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Mini Series

6. Reunion 1  

(Please note that Season 1 of Dallas is called Season 2 on the Dallas DVD release. This is because Warner Brothers Video decided to call the initial five episodes 'Season One'. But in the shows original run it was the mini series.)

First aired: 9/23/1978    Production Code: 188566

Bobby surprises Pam by asking her join him on a business trip to Las Vegas. During the trip they are shocked to find brother Gary working at the hotel they are staying at. Lucy has been busy as well. While at a cattle auction with Jock and Ray, she ditches out with Pam's cousin Jimmy, Ray is not pleased. It turns out Jimmy is just her drive, he takes her to the diner her mother is working at. Lucy has been secretly visiting Valene. As Lucy and Val catch up, Bobby talks a reluctant Gary into returning to Southfork for a visit. Pam understands his reasons not too, but Gary eventually agree's. When Bobby calls Ellie with the news, she gives a stern warning to both Jock and J.R. Jock is not pleased with her words and says that 'Gary is his son too." J.R begins to plot Gary's downfall even before he returns. While attempting another seduction of Ray in the stables, they see Bobby and Pam return with a 'stranger'. Both trigger in to who the man is, and Lucy runs to the house to be reunited with her father. Lucy surprises both her parents by bringing them together at the diner. After a lengthy discussion, Gary talks Valene into returning to Southfork as well. Valene does, but is still fearful of J.R, remembering how he ran her out of Texas many years ago.

Writer: David Jacobs
Director: Irving J. Moore
Guest star: Ben January , David Ackroyd (Gary Ewing), Joan Van Ark (Valene Clements Ewing), Philip Levien (Jimmy Barnes), Tony Frank, Oliver Seale, Robert Cox, Hugh Gorrian, Theresa M. Jacobs, Francis Rizo, Benita Rizo














7. Reunion 2
First aired: 9/30/1978    Production Code: 188567

J.R's efforts to rid the family of Gary...again, begin to work. J.R pretends to help his younger brother, by including him in some Ewing Oil Business. The business however is with a company doomed for failure, and Gary begins to feel the stress. Valene realizes what J.R. is up to, but is unable to stop it. Pam has trouble of her own. A drunken Digger showed up at Southfork, while recovering from his binge, he tell Pamela he will no longer acknowledge her as his daughter because she is married to a Ewing. Gary falls victim to J.R.'s plan, and can no longer take the pressure. He leaves Southfork early in the morning. Valene catches him before he goes, but cannot talk him into staying, not even for Lucy. J.R. attempts to blackmail Valene into leaving as well by paying her off. Both depart Southfork, leaving Lucy without parents once again

Writer: David Jacobs Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Sarah Cunningham (Aunt Maggie) , David Ackroyd (Gary Ewing), Joan Van Ark (Valene Clements Ewing), David Wayne (Digger Barnes)

NOTE: This was David Ackroyd's last appearance as Gary Ewing. He was unavailable to take on the role when it was decided to branch Gary and Valene off to Knots Landing, so Ted Shackelford took over the role.
Rating: 59/68 12.8/25











8. Old Acquaintance
First aired: 10/7/1978 Production Code: 188569 Jenna Wade, Bobby's former love, returns to his life. She is in trouble, and she and her daughter need his help. Bobby believes her daughter, Charlie might be his, but Jenna will not confirm. J.R sees this as an opportunity to rid Southfork of Pam, and encourages Jenna to go after Bobby. Bobby's help seems a little too much for Pam, who confronts Jenna and meets Charlie. Pam's fears prove to be unfounded as Bobby loves her, and decides Jenna is only someone from his past.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Alex March Guest star: Morgan Fairchild (Jenna Wade), Peter Mark Richman (Maynard Anderson), Laurie Lynn Myers (Charlie Wade), Nicki Flacks (Melissa Anderson), Richard Anthony (Waiter), Lisa LeMole (Susan)

NOTE: This was Morgan Fairchild's only appearance on Dallas as Jenna Wade. Jenna appeared in one more episode played by Francine Thacker, then when Jenna became a regular character in 1984, the role was played by Pricilla Presley
Rating: 58/6 12.9/22


















9. Bypass
First aired: 10/14/1978 Production Code: 188568

Bobby questions his role at Ewing Oil, J.R.'s way of business does not sit well with him. Jock does not support this, and confronts J.R. During the discussion, Jock suffers a heart attack. Bobby deals with his father's illness, by joining Ray working at Southfork. Jock knows J.R. is not telling him everything, and wants Bobby back to keep things on the straight and narrow at Ewing Oil, the company he started. While in the hospital, Jock finds out he needs open heart surgery. All the Ewings are there to support the patriarch of the family. The operation goes fine, and when Jock is concious, he wonders about Bobby's role in the company. Bobby does not give his daddy the answer his father would have wishes. J.R. has Ewing Oil all to himself once again, just exactly the way he wants it.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Corey Allen Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig), John Ashton (Willie Joe Garr), Dan Ammerman, Peyton Park , Ed Nelsen (Jeb Ames), Ann Ford, Dorothy Foster, Greg Michaels, Carter Mullally, Jaki Morrison, Lisa LeMole (Susan)


















10. Black Market Baby

First aired: 10/15/1978 Production Code: 188575 Sue Ellen is fearful Pam will produce the next Ewing heir before her. Sue Ellen is desperate, and decides to adopt. When she encounters obstacles, she decides a quicker method is required, and goes to extremes with a 'black market' baby. This deal is going to cost Sue Ellen cash, and decides she should meet the mother. Sue Ellen forms a maternal relationship with Rita Briggs, the mother of the unborn child. Sue Ellen's plan is almost ruined by a meeting between herself, Rita and Pam, but Pam is only worried about Sue Ellen. The plan falls apart of course by the doings of J.R. He finds out about the deal and ships Rita out of the state. He wants an heir as much as Sue Ellen, but tells her it has to be "our child, not somebody else's."

Writer: Darlene Craviotto Director: Lawrence Dobkin Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig) , Talia Balsam (Rita Briggs), James Whitmore Jr. (B.J. "Buzz" Connors), Gaetana Campbell (Barbara Walsh), Glenn Morshower, David Ellzey, Benito Rizo, Francis Rizo


















11. Double Wedding

First aired: 10/21/1978 Production Code: 188570 Ed Haynes shows up in Dallas, causing conflict in Bobby and Pam's marriage. Pam was married to Ed, something she failed to tell Bobby. Ed tracks down Digger, and gets him drinking, using some of the info from the old man in his con. J.R., of course, uses the opportunity to stick it, again, to Pam. Ed was in the Vietnam war when Pam got the divorce, and claimed he never got the divorce papers, and claims that he and Pam are still married. Once Bobby and Pam are on to the scam, they convince Haynes that Pam was kicked out of the Ewing family, at the same time, Bobby tracks down Hayne's partner, and gets his hands on a copy of the annulment papers. Both men leave town.

Writer: Jim Inman, Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Paul Stanley Guest star: Sarah Cunningham (Aunt Maggie) , Robin Clarke (Ed Haynes), David Wayne (Digger Barnes), Charles Hallahan (Harry Ritlin), Randy Moore, Norma Young, Peggy Wood, Desmond Dhooge (Harvey (Drunk)), Al Avons, Ann Ford, Lisa LeMole (Susan), Cal Bowman










12. Runaway

First aired: 10/28/1978 Production Code: 188572 It's Lucy Ewing's birthday. Sue Ellen is planning the music, Pam brings her home dresses, and J.R. is planning the guest list. Lucy is not pleased. She tries to convince Grandaddy Jock to let her invite her mother. Jock says he does not want Valene on the Ranch given how she left the last time. Lucy tries to explain that J.R. lied, and her mother never took the bribe J.R. offered, but he stands firm. Lucy leaves Southfork in the middle of the night, taking a guitar, and J.R.'s car with her. Eventually she is picked up by a con man, Willie Guest, who includes Lucy in some of his thefts and scams. He is thrilled to have latched on to one of the rich Ewings. Lucy wants out, but Guest kidnaps her, forcing her to stay with him. Bobby, and the police track them down, and eventually Lucy returns safely to Southfork.

Writer: Worley Thorne Director: Barry Crane Guest star: Greg Evigan (Willie Guest), Bernadette Whitehead, Ray LePere, Dave Beidleman, Joe D. Anderson, Jim Gough, Terry F. Cook, Tim Yarbro, Kenneth Barry, Charlie Seybert, Joe Griffith, John Galt

NOTE: Greg Evigan, who moved on to star in BJ and the Bear and My two Dads, guests in this early episode as the man who kidnaps Lucy Ewing.




13. Election

First aired: 11/5/1978 Production Code: 188573 Pam finds herself once again in the middle, between her brother and the Ewing Family. Cliff Barnes is in a race for state senator, and the Ewings, especially J.R. are not happy. Pam puts her full support behind Cliff, but is tricked by J.R. into giving damaging information away. J.R. attempts to convice Pam the media will have ball if they find out Cliff is gay. Pam argues back about how ridiculous that is and shares information about a past girlfriend that Cliff had. It turns out the woman died having an illegal abortion, and J.R. is confident the voting public will not look to favorably on this. Cliff is ruined, and Pam vows to make J.R. pay for what he did to her brother.

Writer: Rena Down Director: Barry Crane Guest star: Meg Gallagher (Louella), Robert Ackerman (Wade Luce), Buck Young , Ken Kercheval (Cliff Barnes), Don Starr (Jordon Lee), Joshua Bryant (Peter Carson), Allen Case (Martin Cole), Norman Bartold, Madeleine Fisher, Michael Heit, Dick Whittington (Jack Jackson), Jim Ferrier, Bonnie Gondell, Arline Anderson, Esther McCarroll












15. Act of Love
First aired: 11/12/1978 Production Code: 188571

During a storm, the Ewing Plane, with both J.R. and Bobby on board, crashes. The news gets to Ellie first, who worried about his heart condition, insists the news be kept from Jock. As J.R. and Bobby fight for survival, the Ewing women contemplate life with them in it. Sue Ellen is worried her place at Southfork is not secure without a Ewing heir. She comes across Lucy trying to get in touch with Gary, and argues with the young girl. Lucy taunts back that Sue Ellen will never have Southfork without a child of her own. Miss Ellie confronts a reporter who comes to Southfork, and Jock overhears and is furious that the news has been kept from him. News of J.R. and Bobby's survival comes to the family.

Writer: D.C. Fontana, Richard Fontana Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig), John Zaremba (Dr. Harlan Danvers) , Trey Wilson (Johnnie), Andy Jarrell (Kin Jackson-Reporter), Bill McLaughlin, Karen Austin (Dailey), Art Bradford













14. Survival
First aired: 11/12/1978 Production Code: 188571

During a storm, the Ewing Plane, with both J.R. and Bobby on board, crashes. The news gets to Ellie first, who worried about his heart condition, insists the news be kept from Jock. As J.R. and Bobby fight for survival, the Ewing women contemplate life with them in it. Sue Ellen is worried her place at Southfork is not secure without a Ewing heir. She comes across Lucy trying to get in touch with Gary, and argues with the young girl. Lucy taunts back that Sue Ellen will never have Southfork without a child of her own. Miss Ellie confronts a reporter who comes to Southfork, and Jock overhears and is furious that the news has been kept from him. News of J.R. and Bobby's survival comes to the family.

Writer: D.C. Fontana, Richard Fontana Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig), John Zaremba (Dr. Harlan Danvers) , Trey Wilson (Johnnie), Andy Jarrell (Kin Jackson-Reporter), Bill McLaughlin, Karen Austin (Dailey), Art Bradford










16. Triangle

First aired: 11/26/1978 Production Code: 188579

Pam, Bobby and Lucy join Ray out for a night of country music. Ray has become serious about country singer Garnett McGee. When Jock leaves Ray some land on Southfork, he pops the question to Garnett. Lucy wants to follow Garnett's lead and become a country singer, but the family acts like she wants to be a hooker! Garnett wants more than Ray can offer, and hooks up with J.R. who puts together a music contract for her. Lucy comes to Ewing Oil, in the hopes of getting J.R to help her with her own music career. She finds the contract for Garnett, and spills the beans to Ray. Ray is furious and heads for Garnett's. He finds J.R. with her, and a fight begins. Lucy, fearing what might occur, tells Pam and Bobby about what she did. Pam sends Bobby to save the day, and he stops Ray before he can kill J.R.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Vincent McEveety Guest star: Meg Gallagher (Louella), Nancy Bleier (Connie) , Kate Mulgrew (Garnett McGee), Edward Call (Sam Gurney), Larry French (Dick Norton), Harry Middlebrooks, Michael Dudikoff (Joe Newcomb), John Chilton, Penni Pearson














17. Fallen Idol

First aired: 12/3/1978 Production Code: 188580

Bobby Ewing decides a new venture in is order. His old buddy Guzzler Bennett returns to Dallas, and wants Bobby to join him in the construction business. Hitch is, they want to bid a shopping mall on Southfork. Ellie wants no part of a shopping center on Southfork, and J.R. has that land in mind for future oil drilling. Guzzler's selfish ways also put a strain on Bobby's relationship with Pam. Bobby is out of luck all the way around on this one.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Vincent McEveety Guest star: Sandy Ward (Jeb Ames), John Ashton (WIllie Joe Garr), Nancy Bleier (Connie), John Petlock (Dan Marsh), Meg Gallagher (Louella) , Richard Kelton (Guzzler), Michael O'Dwyer, Nancy Adrian (Waitress), Ed McCready











18. Kidnapped

First aired: 12/17/1978 Production Code: 188581

Kidnappers going after J.R. end up taking Bobby instead. The kidnappers want to use Cliff Barnes as the go-between, but J.R. cannot stay out of it. J.R. overhears Cliff setting up a time to do the switch and he and Ray try to save Bobby. They do, but not before shooting the kidnappers, and almost killing Cliff in the process.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Lawrence Dobkin Guest star: Robert F. Hoy, Nancy Bleier (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella) , Stephen Davis (Will Hart), Paul Koslo (Al Parker), Kelly Jean Peters (Fay Parker), Liberty Godshall (J. R.'s Mistress), Terry Jastrow, Byron Clark












19. Home Again

First aired: 1/7/1979 Production Code: 188582

Ellie's brother Garrison, presumed dead, shockingly shows up at Southfork. Ellie, knowing the ranch was supposed to be his, tells the family she will be giving Southfork to Garrison. The family is not happy, an J.R., of course insults Garrison causing the old man, who does not want Southfork to fight back. All the Ewings' fears about losing Southfork are not grounded, for Garrison's nurse, Cathy Baker, explains to Ellie that Garrison is very sick, and only returned to the ranch to die.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Don McDougall Guest star: Meg Gallagher (Louella), John Petlock (Dan Marsh) , Gene Evans (Garrison Southworth), Melinda O. Fee (Cathy Baker), Michael McManus (Matt), Charles Wilder Young (Charlie Waters), Gary Lee Davis, John Dayton









20. For Love or Money

First aired: 1/14/1979 Production Code: 188583

Sue Ellen's mother and sister arrive in Dallas, and just in the nick of time. Sue Ellen catches J.R. with another woman, and moves in with her family. She also hooks up again with Cliff for support. J.R. is not happy, but finally decides he wants his wife home, even if the baby she is carrying is not his!

Writer: Leonard Katzman Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Fern Fitzgerald (Marilee Stone), John Petlock (Dan Marsh), Nancy Bleier (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella Lee) , Martha Scott (Patricia Shepard), Colleen Camp (Kristin Shepard), Fred Beir (Ben Maxwell), Toni Berrell, Barbara Tarbuck, M.E. Lorange, Frank Farmer, Roger Pancake, Ted Lehmann

NOTE: Rating: 33/62 19.6/30 This episode introduced Sue Ellen's mother and sister. Martha Scott played Mrs. Shepard in this episode, and various others up until season 8. Ms. Scott was familiar to television viewers for various other tv roles, including Jamie's mother on The Bionic Woman. Colleen Camp played Kristin in this episode and one other. The role was recast and Mary Crosby took over when Kristin returned in the third season.













21. Julie's Return

First aired: 1/26/1979 Production Code: 188584

Jock is getting tired of being treated like an invalid. J.R. uses his father heart attack to keep him out of Ewing Oil. Ellie attempts to keep all stress out his life. When Julie Grey, Jock's former secretary arrives back in Dallas, Jock is thrilled to spend a lot of time with her. She does not treat him like the family, and two renew their relationship. Fearing Jock is having an affair with Julie, he tells his mother. Ellie tries to stop what is going on, but Jock leaves to see Julie. He gives her an expensive gift, and says that it will have to be a going away present. Once Jock leaves, J.R. shows up at Julie's door. Julie promises to keep causing trouble for J.R., but he tells her not to count on it.

Writer: Rena Down Director: Leslie H. Martinson Guest star: Tina Louise (Julie Grey), Fern Fitzgerald (Marilee Stone), Jeanna Michaels (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella) , Richard Roat, Kenneth White, John Lamont, Tain Bodkin, Frank Arno, Richard Bergman, Helen Baron















22. The Red File (1)

First aired: 2/2/1979 Production Code: 188585

Cliff BarnesJ.R. is not happy that Cliff is back in public office. He attempts to use Julie to get info about Cliff. She is tired of J.R, and decides she will actually help Cliff. She calls him and leaves him a message that she will fill him in on all the Ewing's secrets. Cliff heads to Julie's but does not find her. After a run in with Ames and Garr from the cartel, Julie ends up dead, having fallen from the roof of her building. J.R. uses his influence to have Cliff booked for the murder.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Leonard Katzman Guest star: Tina Louise (Julie Grey), Sandy Ward (Jeb Aames), John Ashton (Willie Joe Garr), Jeanna Michaels (Connie), John Petlock (Dan Marsh), Meg Gallagher (Louella Lee) , James L. Brown (Sgt. Harry McSween), Fred Beir (Ben Maxwell), Jordan Charney (Lt. Sutton), Michael Cavanaugh (O'Neill), Charles Wilder Young (Charlie Waters), Ray Culella, Eloise Hardt (Julie's Neighbor), John McLaughlin, Kay Howell


























23. The Red File (2)

First aired: 2/9/1979 Production Code: 188586

Pam is sure that J.R. is framing Cliff, and leaves Bobby and Southfork. Bobby holds J.R. responsible, and promises to get to the bottom of things. Bobby goes to see Cliff, to see if he can help. Cliff is not happy to see any of the Ewings, and tells Bobby the only thing that can help is if the real killers are caught. Bobby is on the trail, and finds a key in Cliff's mail which was sent from Julie before her death. The key leads Bobby to Julie's file of Ewing information. One of the things Bobby finds is a fake codicil to Jock's will. Bobby thinks that J.R. killed Julie. J.R. shares with Bobby the name of the person who was taping Julie's phone for him, and through this man, they are led to Willie Joe and Jeb. Once the real killers are identified, Cliff is released. Bobby hopes this might bring Pam home, but she is not ready.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Leonard Katzman Guest star: Tina Louise (Julie Grey), Sandy Ward (Jeb Aames), John Ashton (Willie Joe Garr), Jeanna Michaels (Connie), John Harkins (Judge Potter), John Petlock (Dan Marsh), John Hart, Meg Gallagher (Louella) , Charles Siebert (Sloan), Walter Brooke (Cole Young), Woodrow Parfrey (Doctor who examined Julie's Dead Body), Jordan Charney (Lt. Sutton), Gary Allen, Sean Fallon Walsh, Michael Quinn, Jennifer Harmon (Ames and Garr's Secretary), Eloise Hardt (Julie's Neighbor)

NOTE: Rating: 18/62 21.7/38
ACTRESS-Miss Tina Louise is NOT IN THIS EPISODE, nor is she credited, but her photograph is shown in a "prop" newspaper and her character (of Julie Grey) is the MAIN focus of this episode.






24. Sue Ellen's Sister

First aired: 2/16/1979 Production Code: 188587


Cliff tries to get Ewing information out of Sue Ellen, but she is not interested in helping him. He then tries Pam, who is hurt and angry about being used by her brother in the Ewing/Barnes feud. Meanwhile, with Pam away from Southfork, Kristin makes a play for Bobby. Lucy sees right through Kristin, as does J.R., but he encourages the relationship.


Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Jeanna Michaels (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella Lee) , Colleen Camp (Kristin Shepard), John McLiam (Wally), Barbara Tarbuck (Cliff's Secretary)



















25. Call Girl

First aired: 2/23/1979 Production Code: 188588

While still separated from Bobby, Pam makes friends with a model from 'the store', Leanne Rees. Leanne happens to be a former prostitute, and J.R. smells a plan. He creates a photo opportunity in which Pam looks like she too is into the world's oldest profession. Bobby finds out about J.R.'s scheme, and although not in J.R.'s plan, it actually brings Pam and Bobby back together. Bobby brings Pam back to Southfork, which does not please his brother

Writer: Rena Down Director: Leslie H. Martinson Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig), Claude Earl Jones (Matt Henderson), Buck Young (Cartel Member), Paul Sorenson (Andy Bradley), Robert Ackerman (Wade Luce), Heidi Hagman (Girl Who Works At Health Spa) , Veronica Hamel (Leanne), Fred Beir (Ben Maxwell), Mark Wheeler (Kit Mainwaring), Peter Lucia, David Darlow, Peter Nyberg, Gary Lee Davis














26. Royal Marriage

First aired: 3/9/1979 Production Code: 188589

J.R. is thrilled when Lucy becomes engaged to Kit Mainwaring. It will mean a potential business merger with Mainwaring Oil, which would be beneficial to Ewing Oil, and J.R. Unfortunately, Kit Mainwaring is gay. He eventually confesses this to Bobby, and then to Lucy. Lucy is heartbroken, but stands by Kit, and holds the secret. Only she and Bobby know the truth. But, of course, J.R. knew all along.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Gunnar Hellstrom Guest star: Fern Fitzgerald (Marilee Stone), Joan Lancaster (Linda Bradley), Buck Young (Cartell Member), Robert Ackerman (Wade Luce), Paul Sorenson (Andy Bradley) , Mark Wheeler (Kit Mainwaring), Linden Chiles (Chris Mainwaring), Jay W. MacIntosh (Mrs. Mainwairing), Kenneth White, Dante D'Andre, Chuck Winters, Joan Blackwood, Howard Murphy















27. The Outsiders

First aired: 3/16/1979 Production Code: 188592

Sam Culver's wife, Donna, is fooling around with Ray Krebbs. Bobby and Pam run into them one night while out, and Pam is worried about Ray being hurt again. Ray is not concerned, he is love with Donna, and not Pam, Lucy, or J.R. is going to get in the way.

Writer: Leonard Katzman Director: Dennis Donnelly Guest star: Susan Howard (Donna Culver), Fern Fitzgerald (Marilee Stone), Jeanna Michaels (Connie), Joan Lancaster (Linda Bradley), Meg Gallagher (Louella Lee) , John McIntire (Sam Culver), Shelley Juttner, Clint Ritchie (Bud Morgan), Kim Alexander, William Wellman, Jr., Suzanne Copeland, Jeannie Fitzsimmons (Joan), Dan Maher, Sandy Taylor, Lawrence Bame, Dawn Jeffory (Annie Driscoll)












28. John Ewing III (1)

First aired: 3/23/1979 Production Code: 188590

Lucy's a wreck after her breakup with Kit, and turns to drugs. Sue Ellen's battle with the bottle continues, despite her pregnancy. Despite efforts from Ray and Bobby, Lucy keeps on using, and one day when the addict and drunk are alone at Southfork, they have a meeting in which Sue Ellen ends up falling down the stairs. Lucy seems to have learned her lesson, but J.R. decides to put Sue Ellen, against her wishes in a Sanitarium.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Leonard Katzman Guest star: Jeanna Michaels (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella), Sherril Lynn Rettino (Jackie Dougan) , Ellen Greer (Dr. Krane), Peter Horton (Wayne), Steffen Zacharias, Ed Kenney, Chad M. Roche, Michael Griswold, Nicholas Shields, Merry Elkins, John Moser, Dawn Jeffory (Annie Driscoll)

NOTE: Rating: 35/55 14.1/27 Dallas producer Leonard Katztman's sister Sheril Lynn Katzman begins appearing as Jackie in the episode. She played Jackie throughout the shows run.














29. John Ewing III (2)

First aired: 4/6/1979 Production Code: 188591

Sue Ellen is not happy in the sanitarium. Bobby visits her, and thinks that Cliff is the father of the baby. J.R. visits, which does not make Sue Ellen any happier. She bribes a nurse for alcohol, and leaves, only to end up in a car accident. Sue Ellen ends up in the hospital with the baby's life in danger. Cliff, thinking he is the father, rushes to the hospital!

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Leonard Katzman Guest star: Karlene Crockett (Muriel Gillis), Heidi Hagman (Receptionist at Sanitarium), John Hart, Sherril Lynn Rettino (Jackie Dugan) , Peter Horton (Wayne), Ellen Geer (Dr. Krane), Michael C. Gwynne (Dr. Rogers), Dimitra Arliss (Hatton), Dawn Jeffory (Annie Driscoll), Alan Rachins, Phillip Littell, Nancy Pearlberg, Nicholas Shields






























Episodes - Season 1
6 Reunion (1)
7 Reunion (2)
8 Old Acquaintance
9 Bypass
10 Black Market Baby
11 Double Wedding
12 Runaway
13 Election
14 Survival
15 Act of Love
16 Triangle
17 Fallen Idol
18 Kidnapped
19 Home Again
20 For Love or Money
21 Julie's Return
22 The Red File (1)
23 The Red File (2)
24 Sue Ellen's Sister
25 Call Girl
26 Royal Marriage
27 The Outsiders
28 John Ewing III (1)
29 John Ewing III (2)
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