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DALLAS - Bobby's death

Pam's house

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Pam begins to pack her belongings as Louise calls up to tell her Bobby is there. Pam is some what surprised and comes down to see him.

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Bobby tells Pam that he has been driving around for a long time and finally had to see her. He tells her that Lucy was married again. Pam says the Ewings make a habit of marrying the same person more than once. Bobby explains to her what Jenna said.

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Bobby then asks her to marry him again, Pam is overjoyed and Bobby near to tears. They huh and Pam turns off the light.

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Outside the woman in the wig (sorry don`t know what else to call her) sits in her car watching and waiting.

scene 17


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Donna stands alone by the pool and drops a rose. Ray comes to join her.

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Ray tells her in this wonderfully long and touching scene that he loves her and how much he felt like a father to Mickey and thinks about him everyday and how he grew up and  the importance of having a mother and father. He tells Donna to remember everything that is good between them.

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