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by Hollace White and Stephanie Garnzan

JR. has hired a detective to check out Angelica Nero and her boss, shipping tycoon Dimitri Marinos, as he becomes more involved in a business deal with Marinos shipping. When Angelica’s associate Nicholas reports that the detective has been snooping around Athens, Angelica decides to close the deal with JR. as quickly as possible and to move ahead with her plans. The detective appears to be onto something, because he calls JR. from Athens and suggests that the Ewings go slow on the deal. Before flying to a meeting with JR., the man drops an envelope in the mail. When he goes to meet the detective in person, J.R. discovers that his detective has disappeared.

John Ross runs away from home because of his fears of a custody battle. The judge speaks to John Ross and each of his parents separately before making his ruling.

"I must say that while your abilities and qualifications are distinctly different, I’m convinced that both of you love your son. My decision is no reflection on the depth of feeling you each have for him, or he for you. But it falls to award custody of John Ross to only one parent ,and I have therefore made my decision to award that to Mrs. Ewing."

Broadcast: 29-Nov-1985 w: Hollance White , Stephanie Garman d: Corey Allen


by Peter Dunne and Joel J. Feigenbaum

Angelica instructs Nicholas to hold JR.’s detective in Greece and sets Grace up working temporarily in the man's’s Dallas office. There she is able to intercept the envelope he sent from Greece; meanwhile Nicholas forces the detective to call his partner and instruct J.R. to go ahead with the Marinos deal.

Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs J.R. begins to build a case for custody on appeal and hires the judge’s son at Ewing Oil in order to grease the wheels. Sue Ellen continues to worry about JR.’s tactics, even though Dusty reassures her that she will again win if JR. appeals.

Donna breaks away from the silence and anguish she went through after losing the baby and reconnects to Ray, who was so distraught over Donna s behavior and the loss of the baby that he tore down the dream house he was building for them. Donna tells Ellie that she will not have another child—the risks are just too great.

Sue Ellen and her mother go to Southfork to pick up John Ross, but while she’s there, Sue Ellen realizes it would be a mistake to take her son from his home. To everyone’s total shock, she announces that she’s not taking John Ross after all.

Broadcast: 06-Dec-1985 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum , Peter Dunne d: Michael Preece


by Will Lorin

Harv Smithfield, the family attorney, advises JR. that even though Sue Ellen is allowing John Ross to stay at Southfork, she still has custody of the boy and can claim him at any time. If, however, Sue Ellen were to move back to the ranch, she would forfeit custody. J.R. then asks Sue Ellen to come back to Southfork, for John Ross s sake.

Sue Ellen tells Patricia that she is not going to try to control John Ross’s life the way Patricia did hers. She confides to her mother that she is considering moving back to Southfork, because John Ross keeps telling her in nonverbal ways that he needs her there. Patricia begins to pack her things to leave Dallas. The two women work out their differences and Patricia begins to understand that she can no longer manipulate her daughter.

Jenna tells Jack that they should stop seeing each other. Jack, dismayed, asks Ray for advice; Ray suggests that he just slow down a bit, that perhaps Jenna isn’t ready for romance so soon after Bobby’s death.

Sue Ellen moves back to Southfork. Mandy, upset by the news, seeks out Cliff Barnes for Chinese food and a chat. Barnes suggests revenge.

Broadcast: 13-Dec-1985 w: Will Lorin d: Linda Day


by Deanne Barkley

When a ruptured water main floods their house, Ray and Donna move into Southfork. Clayton tells his lawyer that he’s having financial problems and needs to sell off some of his smaller companies to keep his refinery going, but he doesn’t want Ellie to know about his problems. Everyone in the family has noticed how distracted Clayton has been, but he is not aware of any difference in his behavior.

Pam opens a package addressed to Bobby from his friend Matt Cantrell and is surprised to see it holds a huge uncut emerald and the promise that there’s more to come from his South American mine. When Pam tells J.R. about the emerald, he scoffs and tells her that it must be fake, since Cantrell is a loser.

J.R. and Angelica continue to do business. Cliff has been telling Mandy that the two are involved in more than business, but Mandy has refused to believe it. Cliff gives her a tip-off that sends her to Angeliea’s hotel, from which she sees JR. emerge in the early morning, thus confirming Cliff’s accusation and her own suspicions. Furious at JR.’s betrayal, Mandy flushes the diamond bracelet he gave her down the toilet, Jack, upset by Jenna’s jilting him, takes off for places unknown so that he can clear his head. JR. is annoyed when Jamie says even she doesn’t know how to locate her brother.

Broadcast: 20-Dec-1985 w: Deanne Barkley d: Larry Hagman


by Bill Taub

Angelica is concerned about Jack’s disappearance because she has an opportunity to put her secret plan into action in Caracas shortly. JR. assures her that Jack will be back when needed, but both he and Angelica are anxious.

Matt comes to Dallas to meet with Bobby and is shocked to discover his friend has died. He and Pam chat about Bobby’s dreams and how Matt has lived out all their boyhood fantasies, and Pam decides to back Matt in the mine. JR. agrees to sell his interest in Cantrell’s mine since he thinks the whole thing is a waste of time. Mark Graison is not thrilled at Pam’s enthusiasm for the mine; he feels that Pam is becoming too involved with Bobby and his ghost.

Mandy leaks information about Ewing Oil to Cliff which results in his cancellation of all equipment orders to make sure that JR. doesn’t get the items he needs for his drilling with Marinos Shipping. J.R can’t understand how this has happened to him, but soon discovers that Mandy is the spy. He sadly vows revenge.

Jamie, who has been working with Cliff at Barnes Wentworth since they got back together, goes on a site inspection and is crushed by an avalanche of oil barrels. She’s rushed to the hospital, where blood tests reveal that she has a very rare type of blood. The doctor urges the family to locate Jack, who might make a suitable blood donor. Without the right blood, Jamie will die.

Broadcast: 03-Jan-1986 w: Bill Taub d: Linda Day


by Hollace White and Stephanie German

As Jamie lies unconscious, the doctor stresses the urgency of finding a compatible blood donor. While Mark Graison and Sue Ellen try to find other possible donors, JR. offers a $25,000 reward to anyone who can locate Jack Ewing. J.R. claims to be acting out of concern for his cousin, hut the truth is that he needs Jack for Angelica to produce in Caracas in a matter of days.

Jack has gone to an isolated fishing lodge to be alone to think about his problems with Jenna and has no idea that he is being sought. Jenna, distraught and blaming herself for his disappearance, goes to Jack’s apartment to find clues to where he may have gone. Some photographs trigger her memory of his fishing cabin. Jenna and Ray fly out in the Southfork plane to New Mexico and return with Jack.

According to Angelica, Jack was so important to her plans because he was the illegitimate son of Dimitri Marinos. When the doctor announces that Jack’s blood is an exact match to Jamie’s, J.R. is left with serious doubts.

Broadcast: 10-Jan-1986 w: Hollance White , Stephanie Garman d: Robert Becker


by Bill Tech

J.R. uses Graison Research’s computers to analyze Jack’s blood and discovers that Jack and Jamie did indeed have the same parents. He realizes that Angelica has been lying to him, but he’s not certain why.

Angelica, having missed her chance to use Jack in Caracas, now wants him to appear at an oil conference in Martinique. Smelling a rat, J.R. decides to sell part of his share of the Marinos deal to the cartel.

Matt Cantrell gives Pam a brooch set with emeralds from their mine. Pam decides to go down to Colombia to see the mine for herself, even though Mark is furious at the thought. Pam is saddened by his refusal to understand her need to go to Colombia.

Ellie secretly buys up the companies that Clayton has for sale.

"You can’t keep buying everything Clayton is selling," Punk Anderson advises her. "You’ll go broke if that keeps up"

Broadcast: 17-Jan-1986


by Peter Dunce

Matt and JR. meet secretly to confirm their deal: J.R. has been providing Matt with the money, the loose stones, and the brooch for Pam in order to eon her into sinking money into the mine. He plans on using her incompetence in this deal against her in his legal campaign to oust her from Ewing Oil. Then JR. feeds Cliff some phony information about the mine, enticing him to contribute $2 million of his own money to be Pam’s partner.

J.R.‘s satisfaction with his progress on the mine and the Marinos deal is marred by his discovery that his mother has put up her 10 percent of Ewing Oil as collateral to buy a business through an unnamed Houston broker. JR. begins work to find out why. Pam is so excited about her upcoming jungle adventure that she forgets a dinner date with Mark. Mark confides to Sue Ellen that Pam and Bobby were planning to remarry and his feelings that he and Pam may not have a future together after all.

Broadcast: 24-Jan-1986 w: Peter Dunne d: Robert Becker

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