathroom and opens the shower door, and sees a man who looks exactly like Bobby Ewing.

"Good morning," he says.

Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing returns in the shower 1986

Broadcast: 16-May-1986 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum , Peter Dunne d: Michael Preece

NOTE: In the end credits, it states "Patrick Duffy as " but does not say which character he played. Producers obviously did not want to state that he was definitely returning as Bobby in order to keep the cliffhanger of his return as secret.
The ending of this episode with Patrick duffy in the shower was origionally taped seperately as an irish spring soap commercial. There was also an alternate ending in which Pam's new husband was in the shower. This was done as a clever way of preventing the ending from leaking

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