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by Leonard Katzman

The Ewings gather at Southfork to bury Bobby. At Pam’s house, Cliff and Jamie try to comfort her. Pam blames herself. Only Miss Ellie seems able to cope,she draws up lists of things to be done and begins to plan the funeral.

"Don’t bury the pain inside, Ellie," Clayton tells her. Gary returns to Southfork and provides a shoulder for Ellie to lean on. After all these years, Gary has found himself and is able to provide solace to his mother.

She decides to bury Bobby on a beautiful green hill overlooking Southfork, near a tree house where the Ewing boys played as children.

"Of all the places on Southfork where he used to play, this was his favorite," she tells Clayton. "Gary used to come ut here with him. When the other boys were playing, J. R. was learning from Jock, but I think he would have traded everything if he could have been the one that Jock built the tree house for."

Sue Ellen, who learned of Bobby’s death after everyone else, goes on a bender. Dusty wants to take care of her, and J.R . seems more than happy to get Sue Ellen out of his life. "You just go in the house, throw Sue Ellen over your shoulder, and carry her the hell out of Southfork," he tells Dusty. Ellie tries to explain to Sue Ellen that she is an alcoholic, and Dusty cannot offer her the kind of help she needs, but Sue Ellen takes offense at the speech. She leaves the ranch and goes right to a bar Dusty follows her there and drags her away.

Dusty explains to Sue Ellen that he still loves her, that he will help her dry out. His main goal is to get her in shape for Bobby’s funeral.

The funeral is a small family event. The ceremony is short and simple. Most of the family members move away and return to the house, leaving JR. alone with the casket. He speaks to Bobby.

"Never really told you how much you meant to me. All the fights, all that time butting’ heads with one another I'm sorry we were never friends. I wish I’d taken time to tell you that I loved you... I do... and you tell Daddy I love him too. Goodbye, Bobby. I miss you!"

Broadcast: 27-Sep-1985 w: Leonard Katzman d: Nick Havinga

NOTE: THE DREAM BEGINS Originally aired as a two hour episode.


by Joel J. Feigenbanm

Sue Ellen has a sudden change of heart as she and Dusty leave the ranch. She tells him it was a mistake for her to walk out and that she plans to go back. JR. is not impressed with her return. His harsh rejection turns her, once again, to alcohol. She jumps in her car and roars off to the nearest bar. After downing too much vodka, Sue Ellen is too drunk to drive. She attracts a man who volunteers to take her home and then robs her of her Mercedes. The next morning, without purse, identification, or any sense of herself, Sue Ellen wanders through an unfamiliar part of town. A bag lady offers her a drink, but Sue Ellen disdainfully rejects the offer

Clayton and Ellie worry about Sue Ellen and go off to look for her

"Every time she drinks, her chances only get worse, Ellie tells Clayton.

"We don’t know that she’s been drinking."

"Don’t we?"

But Ellie can’t devote herself entirely to Sue Ellen’s problems—Bobby’s will must be read. The family is shocked to discover that Bobby has left his share of Ewing Oil to Christopher, in Pam’s trust. J.R. can’t believe he may have to be in partnership with Pam, while Cliff wants nothing more than to arrange for Pam to sell the shares—to him.

Only Mandy gives J.R. the understanding he needs but Mandy does worry about the fact that J.R. is still a married man.

"I have a feeling," JR. says to her, "a very strong feeling , that the Sue Ellen problem is going to take care itself."

Indeed, Sue Ellen has returned to the bag lady she once shunned and now greedily shares her bottle cheap wine.

Broadcast: 27-Sep-1985 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum d: Michael Preece



by Peter Dunne

Clayton and Ellie intensify their search for Sue Ellen who Ellie feels very strongly must be in trouble.

Meanwhile, J.R. considers his own troubles. He can't believe that he may end up in business with the person he hates the most—his former sister-in-law, Pam. J.R. tries to buy Christopher’s shares of Ewing Oil, and Jeremy Wendell of Weststar works with Cliff to convince his sister to sell her Ewing Oil shares to them. Pam is truly torn between wanting to do the right thing for Christopher and wondering what Bobby would want her to do.

Clayton and Ellie finally find Sue Ellen. She has been moved from the city drunk tank to a detoxification ward. Dusty comes to the "detox" ward and gives Sue Ellen some gentle assurance. "I’m here because I love you, Sue Ellen. I’m here to keep my promise to help you. I will get you healthy again. Because I want you."

But Sue Ellen can only beg him for a drink. As Dusty tries to comfort Sue Ellen, JR. comes in and finds his wife in her lover’s arms. He and Dusty exchange punches while Sue Ellen, traumatized, begins to scream; and quake all over. JR. decides to commit Sue Ellen to a sanitarium.

"It’s all right, J.R. ," Ellie tells him after he signs papers. "You’ve done what had to be done. Someday Sue Ellen will thank you for this."

Broadcast: 04-Oct-1985 w: Peter Dunne d: Nick Havinga


by Hollace White and Stephanie Garman

Ellie begins to wonder if she too should sell her share of Ewing Oil to Weststar Although she doesn’t want the the family business to come to an end, she also does not want a repeat of the struggle for control that tore Bobby and JR. apart after Jock’s death.

Sue Ellen discovers that she has no choice but to join an alcoholics program at the clinic. When Dusty tries to visit Sue Ellen at the sanitarium he discovers she isn’t allowed to have visitors, so he bribes an attendant to let him in. Clayton warns him that his involvement with Sue Ellen is poorly timed, but Dusty seems very determined to make the love affair work out this time.

When her attendant pulls out a flask and offers Sue Ellen a drink—for a price, of course—Sue Ellen is sorely tempted. Then something inside her gives her the strength to turn away. Ferociously, she presses the "call" button and rings for a doctor. The action surprises and enlightens her.

"I can do it!" she says to herself. "I can do it. I just need help.’

Cliff continues to pressure his sister to sell to Jeremy Wendell at Weststar, and Pam gets more and more confused. Unable to deal with the business or the decisions she needs to make, Pam runs from the house—and gets quite a shock.

Broadcast: 11-Oct-1985 w: Hollance White , Stephanie Garman d: Michael Preece


by Joel J. Feigenbawn

Pam runs out of her house and smack into Mark Graison, who she was certain was dead. Trying to recover from her shock, Pam can only tell him, "I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Mark sweeps Pam away, taking her away from the pressures of having to make a decision and off to try to explain his sudden resurrection. Mark reveals that he was in Hong Kong when Pam went there to search for him, but that he paid someone else to be in his bed—he didn’t want her to go on believing that he was alive.

Meanwhile, the other Ewings are trying to sort out what they will do. Weststar has made offers to Ray and to Jack for their shares of Ewing Oil, and Ray warns Jack about JR. Cliff is also actively courting Jack, who storms out and tells Cliff that he is still uncommitted.

Cliff tries to get Mark behind him in his efforts to convince Pam to sell to Weststar. But Graison does not want to tell Pam what to do. To try to persuade him to take sides, Cliff tells Mark J. R. sent Pam on a wild goose chase from place to place, searching for Mark.

Mark goes to Ewing Oil arid punches J.R., then gives him something to think about. "You’ll regret the day you sent Pam looking for me. Because she found me. And I’m going to do everything I can to make you suffer the way she suffered. Take a good look around you. This place is going to he nothing but memories before I’m through."

Broadcast: 18-Oct-1985 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum d: Nick Havinga

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