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Bobby , Jenna and Charlie prepare to leave after the party. Jenna is pleased to be out of prison and Charlie says she could stay up all night. Meanwhile JR is with Sly and Phyllis and tells them he hopes to read about Cliffs suicide in the papers.   

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Lucy and Mitch tell JR that the night is young and they are going to an all night club called Streamers. (in that dress? mmm) and JR says he's happy for them. Lucy is shocked by his change of heart. JR goes to wake up Sue Ellen only to find her passed out drunk. Clayton declares "My god its straight vodka".

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JR tells the family he's sorry she's drinking but refuses to take her home stating that it will only mean a fight with her. Clayton and Ray escort her out the building and the family leave apart from JR who's mind is on Mandy as he smells the flower she gave him earlier that night.


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The Family arrives home. Charlie is asleep and Jenna states that anyone who is married to JR would turn to drink. Ray and Clayton assist Sue Ellen up the stairs guided by glamour mom Ellie. Meanwhile Donna is deep in thought and walks into the lounge.

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Clayton and Ray put Sue Ellen to bed and Ray leaves. Sue Ellen in her drunken state murmurs "Dusty, Dusty". Clayton looks concerned and tells her not to talk.

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Donna and Ray talk downstairs. Ray offers her a drink. She says shes not drinking. Ray says he noticed she wasn`t even drinking wine "Sue Ellen did enough drinking for both of us" Donna replies.

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Ray asks Donna again if she wants a drink. She walks away and tells him shes pregnant. He is so happy and walks over to her and says "this is the solution to their problems" Donna is not happy about this and says the baby is not a reason and their marriage is the issue. "So your pregnant, we`re separated. What the hell you gonna do now Donna" He asks. "I don`t know" she replied.

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