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by Hollace White and Stephanie Garman

Patricia Shepard arrives at Southfork to try to patch things up between JR and Sue Ellen and to take control of Sue Ellen’s shattered life. Miss Ellie, who doesn’t much like Patricia, tells her that she doubts there is any thing that the two mothers can do; JR. and Sue Ellen have had their troubles for a long time now, and it’s time that they resolved them on their own. Patricia is even more upset when JR. tells her straight out that he considers his marriage with Sue Ellen over. Patricia buys a house in nearby Turtle Creek and comes back into her daughter’s life.

Sue Ellen is still at the sanitarium, but she has become quite determined to conquer her alcoholism. Through work with a therapist, talking about her childhood and her marriage, she is beginning to understand her dependency problems and the need to take control of her own life.

Miss Ellie at Southfork
The other members of the family are going through their own private hells trying to decide whether they should back J. R. or sell their shares of Ewing Oil to Jeremy Wendell at Weststar. Ray suggests to Jack that a third option would be for everyone to vote their shares to Ellie and let her make the big decision. JR. is so upset with the possibility of losing Ewing Oil that he pleads with Mark Graison to intercede on his behalf, saying that Bobby never meant the company to fall from family hands. But Pam decides to sell to Wendell, telling JR. that it is a business decision, not a personal one, to protect Christopher’s assets. When Ellie learns of Pam’s decision, she too makes up her mind to throw in with Weststar.

She goes to the office to tell JR., but overhears him talking aloud to Bobby. He tells Bobby of his predicament, how much he cares about Ewing Oil, and that perhaps now he will just take John Ross and leave Dallas.

Devastated by the thought of losing JR. too, Ellie retreats to rethink her stand.

Broadcast: 25-Oct-1985 w: Hollance White , Stephanie Garman d: Michael Preece


by Peter Dunne

Ellie tells Clayton of J.R.’s plans to leave Dallas and start life over somewhere else.

Jenna Wade and Jack Ewing at the oil barons ball 1985"We left him no choice," she says. "He already feels everyones abandoned him, abandoned Ewing Oil, And without Ewing Oil, there’s no reason for him to stay. That’s why, for better or worse, I can’t sell to Wendell . I need to save my son, not lose him."

Pam tells Mark that she’s not completely certain about her decision anymore. Mark assures her that she can still change her mind.

Sue Ellen is released from the sanitarium to her mothers care, and the two women appear at the Oil Baron’s Ball, where they are invited to sit with Ellie and Clayton. Mandy, who had disappeared and left JR. brokenhearted, reappears at the ball and tells JR. she’ll be there for him. Jack pursues his courtship of Jenna, although some small disturbances have interrupted his life lately—his apartment was broken into and his passport was stolen. Furthermore, unbeknownst to Jack, a woman named Angelica Nero has taken interest in his photograph and identity.

The ball proceeds much like other balls in previous years, with Cliff and JR. at each other’s throatsPamela Ewing at the oil barons ball 1985. Jamie is so outraged at learning that Cliff pushed Pam into dealing with Wendell for his own personal gain that she hits him in the face with a pie. She then arranges to leave Cliff and move in with Jack.

The Oil Man of the Year award is made posthumously to Bobby Ewing. As Ellie approaches the podium to accept the award, the crowd rises in a standing ovation. Giving her acceptance speech, Ellie talks about Bobby’s uncompromising love of his family and his hopes for his son, Christopher. Then she calls Pam to the podium to accept the award for Christopher. Pam makes her own speech, explaining that she cannot sell Christopher’s heritage to Weststar.

"With apologies to those who may not understand my sudden change of heart, I cannot. . . will not sell Christopher's share of Ewing Oil to Weststar."

Pam then privately tells JR., "I’m not selling the shares at all. From now on, it’s you and me. I’ll see you in the office, partner.

Broadcast: 01-Nov-1985 w: Peter Dunne d: Corey Allen


by Joel J. Feigenbanni

Ray and Donna did not attend the ball because they have discovered that their unborn child suffers from Down’s Syndrome. They are torn and confused as to their next course of action—Ray is in favor of abortion, Donna is not. Finally Donna is able to persuade Ray to join her in investigating what kind of life their child will have if they go ahead.

Cliff tries to get Jamie to come back; she is almost swayed until she discovers that what Cliff really wants is a date for a dinner engagement with shipping magnate Angelica Nero. Jamie refuses and Cliff is forced to meet with Angelica alone. He is shocked when she begins to pitch to him a very exciting deal.JREwing  and Angelica NeroAngelica has used Cliff as bait to attract J.R, J.R is happy to woo her and win the deal away from Barnes, never suspecting that she has already chosen Ewing Oil because of her interest in Jack.

Angelica arranges the meeting with JR. at a restaurant where she knows Jack and Jenna will dine so that she can get a good look at her target. Afterward, she confides to her assistant, Grace, that Jack is indeed the man she has been looking for.



Donna and Ray visit a school for disabled children and come away very impressed. They decide to have the baby, despite the problems ahead.

Broadcast: 08-Nov-1985 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum d: Michael Preece


by Hollace White and Stephanie Garman

Things begin to lighten up at Southfork as the Ewings plan a rodeo. Miss Ellie has decided the annual barbecue would be too painful so soon after Bobby’s death, but gives the go-ahead for a rodeo to be held on the ranch. JR., back into the swing of things at the office, anxiously tries to impress Angelica Nero to swing the deal away from Barnes Wentworth. When Angelica intimates that she is very interested in Jack, J.R. asks Jack to come into the oil business.

Jamie Ewing played by Jenille Harrison


Dusty, who has been trying to press Sue Ellen into marrying him, comes to the rodeo, where Sue Ellen makes it clear that she isn’t ready to commit herself Mandy appears at the rodeo at J.R's invitation and is openly flaunted as J.R's girlfriend.

While watching the various family members compete in different events, Donna is hit in the stomach by a bull and must be rushed to the hospital.

Broadcast: 15-Nov-1985 w: Hollance White , Stephanie Garman d: Corey Allen



by Leonard Katzman

Ray, Ellie, Clayton, and Jenna stand by at the Braddock Emergency Hospital, awaiting medical reports on Donna s condition. The doctor asks Ray if he has to make a choice of which life to save, which one it should be.

"Save my baby if you can," Ray tells him, "but don’t let Donna die."

Sue Ellen fights for her own territory with her mother and with Dusty, explaining to Dusty that she loves him but she’s not ready to live with him. Patricia is unusually supportive of Sue Ellen’s separation from J.R. but does push her daughter to bring John Ross to live with them.

Sue Ellen hires an attorney and begins to fight for custody. JR. is far from pleased.

"Divorce me... go marry that cowboy. Do anything you want," he tells her, "but don’t even dream of trying to take my son away from me. Because if you should somehow succeed, there’s not enough room in this world to keep you safe from me."

Broadcast: 22-Nov-1985 w: Leonard Katzman d: Michael Preece

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