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(335) April in Paris
At the mental institution, J.R. gets locked up in solitary confinement where he has to deal with Morrisey (Mitch Pileggi) again. Cally and James have a fight over James' decision to leave J.R. in the sanitarium. J.R. is released from solitary and learns that Jessie has been transferred to another institution. James takes full advantage of J.R. being away from Ewing Oil. For their honeymoon, Bobby and April go to Paris where they meet Sheila Foley (Susan Lucci) who tells them about her late husband and his suicide. J.R. realizes he's locked up for good, and he tries desperately to get out. In Paris, Bobby and April come across Jordan Lee but the honeymoon turns into nightmare when Bobby learns that April has been kidnapped.

Broadcast - November 2, 1990

(336) Charade
In Paris, Sheila Foley tells Bobby that she will "take April's place" for a few days, and Bobby is forced to play the charade. Back in Dallas, James loses everything in a poker game with Duke Carlisle and his friends. Cally continues to feel guilty over J.R. being locked up in the sanitarium. Cliff dates Liz Adams. Morrisey threatens J.R. again, and J.R. manages to get the other patients to help him. Doctors diagnose paranoia in J.R. and they put him on double medication. Bobby encounters disbelieving French police officers and he tries to get Jordan Lee's help to get April back.

Broadcast - November 9, 1990

(337) One last kiss
In Paris, April discovers for the first time that Sheila Foley is behind her kidnapping, and she confronts her. Bobby fails in his desparate attempt to rescue April. Doctors at the sanitarium put J.R. on drug therapy. Sly manages to get in touch with Cally who visits J.R. at the sanitarium and presents her conditions for letting him out. J.R. is released and he fires Sly from Ewing Oil. Sheila reveals her plan for the VIP party to Bobby. Bobby goes through a shock when Jordan Lee calls Sheila April in public.

Broadcast - November 16, 1990

(338) Terminus
J.R. is back in business at Ewing Oil, he meets with Cally, and looks for James. Liz is told to break up with Cliff and she is not thrilled to see Johnny Dancer (Ramy Zada) back in town. Sly lashes out at James first, for having switched the letters to J.R., but then James makes her realize that they could possibly work together. J.R. learns that Sue Ellen is on her honeymoon with Don Lockwood. J.R. plots to frame Duke Carlisle's daughter on possession charges. In Paris, Bobby feels betrayed by Jordan Lee who later gets murdered. Bobby tries yet another unsuccessful rescue attempt to get April back, and he gives Sheila his new conditions, but the high-security OPEC reception ends in tragedy for April when Sheila starts to implement her real plan.

Broadcast - November 23, 1990

(339) Tunnel of love
Duke Carlisle confronts J.R. about his daughter. Sly Lovegren tells James that she changed her mind about revenge on J.R. James approaches Cliff about getting back at J.R. Cliff proposes to Liz Adams but then a surprise visitor scares the hell out of him. J.R. takes advantage of marital problems between Carter and Rose McKay. J.R. tries to locate Jessica Montfort. Liz learns that Johnny Dancer had her brother killed. Bobby attends April's funeral in Paris and returns to Dallas. Bobby hires detectives to look for Sheila Foley. Bobby, bitter after April's death, lashes out at J.R. and blames money and the oil business for the tragedy.

Broadcast - November 30, 1990

(340) Heart and soul
Michelle angrily confronts Bobby and blames him for April's death. Clayton, John Ross, and Christopher return to Southfork. J.R. blackmails Rose McKay to force her to spy on Carter. James keeps going about Dallas trying to give Sly's files on J.R. to different people, but nobody's interested. Clayton strikes a deal with McKay regarding his voting rights. Cliff gets injured during a scene with Johnny Dancer in front of Liz Adams. Bobby vows to find Sheila Foley and destroy her company. Liz pulls a gun on Johnny Dancer. Vanessa returns to Dallas and starts seeing J.R. again. Johnny Dancer wants to take over Weststar. J.R. rebukes Michelle's offer to help get rid of Bobby's power in Ewing Oil. Bobby and Michelle attend a reading of April's will. Johnny Dancer is found dead.

Broadcast - December 7, 1990

(341) The fabulous Ewing boys
Police investigate Johnny Dancer's murder, they search Cliff's apartment, and they question Liz and Carter McKay. Michelle apologizes to Bobby and offers her help in finding Sheila Foley. J.R. takes Sly back into Ewing Oil. Vanessa fears she may have to choose between J.R. and James. Liz tells Bobby that she could be helpful in locating Sheila Foley. Cally tells Vanessa that she's pregnant with J.R.'s baby. J.R. has a tape of McKay threatening to kill Johnny Dancer. Clayton, Christopher, and John Ross meet Michelle. Bobby learns that Sheila Foley is in Odessa. J.R. violently confronts Clayton but Bobby intervenes and threatens to sell Ewing Oil.

Broadcast - December 14, 1990

(342) The Odessa file
Bobby and Michelle look for Sheila Foley in Odessa. J.R. tries to frustrate Bobby's plans to sell Ewing Oil. Rose McKay tells Carter about how J.R. seduced and then blackmailed her. Cliff learns about Liz's past and accuses her of lying and manipulations, but they make up again later. Vanessa meets Michelle. J.R. proposes to Vanessa. J.R.'s delightful "Vienna-style" evening with Vanessa is interrupted when he learns that Bobby sold Ewing Oil to Lee Ann De La Vega

Broadcast - December 21, 1990

(343) Sail on
J.R. tries to prevent the sale of Ewing Oil from becoming final as Vanessa gets increasingly concerned about its impact on their relationship. Ratagan gets pressured from both sides -- J.R. and McKay after McKay learns of his involvement in the tapes. James continues to resent his mother for choosing to marry J.R. Cliff's political future is jeopardized by his involvement in Dancer's murder and his drinking. Lee Ann De La Vega threatens J.R. that she'll merge Ewing Oil with Weststar. Cally's divorce from J.R. becomes final. McKay gets arrested for Dancer's murder. Cally has shocking news for J.R. about her pregnancy.

Broadcast - January 4, 1991

(344) Lock, stock and Jock
J.R. confronts James about Cally's baby. Liz is happy about McKay's arrest but she doesn't understand why Cliff is so skeptical. J.R. tells Vanessa that he will never see Cally's baby. Police use the tape of McKay's conversation with Johnny Dancer against him. McKay tries to tell the police "the truth" but his alibi witness refuses to cooperate. Cliff and Liz get engaged. Lee Ann De La Vega dissolves the Ewing Oil name and hires J.R. to help her run the new company. Michelle accuses James of being selfish. Lee Ann tells Michelle of what linked her and J.R. a long time ago and that she plans to get back at him. J.R. plots to use Sly's help and some dummy corporations to take Ewing Oil back from Lee Ann "piece by piece." J.R. accuses Bobby of being disrespectful to Jock's memory. Bobby asks Liz for help in locating Sheila Foley. Lee Ann tells J.R. she finds him attractive. J.R. gets ready to marry Vanessa.

Broadcast - January 11, 1991

(345) "S" is for seduction
Bobby has a dream of April and him. LeeAnn De La Vega plots to break J.R. and Vanessa up, and she uses Michelle's help to achieve the goal. Liz helps Bobby discover Sheila Foley's real name -- Hillary Taylor, and they both go to Midland where Bobby sets up Hillary's ex-partner Paul Keats (Charles Frank). Rose McKay testifies against her husband at his murder trial, and McKay gets convicted. Liz is shocked to hear Cliff's confession in the Johnny Dancer case. Bobby learns of Hillary's daughter Jory.

Broadcast - January 18, 1991

(346) Designing women
Vanessa gets suspicious as J.R. spends time with LeeAnn in Caracas. Bobby tries to track down Hillary's whereabouts. James warns his mother that J.R. will always cheat. The judge in McKay's case declares a mistrial, McKay is released and vows to find the real kiiler and then go after J.R. LeeAnn tells J.R. that she will make him full partner. LeeAnn manages to split J.R. and Vanessa up, and Vanessa returns to Vienna. Rose extorts money from McKay at gunpoint. Bobby keeps having dreams and flashes of April and him. LeeAnn tells J.R. her real identity and she reveals Michelle's role in her scheme to pay him back for her suffering in the past.

Broadcast - February 1, 1991

(347) 90265
Michelle takes control of Ewing Oil and fires J.R. Liz Adams tries to help Bobby locate Hillary Taylor. J.R. tells Bobby and James that he misses having the family around. James and Michelle get married. A troubled J.R. seeks comfort with Sly Lovegren and unexpectedly gets seduced by her. Bobby travels to Malibu, California where he meets Hillary's daughter Jory (Deirdre Imershein). James moves into Southfork with Michelle. J.R. is furious to have Michelle at Southfork. In Malibu, Bobby learns that Hillary will be coming soon.

Broadcast - February 8, 1991

(348) Smooth operator
In Malibu, Bobby has Jory's phone calls tracked to find out more information on Hillary. Bobby gets a warning from a friend of Jory's that he should leave. J.R. meets LeeAnn De La Vega's sister-in-law Carmen Esperanza (Barbara Luna) and together they plot a revenge against LeeAnn. James and Michelle clash because she doesn't buy J.R.'s sudden displays of family feelings. J.R. blackmails Senator Garrity (Charles Bateman) in a plot to buy Liz Adams' company. J.R. has a plan to use James to kick Michelle out of Ewing Oil. Bobby learns that Hillary is Jory's step-mother. Jory is shocked to find her apartment broken into and she asks Bobby for help in resolving the mystery.

Broadcast - February 15, 1991

(349) Win some, lose some
JR purchases an oil company from Liz Adams and exacts revenge on LeeAnn De La Vega. James learns the oil business from the master himself. Cliff is appointed Energy Czar, splits with Liz in the process. Michelle's attempts to seduce JR prove unsuccessful, yet. Jory is kidnapped; Bobby must choose between saving her or brining Hillary Taylor to justice.

Broadcast -March 1, 1991

(350) Fathers and sons and fathers and sons
Bobby comes back from California to Southfork and tells Christopher that he stopped looking for revenge on Hillary. J.R. goes to Blackie Callahan's funeral. McKay learns who killed Johnny Dancer and he plots his revenge. Liz breaks up with Cliff and the wedding is off. James and Michelle give a TV interview. J.R.,Bobby,James, Christopher, and John Ross go on a cattle drive. Michelle thinks her marriage is finally beginning to work, so she sells her apartment. Bobby tells J.R. he won't deal with the oil business again. A girl named Debra Lynn appears at Southfork with a little boy, claiming to be James' wife.

Broadcast - March 8, 1991

(351) When the wind blows
Debra Lynn tells J.R. the story of her, James, and the baby. McKay forces Cliff to resign as National Energy Tsar and angry confrontations follow, involving McKay, Cliff, Liz, and Bobby. J.R. pressures James to settle the question of Ewing Oil's ownership with Michelle. Bobby tells Christopher that he wants to quit the oil business. Michelle is very eager to stay happy in her marriage which seems to be getting better every day. Michelle asks Cliff to stop going after J.R. and James. Jory tells her mother that she met Bobby. J.R.'s scheme to keep the news of Debra Lynn's arrival from James and Michelle fails when Debra Lynn bursts into the Southfork living room and wants Michelle out!!

Broadcast - March 29, 1991

(352) Those darned Ewings
As James rediscovers his son Jimmy, Michelle gets visibly irritated and John Ross begins to complain about all the new people in the house. J.R. attempts to strike a deal with Debra Lynn as he gets a warning from Michelle about her marriage to James and Ewing Oil. Jory appears at Southfork and gets an encouragement from Bobby to settle down in Texas. J.R.'s doctor warns him to start caring about his health. James refuses to share a room with Michelle while Debra Lynn remains at Southfork. Michelle seeks Cliff's advice on the new situation at Southfork. Michelle asks Debra Lynn to let her and James adopt little Jimmy. J.R. is shocked to learn about who is the real father of Cally's child.

Broadcast - April 5, 1991

(353) Farewell, my lovely
Clayton returns to Southfork and meets Debra Lynn. Bobby tries to console Jory. Debra Lynn feels like "a third wheel" at Southfork. McKay sells the ranch and decides to leave Dallas. J.R. and Clayton continue their personal attacks at the dinner table. Cliff and Michelle plot to make Debra Lynn leave. Tension arises between J.R. and John Ross who begins to plot to leave Southfork for England. Michelle gives J.R. an ultimatum about Debra Lynn. J.R. is furious to learn that Miss Ellie decided to make Bobby the owner of Southfork. J.R. locates Cally in Palm Beach, Florida. Debra Lynn decides to go back home.

Broadcast - April 12, 1991

(354) Some leave, some get carried out
J.R. and James work with a lawyer to have James' marriage to Michelle dissolved. J.R. continues to argue with Bobby about the ownership of Southfork. Michelle buys McKay's ranch for her and James but it doesn't stop James from splitting with her and staying married to Debra Lynn. John Ross resents all the attention that J.R. is giving to James and little Jimmy. Michelle and Cliff plot revenge on J.R. John Ross leaves for England. J.R. is disappointed when James decides to leave Southfork and move east with his family. Hillary Taylor comes to Dallas and is confronted by Jory regarding April's death. Cliff tricks Michelle into marrying him. A furious Michelle goes to Southfork, gun in hand, to finally settle the score with J.R. but it is another enemy of hers who unexpectedly gets the bullets.

Broadcast - April 19, 1991

(355) The decline and fall of the Ewing empire
Michelle gets arrested for the murder of Hillary Taylor. J.R. schemes to have the criminal charges against Michelle dropped. Michelle gets visits in jail from J.R. and Cliff, each with his own agenda concerning Ewing Oil's future. Bobby consoles Jory after Hillary's death. Cliff and J.R. find out they're partners in Ewing Oil. After the funeral, Jory leaves for California. Weststar makes J.R. a very attractive offer. Christopher goes to England to see John Ross. Sly leaves J.R. and he gets a very cold rebuff from Phyllis. J.R. finds out that he's been tricked by Carter McKay and Dusty Farlow, and that he lost both Ewing Oil and the position at Weststar. After a rebuff from Bobby and a depressing phone call from John Ross, J.R. fells he's reached the end, and he takes out his gun.

Broadcast - April 26, 1991

(356) Conundrum
Let's find out what the world would have been like had there NEVER BEEN a J.R. Ewing! In other words, what if he had never been born? An angel (or so it seems at the beginning) takes J.R. on a "fantasy trip" during" which they both discover some startling surprises: Gary is a successful divorce lawyer in California, Bobby is a hustler in Las Vegas struggling to pay alimony payments for his kids, Cally is deep in trouble, living with an abusive husband and landing in jail probably for the rest of her life for killing him (in self-defense), there is another brother -- Jason, a successful land developer who keeps arguing with Bobby, especially over money, Kristin ends up as a professional con artist posing as a cop, while Ray is quite miserable at his job but very happy family-wise. Oh, yes, and there's is Cliff Barnes who, without J.R. to fight with, keeps climbing the ladder of success all the way to .... the White House! J.R. cannot believe any of this and keeps telling the "angel" (Joel Grey) that this just cannot be and that he "doesn't like it!" To which the "angel" keeps saying: "Nobody said you had to like it!" That's just the way it would have been had J.R. never been born. The two hour trip ends when J.R. wakes up and is relieved to find out it was just a dream. But the relief is very short-lived because it doesn't look like Heaven is exactly where the "angel" came from, and it seems that the ultimate tragedy in the life of J.R. Ewing occurs at the end.

Broadcast - May 3, 1991



Episodes - Season 13
335. April in Paris
336. Charade
337. One Last Kiss
338. Terminus
339. Tunnel of Love
340. Heart and Soul
341. The Fabulous Ewing Boys
342. The Odessa File
343. Sail On
344. Lock, Stock and Jock
345. "S" Is for Seduction
346. Designing Women
347. 90265
348. Smooth Operator
349. Win Some, Lose Some

Fathers and Sons and Fathers
and Sons

351. When the Wind Blows
352. Those Darned Ewings
353. Farewell, My Lovely

Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out


The Decline and Fall of the
Ewing Empire

356. Conundrum (95 minute special)
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