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DALLAS - Bobby's death

Mandy Wingers apartment

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JR lays in bed waiting for Mandy who appears with a pear and asks if he still likes her with pear juice on her chin. (I don`t think that will bother him honey) anyway he tells her that he has never felt this way about another woman and soon Sue Ellen would be gone.

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Jenna looks on at Charlie and tells Bobby its weird to be out of prison. Bobby says he can put her back on bread and water if she wants. She laughs and explains how she got used to the idea of being away for 7 years and that is why she told him he was free.

Bobby listens on. She says she loves him with all her heart and if he still lovers her that she can`t wait to finally become Mrs Bobby James Ewing. They hug and Bobby looks away  obviously thinking about Pam. (This is so sad I'm going to explode).

Scene 5 Pam's bedroom

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Pam lays in bed looking at the newspaper that states Jenna is free. She lays and thinks about her life without Bobby and sighs.

Scene 6. Hotel Room

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A woman in a blonde wig and rather long red nails pours out a tomatoes juice then settles down in front of the TV to watch the news. The news is about the Ewing Party and as the TV shows Jenna and Bobby she throws her drink at the TV. (temper temper perhaps she prefers orange juice).

Scene Seven. Southfork. Morning

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Sue Ellen comes downstairs not sure if its morning or afternoon. Miss Ellie explains that her and Clayton are there for her if needed. Sue Ellen explains that she began drinking as she felt she failed John Ross after his accident and that her drinking was over.

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Sue Ellen then asked if she had really seen Dusty at the Oil Barons Club. Clayton said she had but tries to avoid her questions. Lucy and Mitch arrive and say how they have been up all night and realize they still love each other and want to get married again tomorrow. Clayton and Ellie congratulate them and a small family wedding is planed. Lucy asks Sue Ellen why she hasn`t congratulated them. Sue Ellen said she is happy for them , Lucy explains the hardest thing for her is leaving Southfork. Sue Ellen is left alone in the lounge and says "Hard.....she doesn`t know   how lucky she is".

Scene 8. Pam's house.

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Bobby arrives at Pam's house a car pulls up in the distance Bobby knocks at the door and Pam answers.

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Pam asks Bobby if Jenna has moved back to Southfork. Bobby nods and says she is. Pam says she thought they could of got married again but no matter how they feel Jenna expects to marry him. She says the thing she loves about him the most is his sense of honor and how could he marry her knowing what it would do to Jenna and Charlie.

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Bobby says that "what about what it would do to you if I married Jenna" Pam says she's not trying to be noble and as much as she loves him he has to marry Jenna. She walks away in tears. Bobby leaves the house and gets in his car.

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The woman in the blonde wig starts up her engine and says "dam". As she watches him leave the house

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