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The Official Dallas episode guide, detailing all 14 seasons and television movies of the hit television Dallas starring Larry Hagman as JR Ewing.

Please note in the original series broadcast season one was known as the five part mini series.

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Diggers Daughter
First episode of Dallas as Bobby brings Pamela home to Southfork
Original air date 02-Apr-1978
Diggers Daughter

The first episode of Dallas begins on a cold, winter day, as Bobby Ewing and the new Pamela Barnes Ewing, married for less than 24 hours, drive north in his red Mercedes. When Pammi says the now famous line, "Your folks are gonna throw me off the ranch," Bobby reassures her.
Meanwhile, John Ross Ewing Jr., or J.R., is at the Ewing Oil building in Dallas, watching Cliff Barnes on TV try to hurt the Ewings as legal counsel to a government investigation. His father John Ross Ewing Sr., or Jock, calls and and demands what is going on, and orders him to get Bob back so he can continue his job as Ewing Oil's public relations man. Bobby seals deals for Ewing Oil using the three B's: booze, broads, and booty.
Coincidentally, Pam is telling Bob how he can do much better for himself. She suggests he become an executive.

Bobby and Pamela Ewing in the first episode of the TV series Dallas Jock drives to a barn somewhere on Southfork Ranch. He asks Ray Krebbs, the ranch foreman, if Lucy was taken to school. Ray acts innocent, saying he has not seen her. He orders Ray to make sure she goes to school. In addition, he asks him to tell Pamela Barnes, Cliff's brother, and unbeknownst to them, Bobby's new wife, also Ray's ex-girlfriend, to tell her brother to lay off the Ewings. Ray says he will try on both accounts, and Jock leaves satisfied. A laugh is heard, and Lucy Ewing appears. Ray yells at her for almost getting him in trouble, but she wins. She seduces Ray to call her Pam, and Ray, who is weak at heart, does so, and they make out.
Pam continues to encourage Bobby to become an executive at Ewing Oil. Bobby agrees that he will do so, and he will tell the family tonight when they arrive home.
Ray gets dressed from another one of his and Lucy's rolls in the hay while Lucy looks around with binoculars. She sees Bobby driving up to Southfork, and Pam is with him! She tells Ray, who asks why. Lucy tells him that they are married when she catches a glint of light on Pam's finger. Ray is not happy. Bobby and Pam walk to the door. Eleanor Southworth Ewing, Bobby's mother, answers the door and is dumbfounded. Bobby proudly says that she is his new wife. When she finds words, Miss Ellie scolds her son for marrying a Barnes.
Jock and J.R., watching Cliff on TV anxiously at Ewing Oil, get a call from Ellie, telling them to come home. Bobby is home with a wife, and it is not just anyone.

Bobby Ewing confronts JR Ewing and Ray Krebbs in DallasDuring the period of the day known as Cocktails, where the extended family sits in the living room, drinking and talking about their days, Bobby tells them how he got married.
"I said 'I love you,' and she said 'I love you,' I said 'then why don't we get married in this charming city of New Orleans.' Pam said 'why Bobby James Ewing, that is the craziest idea I ever heard!' Twenty minutes later, in the Orleans Parish courthouse, we said 'I will' and 'I will,' and that was that."

Sue Ellen, J.R.'s wife, says that she did not think Bobby was so impulsive. Jock rudely asks Pam when Cliff will get off their backs. Ellie scolds him, saying that no business is mentioned at that time of the day, and Bob agrees. Ray comes in. He gives something to Jock, then at Lucy's insistance, he congratulates them and kisses the bride on the cheek. He then leaves.

J.R. offers to show Pam around. Pam, not knowing yet that J.R. is venomous, accepts. J.R. apologizes for his father's behavior. He then tells her about the living arrangements and about how he wants a baby. Pam acknowledges that by saying that she and Bobby also want children. J.R. goes on to tell her about his brother Gary. After softening her up, he purposely calls her Ms. Barnes. Pam tries to leave, but J.R. grabs her and asks if her brother asked her to be a spy, and he bribes her to leave. Pam gets angry and marches off. Bob comes out and reminds J.R. of the no-business rule.
Later that evening, J.R. finds Jock smoking on the porch. J.R. asks him why he does not quit, then tells daddy that he bribed Pam. Jock scolds him, and tells him that he just be more subtle. When J.R. brings up the subject, Jock says he has nothing against Bobby being an executive. J.R. does not have to run things alone. They hear Bobby and Pam playing upstairs, and Jock tells J.R. that he better get busy or they will present him a grandson first. J.R. walks away and meets Ray in the shadows. He tells him that they are a good team, as judged from a weekend in Waco, and they are going to work together to unseat the new couple. Ray agrees to work with him.

Pam goes to her apartment to pack her bags and send them to Southfork. Cliff is with her and questions her motives. He tells her that she was vengeful once. Pam says that she is a Ewing now, and there is nothing he can do about it. Cliff asks when she will tell their father, Willard "Digger" Barnes. She says not now. She appears to change her mind when she offers Cliff a ride in Bobby's car to look for Digger. Cliff refuses on grounds of touching something owned by the Ewings.
Bobby moves into his office at Ewing Oil. Julie Grey, J.R.'s secretary, tells him that he has a secretary also. He tells her that she wants the safe combination. She talks to J.R. about it. J.R. meets Bobby with a smile. J.R. says that the stuff in the safe is more boring than the background stuff Bobby has been reading. Bobby persists, and J.R. opens the safe with a smile. He hands Bobby the case. Bob tells the secretary that he will be a minute, then disappears into his office. J.R. takes a particular red file, in a red folder, and tells Julie to put it in his safe deposit box.
Cliff and Pam go to a bar. Digger is there, telling some other geezers about how Jock Ewing screwed him. Cliff tells her that Digger is a product of Jock's betrayal. Cliff drags him from the old men and they sit in a booth. Pam tells him that she is Bobby Ewing. Digger is happy until Cliff tells him that she married Jock's son Bobby Ewing. Digger's smile immediately turns to a grimace. Pam rushes out in embarrassment.

Ellie and Sue Ellen are setting the table when Pam gets home. She asks if she can help, but they refuse. Sue Ellen adds that there are certain customs in this house. Pam walks upstairs and runs into Lucy. Lucy tells her that Ray can how her how to ride, then tells her about her life, including Gary's weakness, Valene's futility, and J.R.'s malice.
Pam tells Bob that it only gets worse. Bobby reassures her. J.R. comes in and asks Bobby to go to Austin and dish out the three B's. Bobby says he is through with that behavior. J.R. says to go anyway; he will be done forever after the hearings are over. Pam listens, disappointed. Bob says that it is his family, and he has an obligation to them.
Ray and J.R. wait for Pam. J.R. offers for Ray to take her on a helicopter ride. She refuses, but then changes her mind. J.R. gives Ray quick instructions, then he and Pam leave. Bob comes out and asks for Pammi. He feels bad not saying goodbye to her. J.R. says that it is all right, and they leave, supposedly for the airport.
Ray and Pam stop by a lake. Ray asks Pam what she will do. Pam is undecided. Ray says that he should have asked her to marry him a long time ago. It is not too late. He suggests she swim. She refuses. He manuvers her to where she cannot escape, then he picks her up and they jump in the icy water. She is surprisingly jolly. He suggests they leave and get cozy by the fire.

They strip. Ray's shirt is off, and Pam is naked under a blanket. She admits that she had a good time. She hears a car approach, and she suspects a set up. Ray denies it. Pam orders him to back her up, or she will tell J.R. about Ray and Lucy's affair. Ray agrees. J.R. and Bobby enter the cabin. Pam tells Bob that it was J.R.'s idea. Bob grabs J.R. by the throat as he is trying to explain himself. Bobby says to stop the "little brother" thing, and respect his wife. Past is past, and Pam is here to stay. Pam and Bobby leave. Ray apologizes to J.R. for messing up. J.R. says that it is all right.
"I greatly underestimated Pamela. I will not make that mistake again."

Pamela takes Lucy under her wing.
Original airdate 09-Apr-1978


Lucy rides to the mailbox on a snowy day. She takes a letter out of the mailbox, then burns it.
Bobby teaches Pam how to ride a horse. Ray enters the barn and orders a ranch hand to drive Lucy to school. Bobby overhears and tells Ray that Jock told him to drive Lucy to school. Ray reluctantly and resentfully agrees. Pam watches the procedings and asks Bob what is happening with Ray, then they go in to eat breakfast.

Pamela and Lucy Ewing in Dallas At the breakfast table, Ellie says that Lucy being away from the breakfast table can only mean trouble. Jock says that as long as Lucy goes to school, she is fine. Ellie says they have to consider her grades as well. Lucy enters the dining room fashionably late, takes some breakfast, then leaves to get dressed. Bobby leaves to get ready for work. Pam signals to J.R. that she has won the second round; Bobby is an executive.
After breakfast, Pam offers Sue Ellen a ride into Dallas. Sue Ellen refuses. Just then, Ray drives up. He asks Pam if he got fired. Pam says that is not the case. Ray says that he does not want to leave his job. He asks her to put in a good word for him, which she does when Bobby comes out. Bobby and J.R. leave for work. Lucy gets into Ray's truck and they leave for school. Pam walks inside.

Inside, Ellie mentions to Pam "the sad charade of Lucy." Lucy thinks that she is fooling the family, but Ellie knows that she is playing hooky. She wanted a daughter, but after seeing the way Lucy has turned out, maybe it was not such a good idea. Lucy was the daughter of the weakest of the Ewing men, and even the strongest of the Ewing men do not have the strength to say no to her. Consequently, she is spoiled. She does not want to lose Lucy, but she wants to do something. Ellie thanks Pam for listening.
On the ride to school, Lucy flirts with Ray. Ray says that he is going to win today, but Lucy gets to him and they drive off the road.
Pam takes a call from Mr. Miller, Lucy's school counselor. Mr. Miller says that Lucy has been playing hooky. Letters have been sent home. Pam vows to solve the problem. She drives to Lucy's favorite barn and catches her and Ray redhanded. Pam demands that Ray leave and Lucy listen. Lucy says that she gets her "education" in the barn. Pam says that she will tell Jock. Lucy laughs. Pam says that she is a Ewing now, and she cares about her. If she does not go to school, Pam will blackmail her. Lucy says no, then as Pam leaves, she reluctantly follows her.

Lucy Ewing pretends to be attacked in DallasAt the office, Bobby asks Julie about J.R.'s powers of persuasion. Julie meekly says that J.R. is a very persuasive man. She retreats to J.R.'s office. She tells him that Bobby is questioning. J.R. says make sure he does not find out the real reason.
Pam takes Lucy to Braddock High School. Mr. Miller greets them. Lucy pushes aside what he says and runs off to History. He tells her to see him after school. After school, a student named Roger offers to tutor Lucy. Lucy wisecracks. Pam drives up. She becomes acquainted with Roger. After they leave, Pam remarks that Lucy should hang out with people her own age, like Roger. Lucy says that Roger is scum. On the way home, Lucy throws the school clothes Pam bought her out the window. Pam orders her to pick them up, and she does so.
At home, Lucy doctors her school clothes. The next day, she meets with Mr. Miller. Roger spies on them. When Mr. Miller is not looking, she takes off her sports coat and runs out of his office screaming and with torn clothes, claiming he tried to rape her.

Pam drives up. A student tells Pam that Mr. Miller tried to rape Lucy. Pam rushes inside. Mr. Miller is with Mr. Daly, the principal. Pam says that she will take charge. Mr. Daly says that Pam better be able to dig him out of his hole. After Mr. Daly leaves, Mr. Miller pleads with Pam not to tell Jock.
Bobby asks J.R. about his power of persuasion secrets. J.R. tries to change the subject by saying that Jock was filled with happiness when Bob became an executive, but Bobby persists. J.R. says that while Bobby was having fun, he was learning the oil business, and working hard. There are some secrets that the man in charge must know, and they are allowed secrets if it betters their performance. Bobby leaves satisfied, and J.R. laughs at his gullibility.
Pam yells at Lucy. Lucy agrees to admit that it was a misunderstanding; in return, Pam says nothing. Pam drives off angrily. At dinner, Lucy speaks well of Pam. She gets a phone call from an anonymous person, who forces her to go on a date with him. Ellie thanks Pam for caring about Lucy. After dinner, they retreat to the living room, where Ellie and Jock play one of their now famous games of backgammon. Lucy comes in and announces that she has a date tonight. Jock agrees that she can go.
Pam is upset that Ellie thinks that Lucy is in hand, when she is not. Bob says why she does what she has been doing for Lucy. Pam is not sure. Bobby says it is because she is a caring person. She is empathetic. Bobby tells her to hurry up and get dressed for the grand opening of their disco tonight.

Lucy is picked up by Roger. He says he can clear Mr. Miller, but he will keep his mouth shut if she "satisfies" him. Lucy agrees to the blackmail, but she says that they must move slowly.
Pam and Bobby arrive at the grand opening of their disco in downtown Braddock. Ray arrives with a date. When Lucy dances with Roger, she sees Ray. She asks him for help. They ditch their dates and their dates dance together. Bob and Pam dance. Lucy asks Ray to get rid of Roger. She will not go home with him. Ray objects. Bobby sees them together. He punches Ray, who tells Bob that if he wants to continue, it will be outside. Bob offers to talk, but Ray says they have nothing to talk about.
Pam talks to Roger and blackmails him. If he does not admit what he saw to the principal tomorrow morning, she will tell Bobby that he blackmailed her niece. Roger agrees. Lucy tells Pam that Sue Ellen is helping her, and remarks that Pam is a Ewing, because she knows how to use people. She walks away, and Bob rins after her. He tells her that Pam and everyone else care about her; they just do not have time to give her the guidence she needs. They return to Pam, where Lucy apologizes. Bob says that they can talk later; tonight they dance.

Spy in the House
Pamela learns not to cross JR Ewing
Original airdate 16-Apr-1978

Spy in the House

Work crews building in Bobby's office annoy him so much that he decides to go home to work. Simultaneously, Julie tells J.R. that she is going to get something to eat outside the building. They go down together. She asks about his workload. Bobby says that he is not tied down. She then asks about his marriage. He says that it is okay, and that she could have married him years ago. Bobby leaves. Not by coincidence, Cliff Barnes walks up to Julie and offers to make her tongue loose and use her. She is undecided. He invites her to dinner, and gives her his unlisted number.
Jock and Senator Bill Orloff are meeting at Southfork meanwhile. Orloff says that Cliff is only a minor nuisance, and that he can be taken care of. Jock says that Cliff directs his energy at the Ewings. When Bobby arrives, he meets Orloff, then Orloff leaves the room. Jock tells his son to read and handle red files carefully, and direct Cliff's energy back at him, setting up markings denoting false information to sink him.
Later, while Bobby is working, Pam enters and tells him to take a break to see their quarters. After much coaxing, he agrees. As they are walking outside, Sue Ellen and Ellie arrive home from shopping with Lucy, who they picked up at school. Lucy asks to see their new quarters. Pam says no. She then asks Sue Ellen why J.R. does not come home for lunch. Sue Ellen says that he has a heavier workload, but they both know the real reason.

The Ewing family gather for dinner at Southfork Ranch J.R., instead of being with his wife like he should, is at Julie's apartment. He says that he does not like to have sex with Sue Ellen, and he likes it with her. He starts coaxing her, but she refuses. She says that he could have married her years ago, as she was at Ewing Oil before he knew Sue Ellen, but no. She says that she wants to move on. She eventually submits, and they end up in bed. Later, when J.R. is getting dressed, she pleads with him to stay, but he refuses. He must keep up his good image. He gives her a Ben Franklin, tells her to buy something nice, and leaves. Feeling vengeful for being treated like a whore, she finds Cliff's number and calls him. She accepts his invitation for dinner, and she says that she is buying!

The next day, Julie gives the men coffee, who are in J.R.'s office discussing Orloff. It just so happens that Bobby forgot the Orloff file at home. J.R. tells him to be more careful, and Jock says that he never forgets his friends. Bobby calls Pam and she says that she will bring it on the way to Cliff's apartment. She does so, and gives it to Julie, who says that she will give it to Bobby. She looks through it.
Julie goes to Cliff's place. She says that she has had a busy day. He asks why she did not call him earlier. She says that she did not want to talk earlier. As often happens, they end up in bed. When Cliff awakes, she hands him a "bonus" for the excellent sex.
Cliff shows his associates the document. One of J.R.'s flunkies calls him while they are at the dinner table. J.R. announces to everyone that Cliff is holding a news conference as he speaks about the document. He says that there is a spy in the house. He looks at Pam, the most likely suspect. Pam leaves the table in embarrassment. Bobby has a determined look in his eyes as he prepares to defend his wife. Bobby says that J.R. has no right to accuse Pam of anything. No one else says anything, because they think J.R., whose theory is sound, is right. Bobby says not to make him choose between his wife and his family. Bobby goes outside and tells her that they are going to a hotel until this blows over, and that he believes her. She says that she will ask Cliff where he got the document.
Pam sees Cliff. Not only does Cliff not say anything, but he frightens her. Cliff says that she knew what she was getting into when she married a Ewing. Julie calls, but Cliff tells her they will talk tonight.
The Ewings learn that if Orloff pays them back, they are off the hook. Jock is disappointed at getting down on an old friend. Bobby tells Orloff the bad news; they are calling in the loan. He objects. Bobby says that he can face financial ruin, or reputable ruin. He can keep his house, but ethics would state that he must resign. Ofloff asks how Cliff got the document. Bobby says that they are trying to find out.
Pam tells Bobby that Cliff is a closed book. Bobby says that Cliff is not obligated to reveil sources. Pam uses the process of elimination to take the blame off of Bobby, herself, Jock, or J.R., who would not go so far as to get Pam to leave. She suggests Julie. Bobby downplays her theory. Pam says that they will go to the office early and find out. She says that they will be back at Southfork very soon.

Julie asks Cliff why he does not go after the Ewings directly. Cliff says that if he did so, Jock would think of something to fry him in seconds. Julie feels guilty for betraying her employers.
Bobby is sure that it is not Julie! she says that Cliff and Julie have had somewhat of an affair. Pam shows him Cliff's number. She calls Cliff. He is in bed with Julie. She asks to see him, and he reluctantly agrees. Julie gets dressed. From the radio, he learns that Orloff resigned. He is dispondent. He was using Orloff to get into the Ewing can of worms. She discovers that he is after the Ewings, not crusading for better government. Pam waits outside. Julie tells him that she feels really used, and he responds by saying that she knew what she was getting into. He warned her. She leaves. She runs into Pam. Pam tells her against Julie's objections that she has nothing. She could have had Bobby, but no.
Bobby tells J.R. that Julie was the spy. J.R. laughs. He says that Julie is much more credible than that Barnes woman. Pam has not earned respect like Julie has. Bobby threatens to blow the whistle on J.R. and Julie if he does not admit it. He does not want to, but he will if he must. Just then, Julie comes in and quits. He admits the truth to J.R. She says that she is finished loving, and she is looking elsewhere. As she leaves, Pam enters. J.R. looks at Pam in contempt.
Bobby yells at the family for not believing Pam.
"I'm glad that this damned thing is cleared up, but as far as I'm concerned, my wife has been done a terrible disservice."

"Of course she has," says Lucy. "We all thought she was guily as hell!"

J.R. apologizes for being the hardest on her. Lucy then asks them to kiss and make up. J.R. does so.

Winds Of Vengeance
At Southfork the Ewing women are taken hostage.
Original air date 23-Apr-1978

Winds Of Vengeance

J.R. and Ray leave a woman named Wanda and her friend Marilou in the Westerner, a motel in Waco. As J.R. and Ray are leaving in J.R.'s car, a truck with Luther Frick and Payton Allen drives into the parking lot. Frick is looking for his wife, who never came home last night. He is furious, evident by breaking down of a wrong door. He apologizes to the startled man and they find the right door, room 107. Inside, Frick finds his wife naked on the bed. Allen finds her friend Marilou in an ajoining room. Frick slaps his wife and orders her to get dressed. Frick searches the room for clues. He finds a J.R. Ewing business card on the floor.
At Southfork, Sue Ellen gives Ellie food in bed. Ellie is suffering from migranes. Ellie suggests that they make Pam more comfortable. Think of her not as Digger's daughter, but Bobby's wife. She is very good for Bobby. Sue Ellen nods, then leaves. Bobby calls Pam and says that a hurricane may be coming. He asks her to call him in an hour to see if he will be staying in town. Just then, Lucy arrives home. Her school let out early as a precaution. Sue Ellen says that they should take precautions and batten down the hatches. Lucy is "la dee dah" about it. Pam says that she is smart.
Jock tells Bobby that he has make dinner plans with Punk Anderson and some other old boys. Bob says that he is going home. Jock persuades him to stay in town.
Frick tells Allen that they are going to do to the Ewing women what the Ewing men did to their women. Justice will be served.
J.R. and Ray arrive home. By now the winds are blasting past the house. J.R. tells Ray that they must capture the loose livestock. Ray goes to start the job, while J.R. runs inside to change. Sue Ellen asks where he has been, and why he did not call. J.R. tells her that he is in a hurry. Last night, he had to work late. He was too busy to call. J.R. leaves the house to help Ray.
Frick and Allen arrive at Southfork. Sue Ellen answers the door. They say that they are stranded, and they need to make a phone call. Sue Ellen lets them in.

Sue Ellen Ewing is held hostage in DallasFrick makes the call while Allen looks at Lucy. They apologize for coming to their home; Sue Ellen says not to apologize. She goes to get lunch while Lucy starts a fire. She tells Allen that her uncle and the foreman went to Waco, and they just arrived home. Frick tells Sue Ellen that the auto service company will not be there for three hours. Allen tells Frick what he has learned. Luther becomes more vengeful while Allen laughs with delight. Frick tells him to shut up. Pam comes in, and Lucy introduces them.
Bob listens to the radio. He tells the secretaries to go home. J.R. calls and says to stay there. Some strangers are going to help them round up the cattle. The roads are impassable.
Ray is thrown from his horse in the fierce winds. Lucy gets J.R. J.R. arrives and they pick up Ray, who has hurt his leg badly. They drive back to the house. Ellie gets up. Sue Ellen tells her to stay in bed. She then sees a truck entering the driveway. She runs downstairs. Lucy calls the doctor. Pam and Sue Ellen tend to Ray. While the Ewings are in a commotion, Frick and Allen lock the door, then grin at the Ewings. They say that it is not going to be easy to decide which females to take. The Ewings lookup in horror.

J.R. offers Frick and Allen money. Thye refuse it. Their guns are pulled. They do not want money; they want the females. Allen laughs. Frick shuts him up and says that they have come for justice. Ray gets up and tries to disable Frick; Frick bops him on the knee, temporarily paralyzing him. Suddenly, the phone rings. Frick grabs Pam and has her answer it. It is Bobby. Pam, with a gun to her head, says that Ray got hurt, and two strangers are stranded there. He tells her that he is staying in Dallas. She says that to pass the time she will play backgammon with J.R. After they hang up, Bob tells Jock that Pam sounded strange. She was going to play backgammon with J.R. Jock sees nothing peculiar about that, but Bobby says that she has never played backgammon, and that they most go. Something is wrong.
While Frick holds J.R. back, Allen harasses Sue Ellen. When asked, Ray says that he is not married. Frick says that he has a wife, Wanda. She was found in a hotel room. He infers that she was kidnapped and raped. They say that J.R. was there. Sue Ellen is asked what she thinks of J.R. now. Allen tells them what he plans to do to Sue Ellen. J.R. gets up and runs after her. Ray gets up but is bopped on the knee again. Pam tries to fight Allen, but she eventually loses. When the fighting settles down, Ellie comes downstairs and is horrified at what is happening.
Jock and Bobby are stuck on the road. Jock suggests they spend the night in a hotel, but Bobby says that they must go home.
Allen orders J.R. to tie up Ray. J.R. hesitates, but he does so.
Ellie comforts Lucy and orders Frick and Allen to get out. They laugh at her. J.R. returns to the living room. Allen finds a Miss Texas photo; in response, Frick grabs Sue Ellen to look for her Miss Texas bathing suit. Allen laughs at them. Pam asks him if he believes Frick. Allen says that he does not care about Frick; he just came along for a good time, just like Wanda. He will have his good time. They are going to have two for two. Frick already has Sue Ellen. Lucy pipes that Pam is Ray's ex. Pam agrees, and agrees to be taken. Allen says that he does not want Pam; he wants Lucy. Lucy is very frightened now.

Sue Ellen Ewing in her Miss Texas bathing costumeFrick takes Sue Ellen to her and J.R.'s partition, then they return with Sue Ellen wearing a trenchcoat and her suit. He orders her to sing. If they do not get a show, they will put on a show of their own. J.R. jumps; Frick lets go of Sue Ellen and puts him in his place. They are going to get what they came for, even if everyone ends up dead. He returns to Sue Ellen.
Bobby and Jock arrive home. Bobby looks in Frick's truck and sees a map with Southfork marked as a destination. Bobby grows more suspicious as he realizes that the strangers are not lost.
Sue Ellen starts singing. She cries whenever they shout at her. J.R. is horrified. Frick grabs the banner in anger. Pam then says that Wanda was out for a good time, said Allen. Frick looks at Allen angrily, then starts crying. He says with sore eyes that they are done here. Allen says that he has not gotten what he came for. He advances toward Lucy. Pam orders him to stop, and take herself instead.
Jock and Bobby enter the house. They find Ray tied up. They ask what is going on. They untie him, then advance toward the living room. Simultaneously, Allen grabs Lucy and they head in the direction of the kitchen. Suddenly, Bob grabs Lucy while Jock beats up Allen. They move toward Frick. Jock pulls his gun. Allen tries to hurt Bob, but Bob wins. Jock orders them to leave before he calls the police. Ellie says that they cannot involve the law. She will explain later. Jock instead tells them to get out, and never return. Luther Frick and Peyton Allen skat. Pam tells Bobby that what happened is a long story, and she will tell him it.
"It was awful. But we came through as a family. For the first time, we've been one."

Only J.R. and Sue Ellen remain in the living room. She looks at him angrily, then she gets up and walks slowly away from him. Ray hobbles into the room. As she is passing, she also looks at him with contempt, then she exits. Ray looks at J.R. with contempt, then he hobbles away, leaving J.R. alone in the living room, looking around.

Past feuds are rekindled at the Ewing barbeque with tragic results.
Original airdate 30-Apr-1978


Bobby returns from his morning exercise to see the caterers setting up for the annual Ewing Barbecue. He finds Jock talking with the head caterer, Sam. Bobby tells him that Digger Barnes is coming. Jock objects. Bob says that now is a good time to bury the hatchet, and then he runs off.
Meanwhile, Pam is dressing up Digger for the big day. Cliff and her cousin Jimmy are also there. She orders them to become hayseeds. Digger says to go on ahead, but Pam says no. Cliff asks his daddy why he is going. Digger agrees that he hates Jock Ewing. According to Digger, he was the nose and Jock the brains of their wildcatting group. However, Jock stole his fortune and his love, Miss Ellie. He says he is only going because Pam asked him to. He smiles at his daughter. Pam leaves, but before she does, she tells them to be at Southfork in two hours.
Pam returns home. Lucy asks about Jimmy. Pam says that she is too young. Lucy says that he is only 19. They greet J.R. on his way out.
Pam returns to her and Bobby's room. Bob is taking a shower. She takes the time to call her doctor. He tells her that the tests were positive. She is pregnant. She is ecstatic now. She tells Bobby to hurry up. She takes off her dress and primps in front of the mirror, looking for a bulge. Bobby appears. He asks about Digger. Pam says that he is fine, and that she has a riddle for him.
"What do you get when you cross a Barnes and a Ewing?"

"You never cross a Ewing."

"A boy or a girl."

Bobby looks in wonder for 15 seconds. After that time, they start celebrating.

JR and Sue Ellen EwingThe Ewing Barbecue begins. Sue Ellen walks around with a senator. Ray comes with Maureen. Bobby comes out with Pam. Bobby leaves and tells some people that Pam is pregnant. They congratulate her, and Lucy overhears. J.R. introduces her to Susan, a new secretary. When J.R. leaves, she laughs at the new office help.
Sam is surprised at the amount of alcohol being consumed. Ellie tells him to keep the booze flowing. Digger and Jimmy arrive. Ellie greets them, calling Digger by his real name, Willard. Ellie takes Digger around to talk, while Jimmy looks for something to do. Pam finds him and offers to introduce him to people. Sam asks for a word with Bobby; he suggests that Bobby tells the future grandparents the good news first before the Barbecue's worst kept secret gets to them. Lucy watches with envy while Ray dances with Maureen. Lucy asks him to come over, then tells him about Pam's baby. He is not happy. He asks Maureen to get a drink while he broods.
Sam and Kelly, the caterer second-in-command, gossip about Jock and Digger. They Spy Jock sitting alone, smoking and drinking. He gets up and tells Kelly that Digger's claim that he had swindled him is bullshit. Bob finds Jock and asks to see him. He and Pam have some very important news for Jock and Ellie.
Ellie talks about 1930. She says that she married Jock to save the ranch. She did what she had to do. He tells her to stop calling him Willard because no one calls him that anymore.
Lucy tells Sue Ellen about the baby. Sue Ellen is not happy. Rather, she is bitter and envious. She congratulates Pam while Lucy watches. When Sam makes his rounds with drinks, she grabs two of them, marking the beginning of her heavy drinking. She asks to see J.R., who is talking to some business associates.
"It's apparent from your good humor that you don't know the news of the hour."

"I've heard about the Alamo!"

"Waterloo's more like it, yours. I'm talking about your brother Bobby, the apple of Jock Ewing's eye, and his wife and their marriage. Their bountiful marriage...unlike ours."

"Sue Ellen..."

"There's nothing in this world Jock wants more than a grandson; I haven't given him one because of your disinterest in me. She's pregnant! Little brother Bobby and that Barnes girl are going to have a baby named Ewing. Maybe a boy! Think about that!"

J.R. thinks about that, shocked. Obviously, he does not like it.

Pamela Ewing and her father Digger BarnesSue Ellen talks about Jock's love for J.R. to herself, while others stare. Jock loved him less than Bobby in the first place. She wants him to love her. She starts to cry.
Jock and Digger meet again. Bobby then tells the future grandparents along with Pam that she is going to have a baby. Digger congratulates them; Jock says that he hopes it is a boy. Pam says that she wants two granddaddies for her baby. Jock and Digger are reluctant. Digger says that they can try, while Jock gives him a quick handshake to appease Pam.
Jimmy is having a good time; J.R. is not. He is drinking heavily. Jock announces that the baby will have everything. Digger says not to spoil it, and not to take what is his. He would forgive Jock for the swindle, but Jock took everything from him. Jock tells Pam the truth about Digger. He had made the whole claim because Digger was drunk, and he wanted him to keep his share instead of gambling it away. Ellie and Pam ask Jock to stop. Pam asks why he took everything away from Digger. He denies it. Bobby arrives as Jock leaves. Digger tells Ellie that she lied. She said she cared about him, but she did what she had to do; they were kids. Digger starts drinking, despite Pam's protests that they go home.

Digger dances drunk with a bottle in his hand and sings while everyone watches. Jock tells him to shut up. Bobby tells Jock to respect him; after all, he is also the unborn child's granddaddy. Pam grabs Digger and offers to take him home. J.R. greets him with apathetic empathy. Bobby tells him to sober up. J.R. tells Digger that he agrees with him that the marriage is a bad idea.
Pam goes to the barn. She finds Lucy and Jimmy in the loft. She asks Jimmy to drive Digger home.
Sue Ellen rides around in circles, drunk. She greets Bobby. J.R. follows. Sue Ellen announces that she was about to take her clothes off. Maybe it would have attracted J.R. She wants a baby. J.R. insinuates that the baby may not be Bobby's. Bobby gets angry and punches J.R. in the kisser. Bobby takes Sue Ellen inside. When J.R. recovers, he sees Pam watching the barbecue from the loft.

Pamela Ewing falls from the hayloft after a confrontation with JR EwingJ.R. ascends to Pam's level. She sneaks up on her. He tells her what Bobby did to him. She says that he deserved it. Angry, she announces that she and Bobby are moving off the ranch. J.R. asks her not to leave. They continue arguing. They are miving backwards from the window, and suddenly Pam loses her balance and falls on her stomach to a lower level.
"She lost the baby."
That is what Bobby announces later after the barbecue. Luckily, no bones were broken, but she is unsure if she can have another baby. J.R. says that he would not do such a thing. Bobby asks why. J.R. gives excuses. Bobby goes up to see her. Jock is angry.

Pam is crying in bed. He says that his family caused all her pain, and as soon as she is on her feet, they are leaving. J.R. will never change. Jock pleads for them to stay. He says that the Ewings are not easy to live with. He says that he wants to keep his family together.
"I do not want to lose another son."

He leaves, and Ellie enters.

"We weren't ready for any of this, for our Bobby and Digger's daughter and everything that has come since...I've worked


6. Reunion part 1 First aired: 9/23/1978   

Bobby surprises Pam by asking her join him on a business trip to Las Vegas. During the trip they are shocked to find brother Gary working at the hotel they are staying at. Lucy has been busy as well. While at a cattle auction with Jock and Ray, she ditches out with Pam's cousin Jimmy, Ray is not pleased. It turns out Jimmy is just her drive, he takes her to the diner her mother is working at. Lucy has been secretly visiting Valene. As Lucy and Val catch up, Bobby talks a reluctant Gary into returning to Southfork for a visit. Pam understands his reasons not too, but Gary eventually agree's. When Bobby calls Ellie with the news, she gives a stern warning to both Jock and J.R. Jock is not pleased with her words and says that 'Gary is his son too." J.R begins to plot Gary's downfall even before he returns. While attempting another seduction of Ray in the stables, they see Bobby and Pam return with a 'stranger'. Both trigger in to who the man is, and Lucy runs to the house to be reunited with her father. Lucy surprises both her parents by bringing them together at the diner. After a lengthy discussion, Gary talks Valene into returning to Southfork as well. Valene does, but is still fearful of J.R, remembering how he ran her out of Texas many years ago.

Writer: David Jacobs
Director: Irving J. Moore
Guest star: Ben January , David Ackroyd (Gary Ewing), Joan Van Ark (Valene Clements Ewing), Philip Levien (Jimmy Barnes), Tony Frank, Oliver Seale, Robert Cox, Hugh Gorrian, Theresa M. Jacobs, Francis Rizo, Benita Rizo

7. Reunion part 2
First aired: 9/30/1978

J.R's efforts to rid the family of Gary...again, begin to work. J.R pretends to help his younger brother, by including him in some Ewing Oil Business. The business however is with a company doomed for failure, and Gary begins to feel the stress. Valene realizes what J.R. is up to, but is unable to stop it. Pam has trouble of her own. A drunken Digger showed up at Southfork, while recovering from his binge, he tell Pamela he will no longer acknowledge her as his daughter because she is married to a Ewing. Gary falls victim to J.R.'s plan, and can no longer take the pressure. He leaves Southfork early in the morning. Valene catches him before he goes, but cannot talk him into staying, not even for Lucy. J.R. attempts to blackmail Valene into leaving as well by paying her off. Both depart Southfork, leaving Lucy without parents once again

Writer: David Jacobs Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Sarah Cunningham (Aunt Maggie) , David Ackroyd (Gary Ewing), Joan Van Ark (Valene Clements Ewing), David Wayne (Digger Barnes)

NOTE: This was David Ackroyd's last appearance as Gary Ewing. He was unavailable to take on the role when it was decided to branch Gary and Valene off to Knots Landing, so Ted Shackelford took over the role.
Rating: 59/68 12.8/25

8. Old Acquaintance
First aired: 10/7/1978

Jenna Wade, Bobby's former love, returns to his life. She is in trouble, and she and her daughter need his help. Bobby believes her daughter, Charlie might be his, but Jenna will not confirm. J.R sees this as an opportunity to rid Southfork of Pam, and encourages Jenna to go after Bobby. Bobby's help seems a little too much for Pam, who confronts Jenna and meets Charlie. Pam's fears prove to be unfounded as Bobby loves her, and decides Jenna is only someone from his past.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Alex March Guest star: Morgan Fairchild (Jenna Wade), Peter Mark Richman (Maynard Anderson), Laurie Lynn Myers (Charlie Wade), Nicki Flacks (Melissa Anderson), Richard Anthony (Waiter), Lisa LeMole (Susan)

NOTE: This was Morgan Fairchild's only appearance on Dallas as Jenna Wade. Jenna appeared in one more episode played by Francine Thacker, then when Jenna became a regular character in 1984, the role was played by Pricilla Presley
Rating: 58/6 12.9/22

9. Bypass
First aired: 10/14/1978

Bobby questions his role at Ewing Oil, J.R.'s way of business does not sit well with him. Jock does not support this, and confronts J.R. During the discussion, Jock suffers a heart attack. Bobby deals with his father's illness, by joining Ray working at Southfork. Jock knows J.R. is not telling him everything, and wants Bobby back to keep things on the straight and narrow at Ewing Oil, the company he started. While in the hospital, Jock finds out he needs open heart surgery. All the Ewings are there to support the patriarch of the family. The operation goes fine, and when Jock is concious, he wonders about Bobby's role in the company. Bobby does not give his daddy the answer his father would have wishes. J.R. has Ewing Oil all to himself once again, just exactly the way he wants it.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Corey Allen Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig), John Ashton (Willie Joe Garr), Dan Ammerman, Peyton Park , Ed Nelsen (Jeb Ames), Ann Ford, Dorothy Foster, Greg Michaels, Carter Mullally, Jaki Morrison, Lisa LeMole (Susan)

10. Black Market Baby
First aired: 10/15/1978

Sue Ellen is fearful Pam will produce the next Ewing heir before her. Sue Ellen is desperate, and decides to adopt. When she encounters obstacles, she decides a quicker method is required, and goes to extremes with a 'black market' baby. This deal is going to cost Sue Ellen cash, and decides she should meet the mother. Sue Ellen forms a maternal relationship with Rita Briggs, the mother of the unborn child. Sue Ellen's plan is almost ruined by a meeting between herself, Rita and Pam, but Pam is only worried about Sue Ellen. The plan falls apart of course by the doings of J.R. He finds out about the deal and ships Rita out of the state. He wants an heir as much as Sue Ellen, but tells her it has to be "our child, not somebody else's."

Writer: Darlene Craviotto Director: Lawrence Dobkin Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig) , Talia Balsam (Rita Briggs), James Whitmore Jr. (B.J. "Buzz" Connors), Gaetana Campbell (Barbara Walsh), Glenn Morshower, David Ellzey, Benito Rizo, Francis Rizo

11. Double Wedding
First aired: 10/21/1978

Ed Haynes shows up in Dallas, causing conflict in Bobby and Pam's marriage. Pam was married to Ed, something she failed to tell Bobby. Ed tracks down Digger, and gets him drinking, using some of the info from the old man in his con. J.R., of course, uses the opportunity to stick it, again, to Pam. Ed was in the Vietnam war when Pam got the divorce, and claimed he never got the divorce papers, and claims that he and Pam are still married. Once Bobby and Pam are on to the scam, they convince Haynes that Pam was kicked out of the Ewing family, at the same time, Bobby tracks down Hayne's partner, and gets his hands on a copy of the annulment papers. Both men leave town.

Writer: Jim Inman, Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Paul Stanley Guest star: Sarah Cunningham (Aunt Maggie) , Robin Clarke (Ed Haynes), David Wayne (Digger Barnes), Charles Hallahan (Harry Ritlin), Randy Moore, Norma Young, Peggy Wood, Desmond Dhooge (Harvey (Drunk)), Al Avons, Ann Ford, Lisa LeMole (Susan), Cal Bowman

12. Runaway
First aired: 10/28/1978

It's Lucy Ewing's birthday. Sue Ellen is planning the music, Pam brings her home dresses, and J.R. is planning the guest list. Lucy is not pleased. She tries to convince Grandaddy Jock to let her invite her mother. Jock says he does not want Valene on the Ranch given how she left the last time. Lucy tries to explain that J.R. lied, and her mother never took the bribe J.R. offered, but he stands firm. Lucy leaves Southfork in the middle of the night, taking a guitar, and J.R.'s car with her. Eventually she is picked up by a con man, Willie Guest, who includes Lucy in some of his thefts and scams. He is thrilled to have latched on to one of the rich Ewings. Lucy wants out, but Guest kidnaps her, forcing her to stay with him. Bobby, and the police track them down, and eventually Lucy returns safely to Southfork.

Writer: Worley Thorne Director: Barry Crane Guest star: Greg Evigan (Willie Guest), Bernadette Whitehead, Ray LePere, Dave Beidleman, Joe D. Anderson, Jim Gough, Terry F. Cook, Tim Yarbro, Kenneth Barry, Charlie Seybert, Joe Griffith, John Galt

NOTE: Greg Evigan, who moved on to star in BJ and the Bear and My two Dads, guests in this early episode as the man who kidnaps Lucy Ewing.

13. Election
First aired: 11/5/1978

Pam finds herself once again in the middle, between her brother and the Ewing Family. Cliff Barnes is in a race for state senator, and the Ewings, especially J.R. are not happy. Pam puts her full support behind Cliff, but is tricked by J.R. into giving damaging information away. J.R. attempts to convice Pam the media will have ball if they find out Cliff is gay. Pam argues back about how ridiculous that is and shares information about a past girlfriend that Cliff had. It turns out the woman died having an illegal abortion, and J.R. is confident the voting public will not look to favorably on this. Cliff is ruined, and Pam vows to make J.R. pay for what he did to her brother.

Writer: Rena Down Director: Barry Crane Guest star: Meg Gallagher (Louella), Robert Ackerman (Wade Luce), Buck Young , Ken Kercheval (Cliff Barnes), Don Starr (Jordon Lee), Joshua Bryant (Peter Carson), Allen Case (Martin Cole), Norman Bartold, Madeleine Fisher, Michael Heit, Dick Whittington (Jack Jackson), Jim Ferrier, Bonnie Gondell, Arline Anderson, Esther McCarroll

14. Survival
First aired: 11/12/1978

During a storm, the Ewing Plane, with both J.R. and Bobby on board, crashes. The news gets to Ellie first, who worried about his heart condition, insists the news be kept from Jock. As J.R. and Bobby fight for survival, the Ewing women contemplate life with them in it. Sue Ellen is worried her place at Southfork is not secure without a Ewing heir. She comes across Lucy trying to get in touch with Gary, and argues with the young girl. Lucy taunts back that Sue Ellen will never have Southfork without a child of her own. Miss Ellie confronts a reporter who comes to Southfork, and Jock overhears and is furious that the news has been kept from him. News of J.R. and Bobby's survival comes to the family.

Writer: D.C. Fontana, Richard Fontana Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig), John Zaremba (Dr. Harlan Danvers) , Trey Wilson (Johnnie), Andy Jarrell (Kin Jackson-Reporter), Bill McLaughlin, Karen Austin (Dailey), Art Bradford

15. Act of Love
First aired: 11/12/1978

During a storm, the Ewing Plane, with both J.R. and Bobby on board, crashes. The news gets to Ellie first, who worried about his heart condition, insists the news be kept from Jock. As J.R. and Bobby fight for survival, the Ewing women contemplate life with them in it. Sue Ellen is worried her place at Southfork is not secure without a Ewing heir. She comes across Lucy trying to get in touch with Gary, and argues with the young girl. Lucy taunts back that Sue Ellen will never have Southfork without a child of her own. Miss Ellie confronts a reporter who comes to Southfork, and Jock overhears and is furious that the news has been kept from him. News of J.R. and Bobby's survival comes to the family.

Writer: D.C. Fontana, Richard Fontana Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig), John Zaremba (Dr. Harlan Danvers) , Trey Wilson (Johnnie), Andy Jarrell (Kin Jackson-Reporter), Bill McLaughlin, Karen Austin (Dailey), Art Bradford

16. Triangle
First aired: 11/26/1978

Pam, Bobby and Lucy join Ray out for a night of country music. Ray has become serious about country singer Garnett McGee. When Jock leaves Ray some land on Southfork, he pops the question to Garnett. Lucy wants to follow Garnett's lead and become a country singer, but the family acts like she wants to be a hooker! Garnett wants more than Ray can offer, and hooks up with J.R. who puts together a music contract for her. Lucy comes to Ewing Oil, in the hopes of getting J.R to help her with her own music career. She finds the contract for Garnett, and spills the beans to Ray. Ray is furious and heads for Garnett's. He finds J.R. with her, and a fight begins. Lucy, fearing what might occur, tells Pam and Bobby about what she did. Pam sends Bobby to save the day, and he stops Ray before he can kill J.R.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Vincent McEveety Guest star: Meg Gallagher (Louella), Nancy Bleier (Connie) , Kate Mulgrew (Garnett McGee), Edward Call (Sam Gurney), Larry French (Dick Norton), Harry Middlebrooks, Michael Dudikoff (Joe Newcomb), John Chilton, Penni Pearson

17. Fallen Idol
First aired: 12/3/1978

Bobby Ewing decides a new venture in is order. His old buddy Guzzler Bennett returns to Dallas, and wants Bobby to join him in the construction business. Hitch is, they want to bid a shopping mall on Southfork. Ellie wants no part of a shopping center on Southfork, and J.R. has that land in mind for future oil drilling. Guzzler's selfish ways also put a strain on Bobby's relationship with Pam. Bobby is out of luck all the way around on this one.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Vincent McEveety Guest star: Sandy Ward (Jeb Ames), John Ashton (WIllie Joe Garr), Nancy Bleier (Connie), John Petlock (Dan Marsh), Meg Gallagher (Louella) , Richard Kelton (Guzzler), Michael O'Dwyer, Nancy Adrian (Waitress), Ed McCready

18. Kidnapped
First aired: 12/17/1978

Kidnappers going after J.R. end up taking Bobby instead. The kidnappers want to use Cliff Barnes as the go-between, but J.R. cannot stay out of it. J.R. overhears Cliff setting up a time to do the switch and he and Ray try to save Bobby. They do, but not before shooting the kidnappers, and almost killing Cliff in the process.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Lawrence Dobkin Guest star: Robert F. Hoy, Nancy Bleier (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella) , Stephen Davis (Will Hart), Paul Koslo (Al Parker), Kelly Jean Peters (Fay Parker), Liberty Godshall (J. R.'s Mistress), Terry Jastrow, Byron Clark

19. Home Again
First aired: 1/7/1979

Ellie's brother Garrison, presumed dead, shockingly shows up at Southfork. Ellie, knowing the ranch was supposed to be his, tells the family she will be giving Southfork to Garrison. The family is not happy, an J.R., of course insults Garrison causing the old man, who does not want Southfork to fight back. All the Ewings' fears about losing Southfork are not grounded, for Garrison's nurse, Cathy Baker, explains to Ellie that Garrison is very sick, and only returned to the ranch to die.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Don McDougall Guest star: Meg Gallagher (Louella), John Petlock (Dan Marsh) , Gene Evans (Garrison Southworth), Melinda O. Fee (Cathy Baker), Michael McManus (Matt), Charles Wilder Young (Charlie Waters), Gary Lee Davis, John Dayton

20. For Love or Money
First aired: 1/14/1979

Sue Ellen's mother and sister arrive in Dallas, and just in the nick of time. Sue Ellen catches J.R. with another woman, and moves in with her family. She also hooks up again with Cliff for support. J.R. is not happy, but finally decides he wants his wife home, even if the baby she is carrying is not his!

Writer: Leonard Katzman Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Fern Fitzgerald (Marilee Stone), John Petlock (Dan Marsh), Nancy Bleier (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella Lee) , Martha Scott (Patricia Shepard), Colleen Camp (Kristin Shepard), Fred Beir (Ben Maxwell), Toni Berrell, Barbara Tarbuck, M.E. Lorange, Frank Farmer, Roger Pancake, Ted Lehmann

NOTE: Rating: 33/62 19.6/30 This episode introduced Sue Ellen's mother and sister. Martha Scott played Mrs. Shepard in this episode, and various others up until season 8. Ms. Scott was familiar to television viewers for various other tv roles, including Jamie's mother on The Bionic Woman. Colleen Camp played Kristin in this episode and one other. The role was recast and Mary Crosby took over when Kristin returned in the third season.

21. Julie's Return
First aired: 1/26/1979

Jock is getting tired of being treated like an invalid. J.R. uses his father heart attack to keep him out of Ewing Oil. Ellie attempts to keep all stress out his life. When Julie Grey, Jock's former secretary arrives back in Dallas, Jock is thrilled to spend a lot of time with her. She does not treat him like the family, and two renew their relationship. Fearing Jock is having an affair with Julie, he tells his mother. Ellie tries to stop what is going on, but Jock leaves to see Julie. He gives her an expensive gift, and says that it will have to be a going away present. Once Jock leaves, J.R. shows up at Julie's door. Julie promises to keep causing trouble for J.R., but he tells her not to count on it.

Writer: Rena Down Director: Leslie H. Martinson Guest star: Tina Louise (Julie Grey), Fern Fitzgerald (Marilee Stone), Jeanna Michaels (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella) , Richard Roat, Kenneth White, John Lamont, Tain Bodkin, Frank Arno, Richard Bergman, Helen Baron

22. The Red File part 1
First aired: 2/2/1979

J.R. is not happy that Cliff is back in public office. He attempts to use Julie to get info about Cliff. She is tired of J.R, and decides she will actually help Cliff. She calls him and leaves him a message that she will fill him in on all the Ewing's secrets. Cliff heads to Julie's but does not find her. After a run in with Ames and Garr from the cartel, Julie ends up dead, having fallen from the roof of her building. J.R. uses his influence to have Cliff booked for the murder.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Leonard Katzman Guest star: Tina Louise (Julie Grey), Sandy Ward (Jeb Aames), John Ashton (Willie Joe Garr), Jeanna Michaels (Connie), John Petlock (Dan Marsh), Meg Gallagher (Louella Lee) , James L. Brown (Sgt. Harry McSween), Fred Beir (Ben Maxwell), Jordan Charney (Lt. Sutton), Michael Cavanaugh (O'Neill), Charles Wilder Young (Charlie Waters), Ray Culella, Eloise Hardt (Julie's Neighbor), John McLaughlin, Kay Howell

22. The Red File part 2
First aired: 2/9/1979

Pam is sure that J.R. is framing Cliff, and leaves Bobby and Southfork. Bobby holds J.R. responsible, and promises to get to the bottom of things. Bobby goes to see Cliff, to see if he can help. Cliff is not happy to see any of the Ewings, and tells Bobby the only thing that can help is if the real killers are caught. Bobby is on the trail, and finds a key in Cliff's mail which was sent from Julie before her death. The key leads Bobby to Julie's file of Ewing information. One of the things Bobby finds is a fake codicil to Jock's will. Bobby thinks that J.R. killed Julie. J.R. shares with Bobby the name of the person who was taping Julie's phone for him, and through this man, they are led to Willie Joe and Jeb. Once the real killers are identified, Cliff is released. Bobby hopes this might bring Pam home, but she is not ready.

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Leonard Katzman Guest star: Tina Louise (Julie Grey), Sandy Ward (Jeb Aames), John Ashton (Willie Joe Garr), Jeanna Michaels (Connie), John Harkins (Judge Potter), John Petlock (Dan Marsh), John Hart, Meg Gallagher (Louella) , Charles Siebert (Sloan), Walter Brooke (Cole Young), Woodrow Parfrey (Doctor who examined Julie's Dead Body), Jordan Charney (Lt. Sutton), Gary Allen, Sean Fallon Walsh, Michael Quinn, Jennifer Harmon (Ames and Garr's Secretary), Eloise Hardt (Julie's Neighbor)

NOTE: Rating: 18/62 21.7/38
ACTRESS-Miss Tina Louise is NOT IN THIS EPISODE, nor is she credited, but her photograph is shown in a "prop" newspaper and her character (of Julie Grey) is the MAIN focus of this episode.

24. Sue Ellen's Sister
First aired: 2/16/1979

Cliff tries to get Ewing information out of Sue Ellen, but she is not interested in helping him. He then tries Pam, who is hurt and angry about being used by her brother in the Ewing/Barnes feud. Meanwhile, with Pam away from Southfork, Kristin makes a play for Bobby. Lucy sees right through Kristin, as does J.R., but he encourages the relationship.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Irving J. Moore Guest star: Jeanna Michaels (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella Lee) ,

25. Call Girl
First aired: 2/23/1979
While still separated from Bobby, Pam makes friends with a model from 'the store', Leanne Rees. Leanne happens to be a former prostitute, and J.R. smells a plan. He creates a photo opportunity in which Pam looks like she too is into the world's oldest profession. Bobby finds out about J.R.'s scheme, and although not in J.R.'s plan, it actually brings Pam and Bobby back together. Bobby brings Pam back to Southfork, which does not please his brother

Writer: Rena Down Director: Leslie H. Martinson Guest star: Barbara Babcock (Liz Craig), Claude Earl Jones (Matt Henderson), Buck Young (Cartel Member), Paul Sorenson (Andy Bradley), Robert Ackerman (Wade Luce), Heidi Hagman (Girl Who Works At Health Spa) , Veronica Hamel (Leanne), Fred Beir (Ben Maxwell), Mark Wheeler (Kit Mainwaring), Peter Lucia, David Darlow, Peter Nyberg, Gary Lee Davis
26. Royal Marriage
First aired: 3/9/1979

J.R. is thrilled when Lucy becomes engaged to Kit Mainwaring. It will mean a potential business merger with Mainwaring Oil, which would be beneficial to Ewing Oil, and J.R. Unfortunately, Kit Mainwaring is gay. He eventually confesses this to Bobby, and then to Lucy. Lucy is heartbroken, but stands by Kit, and holds the secret. Only she and Bobby know the truth. But, of course, J.R. knew all along.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Gunnar Hellstrom Guest star: Fern Fitzgerald (Marilee Stone), Joan Lancaster (Linda Bradley), Buck Young (Cartell Member), Robert Ackerman (Wade Luce), Paul Sorenson (Andy Bradley) , Mark Wheeler (Kit Mainwaring), Linden Chiles (Chris Mainwaring), Jay W. MacIntosh (Mrs. Mainwairing), Kenneth White, Dante D'Andre, Chuck Winters, Joan Blackwood, Howard Murphy

27. The Outsiders
First aired: 3/16/1979

Donna McCullum, a young lady whom Ray meets in a bar, are attracted to each other but Donna is obviously not telling the truth about herself, especially the fact that she is married. J.R. seeks another solution to stop Cliff's harassment of Ewing Oil by soliciting the support of a former powerful politician, Sam McCullum, not knowing that Ray has already gotten himself involved with McCullum's wife, Donna.

Writer: Leonard Katzman Director: Dennis Donnelly Guest star: Susan Howard (Donna Culver), Fern Fitzgerald (Marilee Stone), Jeanna Michaels (Connie), Joan Lancaster (Linda Bradley), Meg Gallagher (Louella Lee) , John McIntire (Sam Culver), Shelley Juttner, Clint Ritchie (Bud Morgan), Kim Alexander, William Wellman, Jr., Suzanne Copeland, Jeannie Fitzsimmons (Joan), Dan Maher, Sandy Taylor, Lawrence Bame, Dawn Jeffory (Annie Driscoll)

28. John Ewing III part 1
First aired: 3/23/1979

Lucy's a wreck after her breakup with Kit, and turns to drugs. Sue Ellen's battle with the bottle continues, despite her pregnancy. Despite efforts from Ray and Bobby, Lucy keeps on using, and one day when the addict and drunk are alone at Southfork, they have a meeting in which Sue Ellen ends up falling down the stairs. Lucy seems to have learned her lesson, but J.R. decides to put Sue Ellen, against her wishes in a Sanitarium.

Writer: Camille Marchetta Director: Leonard Katzman Guest star: Jeanna Michaels (Connie), Meg Gallagher (Louella), Sherril Lynn Rettino (Jackie Dougan) , Ellen Greer (Dr. Krane), Peter Horton (Wayne), Steffen Zacharias, Ed Kenney, Chad M. Roche, Michael Griswold, Nicholas Shields, Merry Elkins, John Moser, Dawn Jeffory (Annie Driscoll) NOTE: Rating: 35/55 14.1/27 Dallas producer Leonard Katztman's sister Sheril Lynn Katzman begins appearing as Jackie in the episode. She played Jackie throughout the shows run.

29. John Ewing III part 2
First aired: 4/6/1979

Sue Ellen is not happy in the sanitarium. Bobby visits her, and thinks that Cliff is the father of the baby. J.R. visits, which does not make Sue Ellen any happier. She bribes a nurse for alcohol, and leaves, only to end up in a car accident. Sue Ellen ends up in the hospital with the baby's life in danger. Cliff, thinking he is the father, rushes to the hospital!

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis Director: Leonard Katzman Guest star: Karlene Crockett (Muriel Gillis), Heidi Hagman (Receptionist at Sanitarium), John Hart, Sherril Lynn Rettino (Jackie Dugan) , Peter Horton (Wayne), Ellen Geer (Dr. Krane), Michael C. Gwynne (Dr. Rogers), Dimitra Arliss (Hatton), Dawn Jeffory (Annie Driscoll), Alan Rachins, Phillip Littell, Nancy Pearlberg, Nicholas Shields

Original Air Date: Friday, September 21, 1979
The happiness felt by the Ewing family on Sue Ellen's return from the hospital changes to concern when it becomes obvious she has little enthusiasm for anything, including her new baby. Bobby and Pam discover Cliff Barnes is continuing with his efforts to claim Sue Ellen and the baby as his. J.R. is surprised when two of his former business associates are paroled from jail.
31. Whatever Happened to Baby John? (2)
broadcast: 28-Sep-1979
Though Bobby thinks Cliff may have take John Ross, this ends up not being true. J.R thinks some of his thugs may have taken the child, but hey are all wrong. Pamela ends up solving the kidnapping mystery by remembering a woman she saw staring at babies at the Hospital. Pam remembers a woman, Sheila Larken, who she saw many times when she visited the hospital. It turns out Sheila lost her baby, and her husband ran out on her, leaving her desperate and alone, so she stole John Ross. The Baby is finally returned to it's natural parents...too bad Sue Ellen is not overly emotional about the outcome...
Original Air Date: Friday, October 05, 1979
Cliff Barnes flies his father, Digger, to Dallas to show him how he's getting even with the Ewings. But Digger's sudden medical problem places a cloud over Cliff, Pam, and even Sue Ellen's new baby. A doctor's examination discloses that Digger has a genetic disorder that has not only been passed to his children, Pam and Cliff, but also to their offspring, which could prove fatal to John Ewing III if Cliff is actually the father, as he firmly believes. Kristin Shepard, Sue Ellen's younger sister, comes to town.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 12, 1979
Lucy's mother Valene visits and tries to re-establish some understanding with her daughter. Pamela, already depressed with the reality of the Barnes' family genetic disorder, suddenly has to cope with the news that she is pregnant. Valene implores Bobby to urge Lucy to meet with her. Pamela tries to decide whether to tell her husband the news, as well as her horrible secret, or decide on the fate of her unborn baby alone.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 19, 1979
Kristin easily convinces J.R. to give her a summer job in his office as she openly vies for his attention. Bobby learns about Pam's pregnancy before she can make a decision about getting an abortion. Bobby delights in the news that he's going to become a father. J.R. has his hands full as he tries to consummate the biggest oil deal of his life, as well as begin his own kind of relationship with Kristin, Sue Ellen's sister.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 26, 1979
On a hunting trip in Louisiana, Jock finds himself the target of revenge from a man he doesn't even remember. Ellie is afraid that she might be facing surgery. Jock and J.R. are wounded by a sniper while hunting. With their vehicle sabotaged, Bobby and Ray have to walk to town for help. Thinking he might not recover, Jock reveals a secret to J.R. that he has been hiding from Ellie since they were married.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 01, 1979
Bobby finds himself getting attached to Luke Middens, the young son of one of the hired hands, which only makes Pam's efforts to tell Bobby the truth about their unborn child even more difficult. Eventually, however, she is forced to confess. J.R. becomes suspicious of Sue Ellen's frequent trips to town, and when she refuses to acknowledge her activities, he hires a private detective to follow her. He is very unhappy with what he learns.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 08, 1979
At the annual Ewing-sponsored rodeo, Sue Ellen finds herself drawn to Dusty Farlow, a cowboy participant. Digger Barnes holds good his threat to see "his" grandson. J.R. and Kristin make their own secretive plans. J.R. feels threatened by Sue Ellen's sudden enthusiasm for life as she openly displays interest in Dusty. Lucy forces Ray to deal with a painful situation he tried to forget.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 09, 197
Ellie is afraid to tell Jock about the lump in her breast after he reveals he was married before and divorced his first wife when she became mentally ill. Her fear is Jock will leave her also if a mastectomy becomes necessary. Alan continues J.R.'s plan to get Cliff out of the way. Sue Ellen keeps visiting a coffee shop with the hopes of meeting Dusty Farlow again. Ellie undergoes the mastectomy
Original Air Date: Friday, November 16, 1979
After undergoing the mastectomy, Ellie begins to face what life is going to be like for her. She and Jock seem to be drifting apart as her anger grows over the secret he kept from her for forty years. Digger proves himself a friend to Ellie and they have a long talk. Ellie realizes that she cannot go back in time but she must make peace with the present and the future. Lucy is cold to Ellie as she hides her fears that she will inherit breast cancer. Jock backs J.R. over Bobby in the plan to push Cliff aside. Sue Ellen meets Dusty at a hotel.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 23, 1979
Lucy decides that Alan Beam is the man for her after she wit- nesses him standing up to J.R. Lucy doesn't know the fight was staged by Alan and J.R. to further convince Cliff of Beam's loyalty. Lucy makes an obvious play for Alan, who sees her as his ticket to riches. Pam accuses Bobby of trying to ruin her brother. She accidentally learns about J.R.'s secret Asian oil deal from Cliff.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 30, 1979
J.R. is caught from all sides when a typhoon delays the oil drilling in Asia as his bank loan becomes due. Bobby discovers that J.R. has mortgaged Southfork and he is forced to tell Jock and Ellie that they may lose everything. J.R. believes that once Cliff resigns his post as head of the Office of Land Management, the banks will extend their loan deadline. But he's crushed when the efforts of all the Ewing men seem to have failed. Ellie makes a supreme sacrifice in an effort to save Southfork.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 14, 1979
Sue Ellen's avoidance of her own baby becomes a source of conflict between her and J.R. and between Bobby and Pam, who have begun to think of the child as their own. Seeing the pain Ellie is going through as workmen prepare to pump oil out of Southfork, Jock decides to sell the Asian oil leases even though it means losing millions. J.R. tries to stop him.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 20, 1979

Ellie's sadness on the occasion of her missing son Gary's birthday quickly changes to jubilation when she learns he and Valene are both back in Dallas and plan to be re- married. Ellie plans to keep the news of the wedding a secret from J.R., who's on a business trip with Kristin, but Sue Ellen delights in giving him the news. She also tells Rudy Millington, Kristin's boyfriend, where to find her.

NOTE: This one-off episode lead Gary and Val into the spin-off, Knots Landing.

Original Air Date: Friday, December 28, 1979
J.R. decides that bringing Bobby back into Ewing Oil is the best way to keep Jock out of the office. J.R. also aims to get Pam a promotion to keep Bobby's mind off anything but his troubled marriage. Pam is using work to hide from her own unhappiness. Ray seems to have found happiness at last when Donna Culver reenters his life.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 04, 1980
Alan Beam's "romance" with Lucy is discovered by Kristin who believes once J.R. knows about it he will quickly get rid of the ambitious young lawyer. J.R. fools everyone by encouraging Alan to follow through with his plans to marry Lucy. Lucy puts off deciding about Alan's proposal until J.R. orders her not to see him again, then she makes a starling announcement.

Original Air Date: Friday, January 11, 1980
After Cliff announces he is quitting the race for Congress, Digger returns to the bottle and drunkenly tells a reporter that Cliff is really the father of Sue Ellen's baby. Jock insists the family sue Cliff, who counter sues for custody of his son. Sue Ellen, J.R., and Cliff take blood tests to prove once and for all who the baby's real father is.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 18, 1980
Sue Ellen actively sees Dusty. Pam leaves town. An angry Bobby runs into Jenna, an old girl friend. Ray ponders if he and Donna have anything in common besides their love. J.R. gets angry and jealous of Sue Ellen's unexplained nights out. Kristin tries to take advantage of the situation to permanently enter J.R.'s life.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 01, 1980
Sue Ellen is being pressured by Dusty to leave J.R. Pam and Bobby's marriage continues to strain towards the breaking point. Donna makes a last attempt to get Ray to change his mind about marriage. Sue Ellen makes her decision and asks J.R. for a divorce, but his reaction is not at all what she expects. Pam is surprised when Jenna visits and declares her intentions towards Bobby.
Original Airdate: Friday, February 8, 1980
J.R. keeps pressuring Alan Beam to marry Lucy very soon. Cliff resigns from the OLM to run in the elections for Congress but J.R.'s intrigue is a success and Cliff runs out of campaign money all of a sudden. For the moment, he is finished professionally and has nowhere to go. Bobby feels sorry for Cliff and decides to do some job hunting for him. This provokes a furious reaction from J.R. Jock frustrated J.R.'s plans for Lucy and Alan by offering Alan a legal partnership in Dallas. Now J.R. tries to stop the marriage because there's no longer anything in it for him.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 15, 1980
Sue Ellen takes great pains to appear the perfect wife and mother in preparation for her divorce action. When J.R. realizes what she is planning, he decides to stage a strong counterattack. J.R. is furious when he learns Sue Ellen has a private detective following him on his nocturnal visits. He decides the best way to keep her from leaving with their son is to prove that Sue Ellen is drinking again
51. JOCK'S TRIAL: Part I
Original Air Date: Friday, February 22, 1980
As a new assistant district attorney, Cliff jumps at the chance to work on the investigation of the body found at Southfork. Sue Ellen fights to convince the family that she is not drinking again. Cliff's investigation unearths some new clues which tie the murder closer and closer to Jock. Sue Ellen prepares to leave J.R. and her baby.
52. JOCK'S TRIAL: Part 2
Original Air Date: Friday, February 29, 1980
While Jock faces his murder trial, other family members are distracted with their own problems. Sue Ellen drinks to forget Dusty's death. Pam watches Digger slowly deteriorate in a hospital. J.R. fears his testimony will incriminate his father. The family hires famed criminal attorney, Scotty Demerest, only to be told that Cliff's case against Jock is dangerously incriminating. The family prepares for the worst.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 14, 1980
With most of the family visiting Jock's first wife in a Colorado sanitarium, J.R. uses the time to try to set up an even bigger oil deal with the now profitable Asian wells. Sue Ellen and Pam deal with their separate grief in very different ways. Pam becomes determined to learn about her mother, long-believed dead. Sue Ellen again seeks liquor for her solace, which pleases J.R. since he plans to rid himself of his wife.
54. A HOUSE DIVIDED (a.k.a. The "Who Shot J.R.?" Episode)
Original Air Date: Friday, March 21, 1980

J.R. selling the Asian oil leases before news of the fields' nationalization is made public wipes out the fortunes of Ewing Oil's former business associates and also creates untold havoc within the family. J.R.'s business dealings so disgust Bobby that he and Pamela move out of Southfork. Sue Ellen decides to stop drinking and wage her own battle against J.R.'s efforts to send her back to the sanitarium. Cliff also plans his own revenge against J.R.

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Original Air Date: Friday, November 07, 1980

A cleaning woman discovers J.R. sprawled across the floor of his office. He is rushed to the hospital, close to death. The Ewing family reassembles to wait for news of his fate and police search for clues and suspects in the shooting. The family hopes for J.R. to regain consciousness and be able to shed some light on the identity of his assailant.

NOTE: Guest stars Ted Shackelford (Gary) and Joan Van Ark (Val) cross over from the spin-off series, "Knots Landing."

Original Air Date: Friday, November 09, 1980
As J.R. undergoes his second operation, Bobby takes over Ewing Oil with Jock's blessing. Sue Ellen tries to combat the guilt that makes her believe she may have shot her husband in a drunken stupor. She unsuccessfully fights against the operation that could either let J.R. walk again or cost him his life. Alan Beam is brought back to Dallas by the police. Cliff Barnes is taken into custody. Marilee Stone institutes a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Ewings. Lucy meets and is frustrated by a poor medical student who resists her advances.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 14, 1980
J.R. fights to overcome the helplessness of his paralysis as Bobby finds that his efforts to run Ewing Oil are thwarted by J.R., even from his hospital bed. Miss Ellie finds the gun used to shoot her son, and the evidence points to someone in the immediate family. Sue Ellen tries to deal with her continuing nightmares that indicate she is the one who shot her husband. J.R.'s power is felt throughout Dallas as Cliff is suspended from his job and Bobby is frustrated in his efforts to run Ewing Oil.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 21, 1980

Sue Ellen's fingerprints are identified on the gun that was used to shoot J.R. She is arrested and jailed in the shooting of her husband. She is further devastated when the Ewings abandon her, leaving her to languish in jail. After bail is mysteriously posted from an unknown source, Sue Ellen seeks solace from her sister, Kristin. Sue Ellen seeks answers through hypnosis sessions with her psychiatrist, Dr. Ellby. These sessions lead to the answer of who shot J.R.

NOTE: 2nd highest rate show in TV history! Avg. Audience 53.3%; 41,470,000 people; 76 share (#1 is the Mash series finale)

Original Air Date: Friday, November 28, 1980
Bobby, Ewing Oil's new president, finds the power intoxicating, which promotes apprehension in both Pamela and J.R. Bobby works hard to buy an oil refinery - something Jock has always wanted and which J.R. could never accomplish. When J.R. learns of his brother's intention, he tries to sabotage Bobby's plan, which leads to another inevitable clash between the brothers.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 05, 1980
The conflict between J.R. and Bobby escalates as Bobby refuses to step down as president of Ewing Oil. Jock finds himself caught in the middle of the conflict between his two sons. Bobby seems to be doing a better job for Ewing Oil, even making a deal for Venezuelan oil to the new refinery. Pam continues to search for her mother. Lucy introduces Mitch to her friends with disastrous results.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 12, 1980
The sinking of an oil tanker and the loss of 600,000 gallons of crude oil has J.R. delighted, but to Bobby, it is only an inconvenience. Then he discovers that the oil was not insured and the loss could total over $18,000,000 for Ewing Oil. At the ranch, Ray greets a very unwelcome guest, his father, Krebbs, whom he hasn't seen or heard from since he was a kid. Krebbs has some very disturbing news for the entire Ewing family.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 19, 1980
An extortionist, threatening to blow up Ewing 23, gives J.R. an opportunity to put a halt on his fading fortunes with the company and the family by out-maneuvering Bobby. Ray has to come to grips with his new-found identity and face the fact that he may be losing Donna to Cliff.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 02, 1981
Pamela believes that she has at last found her mother. Lucy asks Mitch to marry her. J.R. closes in on what he thinks is his brother's reckless running of Ewing Oil. The woman Pam thinks is her mother dashes all hopes for a reconciliation and Pam abandons her quest. Lucy and Mitch defy all of the built-in pitfalls of their romance. J.R. stumbles onto a scheme which he intends to use to put Bobby in trouble with their father.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 09, 1981
J.R. encourages his father to consummate a business deal, fully aware that the venture will conflict with his brother's investment plans and leave Ewing Oil with a serious cash flow problem. Pam, feeling that she places a poor second to her husband's work, receives the attention she is lacking from Bobby from someone else. Lucy makes an announcement which is unsettling to the Ewing clan
Original Air Date: Friday, January 16, 1981
J.R.'s attention to Lucy's future sister-in-law is almost enough to divert his attention from getting Bobby's job as head of Ewing Oil. He is quick to capitalize on Bobby's rash actions. Mitch's sister and mother arrive for the upcoming wedding of Mitch and Lucy and J.R. takes an immediate interest in the new arrivals, which worries Sue Ellen. Bobby finds himself in a tough position after he enters into an oil drilling agreement which will put the company back on good terms with the cartel, even though he knows that Jock has already invested its capital in the land development. J.R. delights in the bind in which his brother has placed the company and investigates a scheme of his own to make Bobby look bad in their father's eyes.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 23, 1981

Events at Lucy and Mitch's wedding at Southfork have far more impact on the Ewing family than is apparent to the assembled guests. Lucy Ewing becomes Mrs. Mitchell Cooper. Sue Ellen discovers J.R. getting much too friendly with Mitch's sister and consequently makes her own play for an old boyfriend. J.R. is not as delighted as he expected to be when Bobby resigns as president of Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie shocks Jock by accusing him of behavior for which she can never forgive him.

broadcast: 23-Jan-1981 pc: 189013 written by: Leonard Katzman d: Irving J. Moore

NOTE: Guest stars Ted Shackelford (Gary) and Joan Van Ark (Val) cross over from the spin-off series, "Knots Landing."

Original Air Date: Friday, January 30, 1981
J.R. may have met his match in a high-pressure public relations woman whom he hires to improve his tarnished image as he resumes the reins of Ewing Oil. The prospect of a national image as the all-American business man is attractive to J.R., but even more so is the provocative woman who proposes working to replace his horns with a halo. J.R. is, confused by Bobby's actions after giving up the presidency of the company, as is Pam, whom Sue Ellen discovers is having a rendezvous with a male business associate. At Southfork, coolness prevails as Miss Ellie is unforgiving of Jock for his part in the recent events in the Ewing family.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 06, 1981
J.R. takes steps to re-establish his power and increase his wealth, even if it means reshaping history and violating the laws of the land. His campaign for power puts J.R. further under the influence of Leslie Stewart who, much to his frustration keeps him at arm's length. He also goes ahead with his plans to topple the government who confiscated his foreign oil fields even though it could lead to prison time if he is caught. Bobby's ambition to purchase a solar energy company again alienates him from Pam. Sue Ellen combats Leslie by resuming an old friendship with Clint Ogden. Cliff is disappointed by Donna Culver. Miss Ellie is still resentful of Ray's influence with Jock.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 13, 1981
J.R.'s conniving affects the lives of Bobby, Pam, Cliff, Donna, and Ray, but Sue Ellen is ignored as he refuses to acknowledge the fact that she is being followed. J.R.'s influence seems to have no bounds as he works to make sure that Cliff does not get chosen to run for public office. When his plans backfire and draw in Bobby and Pam, he is even more pleased at what fortune has brought him, which even includes an implied promise from Leslie Stewart. Sue Ellen can't get anyone to believe that she is being followed and J.R. could not care less, so she takes matters into her own hands, which results in a shocking revelation.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 20, 1981
Luck seems to follow J.R. as his foreign coup brings the cartel back to Ewing Oil. Jock has his own surprise for the family. Donna Culver and Ray are reunited and plan to marry. Mitch discovers that Lucy has been lying to him. Sue Ellen is shocked to find that Dusty Farlow is still alive but unwilling to resume their old relationship.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 27, 1981
Donna Culver becomes the new Mrs. Ewing as she and Ray marry. The newlywed's happiness is not reflected in the rest of the Ewing family as the cold war between Jock and Miss Ellie escalates. Bobby forms a new alliance with Cliff, but his growing jealousy over Pam compels him to a confrontation with Alex Ward. Lucy is happy to win the title of Miss Young Dallas which again makes Mitch feel inferior. Leslie Stewart succeeds in driving a wedge between J.R. and the cartel to further her own ambitions.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 13, 1981
J.R. succumbs to the cunning of Leslie Stewart, who now knows she has the head of Ewing Oil right where she wants him. Bobby is caught in the middle of Jock and Miss Ellie's feud. He is put in the same uncomfortable position while taking his new place on the senate committee which will decide the future of Takapa. Pam enters a new phase in the relationship with her and Cliff's mother. Sue Ellen continues to seek comfort from Clint Ogden. The new "Young Miss Dallas" makes life very difficult for Mitch.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 27, 1981
Discord haunts the head of the Ewing clan as Jock threatens to sell the company business if Miss Ellie divorces him. Jock and Ellie become even more estranged when they learn Bobby is on the senate committee investigating the Takapa development project. J.R. manipulates Jock into declaring he'd sell Ewing Oil if he and Ellie are divorced. Lucy's "Young Miss Dallas" career is actively driving a wedge into her marriage to Mitch. Cliff gets wind of J.R.'s involvement in the Asian Oil scam. Pam warns her mother about Cliff's motives. Clint urges Sue Ellen to divorce J.R.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 03, 1981
Donna and Ray try to reconcile Jock and Miss Ellie, and find there is more to their discontent than the Takapa project. Ellie has consulted an attorney regarding divorce. J.R. accelerates his efforts to sellout Ewing oil. Leslie Stewart's past dealings are revealed when her ex-husband shows up in Dallas. Cliff learns about his mother from Pam. Bobby stuns everyone at the senate hearings on Takapa. Meanwhile, the differences between Mitch and Lucy grow wider.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 10, 1981
Jock and Miss Ellie's reconciliation results in a second honeymoon for them, but it stalls J.R.'s scheme to sell Ewing Oil. Westar Oil's Jeremy Wendell plots revenge on J.R. for reneging on their deal. Donna threatens J.R. after he sets up Ray for a falling out with the family. Sue Ellen meets Clint's wife. Leslie earns applause from her ex-husband for manipulating J.R. Cliff vacillates about meeting his and Pam's mother. A peaceful moment for Sue Ellen and J.R. is broken by news of Kristin.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 17, 1981
Kristin Shepard returns and reveals another scheme. Sue Ellen meets Dusty again. Lucy moves out on Mitch. Cliff uses Westar's help in building evidence against J.R. and hands it over to Bobby's senate committee. J.R. consults a lawyer about gaining custody of John Ross. Rebecca and Cliff meet at last.
77. Ewing-Gate
Original Air Date: 01-May-1981

JR gets a security force to keep the press away from the ranch in light of the recent news of the impending investigation. Ellie calls from Paris after reading about the investigation in a newspaper. JR maintains his innocence and says he'll take care of Cliff's troublemaking - there's nothing to worry about. Ellie agrees to keep the news from Jock.

Dusty wants Sue Ellen to face JR and take John Ross away with her but Sue Ellen maintains it's not the right time - she knows JR won't just let her take him. Her plan is to take the child away while JR's in Austin. Clayton tells her the Farlows have enough resources to help Sue Ellen win any court battle.

JR asks Senator Arvilla to tell him what evidence the committee has but the Senator says his hands are tied because the Department of Justice is overlooking the case. JR promises to remember this at election time. As he exits the senator's office, he is given a subpoena to testify in one week. Louella is served with the same papers. JR calls Louella and tells her to find Claude Brown and get him out of the country. Sue Ellen calls the office and Phyllis tells her that JR and Louella are still in Austin. Sue Ellen goes to collect John Ross that night but she dilly-dallys somewhat and just as she is about to leave, JR walks in and grabs his son, while his security guard grabs Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen tells him that she'll get her son back - one way or the other. JR repeats that he'd kill her first. Pam witnesses the exchange and berates JR for what he's doing. JR tells her to stay out of his way or he'll destroy her too.

Leslie goes to see Wendell and says she has proof that JR financed the counter-revolution. She says she'll present it to the committee in exchange for the promise of becoming Weststar's exclusive media consultant. She asks Jeremy to come by her place tonight to check out the proof.

Kristin comes to Ewing Oil and asks JR for more money, threatening to cause further scandal to the Ewings if he doesn't pay up. JR reluctantly agrees but asks for some time.

Punk and Ray celebrate the success of their latest project. Punk is so impressed by the way Ray's handled himself lately that he offers him a 3 percent share of Unified Development for 3 million dollars. Ray hedges about the amount of money but Punk reminds him that Donna can cover it easily. Besides, Jock will be thrilled. That seems to make up Ray's mind. He calls his banker and asks him to make up a check for the 3 million dollars. He tries to call Donna in Washington but she's out. Later in the day Donna returns to Dave Culver's office and the banker tells her about the withdrawal. Confused, she says she agrees to the withdrawal. Then she decides to return to Dallas.

JR is advised by his lawyer to find out what evidence the Senate committee has against him - it appears to be his only hope. JR gets Afton to drug Cliff, and JR and Harry McSween search his apartment, finding the briefcase, and taking photographs.

The trial begins. Marilee and Jordan tell the committee that they believed that JR was behind the coup - he's capable of anything. Claude Brown tells the court about his trip through Switzerland as his distribution of money to key figures in Asia. He admits that the money was used and intended to finance the counter-revolution. Leslie is next and submits the tape she made of her conversation shortly after the coup took place, in which JR admits his guilt.

Finally, JR testifies. He says that there's a simple explanation to all of this: the money was not intended to bribe anyone or finance the coup; it was simply a philanthropic gesture to the country in the hopes that they would look favorably on Ewing Oil as a business. He says he lied to Leslie about being responsible for it all because he wanted to impress her. JR calls on Lam Thong, ambassador to the U.S., who tells the court that the money was used to build schools and hospitals in the developing country, and indicates that he has full receipts for all of the money that Claude brought to Asia. The ambassador also mentions that JR's generosity has extended even to the donation of 10 percent of all of his oil profits to help the country's infrastructure - which comes as a bit of surprise to JR. The committee declares JR and Ewing Oil innocent.

Cliff says he doesn't know how JR got himself off but he'll slip up someday. JR laughs it off. Cliff accuses Bobby of handing over the evidence to JR, which Bobby denies. Bobby asks Cliff to come to Southfork that night and talk about it and Cliff agrees.

JR triumphantly returns to Ewing Oil and asks Louella to type up a letter of recommendation. He fires her for not getting Claude out of the country like he asked. He visits Leslie that night and tells her he's not upset at her - she did just what he would do in her position. He says he still wants her if she's interested and she seems to agree.

Sue Ellen comes to Pam's office and tells her about Dusty. She asks Pam to give her a little help...

Kristin calls someone in California and says that a certain someone is going to pay for spurning her.

JR arrives home the next morning to find John Ross gone. The security guard tells him that Pam took him for a ride. JR tells them to find her immediately. He also gets Harry to alert the highway patrol to find Pam's car.

Cliff arrives at Southfork that night and sees a female body floating in the pool. He jumps in and sees JR looking down from the balcony, giving him the Line of the Day.

broadcast: 01-May-1981 written by: Leonard Katzman d: Leonard Katzman

NOTE: This was Jim Davis Last episode. Even though his character lived on in South America throughout the beginning of season 5, the actor Died during the Spring of 1981.


78. Missing Heir
Original Air Date:09-Oct-1981 written by Arthur Bernard Lewis

The identity of the dead woman floating in the pool is revealed as Kristin.

The police question Cliff and JR who accuse each other of murdering Kristin: Cliff says he figures JR pushed her over the balcony into the pool; JR says he walked out on to the balcony and saw Cliff trying to drown her. In light of the fact that the balcony railing is broken, the police decide to take both JR and Cliff in for questioning. Bobby arrives and JR tells him that Pam took John Ross to Abilene as he and Cliff are taken away. Sheriff Washburn arrives and tells JR that the Dallas ADA has told him about the deal that was cut when Kristin admitted to shooting him [see Episode 59 for details] and he figures that JR had the best motive for wanting Kristin dead.

broadcast: 09-Oct-1981 w: Arthur Bernard Lewis d: Irving J. Moore

NOTE: Actress SUSAN HOWARD (Donna Krebbs) is now credited in the shows opening with the other regulars of the series.

79. Gone, But Not Forgotten
Original Air Date:16-Oct-1981
J. R. and Cliff testify at the inquest. A grieving Sue Ellen takes action to put an end to her marriage.
JR's henchmen grab John Ross and take Sue Ellen out of the way. Fortunately, Dusty foresaw JR's scheme and his ranch hands apprehend JR's guys. Dusty tells Sue Ellen he's made arrangements for her and her son to be protected. He takes her to the connecting flight as they see JR looking down at them from above.
80. Showdown at San Angelo
Original Air Date:23-Oct-1981 written by: Leonard Katzman
J. R. uses Miss Ellie to gain access to the Southern Cross Ranch and his son as Sue Ellie has misgivings about building a new life with Dusty.JR convinces Ellie to call Sue Ellen and make arrangements to see John Ross, which she does. The Southfork helicopter arrives in San Angelo the next day, bringing Ellie, and JR not far behind. Sue Ellen suspects he's up to something, which he denies, and she reminds him that he's surrounded by armed men. Ellie and Clayton meet for the first time and agree that while they're on opposite sides of the John Ross debate, the fight is not theirs. Sue Ellen denies JR's offer of a quick, painless divorce in exchange for his son.
JR and Ellie play with John Ross, JR tosses a ball towards the helicopter. When John Ross chases it, JR hands him to Ellie and nudges her towards the waiting chopper. He tries to convince her to take him aboard, reminding her that Jock says he belongs at Southfork. Ellie refuses to be part of it, giving the boy back to Sue Ellen.
81. Little Boy Lost
Original Air Date:30-Oct-1981
As they prepare to do battle for temporary custody of John Ross, J.R plans a scheme to undermine Sue Ellie's chances. But the "wheels of justice" do not turn in J. r.'s favor this time around. Ellie warns JR against any mud-slinging against Sue Ellen and personally attends the hearing to ensure it doesn't happen. Howard tells the judge that Sue Ellen's been providing an unfit environment for John Ross by living in sin with Dusty at the Southern Cross. Arthur replies that Sue Ellen and Dusty have never shared a bedroom, and he has affidavits to affirm it, which Howard laughs off. Arthur then tells the court that Dusty is impotent, which comes as a complete shock to Howard and JR. So, Arthur argues, Sue Ellen is showing her son the purest of emotions - true love and self-sacrifice. Faced with this, the judge has no choice but to award custody to Sue Ellen - along with $5000 per month in alimony and $1000 per month in child support.
82. The Sweet Smell of Revenge
Original Air Date:06-Nov-1981

JR tells Jock that he has a new plan: he'll get the Farlows to throw Sue Ellen off the Southern Cross by blocking all of the oil shipments to their refineries. He gets Phyllis and Sly to drop everything and get him appointments to see all of the the Fallows suppliers. JR manages to get three of Clayton's suppliers to agree to his plan. Bobby gets the police to search for Pam. They search for hours but don't find her until somebody finally spots her on top of a tall building, preparing to jump. Bobby quickly arrives at the scene, blocks a fire engine and a police car, and heads up to get her. He tries to talk her away from the edge of the roof, but she takes a step closer and starts screaming. Bobby manages to grab her just in time and takes her to Dallas Memorial Bobby receives a letter with a picture of Kristin and her baby. He is contacted by the sender, who says he has more information for sale, if Bobby wants it.

broadcast: 06-Nov-1981 w: Linda B. Elstad d: Irving J. Moore

83. The Big Shut Down
Original Air Date 13-Nov-1981

Clayton Farlow refuses to give in to J. R.'s demands. Bobby makes arrangements to buy more information regarding the identify of the father of Kristin's baby. Pam becomes her psychiatric treatment will end up. Pam tells Bobby that she's afraid he'll leave her for someone who can give him a family, but Bobby assures her that that would never happen. Farraday calls Bobby and asks to meet. He tells Bobby that he was Kristin's lover and companion in California, and that he knows where the baby is.

He can't meet the financial burdens of a child, so he figures that Bobby might be able to find a good family - especially since he knows the father. In exchange for Bobby's cash, Farraday gives him a birth certificate and copies of the checks Kristin received in California. He promises to contact Bobby again. Bobby examines the information and finds that the checks came from Jordan Lee, who is strangely unavailable at his office for further comment.

Meanwhile Pam meets her sister Katherine for the first time and Sue Ellen finds Clayton out near his old ranch house, which he tells her he destroyed after his wife Amy died while he was away on a business trip. Ellie arrives in the Southfork chopper to see John Ross. Dusty tells Clayton he just found out that the refineries have stopped receiving oil and Clayton starts to investigate why.

broadcast: 13-Nov-1981 w: Arthur Bernard Lewis d: Leonard Katzman

84. Blocked
Original Air Date 20-Nov-1981
Bobby talks to Jordan, who hesitantly admits having an affair with Kristin. He tells Bobby that he told Farraday to take a hike when he tried to blackmail him. Later Jordan shows Bobby the results of a blood test confirming that he couldn't be the father of Kristin's baby. JR calls Clayton and arranges a meeting. Jock calls and JR assures him that the plan is going perfectly and John Ross will be back at Southfork when Jock returns from South America. JR tells Clayton that his terms are very reasonable - he'll sell Clayton back all of the oil, as soon as he throws Sue Ellen and John Ross off of the Southern Cross. Clayton says that Sue Ellen would never return to Southfork, but JR says that's not important right now. Clayton refuses the offer, because Sue Ellen means so much to Dusty. He then tells JR that the price of crude dropped heavily that morning - one dollar a barrel so far, and likely to drop further. He tells JR that there might not be a Ewing Oil when Jock returns
85. The Split
Original Air Date 27-Nov-1981

Ellie receives a shocking legal document from Jock which affects the future of Ewing Oil. Jock continues on his mission in South American for the State Department. J. R. has a confrontation with Dusty at the Cotton Bowl stadium.Lucy returns from Houston as Ellie brings in the mail, with a package from Jock. With the family gathered, Ellie reads his message which refers to a legal document dividing the voting shares of the company: Ellie gets 30, JR gets 20, Bobby gets 20, Gary gets 10, Ray gets 10, and John Ross gets 10. Ellie controls John Ross's shares while he is away from Southfork; JR gets them if he is on the ranch.

broadcast: 27-Nov-1981 w: Leonard Katzman d: Leonard Katzman

NOTE: Guest stars Ted Shackelford (Gary) and Joan Van Ark (Val) cross over from the spin-off series, "Knots Landing."

86. Five Dollars a Barrel
Original Air Date 04-Dec-1981

J. R. is forced to Cliff's demands for Ewing property after Cliff buys the bank notes on J. r.'s $200 million loan and threatens foreclosure. J. r. plots unsuccessfully to acquire Gary's and Ray's voting shares. Pam is allowed to leave the hospital for a brief visit to Southfork.

broadcast: 04-Dec-1981 w: Leonard Katzman d: Irving J. Moore

NOTE: Guest star Ted Shackelford (Gary) crosses over from the spin-off series, "Knots Landing."

87. Starting Over
Original Air Date 11-Dec-1981

Miss Ellie wants to help Ray out of his financial problem and uncovers J. R.'s scheme in the process. J.R. consults a broker in New York about selling Ewing stock. Sue Ellen says a good-bye to Dusty. Bobby buys Kristin's baby thinking J. R. is the father. Bobby unintentionally surprise Pam with one thing she's always wanted-- a baby. Ellie tells Donna what happened at the bank. As they pull out of the driveway in Donna's car, JR arrives at the ranch. Ellie gets out of the car to confront him, ruining Bobby's plan. She follows him inside and they start arguing about what he's done. Bobby arrives home with Christopher, as he stands in the hallway listening to JR and Ellie argue, Pam comes down the stairs, overjoyed to find that Bobby finally managed to obtain a child they can adopt.

Original Air Date: Friday, December 18, 1981
J.R.'s position at Ewing Oil hangs in the balance when Miss Ellie takes matters into her own hands. An angry, determined Ellie calls the family together to vote on whether J.R. should be removed as the company's president when it looks like he will be forced to default on his loan. J.R. plots to gain custody of his son now that Sue Ellen has left the protection of the Farlow family. Bobby becomes aware of the difficulties he and Pam have ahead of them in adopting Kristin's child without Pam learning of its parentage. Ray has no choice but to pull out of the townhouse development deal, leaving Donna angered by his refusal to confide in her.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 01, 1982
Miss Ellie plans the annual Ewing Barbecue to coincide with Jock's expected return to Southfork. J.R. and Sue Ellen find a renewed interest in each other. Cliff realizes that he may still love Sue Ellen. Lucy is annoyed when Mitch is called away by a patient. Ray gets drunk and embarrasses Donna. Clayton and Rebecca renew their old friendship. Katherine Wentworth is attracted to Bobby. Miss Ellie's festive mood is ruined by a shocking phone call. Jock is dead.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 08, 1982
The Ewings are unable to accept the fact that their father, Jock, could be dead, and J.R., Bobby and Ray fly to South America to see the crash site and determine his fate. In South America, the Ewing sons find an injured man at the crash site who tells them his small plane collided with a helicopter which crashed into the lake. Ray and Bobby dive into the lake and find pieces of a heli- copter and evidence that their father' was a passenger. It is J.R. who has the most trouble accepting the reality of his father's mortality.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 15, 1982
Jock's death has a devastating effect on J.R. and Bobby has to cover for himself as well as his brother in running Ewing Oil. J.R. is unable to deal with even the simplest of business demands in his grief. In the meantime, the rest of the family is puzzled at Miss Ellie's calmness in dealing with her husband's death and Bobby realizes that she is refusing to accept its reality. Cliff, ecstatic at his victory over J.R., tries to renew his relationship with Sue Ellen, who is having troubles coping with her new single life. Ray and Donna's marriage begins to fall apart with Donna's continued success as a writer and Ray's increasing depression over being a fajlure. A drunken J.R. terrifies Sue Ellen by demanding Jock's only grandson be returned to Southfork.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 22, 1982
J.R.'s continued absence from the business and Ray's apathy toward running the ranch have Bobby busy trying to keep Ewing Oil afload and Southfork running smoothly. Bobby asks Miss Ellie for authority he needs to run Ewing Oil until J.R. recovers from Jock's death, but Ellie knows Bobby has all the pressures he can handle with Pam and the baby. J.R. recovers his sense of purpose when Bobby shows him that they are in danger of losing all that Jock had built up for his family. Sue Ellen and Clayton are targets of criticism because of their friendship, so Sue Ellen welcomes Cliff's attentions. While visiting Southfork with his daddy, John Ross pleases J.R. by taking his place in Jock's chair.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 29, 1982
J.R. shows his old spirit at Ewing Oil and uses Marilee Stone in an effort to regain his standing with the cartel, vowing to Jock's memory to make the company even stronger. Sue Ellen isn't at all pleased when J.R. takes their son to the office to show him his future, even though she is having her own troubles keeping a balance between Cliff and Clayton in her life. Ray's continued negligence at Southfork leads to confrontations with Bobby and Ellie and threatens his marriage. Cliff gets a singing job for Afton at a posh nigh club, but her pursuit of him makes her aware of his interest in Sue Ellen. J.R. discovers that Jock had left Ewing Oil divided among all the Ewing heirs so he shocks the family by agreeing with his mother to postpone the reading of the will. Rebecca becomes aware that Katherine is attracted to Bobby, and Roger starts following Lucy.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 05, 1982
J.R.'s joy at his latest cartel deal is overshadowed by his distress at Sue Ellen's friendship with Cliff Barnes, especially after he discovers the two have spent the night in Sue Ellen's apartment. His concern with Sue Ellen's involvement with Cliff prompts J.R. to set a plan in motion to break his rival, even attempting to turn Afton against him. Lucy discovers that Mitch is seeing a woman patient socially and turns to Roger for solace. Bobby tries to talk Pam into going back to work while he tries to hurry the adoption of their new baby. And, J.R. tries to convince Donna that she could save her marriage by having Ray give up his shares of Ewing Oil, cutting his ties with the Ewings.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 12, 1982
J.R. pushes his campaign to win Sue Ellen back and at the same time is busy with plots against Ray Krebbs and Cliff Barnes. After J.R. surprises Sue Ellen by observing the anniversary of their first meeting, Clayton Farlow cautions her against believing that J.R. could be changing for the better. J.R. manipulates Donna into discovering her husband at a motel with an old girlfriend in order to persuade Ray to leave Southfork and turn his shares of Ewing Oil over to him. Bobby surprises Pam with the gift of her own business, one that will enable her to work and be with their son at the same time. Roger's obsession with Lucy becomes more intense and is given impetus when Lucy comes to him after being told that Mitch has spent the night with Evelyn Michaelson.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 19, 1982
J.R. continues to shower Sue Ellen with attention and she accepts his invitation to dinner at Southfork. The family is delighted to see Sue Ellen back at the ranch, although she is becoming aware of how sick her relationship with her former husband really is. J.R. has Ray arrested and then is able to persuade him to sign over his voting shares. Bobby and Pam are delighted at the results of the adoption hearing for Christopher, and Ray and Donna discuss divorce. Lucy tries to reason with Roger but his reaction indicates how obsessed he has become over J.R.'s niece. Cliff discovers J.R.'s plot to get him out of Dallas and in an confrontation tells J.R. that he intends to marry Sue Ellen.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 26, 1982 Directed by Patrick Duffy
The Ewing family celebrates the successful adoption of Bobby and Pam's baby, but J.R. becomes suspicious and determined to find out what became of Kristin's child. He realizes that he may be a long way from getting his own son back because of Sue Ellen's anger. Knowing that she is seeing Cliff Barnes, J.R. vows to destroy his business, and now personal, rival. Ray surprises Ellie and Donna with a complete turnaround from his recent behavior. Mitch asks Lucy for a divorce and she runs to Roger; flattered at his obsession and oblivious to its strange manifestations. Clayton warns Sue Ellen not to turn to Cliff just to get back at J.R.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 05, 1982
J.R. hits a new scheme to use against Cliff Barnes from a chance remark by Katherine and sets up a plan with Marilee Stone to ruin his rival. In high spirits because hw was able to thwart J.R.'s previous efforts to con him, Cliff is able to talk Rebecca into expanding his role at Wentworth Tool and Dye - even though Katherine is very upset at this latest grab for power by her half-brother. Sue Elle is the focus of attention because Cliff presses his courtship; much to the distress of Afton, J.R., and Clayton, that latter unable to face his true feelings for Sue Ellen. Bobby meets with Jeff Farraday, who tries to blackmail him, and Pam warns Roger to stay away from Lucy or face the wrath of the Ewing Clan. Donna discovers some disturbing facts about Jock while researching her book and turns to a reformed Ray for advice. J.R. investigates Christopher's birth, with the hope of getting a club to hold over brother Bobby.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 12, 1982
A gullible Cliff Barnes snaps at the bait J.R. has set to trap him. Marilee Stone springs J.R.'s trap on Barnes whose greed compels him to take $4,000,000 from his mother's company to invest in the scheme dangled in front of him. J.R.'s plan for revenge is largely motivated to thwart Barnes' romance with Sue Ellen. Afton tells J.R. his real rival is Clayton Farlow. Lucy leaves Southfork for a few days, hoping to resume her life with Mitch. Instead, she runs into a belligerent Roger Larson. Bobby meets with Jeff Farraday and concedes to his blackmail with the promise that he leave the country. Ray suggests that Donna go to Miss Ellie with the information she has uncovered about Jock's early career. And, J.R. believes he has the means of forcing Bobby to turn over his shares of Ewing Oil, after he sees Christopher's adoption papers.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 19, 1982
Bobby Ewing's worst fears are realized when Farraday is murdered; but a much worse blackmailer takes his place - his brother J.R. With copies of Christopher's adoption records in his possession, J.R. realizes that he is probably the real father and now he can force Bobby to do his will so that Pam will never find out. J.R. also believes he will soon have a clear field to get Sue Ellen back with Clayton Farlow leaving town and Cliff Barnes well on the road to ruin. Lucy fails to return to Southfork and the police are called in to find her. Donna faces Miss Ellie with her findings on Jock's early career and a deep rift is created between the two women. And, the police want to know about Bobby's acquaintance with Jeff Farraday.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 26, 1982
Bobby is in a difficult position when he is questioned by police about the extent of his involvement with Farraday. Lucy is released from her bondage after she is found by Pam and Bobby. Cliff realizes he is facing ruin and tries to borrow money from Sue Ellen, which J.R. uses to try and win Sue Ellen back - as he draws the net around Barnes even tighter. Donna is distressed at Ellie's continued coolness, and Bobby is contacted by underworld figures.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 02, 1982
J.R. is riding high with Cliff crushed, Bobby on the ropes, Clayton out of the way, and Sue Ellen accepting his attention. Cliff Barnes despairs after his mother asks him to resign from Wentworth Tool and Dye because of his misuse funds although Afton declares her love for him and tries to convince him that together, they can beat J.R. At the same time, J.R. 's discovery of Christopher's birth has Bobby intimidated, even as Bobby undergoes the ordeal of the investigation into Farraday's underworld connections. Ray intercedes in Donna and Ellie's feud and is instrumental in getting Miss Ellie to face the reality of Jock's life and death. Mitch decides to leave Dallas and Lucy, while a smug J.R. takes Sue Ellen to Southfork for a visit.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 09, 1982

Cliff Barnes uses his strongest weapon against J.R. Ewing, after J.R. is the apparent winner of their rivalry. Sue Ellen accepts J.R.'s offer of marriage, leaving a disappointed Clayton Farlow holding an unused engagement ring and Cliff more despondent then ever. Bobby and Pam find new evidence about Christopher's birth, making Bobby furious at his brother for using the child as a pawn in his efforts to control Ewing Oil. Lucy resists pressing rape charges against Roger, but agrees to a pregnancy test. The celebration at Southfork over J.R. and Sue Ellen's reconciliation is spoiled by a desperate act on Cliff Barnes' part. Miss Ellie blames J.R. for the escalation of the Barnes-Ewing feud and vows to remove him from the presidency of Ewing Oil. Rebecca threatens to use her wealth to break the entire Ewing clan.

Sue Ellen blames herself for Cliff's suicide attempt and prays for himf to get better. JR arrives not long after, and tries to make Sue Ellen believe that it wasn't their fault. Sue Ellen responds that it is their fault, and she won't marry JR if Cliff dies.

Original Air Date: Friday, October 01, 1982
J.R. is the focus of everyone's wrath at Southfork when he is blamed by the other Ewings, as well as Afton and Rebecca, for driving Cliff to attempt suicide. Bobby has his own reasons for being furious with J.R., after being blackmailed by him over Christopher. Lucy has her own worries, as she waits for the results of her pregnancy test. Miss Ellie wants J.R. out as president of Ewing Oil.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 08, 1982
J.R. schemes to get an advance look at Jock's will after discovering his father wished to have it sealed until it can be revealed to the entire family. Still feeling guilty about Cliff, Sue Ellen wants time to think about remarrying J.R., so she visits Clayton at the Southern Cross. Pam persuades Lucy to see a doctor about her pregnancy. Afton is disturbed when Cliff rejects her attempts to look after him. Marilee Stone offers Cliff a position with her company. Ray and Donna get some disturbing news from Kansas about Amos Krebbs. Miss Ellie considers attending the Oil Barons Ball.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 15, 1982
Bobby and J.R. agree that it is time that their mother went out and met old friends. When Ellie decides to attend the Oil Barons Ball, J.R. again tries to persuade her to open the will. He then tries to coerce Bobby toward the same goal. Donna and Ray's long-delayed honeymoon is postponed when they have to go to Kansas for Amos Krebbs' funeral. Pam's concern for Lucy's depression prompts her to tell Bobby about her condition. J.R. uses John Ross as a pawn to win Sue Ellen back. Cliff cautiously accepts Marilee's job offer.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 22, 1982
The Oil Barons Ball opens up a new era for Miss Ellie. Sue Ellen is shocked when Dusty shows up at the Southern Cross while she is there visiting Clayton. Lucy decides she must get on with her life and put the past behind her. Ray tries to control his rebellious young cousin while he and Donna are in Kansas. J.R. and Bobby realize that the Ewings will be alienated from the oil cartel if Cliff works with Marilee. J.R. arranges a big surprise for Miss Ellie at the ball.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 29, 1982
Miss Ellie painfully decides to declare Jock legally dead and the entire Ewing clan gathers at Southfork for the reading of the will. Miss Ellie discusses the procedure for declaring Jock legally dead with the family attorney. Rebecca promises to use all her power and wealth to destroy the Ewings. Pam is torn between loyalty to her husband and her feelings for her mother. Ray and Donna bring Mickey back to Southfork. Sue Ellen and J.R. set a date for their remarriage. The terms of Jock's will could ruin the entire Ewing family.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 05, 1982
Ewing Oil is split down the middle as J.R. and Bobby begin their year-long battle for control of the company. Miss Ellie and Pam worry that the battle may hurt the family. Rebecca warns J.R. that she will never forget what he did to her son. Lucy returns to modeling. The adoption of Christopher becomes final. Bobby considers a Canadian oil deal. Rebecca buys an oil company for Cliff. J.R. hires a private detective to blackmail a member of the Office of Land Management commission.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 12, 1982
J.R. arranges for a fake hit and run accident in order to blackmail a member of the Office of Land Management. Cliff is made president of Barnes/Wentworth Oil. Afton warns Cliff and Rebecca not to use the company as a weapon against J.R. Miss Ellie accepts Frank Crutcher's invitation to lunch. Donna tells Miss Ellie that she should get used to the idea of seeing other men. Lucy discusses her divorce from Mitch with her lawyer. Cliff is approached about the same Canadian oil deal that Bobby is interested in. Pam helps Bobby clinch the Canadian deal which upsets Cliff. J.R. blackmails Walt Driscoll into gathering him the variance he wants.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 19, 1982
J.R. is granted his oil variance and begins full production on his wells, while Walt Driscoll has to flee Dallas when news of the variance leaks out. The oil cartel cannot understand why J.R. is pumping to capacity when there is a glut of oil in the market. Sue Ellen asks Clayton if he will give her away at her wedding to J.R. Miss Ellie tries to make peace with Rebecca, but Rebecca wants vengeance against the Ewings. Bobby and J.R. are not pleased when Miss Ellie brings Frank Crutcher to dinner. Ray tells Mickey to either straighten out or else. Cliff lashes out at Pam for helping Bobby win the Canadian deal. Holly confronts J.R. about his pumping at full capacity. Donna discusses dismantling the OLM, now that Walt Driscoll has proved how corrupt it is.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 26, 1982
Sue Ellen and Afton both contend with the lecherous advances of a refinery owner who's pitching an attractive oil deal to both Cliff and J.R. J.R. puts Miss Ellie on the defensive when he asks what Frank Crutcher means to her. Ellie tells Frank that she thinks that they are moving too fast. Bobby learns that there will be delays in drilling in Canada. Punk meets with Bobby to see if he knows what J.R. is doing with all the oil that his wells are pumping. Sue Ellen and Pam vow to remain friends despite the war between their husbands. Afton compromises herself to help Cliff get the oil refinery. The cartel sides with Cliff in the battle against J.R. Pam asks Bobby to forget the Ewing Oil war and leave Southfork but Bobby refuses to give up the fight.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 03, 1982
The wedding of J.R. and Sue Ellen brings Cliff to Southfork and sets into motion more intrigue and excitement. Mickey and Lucy meet but do not get off on the right foot. Ellie invites Clayton to stay at Southfork as her guest. Jordon Lee tells Bobby that he had better stop J.R. or Ewing Oil will be destroyed. Ray tells Mickey to stay away from Lucy. Afton is upset that Cliff still loves Sue Ellen. Lucy asks for an out-of-town modeling assignment so she won't have to attend the wedding. Rebecca notices Clayton's attraction to Miss Ellie. Donna agrees to serve on the Texas Energy Commission. Members of the oil cartel do not attend the wedding.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 10, 1982
J. R. and Sue Ellen's wedding reception turns into a fist-throwing brawl, as Cliff comes to blows with J.R. Bobby and the 'oil cartel suspect that J.R. is selling oil to an embargoed nation. Cliff and Rebecca unite the cartel in a plan to convince all the refinery owners in Texas not to deal with J.R. On their honeymoon, Sue Ellen makes J.R. give her a promise of "total commitment." Holly confesses to Bobby that J.R. owns 25% of Harwood Oil. Pam advises Lucy to seek professional help. Bobby confronts J.R. with his involvement in Harwood Oil.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 17, 1982
The annual Ewing barbecue is the scene of an angry confrontation between J.R. and a group of oilmen led by Cliff. Bobby continues his investigation into where J.R. is shipping oil. Mickey asks Lucy on a date, but she turns him down. J.R. announces he is opening up a chain of cut-rate gas stations. Bobby vows to "fight dirty" just like J.R. in order to win control of Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie wonders if Jock made the right decision in dividing the company between J.R. and Bobby. After the confrontation at the barbecue between the oil cartel and the Ewings, Miss Ellie decides that drastic actions must be taken.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 31, 1982
Bobby reluctantly sides with J.R. when Miss Ellie threatens court action to contest Jock's will. Cliff and the cartel discuss how to beat J.R.'s cut-rate gasoline prices. Pam decides to support Miss Ellie in the fight to overturn Jock's will. Bobby and J.R. tell Miss Ellie they oppose her plans. J.R. gains media spotlight with his gasoline prices. Donna meets with resistance from the energy commission members when she tries to rescind J.R.'s oil variance. Cliff ignores Afton's desire for marriage. Bobby confronts Pam about her siding against him with regards to Jock's will.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 07, 1983
Miss Ellie faces a hard decision when she must decide to tarnish Jock's memory or see her family destroyed because of his will. Pam supports her mother-in-law's determined stand, which creates a breach between her and Bobby. She finds a strong ally in Mark Grayson. J.R. and Sue Ellen further alienate themselves when they go on television to defend J.R.'s position in the industry and in Ewing Oil. Holly Harwood realizes that her deal with J.R. has put her company in an untenable position and she goes to Bobby for advice. Bobby has to reluctantly antagonize the cartel in his need to beat J.R. Lucy is secretly amused by her feud with Mickey. Donna is discouraged when the energy commission gives in to J.R. Ray gives her much needed support, which leads to conflict with J.R.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 14, 1983
The hearing to overturn Jock's will causes great emotional pain for Miss Ellie as well as further setting other undercurrent's in the Ewing family into motion. If Jock's latest will is ruled invalid, an earlier one will leave Ewing Oil to Ellie and Ray and Gary without their trusts. Ellie assures Ray that he will get his share of the money, but Ray says he will not accept this form of charity. J.R. attacks Pam for interfering and asks Sue Ellen to try and persuade Pam to support Bobby's position against his mother. Sue Ellen discovers Mark's obvious attraction to Pam, and J.R. sees that as a weapon to use in his fight with Bobby. Rebecca asks Cliff and the cartel to hold any action against J.R. until the court's ruling on Jock's will. Donna continues her fight with the oil commission, aware that the outcome will affect J.R.'s gasoline futures.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 28, 1983
In the aftermath of the court's ruling on Jock's will, Miss Ellie escapes from the tension at Southfork with a trip to Galveston, where she runs into an irate Clayton. He is still smoldering from J.R.'s use of Sue Ellen to get his excess crude refined at Clayton's refinery. Cliff contrives to get a political carrot dangled in front of J.R. to get him out of Dallas. The cartel accedes to Bobby's demands for his share of the Wellington field. Bobby discovers energy commission member, George Hicks has ties with J.R. Holly gets to know the real J.R. Ewing and they both use threats to establish a new working relationship with each other. Mark pays a surprise visit to Pam at her studio.
120. THE CRASH OF '83
Original Air Date: Friday, February 04, 1983
Bobby is forced to emulate his brother, J.R. in dirty dealing, which turns his stomach and disgusts Pam. Bobby's underhandedness is to get George Hicks to reverse his stand on J.R.'s variance with the energy commission. J.R. modestly denies he has political aspirations as he desperately searches for a refinery to continue the cheap gasoline production which is making him a popular hero. Rebecca vows to use all of the Wentworth influence to prevent him from acquiring a refinery. Cliff discovers that Afton had an affair with Thurman. J.R. is upset about his mother's friendship with Clayton. Afton receives some shocking news.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 11, 1983
Cliff blames himself after the crash of the Wentworth company plane, which his mother took as a passenger in his place. Rebecca's accident is the latest episode caused indirectly by the ongoing war between Cliff and J.R. Before Rebecca dies, she makes Pam promise to protect Cliff. Katherine flies in to join Pam and Cliff ill their sorrow and lashes out at Cliff for letting their mother fight his battles with the Ewings. J.R. is stunned when the energy commission rescinds his variance to pump oil and he quickly makes contact with Driscoll to establish a Caribbean oil deal. Holly tries to use the variance ruling to force J.R.'s hand in her company, but he points out that he now controls Harwood oil. At Southfork, Pam makes a shocking announcement to Bobby.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 18, 1983
Pam leaves Bobby and Southfork, to the delight of J.R. and Katherine. J.R. sees Bobby's split with Pam as an advantage to himself in their business rivalry. Katherine has her own reasons for interfering in her half-sister's life. Rebecca's will holds surprises when it is read, with Katherine again plotting against her half-brother as well as Pam. Lucy rescues Mickey from a bar-room brawl and they start to form a friendship. Donna and Ray are surprised at the cartel's attitude toward Bobby. Clayton advises Ellie to forget the family troubles and get on with her life. He tells Sue EIlen he sees qualities in Ellie he once thought he saw in her. A nervous J.R. offers Bobby a compromise.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 25, 1983
Bobby and Pam are the target of one another's plotting which puts a greater strain on their relationship. With Katherine pursuing Bobby and Mark pursuing Pam, the separated pair find it difficult to reach each other. Miss Ellie finds that helping Clayton find a new home in Dallas after the sale of the Southern Cross is satisfying, much to the dismay of J.R. J.R.'s budding popularity makes Donna and Ray realize that the outcome of his and Bobby's race for Ewing Oil could affect Dave Culver's future in the Senate. Holly again goes to Bobby for advice. Lucy and Mickey reach an understanding.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 04, 1983
Bobby discovers evidence proving that J.R. is illegally shipping oil to an embargoed nation. As Bobby plots to put a knot in J.R.'s Caribbean connection, J.R. again considers running for public office. Sue Ellen is concerned that her past may damage his chances for election. Pam is pushed further into the path of Mark Grayson by Cliff and Katherine. Holly again goes to Bobby for advice, but J.R. coerces her into doing his bidding in spite of Bobby's counsel. Mickey gets Lucy involved with his misunderstandings with Donna and Ray. Ray rushes to help Bobby pin down J.R.'s involvement in the illegal oil shipments.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 11, 1983
Bobby springs his trap on J.R., equalizing the two brothers in the race for Ewing Oil unless J.R. can neutralize the harm done to his Caribbean deal. Katherine offers to supply information to J.R. to help in their common rivalry with Cliff, as well as Bobby. Miss Ellie realizes that Bobby and Pam's split might not be temporary. Lucy puts her trust in Mickey, making him understand the reason for her past coldness. The cartel is happy to see Cliff back on his feet, which is due largely to Pam and Mark. Bobby meets Mark in Pam's apartment and the confrontation leads to a further rift in his and Pam's marriage. Driscoll vows revenge on J.R., as does Holly Harwood, and J.R. faces the fact that they are but two on a long list.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 18, 1983
J.R. gets ready for his trip to Cuba. After suffering a $17 million loss, Holly Harwood tells Bobby that she's determined to get the Ewing brothers out of her life.Lucy enjoys modeling again and continues to see Mickey. Clayton Farlow keeps on seeing Ellie. Bobby runs into more weather problems on his canadian deal. J.R. encourages Katherine to move in on Bobby. Holly declares truce with J.R. and tries to seduce him. Bobby and Pam spend a night together but when he wants her to go back to Southfork,she tells him that the night was"just a moment",and so they break up again. J.R. tries to force Walt Driscoll[Ben Piazza] to tell him the name of his contract man in the Caribbean. J.R. and She Ellen appear on television again where he sets the stage for his Cuban trip. Ray offers Bobby his financial support in the battle with J.R.Mark Grasion continues to see Pam. Bobby tells Donna and Ray that it's to late to save his marriage. Katherine urges Mark to take Pam to France. Holly tells Sue Ellen of her relationship with J.R. The State Department OK's J.R.'s trip to Cuba. Sue Ellen finds proof of J.R.'s marital infidelity.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 25, 1983
J.R. finds the Ewing name doesn't mean much in Cuba when he arrives there to negotiate his and Holly's oil shipments. Before he leaves for the Caribbean, J.R. is promised an ample reward by Holly if he is able to recover their money. While J.R. is away, Sue Ellen confronts Holly to disprove his infidelity. Mickey's mother visits Southfork at Donna and Ray's invitation. Mickey is embarrassed to introduce his mother to Lucy. Katherine shows Bobby a possible way to solve his Canadian dilemma. Bobby and Cliff meet accidentally and have a confrontation about the Canadian deal as well as Bobby's troubled marriage. In the meantime, Pam and Mark enjoy the Riviera together. Miss Ellie and Clayton are the subject of much speculation. Ellie has feelings that she does not want to face.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 01, 1983

J.R.'s Cuban deal sets up a string of events involving Bobby, Pam, Sue Ellen, and Holly. Bobby's illusions about the even race he is having with J.R. for Ewing Oil is shattered by a box of Cuban cigars. Bobby finds out that Pam is in France with Mark, where they are discovered by friends from Dallas. Ray confesses to Aunt Lil that Jock was his father. Afton defends Cliff and orders Katherine out of their house. Miss Ellie is concerned about Clayton's and Sue Ellen's relationship and is not sure she believes Clayton's explanation. Sue Ellen makes a devastating discovery.

Guest stars Audrey Landers (Afton Cooper) John Beck (Mark Graison) Howard Keel (Clayton Farlow) Lois Chiles (Holly Harwood) Morgan Brittany (Katherine Wentworth) Kate Reid (Lil Trotter) William Bryant (Jackson) Kenneth Kimmins (Thornton McLeish) Nate Esformes (Senor Perez) Tom McFadden (Jacksons Partner) Dennis Holahan (George Walker)

Original Air Date: Friday, April 15, 1983
Sue Ellen returns to her old habits after she discovers J.R. in Holly's bedroom. Sue Ellen staggers to Clayton for help, and Miss Ellie can't understand when she finds them together. Pam returns to confront Bobby, and faces the decision to either help her husband in his fight for Ewing Oil and possibly lose him forever or not help him and perhaps lose him to Katherine. Lucy and Mickey try to help Sue Ellen, with tragic results.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 29, 1983
Lucy bitterly blames Sue Ellen for the accident which has injured Mickey. The Ewing clan gathers at the emergency hospital where Sue Ellen and Mickey have been taken after the car crash on Southfork road. Lucy is especially upset because the doctors will not let her into the room where they are treating Mickey and she lashes out at Sue Ellen for her drunken driving. Ray blames himself for bringing Mickey to Texas from his Kansas home. Clayton confronts J.R. for the actions which drove Sue Ellen back to seeking refuge in a bottle. Bobby blames Holly for the intrigue she set up which has shattered Sue Ellen's faith in J.R.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 06, 1983

Ray pressures Sheriff Washburn to find the hit-and-run driver. Holly wants to pay J.R. his $20 million in installments but J.R. objects,rightly detecting Bobby's hand. J.R. gets a slap in the face from Pam during an argument over her French trip. Mark convinces Pam to vote with Katherine and give the drill to Bobby. Mickey's condition continues to be very serious and Aunt Lil even goes as far as to say that perhaps it would have been better if he had died on the spot. J.R. tells Bobby that they should consider stopping the fight for control of Ewing Oil. Pam wants a divorce. Clayton convinces Ellie to take a break from family problems and go away with him. Sue Ellen tells J.R. to stay away from John Ross. Katherine tries to console Bobby after he gets the news about the divorce. Ray learns that Walt Driscoll was driving the car that hit Mickey and Sue Ellen. Ray and J.R. engage in a terrible fight, causing a major fire at Southfork, Sue Ellen, J.R, .John Ross and Ray are trapped as the flames engulf the Ranch.

b: 06-May-1983 w: Arthur Bernard Lewis d: Leonard Katzman

Original Air Date: Friday, September 30, 1983

A fire at Southfork is caused by JR and Ray's brawl but no one is seriously hurt.

An emotionally unstable Ellie is put under sedation when she hears the news. The problems that Bobby has faced because of the fire brings him and Pam together again.

Pam meets with Sue Ellen and takes her shopping to divert her from drinking. When they get home Sue Ellen overhears an argument between Pam and J.R. and discovers the truth about the car accident.

Sue Ellen tells Clayton she's off the bottle as she no longer feels guilty and decides to devote her life to raising John Ross. Ray continues to blame J.R. for Mickey's ordeal.

J.R. points out that the three of them share the responsibility, as Bobby and Ray set up the sting operation that sent Driscoll to jail, thereby helping to create the situation that made Driscoll go after J.R.

Marv Smithfield explains to J.R. and Bobby that the fight for Ewing Oil cannot end until the final audit is done according to Jock's will. At that time one of the brother's will own 51% of the company.

Original Air Date: Friday, October 07, 1983
Sue Ellen tells J.R. chat she wants an open marriage, with separate bedrooms at Southfork. Bobby asks Pam to come back to him, but he is faced with having to choose between protecting Ellie or preserving his marriage as Pam says she could never live at Southfork again. J.R. and Katherine are furious about the possible reconciliation of Bobby and Pam. J.R. tells Pam that he will do everything in his power to hurt Bobby and destroy Cliff if Pam revives her marriage. Mickey is depressed when the doctor says he'll be paralyzed for life.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 14, 1983

J.R. plants the seed of Pam's destruction with Katherine, who will go to any lengths to try to win Bobbv. When Katherine can't talk Pam out of going back to Bobby, she decides to fake a letter—from Pam about Mark—which
would throw a new light on a reconciliation.
"I don t read Pam s mail" Bobby says when offered the letter.
"I didn t want to read it either. I found it accidentally. But you have to hear part of it. 'Six years of marriage can not easily lie dismissed. Therefore if that means remaining with my husband when it no longer makes me happy, in order to avoid causing him pain, then perhaps that is what I have to do. I know I would be better off if Bobbv just let me go, but it he doesn t. I may have to give in and
return to him. His happiness should lie as important to me as my own. "
The letter has the effect Katherine intends.

Pam meets Bobby for a date—only to discover that Bobby now wants out.
"I want you to know that i'm letting you go. It's not fair to either of us like this. It' s for the best. I think it's time we both finally realized it's over."

Broadcast: 14-Oct-1983 w: David Paulsen d: Nick Havinga

Original Air Date: Friday, October 21, 1983

J.R. and Katherine arrange it so that Pam sees Bobby with an attractive woman at a restaurant.

Victoria Principal as Pamela Ewing in Dallas

Afton tells Pam that Katherine must have set up the whole thing, as there are too many restaurants in Dallas for it to be a coincidence. J.R. pays off a driller for having sabotaged Bobby's Canadian oil wells. J.R. later tells a hooker, Serena, that he has no intention of dividing the company with Bobby when the final audit comes through. Lucy tells Mickey that she loves him despite his paralysis and will stand by him and see he doesn't give up on himself. Pam and Bobby's divorce is made final by a judge in court. Pam is present, but Bobby is not.

Original Air Date: Friday, October 28, 1983
Pam moves into her mother's house and indicates to Mark that he will be the new man in her life. Meanwhile, Bobby feels lonely and accepts an invitation from Katherine for dinner. Cliff asks Sly to spy on J.R. Lucy confesses to Sue Ellen that she sometimes has doubts about whether she could spend the rest of her life with Mickey. But when she hears that Mickey no longer wants to see her, she bursts into his hospital room and loudly berates him and tells him that she loves him. Soon after, Mickey goes into a coma and is put on a life support machine. Ray takes Mickey's life into his own hands and unplugs the life support machine.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 04, 1983
Ray is arrested for murdering Mickey and is taken to the police station, where he is later visited by Donna and Bobby. Ray tells Donna that he doesn't need a lawyer as he did what he's accused of. But eventually he reluctantly agrees to Donna's pleas to get Paul Morgan to represent him. Both Lil and Lucy are in states of shock. Cliff urges Sly to continue spying on J.R. if he wants her to help her brother get his parole. He is ecstatic about scooping J.R. through Sly's information on the Murphy deal. Katherine rebuffs J.R.'s pass, and tells him that she's in love with Bobby. Sue Ellen begins to suspect that Peter, John Ross' psychologist, has a crush on her. Unexpected developments in the course of the final audit meeting bear significantly on the outcome, as the J.R./Bobby contest officially concludes with the announcement of who will control Ewing Oil.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 11, 1983
J.R. drowns his disappointment at having lost the battle for Ewing Oil. But the cartel agrees to think about his proposal to do business with him again. Meanwhile at Billy Bobs, Bobby meets an old girlfriend, Jenna, and offers to drive her home. Jenna refuses Bobby's invitation as she does not want to get involved and hurt again. Bobby shows up at Pam's to pick up Christopher, where he apologizes to Katherine for breaking their dinner date. Pam is more upset to hear that he was with Jenna. Ray's trial begins and three doctors, Lucy and Bobby testify. Lil is called to the stand but Ray leaps to his feet and objects vehemently.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 18, 1983
In the courtroom, Lil admits that she asked Ray to pull outthe plug of Mickey's life support system. But the judge still declares Ray guilty and passes sentence on him. Sue Ellen and J.R. make love once more, but afterwards J.R. complains that he is being used merely as a stud. At the Oil Baron's Ball neither Bobby nor Pam are pleased to see each other with their respective dates. Later in the Ladies Room there is a confrontation between Pam and Jenna with Katherine fueling the attack. Cliff is made Oil Man of the Year and on his way up to collect the award he tells J.R. that he plans to tell the true story about Jock Ewing and Digger Barnes. J.R. starts to rise from his seat.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 25, 1983
Cliff announces on the podium at the Oil Baron's Ball that Digger deserved the acclaim that Jock has received as it was he that found the oil that the Ewings have been taking from the ground since. When Cliff steps down an all-out fight starts with fists and food flying and Bobby, Mark, Ray, J.R. and Cliff all participating. Jenna treats Bobby's wounds and they stay the entire night together, but do not make love. Pam starts work at Barnes/Wentworth but stipulates that the Barnes/Ewing feud must end. Pam and Cliff buy a new oil service company but Pam feels that Cliff used her sex appeal to clinch the deal with Mr. Kesey. Sue Ellen and Peter have a private talk about their relationship and Sue Ellen says that nothing could happen between them for many reasons and pleads with Peter to continue seeing John Ross. But the next day Peter is not at the camp. When Sue Ellen tracks him down she insists that they must talk some more and without warning Peter suddenly kisses her.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 02, 1983
Sue Ellen and J.R. have a heated argument about Sue Ellen's relationship with Peter. Pam is annoyed when she discovers that Bobby, Jenna, Christopher and Charlie spent the day together. J.R. is determined to discover who is double-crossing him on his business deals. Katherine offers to set Jenna up in Houston, Jenna refuses and tells Bobby that Katherine wants her. Bobby, Ray and Mark all participate at the rodeo. Afterwards, Tracy pulls Mark onto the dance floor, and then Bobby and Pam dance. They each feel the tension and pain of the strong feelings they still have for each other but say nothing. Jenna feels jealous and reciprocates by giving Bobby a deep kiss in public after her ride on the mechanical bull. Pam then takes Mark and leaves. They go home and make love for the first time.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 09, 1983
Pam feels disturbed after making love with Mark, because she still feels more attached to Bobby. When Bobby arrives to pick up Christopher they talk about their relationship. Bobby becomes very depressed when he discovers that Pam has slept with Mark. J.R. asks Detective McSween to have all the phones in his office and Cliff's tapped. But it is J.R. himself that cleverly maneuvers Cliff out of his office and puts the electronic bug on Cliff's phone. J.R. then discovers that the spy is Sly and presents her with photos of Cliff and her together. He tells Sly that the information she will be passing on to Cliff will now be controlled by him. Sue Ellen tells Peter that they can't be friends because she is obviously too attracted to him.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 16, 1983
J.R. sets Cliff up through Sly when he passes on the Travis Boyd deal to Cliff. Sly discovers that Cliff had nothing to do with her brother's parole so J.R. suggests that Sly ask Cliff for money. Cliff agrees to support her while she takes care of her brother. Jenna refuses Bobby's plea to give up her job but accepts a dinner invitation at Southfork. At dinner Ellie and Clayton pay a surprise visit. J.R. is furious as Clayton sits down to eat in his daddy's chair. J.R. begins to form a deal by devious means with a government official, called Randolph. At the annual Ewing barbecue Pam tells Ellie she still loves Bobby. Mark and Bobby call a tenuous truce. Sue Ellen and Peter kiss passionately behind one of the barns. Meanwhile in Rome, Katherine is disappointed to discover that Charlie's birth certificate names Bobby as the father of Jenna's child. As the guests start to leave the barbecue Clayton announces that he and Miss Ellie are engaged. J.R. is furious over the news.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 23, 1983
Clayton's announcement of his impending marriage to Ellie brings more than congrats. Ellie refuses the diamond until the "problems" are worked out, including Clayton's suggestion that Ellie leave Southfork. Cliff, taking J.R.'s bait unknowingly, wants more information on Randolph, a government offshore oil leasing agent. Not wanting to be a kept woman, Jenna shows her independence by storming out when Bobby announces that he has just bought her the boutique they are visiting. Katherine investigates Jenna's past. J.R. hits a sore spot when wind of his digging into Clayton's past gets out. Sue Ellen discovers that Peter has left school.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 06, 1984
Sue Ellen's worry grows as Peter decides to leave school. She agrees to see him if that will keep him in school and in town. Cliff's proposal for a joint venture in offshore drilling to Jordan and Marilee goes unheeded. J.R.'s digging makes Clayton uncomfortable to the point he brings it up to Ellie. J.R. doesn't stop though and brings up Clayton's little-known sister at family cocktails. After seeing Cliff and Marilee, Afton runs to Pam for comfort. Pam, worried that Cliff's obsession with becoming an oil tycoon may start the family feud again, arranges to meet with Bobby to discuss this. Mark and Jenna think a lot more than business discussions are going on.
Original Air Date: Monday, January 16, 1984
Bobby and J.R. talk about Cliff's desire to compete with the Ewings and J.R. is amused, saying he is not interested in competing with Cliff. Sue Ellen tells John Ross she has found Peter. J.R. confronts Sue Ellen and she reminds him they have an open marriage. Sue Ellen tries to avoid seeing Peter, but ends up spending the day at Southfork with him and making arrangements to meet him later. J.R. slips information to Cliff through Sly that he will go into the offshore bidding alone. J.R. offers a bribe to Randolph in exchange for information about the bids. Cliff ecstatic with the news that J.R. will enter the bidding alone if need be. He tries to convince Marilee to invest with him.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 20, 1984
Peter is able to talk Sue Ellen out of breaking off their affair, but when she is mistaken for his mother her resolve becomes firmer. J.R. wants to have another child, which Sue Ellen refuses to do. Ellie and Clayton talk about their recent trip and upcoming marriage, then they have a serious misunderstanding. Bobby wants to buy another company against J.R.'s advice. Sly again sets Cliff up. He backs off the offshore deal after Pam tells him about Marilee. Bobby and Jenna reach an agreement, even as Katherine works on Bobby and J.R. works on her. Mark mysteriously goes into the hospital.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 27, 1984
Bobby and Jenna spend the night together. Clayton confronts Ellie on her brutal treatment the night before, but she insists there is nothing to discuss and tells him to leave. J.R. is shocked that Bobby went through with the Boyd deal, but decides to sign to keep peace. Peter agrees to go to a party with Lucy, and when he comes to pick her up Sue Ellen runs into him and is shaken. When Afton leaves to see her brother, Cliff arranges a rendezvous with Marilee. Ellie's decision not to marry Clayton pleases J.R. but he still continues digging into his past. Pam and Bobby meet for lunch after Mark cancels. Cliff gets financial info that verifies that the Ewings could invest in offshore. J.R. pushes Randolph to "unseal" the bids and reveal the information on the top bidder
149. 12 MILE LIMIT
Original Air Date: Friday, February 03, 1984
J.R. arranges to sell his geologist's reports on offshore tracts to Cliff, who reluctantly spends the money for them after Marilee makes it a condition for going in with him on the venture. Ellie and Clayton both admit, but not to each other, that they are frightened of the intimacies their upcoming marriage will entail. J.R. gets additional reports on Clayton's past and uses Sue Ellen to substantiate them. Donna and Ray discover Randolph unconscious from liquor and pills. They accuse J.R. of driving him to suicide. J.R. tells Randolph that his death will not eliminate humiliation for his family. Katherine continues to try and get a line on Jenna and is distressed when she discovers that Jenna and Bobby are intimately involved. Mark asks Pam to marry him.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 10, 1984
J.R. rushes to the hospital where Sue Ellen was taken in an unconscious condition after a minor accident in front of Jenna's boutique. Sue Ellen had earlier agreed to play J.R.'s loving wife at the Anderson anniversary party. Sue Ellen miscarries a baby she didn't know she was having. Marilee agrees to a partnership with Cliff as long as the other members of the cartel don't know about it. Cliff forms a grudging respect for J.R. after discovering that his adversary had gotten information on the offshore tracts. Bobby wants Clayton to become a greater part of the family by going into offshore drilling with him. J.R. continues to harass Katherine knowing she enjoys dangerous relationships.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 17, 1984
J.R. and Peter are each convinced that he fathered the child Sue Ellen lost in the accident. Bobby is having his own doubts about Charlie's parentage and realizes that the subject is hanging between him and Jenna. Katherine tracks down Naldo and pays him to confirm her suspicions about Jenna. J.R. makes Marilee have second thoughts about becoming Cliff's partner. Clayton bows out of the offshore venture with the Ewings. Mark pushes Pam for an answer to his marriage proposal. Sue Ellen tells Peter that it's over between them.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 24, 1984
Katherine sets up a confrontation between Naldo, J.enna and Bobby about Charlie, but is not pleased with the results and Naldo's predictions. Ray and Donna look into Randolph's past and discover the secret which J.R. is using to blackmail him. Lucy asks Peter to model with her at Southfork. J.R. gets Marilee to agree to pulling out of her deal with Cliff after the winner is declared for the offshore oil leases.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 02, 1984
Cliff has been set up again by J.R. and his spy, Sly, and is befuddled after the bids are opened for leases on the off-shore tracts. He has offered millions over J.R.'s surprisingly low bid. Randolph confesses to Ray and Donna that he gave J.R. information and all are at a loss to explain why he did not use the knowledge to win the leases. Ellie wants a small wedding with just family and close friends but Clayton is upset that his sister Jessica has been invited. Katherine realizes that she may have outsmarted herself by getting Jenna out of Bobby's life. J.R. overhears an incriminating conversation between Sue Ellen and Peter.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 09, 1984
Cliff learns he must raise $260 million to complete his off-shore drilling obligations. Over Afton's objections, Cliff goes to Vaughn Leland for the huge loan unaware that J.R. and Leland are conspiring against him. J.R. also plots to get Katherine married to Bobby. Ellie invites Clayton's sister, Jessica, to stay at Southfork for the upcoming wedding. Charlie goes to Bobby upset over his split with her mother. J.R. hires Peter to be John Ross' private counselor at the same time he is having his background investigated. Pam discovers some alarming information about Mark.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 16, 1984
J.R. is especially impressed by Jessica and her present to him --her late husband's regimental sword. Ellie's hospitality appears to be wasted on both Jessica and Clayton. J.R. and Vaughn trap Cliff into signing loan papers that have the potential to destroy him. Pam makes the decision to marry Mark out of pity when she learns he's sick. A triumphant Katherine demands that J.R. give her the tapes which he has been using to blackmail her. Bobby is unable to wish Pam luck and admits to Jenna how he is torn between his feelings for Pam and his need to hold onto her and Charlie. J.R. continues with his plan to destroy Peter and teach a lesson to Sue Ellen.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 23, 1984
J.R. and Jessica find they share the same sentiments about Ellie and Clayton's wedding plans. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that he will be happy when Clayton joins the family but Sue Ellen is doubtful of his sincerity. Lucy's determination to find out why Peter is not interested in her makes Sue Ellen apprehensive. Pam is frightened that her marriage to Mark will make her lose Bobby forever even as she tries to shield Mark from finding out the truth about his health. Bobby finally is able to wish Pam and Mark happiness. His own future is clouded as Jenna tells him she will not wait forever for him. Sly continues to lead Cliff on and J.R. has Vaughn put Cliff farther out on a financial limb. J.R. makes plans to frame Peter.
157. BLOW UP
Original Air Date: Friday, April 06, 1984
Mark is so proud of Pam that he wants all his friends to witness their wedding. Pam is concerned about his health. J.R. and Jessica conspire to sabotage Ellie and Clayton's wedding. Jenna and Bobby agree to try a fresh start. J.R. tries to buy Wentworth oil fields from Katherine, but she offers to sell to Bobby instead. Cliff's wells keep coming in dry and he can't understand why he needs to put up so much collateral to borrow more money. He tries to turn to Mark for help but Pam won't let him. J.R. decides its time to put the screws on Peter after Sue Ellen has a nasty scene with a drunken Lucy. Donna becomes suspicious of Jessica.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 13, 1984
Clayton tries to stop his sister from conspiring with J.R., to no avail. Pam finally gives in to Mark and agrees to a big wedding. J.R. is furious with Katherine for dealing with Bobby on the sale of some Wentworth properties. Afton realizes that Cliff is in big trouble when he tries to rifle her bank account. Cliff has to sell off some of his assets to get cash for his drilling without knowing that J.R. is the buyer and is pulling strings in the background. J.R. gets Peter arrested when cocaine is found in his car by the police. Jessica has an unusual reaction to Clayton's friendship with Ray.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 04, 1984
Bobby proposes marriages to Jenna and she accepts. J.R. sets Katherine up and she confesses her affair with J.R. to Bobby, who recognizes her deceit. J.R. makes a big pretense about being concerned over Peter's arrest. Jessica attacks Clayton for selling the Southern Cross and leaving Dusty without a heritage. Cliff realizes he is about to lose everything he owns. Mark discovers the truth about his health. Clayton pushes Miss Ellie to wed before J.R. and Jessica can interfere.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 11, 1984
J.R.'s snooping into Clayton and Jessica's past makes him realize that his mother may be in grave and immediate danger. The concern of the Ewings for Miss Ellie's safety increases after it is learned that she never arrived at a fashion show she was to attend with Jessica and Donna. Mark's death affects the Ewings in a variety of ways and Bobby and Jenna face Pam's need for Bobby's help. Katherine buys Cliff's share of Wentworth Tool & Die so he can continue his offshore drilling. Pam discovers Katherine's duplicity in her relationship with Bobby. Clayton makes a shocking revelation about Dusty. The Ewings fear Ellie is in serious trouble when Donna arrives to inform that she was attacked by Jessica.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 18, 1984

Tension rises at the Ewing residence as the search for Miss Ellie and Jessica continues. Clayton and J.R. have a fight over Clayton's mentally unstable sister. Bobby confronts J.R. over his plotting with Jessica to stop the wedding. Cliff seeks Jordan Lee's help in getting another crew for his offshore drilling. Ellie is resuced from Jessica's clutches. Sue Ellen feels sorry for Pamela after Mark's death. Clayton and Ellie decide not to postpone the wedding,despite the recent events. Clayton tries to figure out Jessica's mental state and her motive for kidnapping Ellie. Pam learns that Jenna Wade and Bobby will be getting married. Clayton and Miss Ellie get married.

Cliff is mad to learn that Pam left Dallas without saying where she's going. Ellie and Clayton go on a cruise to the Mediterranean. Katherine makes a scene during an angry exchange with Bobby. J.R. reveals the setup on offshore drilling to a completely stunned Cliff. Edgar Randolph reappears in Dallas vowing revenge on J.R. Cliff throws Afton out of the apartment. J.R. reveals his scheme to frame Peter Richards, and he blackmails Sue Ellen.

Shots are fired in J.R's office and Bobby falls to the floor bleeding.

Broadcast: 18-May-1984 w: Arthur Bernard Lewis d: Leonard Katzman

Dallas Season 8
Original Air Date: Friday, September 28, 1984

Afton discovers Bobby's body in J.R.'s office and calls an ambulance. J.R. gets a call from the hospital after Bobby's shooting. J.R. is not worried when Ray tells him that Randolph is back in Dallas. J.R. soon realizes that he was the target, not Bobby. Cliff learns that he has struck oil. Katherine is in shock when she hears Bobby is recovering. Bobby is left blind by the bullet wound. Marilee is angry at J.R. because he talked her out of partnering with Cliff. Randolph tries to shoot J.R. but misses. Bobby and J.R. realize that the killer is still at large.

NOTE: Actors HOWARD KEEL and PRISCILLA PRESLEY are now listed in the shows opening credits with the other series regulars.

Original Air Date: Friday, October 05, 1984
Bobby tells Donna and Ray that his office phone was bugged. Bobby tells Jenna that he won't marry her unless he regains his sight. Cliff tells Sly that he wants her to continue spying on J.R. But Sly goes back and reports everything to J.R. for whom she is really spying. Pam tells Bobby that Katherine wrote the letter that prompted their divorce. Donna moves into Bobby's office to handle his interests while he's in the hospital which makes J.R. furious. Clayton learns of Bobby's shooting but promises not to tell Miss Ellie until they come back from their honeymoon. Cliff is arrested for the attempted murder of Bobby after the police find the gun in his townhouse.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 12, 1984
J.R. tells Bobby about Cliff's arrest and confesses that he set up Cliff and Randoplh. Pam tells J.R. she plans to help Cliff ruin him. Bobby decides to have risky surgery to restore his vision. Lucy takes a waitress job at the restaurant where her mother once worked. Mandy identifies Cliff in a police lineup as the man she was with at the time of Bobby's shooting. Katherine reacts strongly to a radio report that Cliff was cleared of charges. Jock's estranged brother, Jason Ewing has died of an apparent heart attack in Alaska. A maniacal nurse enters Bobby's hospital room to give him an injection.

165. JAMIE
Original Air Date: Friday, October 19, 1984
Katherine, disguised as a nurse, is just about to give Bobby a fatal injection, when he wakes up and begins to scream. The noise brings J.R. back into Bobby's room where he is able to stop Katherine from killing Bobby. Katherine admits to having tried to kill Bobby and is hauled off to jail. Bobby's sight returns and a week later he is back at Ewing Oil. Donna tells Bobby she's invested some of her own money in a small oil company, but hasn't told Ray yet. J.R. explains why he bugged Bobby's phone. Ray discovers Lucy waitress job at the restaurant, but she swears him to secrecy. Jamie Ewing comes to Southfork and announces that she's the daughter of Jock's recently deceased brother, Jason
Original Air Date: Friday, October 26, 1984
Jamie tells the Ewings that her father died penniless and that she also has a brother. J.R. wants proof that Jamie is really a Ewing. She pulls out an old photo of Jason and Jock. Bobby tells J.R. that he can't get Pam off his mind. Cliff agrees to consider an offer by Wendell that involves Weststar's acquisition of Barnes-Wentworth. Jenna is puzzled when Jamie tells her that Jason liked Jenna's father, which contradicts Jenna's impression that the two men hated each other. Pam and Jackie are mystified when they spot Mark's car
Original Air Date: Friday, November 02, 1984
Wanting to prevent a powerful union between Weststar and Barnes-Wentworth, J.R. tells Sly to confirm Cliff's mistaken suspicions that J.R. is behind the offer. Pam learns that the maintenance of Mark's possessions is required until his estate is settled. Bobby is ready to make wedding plans with Jenna. Cliff rejects Wendell's offer. When Pam gets flowers from Mark, she thinks he is alive.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 09, 1984
J.R. complains to Bobby about losing three employees to Barnes-Wentworth and expresses concern about the potentially formidable Cliff/Pam alliance. Bobby wants to take down Jock's picture before Miss Ellie and Clayton return from their honeymoon, but J.R. objects. Pam hires a salvage specialist to search the plane wreckage in hopes of determining Mark's fate. Pam decides to go out with Dave, although she still thinks he is more concerned with the Weststar merger. Eddie learns that Lucy is a Ewing. Ellie begins to realize that Clayton is sensitive to the symbols of her life with Jock.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 16, 1984

Unable to handle her role as J.R.'s spy, Sly requests a few months off from work. Bobby fails to persuade Pam to abandon the salvage mission and accept Mark's death. Ellie treats Clayton to a night at a hotel and later surprises him with new bedroom furniture. Cliff fears Pam is headed for a nervous breakdown. J.R. spots a beautiful woman at the ball and wants to meet her. He is later surprised to see Mandy with Cliff. J.R. announces that Bobby and Jenna will marry in a month and Pam is devastated by the news.

NOTE: Donna Reed ("Miss Ellie") is added to the opening credits, beginning with this episode.

Original Air Date: Friday, November 23, 1984
When Bobby verbally attacks J.R. for announcing the wedding date, J.R. swears it wasn't his intention to embarrass Pam. El1ie sees that Clayton is still uneasy about Jock. J.R. hires a private detective to investigate Mandy. Donna suggests that Miss El1ie remove Jock's portrait. She does, saying it now belongs to Ewing Oil. Lucy agrees to go on a date with Eddie.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 30, 1984
Bobby advises Jenna to tell Charlie that Marchetta is her father. Jenna promises Sue Ellen that she will consider taking a job at Ewing Oil. Cliff is convinced that J.R. and Wendell have joined forces to ruin him. Ray tells Donna about Lucy's job as a waitress. Charlie disappears and Marchetta is under suspicion. J.R. introduces himself to Mandy. Cliff, hearing that J.R. has made a pass at Mandy, encourages her to accept J.R.'s advances and spy for him. Ray finds Charlie asleep in her horse's stall. Charlie later tells Jenna and Bobby that she was confused when she saw her birth certificate naming Bobby as her father.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 07, 1984
With Cliff's approval, Mandy keeps a lunch date with J.R. Pam visits Mandy's psychic, who states that Mark is alive. Cliff confronts Wendell regarding the deal with J.R., but Wendell suggests that Cliff is paranoid and denies that J.R. was behind the merger offer. Marchetta announces that he intends to remarry Jenna. Ray goes to the barbecue alone when Donna's business matters prevent her from attending. J.R. is pleased when he realizes that Mandy has provided a new pipeline to Cliff. When J.R. orders Jamie off the ranch, she produces a legal document stating that Ewing Oil is jointly owned by Jock, her father, and Digger Barnes.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 14, 1984
Eddie seduces Lucy in a deserted stable. J.R. and Bobby decide to buy the Weststar fields after reading a favorable report. J.R. tells Mandy he hopes Cliff becomes pre-occupied with proving Jamie's document is legal so he can move in and destroy Barnes-Wentworth. Mandy passes on J.R.'s thoughts to Cliff. Jenna is panic stricken when she learns that Marchetta has picked up Charlie from school. Jenna doesn't show up for her wedding ceremony. Later, Bobby and J.R. find a note at Jenna's condo that she can't marry Bobby because she loves someone else.
174. DEJA VU
Original Air Date: Friday, December 21, 1984

J.R. and Bobby plan to search for Jenna, who they believe has run away with Marchetta. Cliff tells Mandy that he doesn't want Bobby and Pam to reconcile any more than J.R. does. Pam must hide her happiness at the news of Bobby's cancelled wedding. Cliff and J.R. agree to work individually to keep Pam and Bobby apart. Marchetta tells Jenna that Charlie is on a plane to Rome. J.R. pays off the charter pilot who misled Pam into searching for Mark in the Caribbean. Jenna tells Bobby she has married Marchetta.

Broadcast: 21-Dec-1984 w: David Paulsen d: Leonard Katzman

Original Air Date: Friday, December 28, 1984
J.R. tries to console Bobby about Jenna's marriage to Marchetta. Mandy tells Cliff that she likes J.R. and pretends to be teasing though she really may be serious. J.R. tells Bobby that Pam doesn't care about him because she's obsessed with finding Mark. Jenna, being held captive by Marchetta, tries to call Bobby for help. Jenna follows Marchetta into a dimly lit room and a man's hand goes over her face. A dazed Jenna, with gun in hand is cornered by police as she spots Marchetta, who lies dead on the floor nearby
Original Air Date: Friday, January 04, 1985
The Ewings are informed that Jenna has been arrested in Laredo for murdering Marchetta. Bobby visits Jenna who tells him that Charlie may be in Rome. Jenna pleads not guilty to the murder charge, but the judge refuses to release her on bail. Pam continues to search the clinics in the Caribbean for Mark. Eddie agrees to consider Lucy's suggestion that they become partners in a construction project. Jenna's attorney, Scotty Demerest, questions her and she says she may have been chloroformed. Jamie sees J.R. cuddling with Serena during lunch. Sue Ellen hears Jamie blasting J.R. for his behavior with Serena.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 11, 1985

Demerest tells Bobby that a full set of Jenna's fingerprints were found on the gun that killed Marchetta. Marchetta's accomplice, Veronica, calls and arranges to meet Bobby in California to discuss Charlie's release. Bobby later learns that she wants $50,000 and he agrees to pay it. An entry in Sam Culver's journal indicates that an agreement was signed dividing ownership of Ewing Oil between Jock, Digger, and Jason. Sue Ellen orders a double vodka and later tells J.R. that she wants them to have separate bedrooms. Cliff realizes that J.R. has been wooing Mandy in order to transmit false information to him. Cliff wins over Jamie who agrees to help him defeat J.R.

Broadcast: 11-Jan-1985 w: Leonard Katzman d: Leonard Katzman

Original Air Date: Friday, January 25, 1985
Mandy hangs up on J.R. as he tries to make a date with her. She later confronts J.R. for using her against Cliff. J.R. reminds her that she's guilty of the same crime. Jenna is released on bail and moves into the Southfork guest house. Bobby wants to quietly marry her but Jenna can't think of marriage until the trial is over. Eddie is upset by Ray's suggestions for the apartment building specs. Pam confesses that she was only going to marry Mark because he was terminally ill. Gerald Kane meets with Pam to tell her that J.R. paid him to set up the Mark Grayson charade.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 01, 1985
Pam joins forces with Cliff and Jamie to destroy Ewing Oil. Bobby is concerned by his rekindled feelings for Pam. Mandy feels guilty over sleeping with J.R. and continuing to spy for Cliff. Cliff's lawyer feels the document will withstand scrutiny in the trial to divide Ewing Oil. Lucy is blinded by her desire to please Eddie. Mandy decides she doesn't want anything to do with Cliff or J.R. Bobby, J.R. and Miss Ellie are served with summons to a hearing attempting to freeze all Ewing Oil assets
Original Air Date: Friday, February 08, 1985
Mandy is still not sure that she's over Cliff, but tells J.R. to call her in a few days. Cliff wins a small victory when the judge temporarily grants an injunction against Ewing Oil. A worried J.R. meets with Carl Hardesty, who previously set up dummy holding corporations for him. Cliff's victory is short-lived when the judge rescinds the injunction. Demerest tells Bobby and Jenna that Jenna's prints were on the murder weapon. Cliff finds Brindle's copy of the document confirming that Jock gave Digger one-third of Ewing Oil.

Original Air Date: Friday, February 15, 1985
Cliff basks in the triumph of acquiring Digger's copy of the document. J.R. craves compassion from Sue Ellen, but she has no sympathy for him. Ray escorts Brindle to the airport with instructions from J.R. to call if he remembers anything else about the agreement. Pam convinces Sue Ellen to join her in Hong Kong, where Pam will continue her search for Mark. Eddie tells Betty that Lucy is just a nice kid with a lot of money.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 22, 1985
J.R. confides in Mandy about the hurt he feels due to the split amongst the family. Donna and Ray argue over J.R.'s tactics to save Ewing Oil. A frightened Veronica Robinson agrees to testify in Jenna's behalf. Pam confesses that she still has strong feelings for Bobby. J.R. meets with Conrad Buckhouser about converting some of his assets to cash which will be placed in a Swiss bank account. Lucy is shocked when she learns that Eddie is romancing both her and Betty. Cliff tries to win points with Jamie by offering her a job at Barnes-Wentworth. Bobby and Jenna discover the dead body of Veronica in the airplane lavatory.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 01, 1985
Pam and Sue Ellen take in all the local color at a Hong Kong outdoor market during their search for Mark Grayson. Jamie is hired at Barnes-Wentworth as a resident expert on cold weather drilling. Pam learns that the patient, who she believes is Mark, doesn't want to see anyone. Eddie apologizes for hurting Lucy. Donna tries to understand Ray's motivation for throwing in with J.R. J.R. and Cliff come to blows over Mandy at a party. Donna strikes oil.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 08, 1985
During the trial, the D.A. promises to put Jenna behind bars for her crime. Pam suspects J.R. is behind her wild goose chase to Hong Kong. Bobby receives a subpoena to testify for the prosecution. Pam accepts the fact that Mark is dead. Due to the building pressures at home, Donna tells Miss Ellie that she's decided to move out of her house.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 15, 1985
Bobby prepares for his trip to L.A. to convince Veronica's sister to testify for Jenna. Ewing 17 has been shut down by the Texas Energy Commission due to the oil seepage into the drinking water. Ray attempts to convince Donna to come home. Veronica's sister gives Bobby a letter to read in court. J.R. welcomes Sue Ellen home, but realizes things are still strained between them. Jenna is found innocent of murder, but guilty of manslaughter.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 29, 1985
Bobby vows to get Jenna out of jail. J.R. confronts Billings with the video cassette of his infidelity to guarantee his future cooperation with the Texas Energy Commission. Cliff and Jamie admit their mutual attraction. When Jenna is sentenced to seven years, Bobby comes forward and says he's Charlie's father to prevent the child from becoming a ward of the state. Sue Ellen is humiliated by J.R.'s public flaunting of his affair with Mandy. Sue Ellen threatens to divorce J.R. J.R. tells an upset Pam that Bobby claimed to be Charlie's father as a precautionary measure. Cliff is furious when he learns that his Tract 340 has been shut down due to leakages. Jenna tells Bobby she wants him to be free.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 12, 1985
J.R. plans to reunite Pam and Bobby, hoping that she would no longer side with Cliff in the lawsuit. J.R. is upset when he sees Mandy giving her phone number to someone. While viewing a tape from Veronica's flight, Bobby, Ray and Norman notice a man slipping her a mickey. J.R. agrees to meet a man who says he has valuable information about the Ewing Oil lawsuit, but he wants 10 percent of Ewing Oil in return for the information. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that she is a born loser which only makes Sue Ellen more determined to survive in the marriage. Cliff gives Jamie an engagement ring. Lucy receives an answer to her letter from Mitch. Jenna's case is re-opened. Jamie's brother Jack comes to Dallas.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 19, 1985
J.R. presents the deal to be made with Jack to Bobby and Ray. If his information is valid, Bobby and J.R. will split Jack's request for 10 percent of Ewing Oil. Lucy is excited about her visit to see Mitch. Jack reveals himself to J.R., Bobby and Ray as Jason's son. Donna tells Miss Ellie divorce is the only answer for her and Ray. John Ross stays home from school with a slight temperature. Later when he passes out, Clayton and Miss Ellie rush him to the hospital. The diagnosis is appendicitis. J.R. verbally abuses Sue Ellen for being a bad mother and she turns to booze.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 03, 1985
J.R. is secretly pleased that Sue Ellen is drinking again. Pam loans Cliff money when he has a cash flow problem after his wells are shut down. J.R. assures Mandy that Sue Ellen will soon be out of his life and Southfork. Jack tells the Ewings that a man named Windham can verify that Cliff and Jamie have no legal claim to Ewing Oil. Cliff and Jamie get married by a Justice of the Peace. Lucy and Mitch reflect on why their marriage failed. Donna doesn't get the chance to tell Ray that she's pregnant.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 10, 1985
Bobby and the police detective interrogate the uncooperative hit man who maintains his innocence. J.R. deliberately fuels Cliff's determination to proceed with the lawsuit. Cliff suspects that J.R. and Jack are working together. Pam and Bobby declare their love for each other. Donna and Ray have another fight and she doesn't tell him that she's pregnant. Bobby formulates a plan to make the killer confess. Mitch asks Lucy to move in with him. A decision is rendered regarding Ewing Oil. J.R. wants to institutionalize Sue Ellen for her drinking problem.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 17, 1985

Sue Ellen gets drunk at the Ewing victory party. Donna tells Ray about her pregnancy. J.R. reassures Mandy Winger that the problem with Sue Ellen will be resolved. Jenna can't wait to get married and Bobby is confused about who he should marry. Sue Ellen assures Clayton and Miss Ellie that she stopped drinking. Mitch and Lucy remarry. Cliff considers an annulment of his marriage to Jamie. Dusty reappears. Pam tells Bobby he has to marry Jenna. J.R. asks Sue Ellen to agree to end their marriage. Bobby proposes to Pam. Jamie surprises Cliff during their conversation about annulment. Then as Bobby leaves Pams house, a car drives straight towards Pamela, Bobby pushes Pam out of the way and the car hits him. The crashes and the driver is revealed to be Katherine Wentworth who is dead. Bobby is rushed to hospital where he dies of massive internal injuries.

Broadcast: 17-May-1985 w: Leonard Katzman d: Leonard Katzman

NOTE: Originally aired as a 90 minute episode.
Actress Morgan Brittany returned to the show for a cameo in the season finale, but was pregnant at the time this episode was filmed. Producers cleverly concealed her pregnancy was concealed by having Katherine seen sitting in the driver's seat of the car that killed Bobby.

193. The Ewing Family - part 1 of 2
Original Air Date: Friday, September 25, 1985

The Ewings gather at Southfork to bury Bobby. At Pam’s house, Cliff and Jamie try to comfort her. Pam blames herself. Only Miss Ellie seems able to cope,she draws up lists of things to be done and begins to plan the funeral.

"Don’t bury the pain inside, Ellie," Clayton tells her. Gary returns to Southfork and provides a shoulder for Ellie to lean on. After all these years, Gary has found himself and is able to provide solace to his mother.

She decides to bury Bobby on a beautiful green hill overlooking Southfork, near a tree house where the Ewing boys played as children.

"Of all the places on Southfork where he used to play, this was his favorite," she tells Clayton. "Gary used to come ut here with him. When the other boys were playing, J. R. was learning from Jock, but I think he would have traded everything if he could have been the one that Jock built the tree house for."

Sue Ellen, who learned of Bobby’s death after everyone else, goes on a bender. Dusty wants to take care of her, and J.R . seems more than happy to get Sue Ellen out of his life. "You just go in the house, throw Sue Ellen over your shoulder, and carry her the hell out of Southfork," he tells Dusty. Ellie tries to explain to Sue Ellen that she is an alcoholic, and Dusty cannot offer her the kind of help she needs, but Sue Ellen takes offense at the speech. She leaves the ranch and goes right to a bar Dusty follows her there and drags her away.

Dusty explains to Sue Ellen that he still loves her, that he will help her dry out. His main goal is to get her in shape for Bobby’s funeral.

The funeral is a small family event. The ceremony is short and simple. Most of the family members move away and return to the house, leaving JR. alone with the casket. He speaks to Bobby.

"Never really told you how much you meant to me. All the fights, all that time butting’ heads with one another I'm sorry we were never friends. I wish I’d taken time to tell you that I loved you... I do... and you tell Daddy I love him too. Goodbye, Bobby. I miss you!"

Broadcast: 27-Sep-1985 w: Leonard Katzman d: Nick Havinga

NOTE: THE DREAM BEGINS Originally aired as a two hour episode.

193. ROCK BOTTOM - part 2 of 2
Original Air Date: Friday, September 25, 1985

by Joel J. Feigenbanm

Sue Ellen has a sudden change of heart as she and Dusty leave the ranch. She tells him it was a mistake for her to walk out and that she plans to go back. JR. is not impressed with her return. His harsh rejection turns her, once again, to alcohol. She jumps in her car and roars off to the nearest bar. After downing too much vodka, Sue Ellen is too drunk to drive. She attracts a man who volunteers to take her home and then robs her of her Mercedes. The next morning, without purse, identification, or any sense of herself, Sue Ellen wanders through an unfamiliar part of town. A bag lady offers her a drink, but Sue Ellen disdainfully rejects the offer

Clayton and Ellie worry about Sue Ellen and go off to look for her

"Every time she drinks, her chances only get worse, Ellie tells Clayton.

"We don’t know that she’s been drinking."

"Don’t we?"

But Ellie can’t devote herself entirely to Sue Ellen’s problems—Bobby’s will must be read. The family is shocked to discover that Bobby has left his share of Ewing Oil to Christopher, in Pam’s trust. J.R. can’t believe he may have to be in partnership with Pam, while Cliff wants nothing more than to arrange for Pam to sell the shares—to him.

Only Mandy gives J.R. the understanding he needs but Mandy does worry about the fact that J.R. is still a married man.

"I have a feeling," JR. says to her, "a very strong feeling , that the Sue Ellen problem is going to take care itself."

Indeed, Sue Ellen has returned to the bag lady she once shunned and now greedily shares her bottle cheap wine.

Broadcast: 27-Sep-1985 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum d: Michael Preece

Original Air Date: Friday, October 04, 1985

Clayton and Ellie intensify their search for Sue Ellen who Ellie feels very strongly must be in trouble.

Meanwhile, J.R. considers his own troubles. He can't believe that he may end up in business with the person he hates the most—his former sister-in-law, Pam. J.R. tries to buy Christopher’s shares of Ewing Oil, and Jeremy Wendell of Weststar works with Cliff to convince his sister to sell her Ewing Oil shares to them. Pam is truly torn between wanting to do the right thing for Christopher and wondering what Bobby would want her to do.

Clayton and Ellie finally find Sue Ellen. She has been moved from the city drunk tank to a detoxification ward. Dusty comes to the "detox" ward and gives Sue Ellen some gentle assurance. "I’m here because I love you, Sue Ellen. I’m here to keep my promise to help you. I will get you healthy again. Because I want you."

But Sue Ellen can only beg him for a drink. As Dusty tries to comfort Sue Ellen, JR. comes in and finds his wife in her lover’s arms. He and Dusty exchange punches while Sue Ellen, traumatized, begins to scream; and quake all over. JR. decides to commit Sue Ellen to a sanitarium.

"It’s all right, J.R. ," Ellie tells him after he signs papers. "You’ve done what had to be done. Someday Sue Ellen will thank you for this."

Broadcast: 04-Oct-1985 w: Peter Dunne d: Nick Havinga

Original Air Date: Friday, October 11, 1985

Ellie begins to wonder if she too should sell her share of Ewing Oil to Weststar Although she doesn’t want the the family business to come to an end, she also does not want a repeat of the struggle for control that tore Bobby and JR. apart after Jock’s death.

Sue Ellen discovers that she has no choice but to join an alcoholics program at the clinic. When Dusty tries to visit Sue Ellen at the sanitarium he discovers she isn’t allowed to have visitors, so he bribes an attendant to let him in. Clayton warns him that his involvement with Sue Ellen is poorly timed, but Dusty seems very determined to make the love affair work out this time.

When her attendant pulls out a flask and offers Sue Ellen a drink—for a price, of course—Sue Ellen is sorely tempted. Then something inside her gives her the strength to turn away. Ferociously, she presses the "call" button and rings for a doctor. The action surprises and enlightens her.

"I can do it!" she says to herself. "I can do it. I just need help.’

Cliff continues to pressure his sister to sell to Jeremy Wendell at Weststar, and Pam gets more and more confused. Unable to deal with the business or the decisions she needs to make, Pam runs from the house—and gets quite a shock.

Broadcast: 11-Oct-1985 w: Hollance White , Stephanie Garman d: Michael Preece

Original Air Date: Friday, October 18, 1985
Pam is stunned when Mark emerges from the shadows. Their reunion is interrupted by a call from J.R. but Mark refuses to let them be disturbed. J.R. tells Sly that he plans to inundate Pam with work predicting she will collapse under the pressure and agree to sell him Christopher's shares. Mark tells Pam there's no cure for his blood disease but he's in remission. He tells her that he staged his death in order to spare her and search for a cure. J.R. is annoyed when his P.I. doesn't find any dirt on Jack and he instructs the detective to investigate Wendell. Cliff gets two weeks to firm up Jack and Pam's commitments to sell shares to Wendell. Sue Ellen gets a stark report on her future and she decides to commit totally to rehab. Mandy listens to a seductive message J.R. leaves on her phone but tells herself she can't pick up where they left off. Cliff and Jamie are stunned when Pam stops by with Mark. Clayton comforts Ellie after she tells Gary she hasn't made up her mind about selling. Donna is moved by Jenna's baby gift. Ray cautions Jack not to trust J.R. Ellie asks Dusty to stay away from Sue Ellen until she's recovered. Sue Ellen vows to beat her addiction even when she learns that J.R. refuses to help her. Jack is awakened by an intruder who steals his passport. Cliff tells Mark how hurt Pam was by J.R. sending her on a phony Caribbean search for her lost love. Mark condemns J.R. and vows to ruin Ewing Oil.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 25, 1985

J.R. nominates Bobby for the man of the year award at the Oil Baron's Ball. Cliff learns of the break-in at Jack's and wonders what he has to hide. Dusty tells Clayton and Ellie that he's going to Cheyenne for his divorce hearing but plans to come back for Sue Ellen. Mark explains to Kenderson that he decided to reenter Pam's life because she was in trouble. He says he has been honest with her about his condition. Kenderson agrees to head a blood disease research center that Mark wants to found. Sue Ellen discusses her parents and J.R. with her therapist who wants her to concentrate on the future. Sue Ellen's mother arrives for a short stay at Southfork. Ellie tells Clayton that Patricia has never been anything but trouble for Sue Ellen and everybody else. Sue Ellen takes pleasure in helping a fellow patient. Mark agrees to meet with Wendell to discuss his offer. An unseen photographer takes pictures of Jenna and Jack and then Jack by himself. Ellie advises Ray to make his own decision about selling his shares. Jack tells Ray he's attracted to Jenna but Ray warns it will take her a while to get over Bobby. Ray also reminds Jack that their third option with the sale is to simply side with whatever Miss Ellie decides to do. Patricia tells Sue Ellen she plans to stay in Dallas to help Sue Ellen regain her life.

J.R. finds out that Mandy moved out of her apartment. Pam explains to J.R. that she decided to take Wendell's offer because it seems the better long term interest for Christopher. J.R. feels utterly defeated. Ellie tells Clayton she's decided to sell to Wendell. Ellie goes to Ewing Oil and hears J.R. talking aloud to Bobby. She's disturbed to hear him say he's taking John Ross and leaving Dallas.

Original Air Date: Friday, November 01, 1985

While celebrating Pam's decision to sell to Wendell, Jamie is annoyed by an overzealous Cliff's preoccupation with the pending deal. Pam assures Mark she intends to meet with Wendell to sign the papers in a couple of days as planned. After Ellie tells a dismayed Clayton that she overheard J.R. talk about leaving Southfork, she discloses that she won't sell her share of Ewing Oil to Wendell. At the sanitarium, J.R. and John Ross visit Sue Ellen who, having completed the program, is checking out the following day. J.R. only mildly protests when she informs him that she won't be going back to Southfork right away and will stay with her mother. Charlie is pleased when Jenna agrees to attend the Oil Barons' Ball with Jack.

Dallas Drean season dack rambo aka Jack Ewing at the Oil Barons Ball with Jenna

In a hotel suite, a photographer delivers recent photos of Jack to Angelica Nero who believes he's the man she has been seeking. Angelica intends to casually approach Jack in person to confirm his identity Despite Ellie's promise that she, Ray, and Gary won't sell to Wendell, J.R. considers Wendell's pending acquisition of Christopher's interest unacceptable and vows to start over on his own. At the sanitarium, a confident Patricia reassures an uncertain Sue Ellen as she's discharged and says goodbye to her roommate.


Pam privately questions her decision to sell to Wendell after Ellie regrets forgetting that John Ross and Christopher should be trusted to keep the family and company intact. Dressed for the ball, Jenna can't get an excited Charlie to talk realistically about Jack. J.R. delights in John Ross's enthusiasm for the oil business. Pam wonders if she's sacrificing Christopher's family ties in favor of monetary gain. A supportive Mark comments that she can still change her mind and sell to J.R. if she wants to. Donna and Ray learn that the amniocentesis test results show that their baby has an abnormality. J.R. invites Jordan and Marilee to make him an offer for his interest in Ewing Oil.

Victoria Principal Dallas Oil Barons Ball season nine

Though Cliff tries to answer for Pam, she admits it was difficult to sever ties with the Ewings when Marilee asks. J.R. reiterates to Ellie that his mind is made up about striking out on his own. When Angelica encounters Jack, he smiles politely but doesn't know who she is. Jack persuades Jenna to call Donna and Ray when she worries about their absence. Ellie and Clayton invite Sue Ellen and Patricia to sit at the Ewing table.

Mandy tells J.R. she'll be whatever he needs her to be in order to carry on their relationship. J.R. scoffs when Cliff brags that he'll soon be J.R.'s boss which prompts Jamie to attack Cliff for his selfish manipulation of Pam. J.R. refuses to acknowledge the presence of a hurt and confused Sue Ellen.


When the Oil Man of the Year Award is given posthumously to Bobby, Ellie accepts on his behalf and then chooses to pass it on to Christopher. After accepting for Christopher, Pam makes an announcement that astonishes J.R. and significantly affects the future operation of Ewing Oil.

Pam makes her own speech, explaining that she cannot sell Christopher’s heritage to Weststar.

"With apologies to those who may not understand my sudden change of heart, I cannot. . . will not sell Christopher's share of Ewing Oil to Weststar."

Pam then privately tells JR., "I’m not selling the shares at all. From now on, it’s you and me. I’ll see you in the office, partner

Original Air Date: Friday, November 08, 1985

Ray and Donna did not attend the ball because they have discovered that their unborn child suffers from Down’s Syndrome.

They are torn and confused as to their next course of action—Ray is in favor of abortion, Donna is not. Finally Donna is able to persuade Ray to join her in investigating what kind of life their child will have if they go ahead.

Cliff tries to get Jamie to come back; she is almost swayed until she discovers that what Cliff really wants is a date for a dinner engagement with shipping magnate Angelica Nero. Jamie refuses and Cliff is forced to meet with Angelica alone. He is shocked when she begins to pitch to him a very exciting deal.

Angelica has used Cliff as bait to attract J.R, J.R is happy to woo her and win the deal away from Barnes, never suspecting that she has already chosen Ewing Oil because of her interest in Jack.

Angelica arranges the meeting with JR. at a restaurant where she knows Jack and Jenna will dine so that she can get a good look at her target. Afterward, she confides to her assistant, Grace, that Jack is indeed the man she has been looking for.

Donna and Ray visit a school for disabled children and come away very impressed. They decide to have the baby, despite the problems ahead.

Broadcast: 08-Nov-1985 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum d: Michael Preece

Original Air Date: Friday, November 15, 1985

Sue Ellen reiterates to Dusty that she isn't ready to commit to him and says she won't be at tomorrow's Ewing-hosted charity rodeo to root for him.

J.R. asks an undecided Jack to work at Ewing Oil and invites Angelica to the rodeo, mentioning that Jack will be there. Angelica tells Cliff she'll soon make a decision re the co-venture. Ray and Donna look forward to the rodeo and share a moment of hopefulness about the baby. Pam and Mark discuss Cliff's devious methods, plans for the research center, and the rodeo.

J.R. invites Mandy to the rodeo. Sue Ellen finally agrees to go to the rodeo for a competing John Ross' sake but resents Patricia's instructions to stay away from Dusty. During the rodeo,

Angelica is attentive to Jack which is not lost on Jenna. Cliff tries to spend time with Angelica but is frustrated when she walks off with J.R. Pam assures Jamie that problems with Cliff will all work out and shares a friendly exchange with Jenna. Jenna, Sue El1en, and Jamie compete in the barrel race, while Patricia deliberately interrupts Mandy and an annoyed J.R.

Sue Ellen warns Mandy that J.R. will eventually abandon her just as he has his previous mistresses. Sue Ellen surprises J.R. by having the last word when they argue about Mandy and Dusty.

Angelica decides on Ewing Oil for the co-venture, and she, J.R., and Jack proceed to iron out the details of the deal. J.R. is forced to introduce Angelica to Pam who is surprised to learn about the pending deal. Donna takes a bad fall and worries about the baby as Ray comforts her on the way to the hospital. Mark reminds Pam that as J.R.'s equal partner, she's justified in talking privately with Angelica. A rejuvenated Sue Ellen tells Clayton she could never live at Southfork again. After Pam explains that she and J.R. share equally in the decision-making process, Angelica hides her displeasure and graciously promises to provide Pam with information on the pending deal. After promising not to push her for a commitment, Dusty and Sue Ellen make love in the hayloft.

Sue Ellen watches a controlled J.R. present the rodeo's All-Around Cowboy award to Dusty. Angelica persuades Jack to drop her off at her hotel.

At the hospital, Ray feels both relief and sorrow when the doctor d1scloses the out come of Donna's surgery.

Original Air Date: Friday, November 22, 1985

At the hospital, Ray waits to see Donna. J.R. reassures Mandy when she wonders if he's really over Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen refuses to discuss her personal life with Patricia and tells a disappointed Dusty that she wants his companionship but isn't ready to live with him. Mark suggests that a suspicious Pam talk to Angelica before deciding that J.R. was operating behind her back. Ray tells Donna that they lost the baby. Phyllis agrees to stay on as Pam's secretary.

Ellie dashes Patricia's hopes of saving the J.R. and Sue Ellen relationship. Angelica is relieved to hear that J.R. leveled with Pam about the pending deal. Angelica stresses that she has full authority when J.R. indicates he wants to personally discuss the arrangement with reclusive Dmitri Marinos. Surprising Sue Ellen, Patricia supports her daughter's life apart from J.R. and then wonders how Sue Ellen can stand being separated from John Ross. Purposely late for a lunch date, J.R. explains to Mandy that he wants to give Jack a chance to get acquainted with Angelica. When Jack persuades Angelica to delay business discussion until J.R. arrives, she comments that Jack's involvement in the deal might be very important. Cliff makes amends with Pam.

At the hospital, Ray finds Donna withdrawn and unresponsive. Sue Ellen hires a lawyer, having decided to seek full custody of John Ross. Cliff and Jamie reconcile. Ray dissolves into tears as he prepares to dispose of the baby items Donna had accumulated. Vowing there'll be no deal unless he knows what's really going on, J.R. falls into a passionate embrace with a seductive Angelica.

Sue Ellen visits with John Ross. J.R. instructs his private detective to provide background information on Dmitri Marinos and Angelica. After learning that she's seeking custody and legal separation, J.R. confronts Sue Ellen and swears that she'll never be safe if she somehow succeeds in taking John Ross away from him.

Original Air Date: Friday, November 29, 1985

Sue Ellen has a nightmare in which J.R. foils her attempt to take John Ross from Southfork. When Angelica's associate Nicholas reports that J.R.'s detective is snooping around in Athens, she feels pressured to quickly close the deal with J.R. A grieving Donna tells Ellie that she won't try to have another baby but doesn't elaborate.

Though she's frightened, Sue Ellen assures a worried Clayton that she's prepared to press her suit for custody of John Ross. Calling from Athens, the detective suggests that J.R. hold off on closing the deal while he checks out some odd activity at Marinos. J.R. talks to John Ross about the custody suit. Though she tries to explain, Sue Ellen realizes that John Ross is still confused about his parents' custody fight. Jack's expression of love for his late mother moves Jenna. Ellie discovers that John Ross is missing from his room.

The family, including Sue Ellen, scours the ranch in search of John Ross. The detective calls from Athens and leaves a message for J.R. to meet him at the Dallas airport in the morning. Nicholas and two goons watch the detective as he exits the phone booth and drops a manila envelope into a mailbox. Pam tells a surprised Angelica that she is opposed to the co-venture. A loving Cliff and Jamie plan to work closely together so she can learn about the oil business. Ellie finds John Ross and tries to alleviate his fears about the custody dispute.

The judge who will rule on the custody case talks to John Ross, Sue Ellen, and J.R. individually and then together, promising to make his decision as quickly as possible. Angelica and Grace agree that Pam can be taken care of if she becomes too much of a problem. J.R. is annoyed when a cautious, reluctant Jack wants to talk to Pam before committing to the Marinos deal.

Cliff and Jamie tell Pam/Mark that they're going to have a proper traditional wedding ceremony and honeymoon. At the airport, J.R. spots the detective's suitcase but the man is nowhere to be found.

J.R. and Sue Ellen are both stunned when the judge announces his decision in the custody case.

The judge speaks to John Ross and each of his parents separately before making his ruling.

"I must say that while your abilities and qualifications are distinctly different, I’m convinced that both of you love your son. My decision is no reflection on the depth of feeling you each have for him, or he for you. But it falls to award custody of John Ross to only one parent ,and I have therefore made my decision to award that to Mrs. Ewing."

Original Air Date: Friday, December 06, 1985

While awaiting court approval to appeal the custody ruling, Harv cautions an impatient J.R. not to tamper with the judicial system. Having decided to leave John Ross at Southfork until the custody issue is settled, a worried Sue Ellen discusses J.R.'s pending motion for appeal and her future with Pam and Mark. A listless Donna aggravates Ray. J.R. tells John Ross that he's fighting to keep him at Southfork. After talking to Pam, Jack realizes he'll be caught in the middle if she and J.R. disagree about closing the Marinos deal. Angelica instructs Nicholas to hold J.R.'s detective captive in Greece until Grace intercepts the manila envelope the detective mailed. Through an unsuspecting McSween, J.R. hopes to find a way to bribe the judge who will preside if the appeal is granted. Cliff is pleased to have an enterprising Jamie working with him at Barnes/Wentworth. Posing as a temporary secretary for J.R.'s detective's partner, Grace and her cohorts in Greece arrange a phone conversation in which the captive detective tells his partner to give J.R the go-ahead to close the Marinos deal. Jenna sympathizes when Donna explains that her extreme grief over the lost baby can't be shared with Ray. Sue Ellen plans to get a job and is unconcerned about the social scene she continues to worry about J.R.'s appeal. The judge's son is grateful when J.R. offers to find a job for him at Ewing Oil. J.R. tells Pam that her decision re the Marinos deal is required tomorrow when they are due to meet with Angelica. Donna silently observes as a frustrated Ray tears down the construction on the new house.

At J.R.'s request, the detective's partner has Grace messenger over the Jason/Nancy Ewing file to J.R. Grace finds the detective's manila envelope in incoming mail and tucks it in her purse. Dusty tells Sue Ellen to have faith that she'll win out if J.R. is allowed to appeal. Unable to forget Bobby, Jenna flees Jack's romantic advances. In consideration of J.R. hiring his son, the judge promises to award custody to J.R. if the appeal is granted. Finally realizing that Ray is suffering as much as she is, Donna apologizes to him for ignoring his pain.

J.R., Jack, and Angelica are pleased when Pam decides in favor of the co-venture. Sue Ellen makes a surprising decision that significantly affects J.R. and John Ross' future. Sue Ellen realizes it would be a mistake to take her son from his home. To everyone’s total shock, she announces that she’s not taking John Ross after all.

Original Air Date: Friday, December 13, 1985

by Will Lorin

Harv Smithfield, the family attorney, advises JR. that even though Sue Ellen is allowing John Ross to stay at Southfork, she still has custody of the boy and can claim him at any time. If, however, Sue Ellen were to move back to the ranch, she would forfeit custody. J.R. then asks Sue Ellen to come back to Southfork, for John Ross s sake.

Sue Ellen tells Patricia that she is not going to try to control John Ross’s life the way Patricia did hers. She confides to her mother that she is considering moving back to Southfork, because John Ross keeps telling her in nonverbal ways that he needs her there. Patricia begins to pack her things to leave Dallas. The two women work out their differences and Patricia begins to understand that she can no longer manipulate her daughter.

Jenna tells Jack that they should stop seeing each other. Jack, dismayed, asks Ray for advice; Ray suggests that he just slow down a bit, that perhaps Jenna isn’t ready for romance so soon after Bobby’s death.

Sue Ellen moves back to Southfork. Mandy, upset by the news, seeks out Cliff Barnes for Chinese food and a chat. Barnes suggests revenge.

Original Air Date: Friday, December 20, 1985

by Deanne Barkley

When a ruptured water main floods their house, Ray and Donna move into Southfork. Clayton tells his lawyer that he’s having financial problems and needs to sell off some of his smaller companies to keep his refinery going, but he doesn’t want Ellie to know about his problems. Everyone in the family has noticed how distracted Clayton has been, but he is not aware of any difference in his behavior.

Pam opens a package addressed to Bobby from his friend Matt Cantrell and is surprised to see it holds a huge uncut emerald and the promise that there’s more to come from his South American mine. When Pam tells J.R. about the emerald, he scoffs and tells her that it must be fake, since Cantrell is a loser.

J.R. and Angelica continue to do business. Cliff has been telling Mandy that the two are involved in more than business, but Mandy has refused to believe it. Cliff gives her a tip-off that sends her to Angeliea’s hotel, from which she sees JR. emerge in the early morning, thus confirming Cliff’s accusation and her own suspicions. Furious at JR.’s betrayal, Mandy flushes the diamond bracelet he gave her down the toilet, Jack, upset by Jenna’s jilting him, takes off for places unknown so that he can clear his head. JR. is annoyed when Jamie says even she doesn’t know how to locate her brother.

Original Air Date: Friday, January 03, 1986

by Bill Taub

Angelica is concerned about Jack’s disappearance because she has an opportunity to put her secret plan into action in Caracas shortly. JR. assures her that Jack will be back when needed, but both he and Angelica are anxious.

Matt comes to Dallas to meet with Bobby and is shocked to discover his friend has died. He and Pam chat about Bobby’s dreams and how Matt has lived out all their boyhood fantasies, and Pam decides to back Matt in the mine. JR. agrees to sell his interest in Cantrell’s mine since he thinks the whole thing is a waste of time. Mark Graison is not thrilled at Pam’s enthusiasm for the mine; he feels that Pam is becoming too involved with Bobby and his ghost.

Mandy leaks information about Ewing Oil to Cliff which results in his cancellation of all equipment orders to make sure that JR. doesn’t get the items he needs for his drilling with Marinos Shipping. J.R can’t understand how this has happened to him, but soon discovers that Mandy is the spy. He sadly vows revenge.

Jamie, who has been working with Cliff at Barnes Wentworth since they got back together, goes on a site inspection and is crushed by an avalanche of oil barrels. She’s rushed to the hospital, where blood tests reveal that she has a very rare type of blood. The doctor urges the family to locate Jack, who might make a suitable blood donor. Without the right blood, Jamie will die.

Original Air Date: Friday, January 10, 1986

As Jamie lies unconscious, the doctor stresses the urgency of finding a compatible blood donor. While Mark Graison and Sue Ellen try to find other possible donors, JR. offers a $25,000 reward to anyone who can locate Jack Ewing. J.R. claims to be acting out of concern for his cousin, hut the truth is that he needs Jack for Angelica to produce in Caracas in a matter of days.

Jack has gone to an isolated fishing lodge to be alone to think about his problems with Jenna and has no idea that he is being sought. Jenna, distraught and blaming herself for his disappearance, goes to Jack’s apartment to find clues to where he may have gone. Some photographs trigger her memory of his fishing cabin. Jenna and Ray fly out in the Southfork plane to New Mexico and return with Jack.

According to Angelica, Jack was so important to her plans because he was the illegitimate son of Dimitri Marinos. When the doctor announces that Jack’s blood is an exact match to Jamie’s, J.R. is left with serious doubts.

Original Air Date: Friday, January 17, 1986

by Bill Tech

J.R. uses Graison Research’s computers to analyze Jack’s blood and discovers that Jack and Jamie did indeed have the same parents. He realizes that Angelica has been lying to him, but he’s not certain why.

Angelica, having missed her chance to use Jack in Caracas, now wants him to appear at an oil conference in Martinique. Smelling a rat, J.R. decides to sell part of his share of the Marinos deal to the cartel.

Matt Cantrell gives Pam a brooch set with emeralds from their mine. Pam decides to go down to Colombia to see the mine for herself, even though Mark is furious at the thought. Pam is saddened by his refusal to understand her need to go to Colombia.

Ellie secretly buys up the companies that Clayton has for sale.

"You can’t keep buying everything Clayton is selling," Punk Anderson advises her. "You’ll go broke if that keeps up"

Original Air Date: Friday, January 24, 1986

by Peter Dunce

Matt and JR. meet secretly to confirm their deal: J.R. has been providing Matt with the money, the loose stones, and the brooch for Pam in order to eon her into sinking money into the mine. He plans on using her incompetence in this deal against her in his legal campaign to oust her from Ewing Oil. Then JR. feeds Cliff some phony information about the mine, enticing him to contribute $2 million of his own money to be Pam’s partner.

J.R.‘s satisfaction with his progress on the mine and the Marinos deal is marred by his discovery that his mother has put up her 10 percent of Ewing Oil as collateral to buy a business through an unnamed Houston broker. JR. begins work to find out why. Pam is so excited about her upcoming jungle adventure that she forgets a dinner date with Mark. Mark confides to Sue Ellen that Pam and Bobby were planning to remarry and his feelings that he and Pam may not have a future together after all.

Original Air Date: Friday, January 31, 1986

By Joel J. Feigenbaum

In Los Gatos, Colombia, Matt scans the post office, desperate to get a package of emeralds that JR. is sending him for their con. The chief of police, Luis Rueda, reveals to Matt that he has the package and that he considers Matt to be a very suspicious character.

J.R. has noticed that Grace has befriended Jack and that the two are beginning to be an item J.R is certain this is a ploy on behalf of Angelica to gain control over Jack, and he is still not certain why Jack is so vital to Angelica’s plans.

Sue Ellen, who has blossomed in her position as the Fund raiser for Graison Research, has so impressed JR. that their relationship begins to take a new turn. JR. asks her if he may escort her to the fundraising auction she is hostessing for Graison Research.

Clayton discovers that it was Ellie who was behind his buyouts, and while angry at first, he comes to realize what a loving gesture she made. He decides to sell all of Farlow Industries and devote himself to the ranch, horse breeding, and Miss Ellie.

Matt and Pam leave Los Gatos for the mine, a few days’ trek into the jungle. Matt leaves camp to take a swim in the river after everyone goes to bed. Pam’s screams bring him racing back to camp, where he is knocked unconscious and left for dead.

Original Air Date: Friday, February 07, 1986

by Leonard Katzman

When Matt comes to he discovers that the camp is destroyed and that Pam and everyone else are gone. He makes his way back to Los Gatos and calls J.R , who decides to come to Colombia to meet with Matt in person. He tells Matt to wait twelve hours, and then call Cliff and Mark. Once he puts the calls through, Cliff and Mark make plans to head down to Colombia.

JR. stands in the shadows as they arrive. He has explained to Matt that he never meant any harm to come to Pam—he just wanted to discredit her. He has also bribed the police chief into helping out with the case.

While he is gone, JR. has instructed Sly to explain his absence by telling everyone he is away on business in Europe. Angelica does not believe his cover story and worries that he has discovered her plan. She instructs Grace to seduce Jack. Matt, Mark, Cliff and Rueda are setting up a search party when a young boy arrives with a package for them. It is the emerald brooch Matt gave Pam.

Original Air Date: Friday, February 14, 1986

In Colombia, Mark and Cliff work anxiously with Rueda in the desperate attempt to gain Pam’s release. Cliff is perplexed by the $100,000 ransom demand. "Why did they ask for so little when they could have had so much more?"

Reluctantly, Mark and Cliff agree to let Matt go alone to deliver the money. Mark believes that Matt may have had something to do with the kidnapping and will now skip out with the money. When Matt is late in returning, Mark is sure his worst fears are being confirmed.

Victoria Principal as Pamela Ewing in Dallas
Finally, Matt returns. The next day, Pam is released into Mark’s hungry arms.

Back in Dallas, Ellie and Donna have fears of their own—that Jenna may be cracking up. Jenna agrees to see a psychiatrist, but when at her first appointment she finds herself opening up to him somewhat, she catches herself withdraws, and then dismisses him.

Mandy confesses to J.R. that she was the spy. JR. feigns surprise, never revealing that he already knew and used her to take phony information to Cliff. He has his eye on Sue Ellen, in whom he has taken a renewed interest. When Jerry Kenderson brings Sue Ellen home from work and gives her a friendly kiss goodnight, J.R. stands in the shadows, watching.

Broadcast: 14-Feb-1986 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum , Peter Dunne d: Bruce Bilson


Original Air Date: Friday, February 21, 1986

by Hollace White and Stephanie Garrnan

Pam insists that she still wants to be taken to see the mine, much to Matt’s dismay. In a panic that she will discover the truth, Matt calls J.R., who tells him to simply explain to Pam that much excavation will be needed before she will see any real evidence of emeralds; she shouldn’t expect to see them lying on the surface.

In Dallas, JR. invites Sue Ellen to accompany him to Martinique, where he is headed for a big oil conference.Sue Ellen rejects his overtures and refuses his offer. Hurt, JR. calls his private eye with instructions to start digging for dirt on Jerry Kenderson.Ray, filling in for Donna at the school where she has been doing volunteer work, finds himself particularly taken with one of her students, a young deaf boy living with a foster family.

Only Jenna is not doing well. When her psychiatrist brings up the day before Bobby’s death, Lucy’s wedding day, she rushes out of his office in a fit of anger.

Original Air Date: Friday, February 28, 1986 written by Susan Howard

by Susan Howard

JR., who has asked Sly to get him all the available information worldwide on Dimitri Marinos, has begun to smell a rat and is holding back in his dealings with Angelica. He connects with a man named Alex Garrett, a former attorney of Marinos’s, who mysteriously warns J. R., "Watch out for Angelica Nero."

J.R. decides to go with Jack to Martinique, but to proceed slowly and to find out more from Garrett once he gets there.

Pam gets back to work with J.R. and finds the situation just as unpleasant as ever. When she discovers JR.’s latest tricks with the cartel she gets furious, but JR. tells her that her situation in Colombia just proves how inept a businesswoman she really is. Mark helps Pam realize that she doesn’t have to carry on for Bobby just to prove how much she loved him; it’s time for Pam to get on with her other commitments. On the way to Martinique J.R. finally asks Jack to impersonate Marinos. Jack is furious, but J.R. assures everyone that Jack will cooperate because it is in Ewing Oil’s best interests that he do so. Jack is resentful, but finally agrees. He feels betrayed by Grace— as well he should. Behind his back Angelica, Nicholas, and Grace hatch a terrible scheme—Jack and J.R are to be blown up on the yacht.

Original Air Date: Friday, March 07, 1986

by Leonard Katzman

In Dallas, Pam is becoming increasingly concerned about Jenna’s deep psychological distress. She tries to help Jenna, but is rejected. Inadvertently, Pam tells Jenna that she and Bobby had planned to remarry right before his death, and that Bobby had told Pam that Jenna had known about his feelings.

In Martinique, J.R. continues to try to connect with Garrett, but with no success. Finally the attorney agrees to see him, but only if there is no chance the two men will not be seen together. They settle on a meeting at the upcoming costume ball, where they will both be in disguise.

Meanwhile, Jack and Grace make up and agree to start their relationship over. Angelica witnesses the scene, and although Grace assures her she was just doing her job, no longer trusts her assistant. Grace warns Jack and J.R. that their lives will be endangered on the yacht the next day.

At the ball, Garrett tells J.R that three years ago, when Dimitri Marinos was near death, he had added a codicil to his will cutting Angeliea off from Marinos Shipping. Just after that, Marinos went into seclusion. JR. begins to understand the clever scheme Angelica has been running.

Just as Angelica introduces Jack as Dimitri, pandemonium breaks loose. The assassination attempt has begun.

Original Air Date: Friday, March 14, 1986

by Peter Dunne and Joel J. Fiegenhaum

In the aftermath of the ball, J.R. and Jack are relieved to find themselves still alive. Grace and Nicholas both turn state’s witness, explaining the elaborate plan Angelica had made to prove Dimitri was alive in order to have "him" assassinated publicly. Alex Garrett takes charge of the Marinos affairs and explains to JR. that although he must temporarily halt the Ewing—Marinos deal, once things are straightened out, he will resume the deal as planned.

Back in Dallas, Pam worries about Jenna. She explains to Mark that she let slip the truth about Bobby and that Jenna hadn’t believed her. Mark later confronts Jenna, assuring her that it really is true: Bobby and Pam did plan to remarry. Still Jenna does not believe it. Finally Jenna breaks through to a blocked memory of Lucy’s wedding and remembers that she did release Bobby. Jenna decides to move away from Southfork with Charlie.

Donna agrees to adopt Tony, much to Ray’s delight.

Pam realizes that she has gone as far as she can with Bobby’s dreams and that she should get out of Ewing Oil. She decides to sell Christopher’s Ewing shares to JR.

Original Air Date: Friday, March 21, 1986


by Leonard Katzman

JR. is jubilant as he prepares to buy Christopher’s shares of Ewing Oil and finally take over as undisputed head of the company. He is further thrilled with the deal he made with the cartel, to buy them out of the Marinos deal at fifty cents on the dollar. The cartel members have no way of knowing that Garrett will make good on the deal, so they are more than happy to sell out to JR. J.R. takes out a $1 billion loan so that he can pursue his two projects at the same time.

Jenna apologizes to Jack and goes to Bobby’s grave to say goodbye to him. Having straightened out her problems with Bobby’s death, Jenna decides to stay on at Southfork, perhaps she and Jack can work it out. Angelica, now hiding in Europe, buys fake documents and begins her plot for revenge. She finds Nicholas in Zurich, and kills him with a well placed hat pin.

JR. discovers that there’s nothing in Kenderson’s background that can be used against him but stumbles on some interesting tidbits about Mark Graison in the process. He decides to speed up investigation into Graison’s past. Sue Ellen tells Jerry that she cannot leave Southfork for him. When she bumps into Mandy she is shocked to learn that she and JR. have broken up. Mandy tells her the cause was another woman—Sue Ellen. Convinced that Pam has finally put Bobby’s death behind her, Mark asks her to marry him, and she says, yes, one more time.

218. J.R. RISING
Original Air Date: Friday, April 04, 1986

by Joel J. Fiegenbanni and Peter Dunne

Sue Ellen tries to get J.R. to admit that he broke up with Mandy for her, but he won’t commit. He does seek out Kenderson and plants more seeds of discontent.

Cliff throws in his hand with the cartel, in the hopes that together they will have the power to beat JR. at his own game. JR. discovers that if he defaults on any of his loan payments, he will lose Ewing Oil. He’s not too worried, though, and gives Garrett the go-ahead on the Marinos wells.

Donna and Ray begin the adoption proceedings, but fear that Ray’s manslaughter conviction for Mickey Trotter’s death will stand in the way. They overcome that obstacle, but find that Tony doesn’t want to be adopted by them.

Matt discovers emeralds in Colombia and decides to go back to Dallas to show Pam. Angelica, still undercover, enters the United States, intent on revenge.

Original Air Date: Friday, April 11, 1986

by Leonard Katzman

The drop in the price of oil forces J.R to shut down his stripper wells, those wells that only pump fifteen barrels of oil a day. Since he is anticipating five-thousand barrels a day from the Marinos deal, he’s not worried.

Ray and Donna discover that Tony has been hurt emotionally by another family he loved and is therefore reluctant to be adopted because he thinks the same thing will happen. They resolve to keep working on it.

Mark tells Sue Ellen that J.R. has been snooping around into his and Jerry’s past lives, looking for dirt. Sue Ellen, furious, confronts J.R., who tells her that he only did what he did because the thought of losing her is so difficult for him. Mark is so enraged that he finally admits to Pam and Cliff that they were right about J.R. all along. Cliff hopes this means Mark will throw in with him and merge Graisco with Barnes Wentworth. Jamie is so worried about a new feud that she goes to see J.R. and begs him to leave Cliff alone.

Sue Ellen breaks up with Jerry Kenderson, explaining that she wants to give J.R. another chance.

Angelica is booked for speeding and carrying a gun but is soon released and continues on her way to Dallas.

Original Air Date: Friday, May 02, 1986

by Peter Dunne and Joel Feigenbaum

JR. settles in to life being just about perfect: he finally has control of Ewing Oil, Jack has decided to leave Dallas, and Sue Ellen admits that she and JR. do, indeed, have a special thing between them which she can’t find with anyone else. J.R. in turn promises Sue Ellen that he will never take her for granted again.

Marilee is so angry at J.R.’s latest ruthless schemes that she tells Cliff that she and the other members of the cartel are ready to band together with him to go after Ewing Oil. Cliff can’t wait to do battle again, but Jamie steps in and takes matters into her own hands, by going to J.R. and personally asking him to promise to leave Cliff alone.

Pam and Mark progress with their wedding plans. When the invitation to their wedding arrives at Southfork, Ellie is misty eyed and pensive. Donna also is pensive when, after finally getting Tony to agree to being adopted by the Krebbses, the application is denied because of Ray’s criminal record.

Angelica meets with an explosives expert who does some fancy work in her custom-made briefcase as she prepares to take on J.R.

Original Air Date: Friday, May 09, 1986

by Leonard Katzman

When he discovers that Garrett has shut down the Marinos wells, J.R. angrily threatens his former friend. Without the wells, J.R. faces financial ruin; but if JR. has to go down, he’ll take others with him.

His snooping into Jerry Kenderson’s past has revealed a choice secret about Mark Graison. Graison was involved in a college prank that resulted in a student death and can be tried at any time.

The new hired hand, Ben Stivers, alludes to a secret of his own in a life related to the Ewings in previous times. Punk Anderson thinks the man is familiar to him, and Ellie, too, is made uneasy by the memories he brings up.

J.R. and Sue Ellen attend the fundraiser she has organized for Graison Research and get along fine with forincrly fending family members. Sue Ellen is convinced JR. really has changed.

The two have a wonderful time and Sue Ellen moves back into JR.‘s bedroom as a live-in wife. Sue Ellen tells John Ross that his parents are committed to making their marriage work.

But Angelica has other plans.

Original Air Date: Friday, May 16, 1986

by Peter Dunne and Joel Fiegenbanm

Worried that his empire may collapse, JR. agrees to do business with Angelica Nero, who has returned from her hideout to offer J.R. some papers that will give him power over Alex Garrett. At gunpoint, Angelica forces JR to her car and gives him a sample of the documents she is selling. JR has them authenticated and is delighted with them and agrees to pay her. They agree to meet at the office on Sunday for the exchange.

Pam and Mark are married at Mark’s home. Moments before the ceremony, Ellie tells Pam how much she loves her. All the Ewings and Barneses turn out for the family event. Donna and Ray have finally adopted Tony. Jack refuses to reconsider staying in Dallas, but promises Jamie that she will get to keep his snazzy sportscar while he is off in parts unknown.

JR. gives Sue Ellen a new engagement ring as the two resume their married life. He postpones a Sunday family outing to go to the office to meet Angelica,she keeps him waiting an extra hour. When Angelica shows up, she pulls the pin from her explosive briefcase, setting the timer on the detonator. J.R. and Angelica exchange a few angry words, during which Angelica vows to kill Jack and J.R., then JR. calls in the police, who listened to the conversation and can now book Angelica. As she is led away, Angelica screams that it’s too late Jack and J.R. anyway.

Dallas dream season Jack EwingWorried, JR. telephones his cousin. Jack and Jamie are in his sportscar, just about to leave for the airport when Jack hears the phone and runs back to answer leaving Jamie waiting in the car. As JR. asks if Jamie is safe, the two men hear an explosion. Jack’s car is blown to smithereens. J.R. rushes out of his office to go over to Jack’s.

Sue Ellen, who is worried about JR. being so late decides to drive to town to find out what’s wrong. knows that JR. is meeting Angelica and senses danger. JR. leaves in one elevator just as Sue Ellen enters the office from the other elevator. Seconds later, the brief case explodes, wrecking the Ewing Building.

Ewing Oil explodes

On the morning after her wedding, Pam wakes to the sound of running water. She walks into the bathroom and opens the shower door, and sees a man who looks exactly like Bobby Ewing.

"Good morning," he says.

Bobby Ewing in the shower end of season Dallas

Broadcast: 16-May-1986 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum , Peter Dunne d: Michael Preece

NOTE: In the end credits, it states "Patrick Duffy as " but does not say which character he played. Producers obviously did not want to state that he was definitely returning as Bobby in order to keep the cliffhanger of his return as secret.
The ending of this episode with Patrick duffy in the shower was origionally taped seperately as an irish spring soap commercial. There was also an alternate ending in which Pam's new husband was in the shower. This was done as a clever way of preventing the ending from leaking

Dallas season 10
Original Air Date: Friday, September 26, 1986
Pam awakens from a dream only to find that Bobby is really alive and everything that happened in the previous year was just her dream world. J.R. doesn't have to go far to find grounds to divorce Sue Ellen. Ray tries to take his mind off his problems with Donna. Jenna's future plans are still uncertain. Cliff rallies together independent oil producers.

NOTE: Originally aired as a 2 hour episode. Actor Patrick Duffy returns to the series as Bobby Ewing
Original Air Date: Friday, September 26, 1986

J.R. tries to talk Donna into taking up a lobbying position in Washington, and he endorses her at a public gathering. Ewing 12 on fire after an explosion. Ray and Clayton hire Wes Parmalee[Steven Forrest]. Mandy has another confrontation with Sue Ellen over J.R. Jenna moves out of Southfork and has to face a disobedient Charlie. Sue Ellen hires a detective to spy on J.R and Mandy.

Broadcast: 26-Sep-1986 w: Leonard Katzman and Mitchell Wayne Katzman Directed by: Leonard Katzman

Original Air Date: Friday, October 03, 1986
Sue Ellen decides to embarrass J.R. by going into business as a manufacturer of women's erotic clothing. Cliff grows closer to Jack as he tries to gain control of Jack's interests in Ewing Oil. Donna becomes busier with her Washington lobby work, adding to the rift in her relationship with Ray. Friction rises between Ellie and Clayton after her meeting with Wes Parmalee.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 10, 1986
Miss Ellie is shattered by what she discovers in Wes' bunkhouse quarters. J.R. loses his temper as Sue Ellen's campaign against him gains momentum. J.R. makes plans to save the ailing oil industry. Pam feels a sense of déjà vu as she makes a major decision about her life. Charlie rebels against Jenna. Cliff gets half a million dollars and feels that he's on his way to gaining a share of Ewing Oil.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 17, 1986
Miss Ellie orders Wes of Southfork and rejects his claims. Ray tracks Wes down, looking for answers. Miss Ellie reveals Wes' story to Jock's closest friend Punk Anderson. J.R., furious with Sue Ellen for having him and Mandy followed, offers her a divorce. J.R. and Mandy fall unwittingly into Sue Ellen's plot as her lingerie company employs a sexy model. J.R. and Bobby are shocked when they turn to the Cattlemen's Bank for a multimillion dollar loan. Donna is in Washington, lobbying to assist the oil industry. She is puzzled when she calls Ray and Jenna answers the phone. J.R. continues trying to raise the price of oil.
Original Air Date: Friday, October 24, 1986
Clayton warns Wes that he will fight to keep him off Southfork and away from Ellie. J.R. and Bobby are convinced that Wes' claims are false until he pays them a visit at Ewing Oil. Ellie keeps her mind off of Wes by helping Pam plan her wedding. Sue Ellen's plan to get even with J.R. goes better than she expected. The unexpected arrival of his ex-wife shakes Jack's contemplation of riches from his ten percent share of Ewing Oil. With fifty percent of Ewing Oil as a guarantee, J.R. and Bobby start expanding the business. J.R.'s meeting with B.D. Calhoun leaves him confident that oil prices will rise again
Original Air Date: Friday, October 31, 1986
Warned that Wes' claims might stand up in court which would change control of Ewing Oil, J.R. and Bobby start investigating his background. Sue Ellen visits Wes and offers to help him. Sue Ellen's plan works as her sexy advertising for the lingerie is successful. J.R. is furious with Sue Ellen and Mandy. Jenna thinks her stomach pains are the start of an ulcer born of her arguments with Charlie. Cliff introduces himself to Jack's wife, April Stevens. He tells her he wants to buy her five percent of Ewing Oil. Donna asks Ray if he's having an affair with Jenna. He challenges her to move from Southfork and into his new house.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 07, 1986
Pam and Bobby's bliss is shattered by an outburst from Ray on their wedding day. J.R. uses the outburst as a last attempt to get Jenna to the wedding. Wes shows up and refuses to leave until Ellie agrees to meet him later. Jamie attends the wedding with Jack and is shocked to see Cliff arrive with April.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 14, 1986
Bobby and Pam are forced to make a difficult decision in the face of Ray's startling revelation. J.R. receives shocking news about Wes that may have a profound effect on the control of Ewing Oil. The possibility that Wes may be Jock makes the bank freeze Ewing Oil's credit line. Ellie goes through with her secret meeting with Wes. April schemes with Cliff against Jack. J.R. makes the necessary payment to further his plan to raise the price of oil.
232. Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball ?
Original Air Date: Friday, November 21, 1986
Disagreement continue between Miss Ellie and Clayton over Wes Parmalee. Clayton feels he has to fight both Parmalee and Jock's ghost. A Hollywood producer named Bruce Harvey[Jonathan Goldsmith] expresses an interest in Mandy Winger. J.R. is concerned about Bobby's situation, with Jenna's baby on the way. The C.I.A. warns J.R. against associating with B.D.Calhoun. Cliff invites April to the Oil Baron's Ball. Ray tells Donna that the fate of Jenna's baby should be entirely her choice. J.R. wants April to sell him 5 percent of Ewing Oil. Cliff wants his $500,000 back from Jack. Parmalee''s x-ray offer more surprise for J.R. and Bobby. Pam and Bobby meet April Stevens. Jenna and Ray stay from the Oil Baron's Ball. At the ball,Parmalee shocks the oil community. Parmalee agrees to take a lie-detector test. Clayton threatens to kill Parmalee.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 28, 1986
Wes makes a stunning disclosure at the Oil Baron's Ball. After he is confronted by J.R., Clayton, and Bobby, Wes agrees to take a lie detector test in order to prove he is Jock. Ellie requests another secret meeting with Wes. Clayton arrives at a disturbing conclusion. April plots to cash in on her former marriage to Jack. Pam makes an unsettling proposition to Jenna. Sue Ellen forces a showdown with J.R. Jamie reaches a decision about her marriage to Cliff.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 05, 1986
With the evidence mounting that Wes Parmalee is really Jock, Bobby leaves for South America in search of information to disprove the claim. Bobby faces the grim duty of retracing Jock's accident in South America. J.R. pressures a confused Miss Ellie to declare Parmalee a fraud. Sue Ellen cashes in on her plot to get back at J.R. and Mandy learns who the benefactor of her good fortune has been. Donna continues her lobbying duties in Washington D.C. J.R. attempts to abort his plan with B.D. Calhoun to raise the price of oil. Miss Ellie reluctantly meets Parmalee for dinner.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 12, 1986
Bobby returns from South America with evidence regarding Wes Parmalee, but it's an unexpected and uninvited guest who provides Miss Ellie with the shocking truth. J.R. and Clayton grow closer as a result of the Parmalee calamity. Pam seals her business deal with Cliff before he is cornered into paying for Jamie's service as oil consultant. Parmalee has interesting encounters with both Jeremy Wendell and April Stevens. J.R. receives reassuring news concerning B.D. Calhoun and the Middle East. Jack gives Jamie an unusual gift. Donna has a brief but intriguing meeting with an important senator in her efforts for the oil lobby. Cliff provides further sparks at the barbeque.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 19, 1986
An angry Clayton goes on a manhunt. Miss Ellie seeks the aid of her sons in calming her furious husband. J.R., confident that the Middle East situation is at rest, learns some frightening news concerning B.D. Calhoun. Donna returns to Dallas with a decision about her marriage to Ray. Jeremy Wendell approaches Cliff with a devious business proposition
Original Air Date: Friday, January 02, 1987
Threatened by B.D. Calhoun's menacing presence, J.R. takes the necessary steps to rid himself of the mercenary. Pam's suspicious investigation into some of Cliff's business "deals" prompts him into reconsidering Jeremy Wendell's proposition. Jenna attempts to sever more ties to Bobby. April Stevens eyes a fortuitous opportunity when she "accidentally" runs into Ewing Oil nemesis, Jeremy Wendell. Jenna's pregnancy continues to put a strain on Bobby and Pam's marriage. Donna decides to move off of Southfork.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 09, 1987
Sue Ellen is unsuspecting when Calhoun, whom she knows as Peter Duncan, "accidentally" bumps into her and Pam. Ray feels the frustration of losing his wife and his unborn child. Pam's increasing overprotective nature around Christopher concerns Bobby. Jeremy Wendell pursues his plan to ruin Ewing Oil. Ray and Clayton, in an effort to forget their troubles, resume their work together in the horse cutting business.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 23, 1987
Ewing Oil makes a financial comeback as Bobby and J.R. secure important deals, but J.R. is too overcome with anxiety about B.D. Calhoun to savor the success. Bobby becomes suspicious when J.R. acts overly concerned about Southfork's security system. Cliff reluctantly goes through with Jeremy Wendell's plan to undermine Ewing Oil. April Stevens continues her ploy to gain back her 5 percent of the company. Ray and Jenna's friendship is put on hold while he decides to pursue a custody case with Donna for his unborn child, but she is unexpectedly rushed to the hospital in Washington D.C. with excruciating stomach pains. Sue Ellen has another inauspicious run-in with "Peter Duncan."
Original Air Date: Friday, January 30, 1987
J.R. reveals the reason for his mysterious actions to Bobby. B.D. Calhoun terrorizes J.R. with continuing his dangerous game playing. Bobby and Pam fear Sue Ellen has resumed her drinking when she doesn't return home one night, but J.R. has good reason to believe that may not be the case. Ray worriedly travels to Washington D.C. to be with Donna in the hospital and is surprised at his reaction when the attractive Senator Dowling pays her a visit. Jenna and' Charlie feel the frustration of missing Bobby. Cliff regretfully provides Jeremy Wendell with information.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 06, 1987
Fearing for the safety of their families, J.R. and Bobby send Sue Ellen, Pam, John Ross and Christopher off to California to escape the menacing threat of B.D. Calhoun. But when the mercenary locates them, J.R. is forced into a deadly showdown with the terrorist. April experiences loneliness pangs. Cliff throws himself into a precarious deal and is frantic when Pam isn't there to back him up financially. Senator Dowling continues to entertain Donna. Miss Ellie and Clayton enjoy a private weekend away from Southfork. Meanwhile in California Calhoun kidnaps John Ross, and plays a game of cat and mouse with JR. The situation comes to a head when JR is shot and Calhoun turns the gun on John Ross, JR must watch his son die. Bobby and Ray come to the rescue killing Calhoun.
242. OLIO
Original Air Date: Friday, February 13, 1987
J.R. pays an emotional price for his involvement with B.D. Calhoun, but he may face a bigger danger with the law for toiling with the terrorist. Despite her growing relationship with Senator Dowling, Donna feels stifled in her efforts for the oil lobby. Bobby takes temporary charge of Ewing Oil, but it's J.R. who's doing the dirty work through Apri1 Stevens. Ray attempts to explain to Charlie why he has to stay away form her and Jenna. Pam and Cliff lock horns over her loyalties. Everyone at Southfork receives numbing news from California.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 20, 1987
J.R. and April continue their quiet search for Jack. Sue Ellen shuts down her Los Angeles lingerie operation but finds a new "Valentine Girl" for the Dallas store. Christopher and John Ross play a potentially deadly game. Ray considers playing dirty in his divorce suit with Donna. Sue Ellen and J.R. renew their love for each other. Sue Ellen receives shocking news, Jamie is dead.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 27, 1987
Jamie's death in a cliff fall leaves her husband holding a percentage of Ewing Oil. Furious at Cliff's disturbing news, J.R. divides the Southfork house by accusing Pam of scheming with her brother to ruin Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen offers an interesting solution to Pam's predicament. April desperately seeks comfort from the men in her life. Ray arrives at a painful resolution in his custody battle with Donna over their unborn child. Miss Ellie explodes over the strife at Southfork. B.D. Calhoun continues to plague J.R.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 13, 1987
J.R. deviously schemes to frame Cliff for Jamie's death. While secretly maneuvering to secure the ten percent of Ewing Oil, J.R. also orchestrates a meeting between April and a friendly judge who may be helpful to their cause. Pam gets suspicious of Cliff's dealings with Jeremy Wendell. Cliff desperately attempts to raise money to back a Wendell loan. Donna brushes off the persistent Senator Dowling. An angry widow of a former Ewing employee plots revenge on the family.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 20, 1987
Jack Ewing (Dack Rambo) comes to the Bobby and J.R.'s aid in their quest for the ten percent of Ewing Oil. Jeremy Wendell reveals Cliff's underhanded business dealings to Pam, but not before both she and Bobby come to her brother's defense for allegedly murdering Jamie. Bobby, attempting to clear the air between him and Ray, gets a shock when he visits Ray's house. J.R. asks a wary Sue Ellen to move back in with him. Ray and Jenna reach an understanding.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 03, 1987
Double-crossed by J.R. and April, Jeremy Wendell vows revenge on Ewing Oil and he may have found it in a small Texas newspaper. A banner headline implicating J.R. in terrorism activities not only provides Wendell with ammunition, but outrages Miss Ellie and the rest of the Ewings. Mandy returns to be Sue Ellen's "Valentine Lingerie" girl but she has designs on doing much more. Ray goes to Washington, D.C. for the birth of his child and reaches an understanding with Donna and Senator Dowling. An expectant Jenna ponders her living situation.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 01, 1987
Tired of J.R.'s underhanded business tactics, Bobby, Ray and Miss Ellie "sell out" their shares of Ewing Oil to J.R. News from Washington hurls the Southfork family members into angry turmoil. Sue Ellen cautiously hatches a plot to test J.R.'s supposed loyalty. Pam finally confronts Jenna and informs her a new time is coming. A very wealthy April Stevens reciprocates on past feelings of humiliation.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 08, 1987
Miss Ellie is distraught over the fate of both Clayton and Ewing Oil. J.R. desperately scrambles to defend himself and the company against the justice department charges. Jeremy Wendell continues to coerce Alfred and Mrs. Scottfield into cooperating against the Ewings. Mandy reveals the true reason for her return to Dallas. Bobby unexpectedly bumps into a very expectant Jenna. Senator Dowling agrees to help Bobby investigate the chances of saving Ewing Oil. Pam attempts to serve warning to Cliff about the impending demise of Ewing Oil, but he is wary of her loyalties.
Original Air Date: Friday, May 15, 1987

Jenna names her baby Lucas, after her father. Ray visits Jenna at the hospital and they discuss the future. J.R. has to explain himself in front os Sue Ellen after she sees a picture in the newspaper of him and Mandy Winger. Mandy tells a shocked Bruce Harvey that she's after J.R. Doctors tell Pam that she can have a baby. Mrs. Scottfield reveals her scheme to a stunned Bobby. J.R. almost gets trapped by the Justice Department but manages to get out at the last minute. Christopher learns he was adopted. J.R. and Bobby strike a deal with the Justice Department. Miss Ellie learns of Clayton's heart problem. Sue Ellen confronts Mandy over J.R. Jeremy Wendell reveals his plot to J.R. Pam and Bobby's dream's and plans are shattered as tragedy strikes Pam when her car crashes into a tanker and explodes.

Dallas Season eleven
Original Air Date: Friday, September 25, 1987
Bobby's dreams of happiness are shattered by Pam's accident. J.R. runs into unexpected obstacles in his quest to recapture his power in the oil industry, but being J.R., he isn't above using Machiavellian techniques. Cliff, distraught at the possibility of losing his last family member, befriends an aging drunk who's strangely reminiscent of his father, Digger Barnes. Sue Ellen meets Nicholas Pearce, a dashing investment banker who seeks to help her build up her lingerie business. Ray and Jenna get settled into Ray's house with baby Lucas. Clayton's excessive exercise causes concern for Miss Ellie.
253.After the Fall/Digger Redux
Boadcast 25-Sep-1987
Pam's life hangs in the balancel. J.R. builds up his new company. Sue Ellen gets rid of Oswald Valentine. April consoles Bobby over Pam's tragedy. Cliff meets Harrison Dandridge -- Dandy -- (Bert Remsen) who reminds him of Digger. J.R. secretly examines Pam's last will. Ellie and Clayton disagree about his health. Christopher is disappointed that he can't see Pam. Sue Ellen meets Nicholas Pearce (Jack Scalia) and immediately catches his eye. An unexpected guest appears at Pam's hospital bed in the shape of Katherine Wentworth.
254. The Son Also Rises
Broadcast 02-Oct-1987
Christopher runs away from Southfork to Dallas Memorial Hospital. Pam makes very slow progress in her medical condition. Charlie has problems with kids at school because of Jenna living with Ray. Clayton is fed up with Ellie telling him to rest and relax. He doesn't want to be treated like an invalid. J.R. meets Wilson Cryder. Charlie pressures Ray to marry Jenna. Bobby confronts Katherine Wentworth at the hospital. Christopher feels left out because he's adopted. J.R. meets Casey Denault (Andrew Stevens). Dandy shows up at Cliff's office.
255. Gone With The Wind
Broadcast 09-Oct-1987
Bobby has a doctor fly in from L.A. to help Pam. Ray asks Jenna to let Bobby see Lucas. Sue Ellen is surprised by Nicholas Pearce's no-nonsense approach. Cliff throws Dandy out of his offices. J.R. and Casey Denault put on an act in front of Marilee Stone and Jordan Lee. Nicholas Pearce urges Sue Ellen to expand Valentine's Lingerie. April meets Nicholas Pearce. J.R. uses Casey to reclaim his business power. Miss Ellie and Clayton keep arguing over his health. Doctors warn Cliff and Bobby before taking bandages off Pam's face. Jenna and Ray wonder how to handle the new situation of Bobby coming to see Lucas. Pam disappears from the hospital.
256. The Lady Vanishes
Broadcast 16-Oct-1987
Bobby tries to determine why and how Pam disappeared from the hospital. Cliff is upset with Bobby for not having turned Katherine to the police. Nicholas Pearce has big plans for Valentine's Lingerie. J.R. is happy with Casey Denault's services. Bobby and Cliff suspect Katherine in Pam's disappearance and they hire a detective. Serena Ward reappears in Dallas and asks J.R. to help her friend. Pam leaves a farewell letter for Bobby and Christopher
Original Air Date: Friday, October 23, 1987
A frustrated and furious Bobby goes on a rampage, leaving it up to J.R. and Ray to stop him from destroying a bar full of cowboys. In the midst of having to restore order to his and Christopher's life, Bobby has an icy meeting when he bumps into a beautiful and mysterious lady. J.R. pulls one of his classic double-crosses on a dear old friend. Casey learns how to do business the "J.R." way with Marilee Stone. Dandy's tale of oil-rich land piques a despondent Cliff's interes.; Nicholas surreptitiously arranges a meeting between Sue Ellen and a very familiar investor .
Original Air Date: Friday, October 30, 1987
Bobby learns of additional news regarding Pam while he and Christopher befriend an attractive young woman. J.R. receives valuable inside information regarding Weststar that he may be able to put to good use. Cliff decides to drill for oil on land he knows is dry. Nicholas attempts to lure April into his financial web of successful women. While at the annual Oil Baron's Ball, Jenna ponders a serious question from Ray. J.R. finally meets the handsome Mr. Pearce.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 06, 1987
Everyone anxiously awaits news from the hospital concerning Clayton. Clayton undergoes surgery and J.R. tries to comfort a scared and nervous Miss Ellie. Cliff reasserts his faith in Dandy when he bails him out of another jam. J.R., plotting his comeback, secretly begins an investigation into Weststar chief Wilson. Ray clues Charlie in on his proposal to Jenna while Miss Ellie provides Jenna with some valuable advice. Determined to succeed on her own, Sue Ellen rejects April as a business partner. Lisa Alden continues to pursue her friendship with Bobby and Christopher. Bobby is again the recipient of bad news.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 13, 1987
Christopher's reaction to the bad news from Pam provides Bobby with the impetus for his decision. While Sue Ellen is having her problems with Nicholas Pearce, J.R. conveniently "bumps" into Kimberly Cryder, wife of his nemesis, Wilson Cryder. April Stevens, bored with inactivity, decides to plunge into an investigation of Nicholas Pearce after he is mistaken for another man. Casey secretly entertains potential members of a future cartel. Jenna finally reaches a decision about Ray's proposal.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 20, 1987
Ray and Jenna reveal their good news to Bobby and the rest of the Ewings. Despite their budding relationship, Bobby severs ties with Lisa Alden in the interest of Christopher, but takes the initiative with another woman from his past. In his quest to conquer Weststar, J.R. begins to woo the formidable Kimberly Cryder in spite of his renewed happiness with Sue Ellen. Nicholas and Sue Ellen renew their good working rapport, while April digs deeper into her investigation of Nicholas. Cliff painfully decides to shut down Dandy's drilling project.
Original Air Date: Friday, November 27, 1987
Dandy takes oil workers hostage in an effort to keep his oil drilling rig open. Frustrated and furious at Cliff's shutting down of the rig, Dandy takes control with a shotgun. J.R., with the unwitting help of April Stevens continues to pursue Weststar, as well as Kimberly Cryder. Sue Ellen seeks more than business advice from Nicholas after learning of J.R.'s philandering. Ray asks for Bobby's blessing regarding his and Jenna's marriage, while Jenna asks Charlie to be her maid of honor. Lisa offers an unsuspecting Christopher a ride home from school.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 04, 1987
With Bobby as best man, Ray and Jenna finally exchange wedding vows. The wedding day finds Christopher struggling with discovering the identity of Lucas' father. Jenna has pains over her past feelings for Bobby. In the face of defeat, Cliff and Dandy are the benefactors of incredible news. Sue Ellen's respect and admiration for Nicholas Pearce grows, especially in light of J.R.'s straying from the straight and narrow. April Stevens meets strong resistance in her pursuit of Pearce's true identity. Lisa takes an important step in securing her relationship with Christopher, one that may destroy Bobby.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 11, 1987
The mysterious benefactor behind Lisa Alden's pursuit of Christopher is revealed. Bobby, who seeks legal counsel in order to fight Lisa, also attempts to explain the confusion to a pained Christopher; Sue Ellen steels herself for revenge on J.R. when she organizes a dinner for them with Kimberly and Wilson Cryder. Casey Denault also maneuvers for his offensive against J.R. Ray and Jenna walk in on an embarrassed Charlie and her boyfriend. Clayton is bored when Ellie pursues her philanthropic endeavors without him.
Original Air Date: Friday, December 18, 1987
Bobby prepares for a brutal court fight to retain custody of Christopher. J.R., who learns of Casey's disloyalty, plans to teach the upstart a lesson while he continues to badger Kimberly to set up a meeting between him and her powerful father. Cliff is unable to persuade an old farmer to give him the right of way for his gas pipeline. Clayton buys an intriguing painting of a beautiful woman. Ray has a "man- to man" talk with Charlie's boyfriend Randy
Original Air Date: Friday, January 08, 1988
After an ultimatum from Dr. Styles, J.R. demands a show of faith from Kimberly in regards to their relationship. With hopes of furthering their budding relationship, April demonstrates concern for Bobby by allowing him to be with Christopher instead of her. Jenna reveals some deeply hidden feelings to a surprised Bobby. Cliff befriends the troublesome Lisa Alden. Clayton meets the lovely Laurel Ellis, the model of his painting. Ray again catches Charlie and Randy in a compromising situation.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 15, 1988
J.R. and Sue Ellen's marriage takes a turn for the worse after Kimberly leaves her husband and demands that J.R. follow suit. Sue Ellen decides to mix business with pleasure in her relationship with Nicholas. Bobby accosts Lisa who is still unwilling to give up her fight for Christopher. Cliff is forced into buying Weststar stock by the conniving J.R. Unbeknownst to Ellie, Clayton visits with Laurel. Ray, worried about Charlie's waning innocence, attempts to have a "father-daughter" talk with her.
Original Air Date: Friday, January 22, 1988
An angry Bobby suspects the culprit behind Lisa's custody battle. J.R. continues to fit the correct pieces into his puzzle of Weststar Oil to regain Ewing Oil, but may meet some surprising competition. April ignores the warnings from her private eye regarding his investigation of Nicholas. His mind on other things, Clayton completely forgets his and Eilie's anniversary.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 05, 1988
Bobby plots his own secret quest to regain the name of Ewing Oil. Vowing revenge on J.R., Bobby goes after the thing his brother loves most. Sue Ellen, seeking her own brand of retribution against her husband J.R., heats up her relationship with Nicholas. J.R. sends Lisa Alden packing after Bobby nearly kills him. In the wake of her sons' battle, Ellie is comforted by the fact that she has Clayton to lean on, unaware of his budding alliance with Laurel. Cliff, ecstatic over having secured the land pipeline, throws a party. Jenna pays an interesting visit to Bobby's office.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 12, 1988
J.R. and Kimberly concoct a scandalous surprise for Sue Ellen. To Bobby's relief, Lisa Alden can't be found which apparently cancels the trial. Sue Ellen and Bobby join forces against a common enemy. Clayton finds comfort from a supportive Laurel, whlle Miss EllIe walks into the shock of her life. Laurel is tracked down by a man from her past. Raising the ire of Ray, Charlie looks to Bobby for help with her parental problems. Casey continues to romance Sly with hopes of garnering valuable information.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 19, 1988
Miss Ellie retreats into a drunken rage after she spies Clayton and Laurel together for the second time. Disillusioned and hurt. Ellie seeks comfort in silence, bewildering Clayton. J.R. and Kimberly's scheme to rid themselves of Sue Ellen backfires. April reveals a potentially dangerous confession to Bobby.
Original Air Date: Friday, February 26, 1988
The long-awaited custody trial for Christopher comes to pass, pitting Lisa against the determined Bobby. J.R. and Bobby square off against each other concerning J.R.'s involvement with Lisa. April puts both her and Nicholas' life in jeopardy after her snooping reveals his true identity. Upset at the prospect of Clayton having an affair, Ellie flees Southfork. Laurel's friend David Shulton urges her to take fulll advantage of Clayton's assets. Kimberly meets with Casey Denault.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 04, 1988
April is forced to go into hiding when some thugs attempt to question her about Nicholas. Sue Ellen is puzzled by Nicholas' suddenly mysterious behavior. J.R. influences Cliff to hang on to his Weststar shares. While in Washington D.C. attempting to reclaim the Ewing Oil name, Bobby's business relationship with Kay Lloyd turns pleasurable. Laurel's ex-lover Brett Lomax pleads with her to return to London with him, while David Shulton attempts to blackmail l Clayton
Original Air Date: Friday, March 11, 1988
A frightened April succumbs to the strong arm pressure of thugs, and reveals Nicholas' identity. J.R. prepares for the battle with Dr. Styles, but Kimberly fears for her father's failing health. Ellie returns from her solo vacation to have it out with Clayton. Cliff turns to pills in an effort to calm his frayed nerves. Ray and Jenna decide on a cure for Charlie's irresponsible ways.
Original Air Date: Friday, March 18, 1988
Clayton erupts into a vengeful rage when David Shulton reveals Clayton's tryst with Laurel to Ellie. To J.R.'s delight, Miss Ellie informs the family she has kicked Clayton out of the house. Bobby's budding romance with Kay continues to blossom. After taking Jenna and Charlie to the airport, Ray helps a damsel in distress. Frustrated with J.R.'s insensitivity, Casey meets another victim of his scheming; Cliff Barnes.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 01, 1988
J.R. sets his sights on the beautiful and innocent Laurel Ellis. Clayton's arrest for murder provides J.R. with ammunition to lure Laurel into his stable of conquests. In their effort to win back Ewing Oil, Kay introduces Bobby to a powerful senator. Clayton and Ellie face the prying eyes of Dallas. Ray gets an unexpected visitor. Kimberly and Styles appeal to Cliff for help in their fight against J.R.
Original Air Date: Friday, April 08, 1988
J.R. revels in his power when he uncovers evidence that could extricate Clayton from the charge of murdering David Shulton. Holding the key to Clayton's freedom, J.R. decides to use the information to his full advantage. Kimberly recruits an unlikely ally in her fight against J.R. Unaware of Bobby's doings in Washington D.C., J.R. appeals to him for help with Styles and Weststar. Despite his guilty feelings, Ray dines with Connie.
278. TOP GUN
Original Air Date: Friday, April 15, 1988
J.R. triumphantly prepares to assume control of Weststar Oil. Nicholas reveals his mysterious whereabouts to Sue Ellen. Laurel divulges J.R.'s sexual blackmail plot to a furious Clayton. Bobby experiences the ways and means of powerful Washington bureaucrat Kay Lloyd. Connie plays a practical joke on Ray.
279.Things Ain't Goin' So Good At Southfork Again
Original Air Date: Friday, April 29, 1988

J.R. lashes out at Sue Ellen for defeating him along with Kimberly. Jenna calls Ray from Paris. Sue Ellen leaves Southfork. Ellie wants Clayton to co-own Southfork. Connie Hall makes herself look like Jenna and imposes herself on Ray. J.R. tells Casey his services are no longer needed. J.R. places John Ross in a hideaway school to protect him against "kidnappers." Sue Ellen tries to find a legal way to get John Ross. Bobby and Kay wonder how to keep their long-distance romance going. April refuses to become Casey's business partner. Cliff wants to sell his gas field to Jeremy Wendell. Connie takes revenge on Ray.

280. Pillow Talk
Original Air Date: Friday, May 06, 1988

Ray gets wounded by a psychotic Connie. Sly is upset by the way J.R. fired Casey. Cliff vows revenge on J.R. using Jeremy Wendell. Jenna returns from Paris. Nicholas Pearce supports Sue Ellen in her fight for John Ross. J.R. wins a temporary advantage over Sue Ellen and her court order to get John Ross. April throws a surprise party for Cliff. Bobby gets a conditional right to use the Ewing Oil name again. Kay doesn't want to leave Washington to come to Dallas. J.R. moves out of Southfork after finding out about Clayton's co-ownership of the ranch. Ray tells Jenna about his affair with Connie. Lucy returns to Southfork from Atlanta. April and Cliff sign a partnership with Casey. Lucy complains to Miss Ellie about her marriage to Mitch. J.R. tells John Ross he wants to buy another ranch. J.R. has a surprise for Jeremy Wendell concerning his recently acquired gas field.

281. The Fat Lady Singeth
Original Air Date: 13-May-1988

Clayton asks J.R. to turn John Ross over to Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen and Pearce search for John Ross. After Ray's affair with Connie, he and Jenna wonder how it will affect their marriage. Casey meets Lucy and they date. Jenna confides in Miss Ellie about her marital problem. J.R. gets the Ewing property back from Jeremy Wendell but Bobby rebuffs his offer to work together again. Jenna decides to give Ray another chance. Jordan Lee tells Cliff that he saw Pam. Ray and Jenna leave Dallas. Pearce gets killed in a confrontation with J.R. Sue Ellen fires three shots at J.R.

Dallas season 12 cast photo
282. Carousel
October 28, 1988

Sue Ellen thinks she killed J.R. At the hospital, J.R. tries to make himself look like he's dying. Cliff and April make a trip to look for Pam. Pam informs Cliff she has a new life now and will not be returning. When Cliff leaves Pamela reveals to her doctor the real reason for not returning is because she does not want the family to watch her die. Pam only has six months to live.
Bobby refuses to help Sue Ellen find John Ross. Jeremy Wendell and Bobby exchange warnings and threats. Sue Ellen and J.R. drop their mutual criminal charges against one another. Lucy hands John Ross right into Sue Ellen's arms as an angry J.R. watches from the hospital window. Sue Ellen hires a divorce attorney. Cliff is left bitterly disappointed after his meeting with Pam (Margaret Michaels). Bobby agrees to take J.R. back into Ewing Oil on certain conditions. Clayton meets Carter McKay (George Kennedy) who wants to buy Ray's house. Cliff lies to Bobby about having seen Pam.

Note: Margaret Michaels takes over the role of Pamela in this episode. Leonard Katzman stated at the start of this season that the story of Pamela would be finally put to rest in this episode.

283. No Greater Life
November 4, 1988
Clayton wants to sell his refineries to Bobby. John Ross questions his mother about why she shot J.R. J.R. fires Harry McSween. J.R. moves back to Southfork to gain an advantage in his fight for permanent custody over John Ross. Tammy Miller reappears in Bobby's life. Sue Ellen buys a new house and moves in with John Ross. Miss Ellie and Clayton socialize with Carter McKay. Cliff decides to get out of the oil business. John Ross gets roughed up by kids at school because of his mother shooting J.R. Mitch comes to Southfork and asks Lucy to come back home. April tells Bobby that Cliff lied about seeing Pam. A drunk Bobby appears at Tammy's place. Mitch's job puts strain on his marriage to Lucy. Sue Ellen decides to let John Ross live at Southfork but she vows to eventually even the score with J.R.
284. Call Of The Wild
November 11, 1988
J.R., Bobby, Christopher, and John Ross go on a hunting trip to Haleyville on the Arkansas/Louisiana border. J.R. and Bobby reminisce about old times but Lucy resents that they ignore her father Gary. Sue Ellen wants to use Cliff to get back at J.R. Casey strikes oil and shares his joy with April. In Haleyville J.R. meets a waitress named Cally Harper (Cathy Podewell). Cliff wants to sell Barnes/Wentworth to Jordan Lee. Cliff and April have a fight. J.R. promises Cally a new life. Casey tells Sly Lovegren that she'll always be just a secretary. Lucy tells Casey that she's not ready for a new relationship. Cally questions J.R. about his marriage. J.R. wants to take Cally to Southfork. J.R. is scared when Cally's brothers find him in bed with her.
285. Out Of The Frying Pan
November 18, 1988
Cally's brothers want revenge on J.R. but the sheriff intervenes and saves his life. Cliff sells Barnes/Wentworth to Jeremy Wendell. Clayton pressures Bobby to purchase his refineries. Casey Denault is excited about his success. Sue Ellen tells John Ross about the divorce. Back in Haleyville, J.R. is in jail awaiting trial for rape. J.R. promises Cally to marry her if she gets him out of jail. Miss Ellie disapproves of Cliff's deal with Wendell. Bobby wants to start fresh with April but she rebuffs him. Casey proposes to Lucy. Miss Ellie wants Bobby to take Cliff into Ewing Oil. Cally lets J.R. out of jail but the sheriff catches up with them. J.R. is found guilty and is sent to prison for 10 years.
286. Road Work
December 2, 1988
Bobby tries to talk Cliff into going back into the oil business by becoming a partner in Ewing Oil. Clayton finds out that McKay has dammed up a river. Jeremy Wendell courts Sue Ellen. In prison, J.R. does hard labor and tries to bribe officials. Lucy continues to date Casey Danault. Clayton has his first confrontation with Carter McKay and his ranch hands. Bobby meets a pool hustler named Tracey Lawton (Beth Toussaint). Cliff agrees to join Ewing Oil. J.R. thinks he's got a break from prison but he falls into a trap.
287. War And Love And The Whole Damned Thing
December 9, 1988
Cally's brothers get J.R. out of prison and then want to kill him but Cally saves his life. Ray comes from Europe to visit Southfork. Clayton tries to find a legal way to make McKay relase the water flow but Miss Ellie decides to blow up the dam. Wendell tells Sue Ellen that he knows about J.R.'s conditional acceptance into Ewing Oil. Wendell wants to team up with Sue Ellen against J.R. Lucy tells Casey she's not ready to get intimate. J.R. works the farm in Haleyville. Cally tells her brothers that she'll turn them in to police for murder if they kill J.R. McKay comes to Southfork with the sheriff but Miss Ellie denies having blown up the dam. Tension escalates between McKay and Southfork as McKay hires a force of mercenaries. Cliff officially becomes a partner in Ewing Oil. Bobby dates Tracey Lawton but she's afraid of a commitment. Cally saves J.R.'s life again and they get married. The Ewings wonder about McKay's intentions. Sue Ellen gets divorced from J.R.
288. Showdown At The Ewing Corral
December 16, 1988

In Haleyville, J.R. promises his new wife Cally to take her to Southfork if she helps him get in touch with the Ewings. The oil community shows disbelief at the news that J.R. is out of oil deals and Cliff Barnes is part of Ewing Oil. J.R. runs away from Haleyville. Bobby gets romantically involved with Tracey Lawton. Ellie angrily confronts McKay about the range war. After returning to Dallas, J.R. is shocked to find Cliff at Ewing Oil. McKay plots to have Ewing ranch hands abandon Southfork. Miss Ellie vows to stay at Southfork despite the escalating range war with McKay.

289. Deception
January 6, 1989
Sue Ellen has a fight with Miss Ellie when she comes to Southfork to pick up John Ross and learns that he's been taken off the ranch for safety reasons. Wendell pressures Sue Ellen to take revenge on J.R. J.R. gets hired guns to protect Southfork. J.R. asks Harv Smithfield about the rights of an escaped fugitive from out of state if he gets caught. Sue Ellen questions Cliff about why he won't have a family. Tracey tells Bobby about her tragic family past. Bobby learns that McKay is Tracey's father. Lucy becomes a major shareholder in Denault Inc. J.R. hires a private eye to learn about McKay. Wendell is after the oil on Southfork's Section 40 and uses McKay to achieve his goal.
290. Counter Attack
January 13, 1989
J.R. has nightmares about his stay in Haleyville and he seeks psychological help. April tests Casey to see if he's got money. Cliff meets Tammy Miller and takes her to lunch. Christopher gets hurt in the range war with McKay, and Bobby lashes out at J.R. for bringing the boys back to the ranch. McKay questions his daughter Tracey about her and Bobby. Sue Ellen fears she lost John Ross to J.R. Wendell and Sue Ellen have a major fight. McKay says good-bye to his companion Rose (Jeri Gaile). Bobby goes on a secret counterattack mission into McKay's ranch under cover of the night. J.R., Clayton, and Ray ambush a few of McKay's hired guns. McKay kills his man Fred Hughes (Gerrit Graham) to save Bobby's life. Casey talks to Lucy about marriage but she suspects he's broke. McKay tells Bobby his version of the family story. McKay confronts Wendell and vows to get Section 40 his way. As the Ewings begin to celebrate the end of the range war, Miss Ellie tells McKay that she decided to sell Section 40 to him.
291. The Sting
January 20, 1989

After Miss Ellie's decision to sell Section 40 to McKay, Wendell decides to sell most of his Weststar stock to make the purchase. McKay pressures Wendell to have his son Tommy released from prison. Ray leaves Southfork and goes back to Europe. Bobby tells Tracey Lawton that problems with her dad are separate from their relationship. The sheriff from Haleyville shows up at Ewing Oil and warns J.R. Sue Ellen tells Wendell off when he proposes to her. April and Lucy uncover Casey's con game. McKay gets a phone call from Tommy. J.R. wants to be oil partners with April. Tammy questions Cliff about Jamie. McKay and the Ewings set Wendell up and he gets arrested. McKay makes up with Tracey as they anticipate Tommy's return. Kimberly Cryder tells McKay that she's got controlling interest in Weststar. Cally shows up at Southfork and announces she's J.R.'s wife.

292. The Two Mrs. Ewings
January 27, 1989
Miss Ellie takes Cally around the house. John Ross questions his father about who Cally is. Cally tells J.R. that she'll either be his wife or she won't let him touch her. J.R. thinks Bobby is getting too close to McKay and Tracey. J.R. wants an annulment of his marriage to Cally but Harv Smithfield gives him no hope. Cliff dates Tammy Miller. Marilee Stone is surprised that Cliff is part of Ewing Oil. Lucy gives Cally a "new image" but it turns out a disaster. John Ross resents Cally. J.R. plots to use April to thwart Bobby and Cliff's deal in Louisiana. Bruce Harvey reappears and wants Sue Ellen to make more movies. Sue Ellen flies to the West Coast and gets ready to buy a film studio. In Miami, McKay and Tracey visit Tommy at the hospital. Lucy is down because Mitch is divorcing her and she's got no date for the Oil Barons' Ball. At the Oil Barons' Ball, Sue Ellen meets Carter McKay and Tracey Lawton. Tammy Miller meets Tracey Lawton and they talk about Bobby. J.R. disapproves of Bobby dating Tracey. Sue Ellen meets Cally and punches J.R. in the face. J.R. is outraged when Carter McKay is announced chairman of the board of directors of Weststar.
293. The Switch
February 3, 1989
April complains to J.R. that he didn't tell her about Cally. Cliff tries to turn his dates with Tammy into a relationship. Cally vows to stay at Southfork and make her marriage to J.R. work. McKay tells Bobby he's good for Tracey. Cally asks J.R. whether he slept with April. Christopher makes friends with Cally. Sue Ellen gives Cally a little "advice" on how to handle J.R. McKay wants Tracey to work for Weststar. J.R. hires a cop to find out about McKay. Cally tells J.R. he'll have to marry her again at Southfork. Tammy breaks up with Cliff. Tension rises between Cally and John Ross. Bobby tells Christopher that Pam will never come back. J.R. learns that Nicholas Pearce's father is looking into his son's death
294. He-e-e-e-r-e's Papa!
February 10, 1989
Cally insists on a second wedding at Southfork. J.R. questions Sue Ellen about Nicholas Pearce's mob connections. Cliff tells Bobby that he broke up with Tammy Miller. Bobby wants Christopher to be friends with Tracey. Sue Ellen buys a movie studio. Joseph Lombardi's (Joseph Campanella) men snatch J.R. on the street and Lombardi interrogates him. J.R. tries to blame Sue Ellen for Nicholas' death. John Ross continues to resent Cally. Sue Ellen tells John Ross that she will never return to J.R. Tracey and Cally socialize. Cliff goes to Washington on business. Tracey starts her job at Weststar. McKay wants to be friends with Sue Ellen. Bobby questions April about her and J.R. Sue Ellen saves J.R.'s life by telling Joseph Lombardi that his son's death was an accident.
295. Comings And Goings
February 17, 1989
Sue Ellen tells J.R. she "changed her mind about revenge." Sue Ellen meets Don Lockwood (Ian McShane) and gradually reveals the plot of her movie. Sue Ellen wants to use Lucy's help in her movie. J.R. torpedoes Bobby and Cliff's business deal. A drunk Cliff appears at April's place. Cally and John Ross don't get along. Lucy tells Don Lockwoood her memories of how J.R. harassed her mother Valene. Tommy McKay (J.Eddie Peck) returns and moves in with his father and Tracey. John Ross has an accident in the pool and is saved by Cally. Cally gets impatient with John Ross' attitude. Sue Ellen plans to make J.R. the laughing stock of Dallas with her movie about their marriage.
296. Country Girl
February 24, 1989
Miss Ellie and Clayton return from Europe and are greeted at the airport by J.R., Bobby, and Lucy. Sue Ellen shows Don Lockwood her diaries and she reminisces about her sister Kristin. April warns Cliff against continuing to work at Ewing Oil. Cally complains to Miss Ellie about being mistreated by J.R. Miss Ellie takes Cally to a meeting of the Daughters of the Alamo. April tells J.R. that she doesn't want to double-cross Cliff and Bobby. Cally is happy because she reached a "truce" with John Ross. Tommy McKay is interested in Cally but he gets a "cold shower" when he learns that she's married. John Ross tells J.R. that Cally saved his life. Tommy courts April. Miss Ellie pressures J.R. to either re-marry Cally or divorce her. Bobby senses something strange about Tommy McKay. Don Lockwood fears he knows too much about Sue Ellen to stay objective in his job. Cally tells J.R. she's pregnant. J.R. decides to marry Cally at Southfork
297. Wedding Bell Blues
February 24, 1989

It's wedding day for J.R. and Cally as a tornado watch is announced in the Southfork area. Sue Ellen takes Don Lockwood on a "field trip" to Southfork. Carter McKay wants Tommy to work at Weststar. Bobby is glad that J.R. kept his promise to Cally. Cliff opens a piece of mail for J.R. and a fight erupts between J.R, and Cliff and Bobby. J.R. meets Don Lockwood. J.R. warns Sue Ellen to stay away from Cally. Lucy warns Tracey against being involved with Bobby. Tommy makes a pass at April and then goes into a rage when she turns him down. Cliff asks Don Lockwood about him and Sue Ellen. Cally tells J.R.that she and Sue Ellen plotted to trick him into the marriage.

298. The Way We Were
March 3, 1989

Cally wants to make sure that J.R. is not mad at her for tricking him into the marriage. Bobby confronts J.R. about his failure to consult one another about business deals. J.R. tells Cally that he may use her "deviousness" in his future plans. Sue Ellen gets impatient with Don Lockwood for constantly turning her down. Sue Ellen is pressured by Bruce Harvey to start casting sessions for her movie. Cally wants Bobby and J.R. to get along but she encounters Bobby's resistance. Tommy McKay has has cocaine smuggled in from South America and manages to fool both Carter and Tracey. Cliff questions April about her and Tommy. Tracey wants Carter and Tommy to get along. Don Lockwood tells Sue Ellen a little about his life. J.R. manages to make Bobby look in front of the family like he doesn't want agreement with him.Tommy tells J.R. that his dad is responsible for his mother's death. Sue Ellen reminisces about Holly Harwood and the car crash in which Mickey Trotter got injured. Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood get intimate.

299. The Serpent's Tooth
March 10, 1989
Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood continue their romance. Cally wants to learn about the oil business from J.R. Tommy McKay gets squeezed for more cash for his drug deals and he sells information on Carter's oil deals to J.R. Tracey's family problems put a strain on her relationship with Bobby. Don Lockwood pays a visit in J.R.'s office. Christopher feels left out because Cally spends time with John Ross. Jordan Lee retires from the oil business. Bobby and Cliff take April out on her birthday. Don Lockwood and Sue Ellen have a major fight and he almost quits. April questions Bobby about his relationship with Tracey. J.R. plots to use the information he got from Tommy to get back into Ewing Oil all the way.
300. Three Hundred
Broadcast: March 17, 1989
J.R. asks Sly Lovegren to secretly provide him some Ewing Oil information. Tommy McKay tries to get the missing $ 100,000 from his father and then from April. April decides to give Tommy a second chance and he takes her out on a date which ends up violently for her. Sue Ellen takes a look at the recreation of Southfork made for the movie. Sue Ellen wonders if she's ready to "relive her life" while making the movie. J.R. and Bobby get stuck in an elevator and reminisce about old times. J.R. manages to push a few emotional buttons in Bobby who decides to take him back as a full partner in Ewing Oil.
301 April Showers
Broadcast: March 31, 1989
Cliff is furious to learn that J.R. is back in Ewing Oil all the way but he changes his mind when Bobby tells him about the European plan. Tracey and Bobby break up after April complains to Tracey about Tommy's behavior. J.R. tells Ratagan (John Hoge) to find out about Gustav Helstrom (Christopher Neame). Sue Ellen goes to California for a casting session for her movie. Sue Ellen demands honesty from Don Lockwood. Cally decides to learn to "talk proper". Tommy McKay is on the run from South American drug dealers. Tommy sells more information to J.R. Tommy beats April up and then is beaten up by Bobby. April tells Bobby she cares for him. J.R. recruits Cally to help him meet Gustav. Carter McKay threatens Bobby when he learns about what he did to his son.
302. And Away We Go
Broadcast: April 7, 1989
Tommy McKay recovers from the beating he got from Bobby. Jordan Lee sells his company to Carter McKay. Sue Ellen takes a look at actors who will play J.R. in her movie. Tommy leaves town. Bobby visits April at the hospital. Bobby meets Gustav Helstorm. Cally is very understanding about J.R.'s work style. Carter McKay blames Bobby for what happened to his son. Lucy helps Sue Ellen in the casting sessions. J.R. blackmails Gustav to get information on the European deal. Afton Cooper (Audrey Landers) reappears in Dallas and Cliff looks her up. Tracey Lawton leaves Dallas to look for Tommy and she says good-bye to Bobby. Cliff decides to stay in Dallas because of Afton but J.R., Bobby, and Cally leave for Europe.
303. Yellow Brick Road
Broadcast: April 14, 1989

Bobby joins J.R. and Cally on their honeymoon as they all travel to Salzburg, Austria. J.R. and Bobby plan Ewing Oil strategy to beat Carter McKay. J.R., Bobby, and Cally "accidentally" meet Chick and Bunny Harvard (David Healy, Kathryn Leigh Scott) who turn out to be working for McKay. Bobby is surprised by April Stevens who comes to Salzburg to talk to him. Carter McKay tells the Ewing brothers he wants to make peace. Back in Dallas, Clayton suffers memory loss after an injury. Afton likes "the new Cliff." Cliff meets Afton's daughter Pamela Rebecca Cooper (Jenna Pangburn). Sue Ellen learns that casting and the script for her movie are finished and shooting is about to begin. In Austria, J.R. and Bobby meet Rolf Brundin (Gunnar Hellstrom) who tells them he wants to buy Ewing Oil.

304. The Sound Of Money
Broadcast: April 28, 1989
Bobby and J.R. refuse to sell Ewing Oil to Brundin and they suspect that Carter McKay is behind the scheme. Brundin and McKay plan new strategy after the Ewings' refusal. Bobby and J.R. wonder if Chick and Bunny Harvard could be spies for McKay. J.R. is too physically exhausted to keep up with Cally. Back in Dallas, Clayton's memory problems continue and he wants to go to the Southern Cross ranch. Cliff tries to give Afton an engagement ring. Sue Ellen is concerned about how Miss Ellie will react when she learns about J.R.'s affair with Kristin. Don Lockwood tells Sue Ellen that she reminds him of his late wife. Afton tells Cliff to stay away from Pamela Rebecca. In Vienna, J.R. unexpectedly runs into Vanessa Beaumont (Gayle Hunnicutt).
305. Great Texas Waltz
Broadcast: May 5, 1989
In Vienna, J.R. spends time with Vanessa Beaumont, the only woman to break his heart, but he refuses to make love to her. Carter McKay asks April Stevens to talk Bobby out of the Brundin deal. April goes to bed with Bobby. Back in Dallas, Cliff hires detective Dave Wallace (Ron Canada) to find out whether Pamela Rebecca Cooper is his daughter. Sue Ellen spends time with John Ross and Don Lockwood but John Ross is incredibly rude to Don. Sue Ellen tells Don she needs him in her life. Miss Ellie finds Clayton at the grave of his first wife Amy. In Vienna, J.R. and Bobby strike a deal with Brundin but they get a strange warning from Vanessa who tells them that they must go to Moscow.
306. Mission To Moscow
Broadcast: May 12, 1989
In Vienna, Cally questions J.R. about Vanessa and she warns him that she'll never share him with another woman. J.R. and Bobby go to Moscow where they are told that Brundin and his cartel are frontmen for OPEC. Back in Dallas, Lucy, Christopher, Sue Ellen, and Miss Ellie try to help Clayton cope with his memory problem. Cliff admires Afton's singing and he wants to make a commitment to her. Sue Ellen finds it painful to relive her life while making her movie. Cliff thinks that he's Pamela Rebecca's father. Cliff learns that Afton left Dallas. Don Lockwood gets an offer for a movie overseas. In Vienna, Cally meets Vanessa who says good-bye to J.R. Bobby, J.R., Cally, and April leave Europe for Dallas.
307. The Reel Life
Broadcast: May 19, 1989

After their return to Dallas, April and Bobby try to keep their European romance going. Cliff goes to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and gets duped by Afton's former husband Harrison Van Buren, III (Andrew Prine). Sue Ellen agrees to move to England with Don Lockwood but John Ross stays in Dallas. Weststar employees give Carter McKay a big welcome upon his return from Vienna. April gets scary, crank phone calls and Bobby decides to take her to Southfork. Bobby suspects that Tommy McKay is making trouble again and he confronts Carter about it. Sue Ellen tells Cally that she'll have to fight for her identity in her marriage. Miss Ellie gets a birthday card addressed to Jock with a mysterious key inside. Sue Ellen gives J.R. a taste of what her ultimate revenge on him could be like -- a movie that will make J.R. "the laughing stock of Texas."


This is Linda Gray's last episode playing Sue Ellen Ewing. It was a mutual agreement between Linda and the Producers that her character would be written out of the series. Although in several interviews Linda states "I was fired"

308. Phantom Of The Oil Rig
Original air date:September 22, 1989

JR gets Ratagan to help him search the studio's film vault, but is given a note from Sue Ellen who says he's wasting his time. He tells Ratagan to find Sue Ellen's film no matter what he has to do. April tells Bobby about the continuing crank calls and they both begin to be convinced that it's Tommy McKay. Ellie and Clayton take the mysterious key to a locksmith and learn that it would only fit a very old bank vault, somewhere in New England.

JR and Bobby prepare to head to Texas City to talk to a refinery owner named Shaughnessy about providing him with oil to keep things going now that Weststar's gone with the European deal. They're told that 200,000 barrels are needed, which Bobby feels is too much for Ewing Oil to handle because he refuses to cut off his existing customers, despite JR's protests. JR decides to hang around to see what other business he can find. After Bobby leaves, JR tells Shaughnessy that Bobby's hedging was just a business ploy and says it will be no problem to provide the crude he needs. He also makes arrangements to buy some smaller companies in order to make the deal work.

Cliff returns to Dallas and talks to Dave Wallace about what happened in Louisiana, and he is advised to just be patient until Afton surfaces again. Bobby tells Cliff he's going to have to decide whether he's really committed to Ewing Oil or not. Van Buren is traced to Charleston, South Carolina and Cliff and Wallace head out to talk to him again. They find he's in jail and so they'll have to wait another day.

That evening, Bobby is surprised to find a very nattily dressed Tommy McKay at the office, who shows him that he just got off a plane from Orlando a few hours ago and so could not possible have been making the threatening phone calls. He claims that he just got out of rehab and is clean and sober. He says he just wants a fresh start in Dallas and intends to stay away from April and the Ewings.

Tommy returns to see his father at home that evening, who is overjoyed to have his apologetic son back. He says he wants to work with his father at Weststar and do whatever it takes to re-earn his trust. Bobby tells April about the new development, and they head back to her apartment to get some of her things. They are surprised to find someone already there - a woman, who turns out to be Michelle, April's sister, who's moved in to her guest bedroom after quitting her job.

A phone call arrives at the ranch for Jock, to the surprise of everyone. It turns out to be the son of the man who sent the key to Southfork, who explains that Mallory and Jock were war buddies, and the key should fit a lock at a bank in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Tommy meets with Boomer, a pal of his, who turns out to be the one making the bothersome calls. Boomer's other talents include gun-running...and explosives. Tommy asks him to prepare a briefcase-size bomb for a "friend".

JR learns that one of the companies he needed to buy to satisfy Shaughnessy has decided to sell out to Weststar for double the price. He glumly realizes that he's in a lot of trouble.

309. The Leopard's Spots
Original air date:September 22, 1989

JR scrambles to meet Shaughnessy's deadline, which comes up in three days. Bobby continues to try and garner business on his own, and ends up making a deal which will tie up of most of Ewing Oil's excess crude. Cliff and Dave Wallace find that Van Buren's been bailed out and learn that it was Afton who did it. For some extra cash, the greedy bondsman agrees to tell them where Harrison is.

April comes to Michelle's hotel where she finds her chatting up a couple of hunks. They rehash a whole bunch of sibling rivalry, old and new. Michelle reminds her of all of the dirty things she did to amass her fortune, which prompts April to respond that she's a much different person than she used to be.

That evening, the family cabbages what's been learned about Jock's mysterious key, and Ellie announces that she plans to head to New England with Clayton to investigate further. Lucy takes Cally to an art gallery after having one of her paintings framed, and Cally is told that she has real talent, which she should put to good use. He puts her in touch with a friend who can help her out. The friend tells her that he wants to display the pictures for a public viewing the next day.

Bobby and April take Michelle to lunch and bump into Carter and Tommy, bringing back some bad memories for the elder Miss Stevens. The McKays assure her that she has nothing to worry about, and Carter gets in a shot about stealing the Ramirez deal away from the Ewings. Michelle comes to Ewing Oil the next day to see Bobby, who turns out to be a confirmed one-woman man, devoted to her sister. While on her way out, she introduces herself to JR.

Cliff and Dave find Harrison again and the smooth talker tells him that he's willing to provide proof as to Pamela Rebecca's parentage - for an extra ten thousand dollars. To Dave's dismay, Cliff agrees.

The Farlows meet Mallory, who turns out to be a priest. They take a look inside the safety deposit box, which contains a very expensive bottle of wine, some photographs and papers, and some more mysterious keys. One of them fits a strongbox at Mallory's home, which contains a note alluding to a boarding house in which Jock lived when he struck his first well.

Lucy and Cally are introduced to Alex Barton, another gallery owner with bad teeth and a passing resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor. Barton seems even more interested in Cally's work than the other guys. Tommy gets his special briefcase from Boomer, which he's told is on a twenty-minute trigger.

Van Buren visits Afton at her apartment, with Cliff listening outside the door. They talk about all sorts of things and it comes out in the conversation that Harrison is really Pamela's father. Finally convinced, Cliff gives Van Buren his money and tells Afton the he still cares for her and wants to be with her. Afton says she's fed up with the lies and doesn't want to see him again. Cliff leaves as Harrison comes back in, thankful that their act worked. He assures Afton that as long as the checks keep coming, no one will ever no the truth about her daughter.

Faced with no other choice, JR goes to the Ewing refinery and tells them that Bobby has ordered the crude redirected to Shaughnessy's refinery.

310. Cry Me A River Of Oil
Broadcast: September 29, 1989

JR tries to buy the oil he needs on the open market, and is promised that he'll have what he needs by the time he needs it. Tommy visits Bobby at the office [attache case in hand] and reconfirms that the air is cleared between them. He conveniently leaves the case behind in the office and quietly leaves - until Bobby catches him at the elevator to give it back.

Rolf Brundin comes to Dallas to give Weststar a check for part of the OPEC deal. There are still hard feelings about the way the deal was handled, and Tommy seems even more upset than Carter about it. Tommy checks in with a rehab counselor and assures him that he's in no further need of help because he's devoted himself to his work with his father.

Ellie returns to Dallas and enlists the aid of all of the Ewing secretaries to check up on Ewing Oil records. Nothing is found, so JR suggests that she talk to Punk Anderson or Jordan Lee. Jordan Lee remembers that Jock's first strike came at a place called Pride, Texas. April learns from Bobby that Michelle came to see him. They discuss the Ewing Oil executives and April drops some hints that both JR and Cliff are off limits, piquing her interest.

Bobby learns about the diversion of oil from the Ewing refinery to Shaughnessy's facility, and puts an end to it. He returns to the office, sends the secretaries home, and heads into JR's office to confront him about it. They argue about priorities and JR is told that if he defaults on Shaughnessy's deal, he's on his own because Ewing Oil won't cover the costs. JR tries to convince Shaughnessy to take higher-grade oil for the same price, if he can wait a while for it, but is turned down. Cliff returns to work and assures Bobby that his mind is focused on business now.

Lucy and Cally have lunch with Alex to discuss Cally's burgeoning art career and Lucy confides in Alex that she knows that Cally's marriage won't last long. That evening, JR and April talk about how Bobby has changed in both the boardroom and the bedroom, since he doesn't seem to be so scrupulous about avoiding JR's ex-lovers. Cally overhears from the hallway and asks him about it before bed. JR admits that he's been around but is totally devoted to his new wife.

Tommy McKay finds Brundin again out on the street and tells him that he plans to ensure that his father isn't hurt by anyone anymore - least of all some swishy European. He pushes Rolf in the way of a truck, causing his instant death. He then heads home to ask Boomer to make a new bomb for him.

April and Cally talk about April's past relationship with JR and Cally resentfully says that their friendship is over because she feels that April practically lied to her by not saying anything about it. April decides to leave Southfork and return to her apartment, despite Bobby's protests. Cliff leaves a message on April's answering machine asking to meet, which is intercepted by Michelle. The younger Miss Stevens shows up for their date. They get acquainted and seems to hit it off.

JR learns that his broker could only come up with part of the oil he needed, and he'll still have to get it tanked in. JR is put in touch with a guy named Al Halliday, who says he has no tankers for hire but is willing to sell one to him. JR is wary but the used tanker salesman says "Trust me."

311. Ka-booooom!
Broadcast: October 6, 1989

Tommy visits Boomer to get his latest briefcase explosive, guaranteed to incinerate anything within 10 feet of it once it goes off.

JR tells Bobby he's got the Shaughnessy deal taken care of. April tells JR that she wants to sell the Ellis County land and end their partnership. Michelle questions her about the deal and April tells her that the deal was originally Cliff's idea. A fire alarm, pulled by Tommy and Boomer, empties the Ewing Oil office. Boomer sets the explosive in Bobby's briefcase, as Tommy pockets the pendant that Bobby planned to give April.

Rose Daniels [AAAH!] comes back to Dallas [wearing the WORST outfit I've seen since Pam woke up] and comes to visit Carter in his office. She tells him that she's started a beauty shop with the money he loaned her. He invites her to stay at the ranch with him, and she gratefully accepts. That evening, Carter takes her to dinner with Tommy, who seems to resent her return into his father's life.

JR finalizes the deal with Al the Pal to obtain his oil tanker and says he'll hold Al personally responsible if anything goes wrong. John Ross gets a call from Sue Ellen to visit her in England, and JR allows it. Bobby asks Christopher to go and get April's present from his briefcase but stops him just before he opens it to let him know he just scored Cowboys tickets. Cally learns from Alex Barton that one of her paintings just got sold to a very rich old art collector, who invites her over for tea and instantly puts her on the map.

April and Michelle go riding with Bobby and Christopher, and April offers the Ellis land to Bobby, who turns her down as JR predicted. Bobby asks her to withhold the news from Cliff until he finds the right moment to break it. Michelle visits Cliff at his place just as he's ordering Chinese take-out. She tells him about the conversation earlier, which gets Cliff predictably upset. He confronts Bobby about it the next day and Cliff glumly realizes he'll always be third best around the office.

That morning, just after breakfast, Tommy angrily confronts Rose about latching on to Carter. Messing up her makeup, he tells her to get out of town if she knows what's good for her. Getting impatient about his bomb going off, he calls Ewing Oil, posing as a jeweler, telling Bobby that the pendant he purchased may be flawed and should be checked immediately. Rose decides to cut her visit short and return to her beauty shop. Tommy's counselor warns Carter that the younger McKay still has deep-rooted psychological problems and is capable of anything.

Bobby visits April at her apartment with his briefcase, still believing it contains her gift. April gets antsy over seeing it so Bobby holds the briefcase away from her, and they chase each other over to the balcony. The briefcase drops to the sidewalk below and explodes before their disbelieving eyes.

312. Sunset, Sunrise
Broadcast: October 13, 1989

There's worrisome news in Dallas - Bobby Ewing hasn't exploded, to Tommy's dismay; and a tropical storm endangers JR's tanker. JR figures he might have to buy Marilee Stone's company, despite the high price. Cally worries about Marilee's habit of chasing after every man in her sights.

Bobby and April want to tell the police about Tommy, but realize they have no proof of any wrongdoing. Bobby formulates a plan by getting another briefcase made. He takes it to Tommy's office the next day, under the guise of presenting a business opportunity. Tommy calls security, but Bobby manages to get to Carter and warn him. Carter returns home with police, and finds Tommy searching for a revolver, determined to kill Bobby. They struggle and the gun accidentally goes off, killing Tommy.

Bobby tells JR that he wants to attend Tommy's funeral and he thinks JR should be there too. Tracey Lawton returns and finds that Carter has returned to his old habit of suppressing his emotions and immersing himself in his work. Alex Barton continues his societal education of Cally, and gets her a studio with a great view to do her painting.

JR is forced to write Shaughnessy a million-dollar check for being late in delivering his oil. He visits Marilee that evening, who offers to give him her oil reserves in exchange for sex. Faced with no choice, JR heads out to embrace her - until he gets a call from Sly saying that the tanker has just arrived at the refinery.

JR celebrates the next day with Sly and Kendall until Michelle crashes their party looking for Cliff. She ends up heading to lunch with JR, who confides in her that he would be very grateful to anyone who helped get Cliff out of Ewing Oil. April tells Cliff that her sister has been known to be a user and asks him whether they've slept together. Cliff angrily responds that it's none of her business.

Tommy's funeral passes quietly. April tries to offer her condolences to the McKays but finds Carter aloof and Tracey still bitter. Boomer places a baseball on the grave. JR tries to whisk Cally away to avoid Marilee but is unable to. She makes a subtle reference to the incident of the previous night. Cally asks him about it and JR tells her that Marilee tried to seduce him but he turned her down.

Tracey warns Bobby that her father is capable of anything at the moment and he would be wise to stay out of Carter's way. Tracey tells her father she'd like to stay with him, but he says he doesn't want her or anyone else around. Bobby takes April home and she puts a rubber band on his finger, asking him whether they should get married. Bobby says he'll think about it.

That day, Sly finds a very unctuous and persuasive dude in JR's office, who says he insists on speaking to the man himself. JR arrives after the funeral and the guy introduces himself as James Beaumont, Vanessa's son.

313. Pride And Prejudice
Broadcast: October 20, 1989

JR rekindles his old relationship with Vanessa and her abrasive son as the two try to size each other up. Cally is disturbed by the news but allows herself to be convinced to go to dinner with JR and James. Meanwhile, James enjoys drinks with Kendall and gleans some inside information about the power structure of Ewing Oil. For some inexplicable reason, Kendall agrees to spend the night with him.

Ellie and Clayton head towards Pride, Texas, and are told by a gas station attendant that the town is relatively abandoned. They find Jock's old boarding house, which has been foreclosed on by the bank. They find the bank's housesitter, Mr. Sparks, unwilling to let them in. Clayton is frustrated by his attitude but Ellie formulates a plan. The Farlows return the next day after buying up all the property in the small town and begin a thorough search of the place.

Carter finds April in the midst of a jog and says he wants to buy the Ellis County land. She tells him to take a hike at first but then he makes an unrefusable offer. When she tells Bobby, he's angry at first but realizes that it'll work out in Ewing Oil's favor.

Cally starts up her painting at her new studio and tells Alex Barton about some of the things that happened to her in Europe. During the dinner with James, Carter McKay stops by and starts to rub the deal with April in, but James slyly hints that the planned supercollider project has been cancelled by the government. JR starts to worry that Cally's been spending a little too much time with the wacky Alex, who continues to fill her head with ideas of becoming the next Picasso.

Bobby and April accompany Christopher on his roller skating date and Bobby channels the spirit of Pam and gets all worried about how fast his little boy is growing up. He decides that it's time for "the talk", especially after Christopher and his date kiss each other goodnight.

Clayton and Ellie continue to tear up the boarding house but find absolutely nothing - until Clayton spots a tiny lock on an old cuckoo clock into which the key fits. The cuckoo reveals a miniature map of the area near Kalispell, Montana and an indication that the object of the search lies near there. The Farlows make plans to head out immediately and find some small farmhouses in the area - with mailboxes indicating that the "Ewings" and "Mallorys" live there.

As JR and Cally head out to enjoy a Sunday together, they are surprised to see a limousine pull up, bringing Vanessa Beaumont to Southfork. She says she's come to Dallas to collect her son.

314. Fathers And Other Strangers
Broadcast: November 3, 1989

Ellie and Clayton find no one home at the farmhouse, and Ellie thinks it's all a hoax, but she gets convinced by Clayton to stick around for a while and investigate. They learn from a waiter that the inhabitants have gone into town for a day. Once they leave, the waiter tells a fellow named Stanley Mallory about it.

JR tries to find James at his hotel, but learns that he's out. Turns out he's sunbathing with Sly and propositions her just as he did Kendall, but to no avail. Kendall worries why James hasn't been calling her.

James returns to his room to find his mother there and Vanessa wonders whether James has informed JR that he's his biological father. James says he hasn't, but is considering moving to Dallas permanently, despite his mother's apprehension about it. Cally is forced to miss lunch with Vanessa because of her tea with Mrs. Evander.

Bobby and Cliff both arrive at the Stevens apartment and the two duelling couples argue for a few moments before going their separate ways. Cliff doesn't show up at the office next day, so James gets to accompany Bobby to the Ewing refinery. They talk about JR and his drive to be just like his father - for the sake of leaving a legacy for his son.

The next day, Ellie and Clayton return to the farmhouse where a woman suddenly comes out and gives Clayton a hug. They end up walking into a surprise party - where Jock and Ellie are the guests of honor. The woman says her name is Sarah Ewing and the whole group is shocked to learn that Jock and Tom Mallory are dead. Sarah tells the Farlows that Tom Mallory stumbled upon them during a hunting trip four years ago. It turns out that during World War II, Sarah's family, who were hiding from the Nazis, saved Jock and Mallory after their planes were shot down. Jock managed to return to mainland Europe and bring the family to England. Sarah's last revelation is that she has kept a letter from Jock to JR from those many years ago.

When Cliff finally arrives at the office, he and JR get into an argument about his truancy and offers to buy him out of the company, but Cliff says he wouldn't give him the satisfaction. News comes over the wire that a Weststar oil tanker has crashed in the Gulf of Mexico and is heavily leaking oil. JR is thrilled at the news, while Carter is predictably livid and orders a full investigation in his inimitably special way. He later learns some more disturbing news which causes him to storm out of his office.

At the Oil Baron's Club, Michelle advises Cliff to leave Ewing Oil despite the joy it would bring JR. The Ewing clan happens to come by as well to have dinner with James and Vanessa, and Michelle tells JR that Cliff is as good as gone. JR proposes a toast to Jock, and Bobby reminds him that there are other Ewings not present, including Ray. JR starts bad-mouthing Ray for being illegitimate, which prompts James to pipe up and tell everyone present that he also happens to be an illegitimate son. Needless to say, everyone is rather surprised.

315. Black Tide
Broadcast: November 10, 1989

Vanessa confirms that JR is James's father. Cliff rubs it in on JR as well as April for being part of JR's stable, which earns him a slap. Cally grows more and more uncomfortable by the moment, figuring that Vanessa had it planned all along to steal JR back from her. Carter McKay arrives a few moments later with reporters hanging off his tail. He tells everyone that the Coast Guard says that Weststar's tanker is leaking oil as a result of being hit by JR's tanker. JR tells Bobby to stonewall everyone until the damage can be assessed and is shocked that Bobby wants to pay for the cleanup effort, and Cliff gets upset at being continually left out of the plans. JR tells Halliday to accept public responsibility for the sub-standard tanker, or else he'll make Al the Pal's life a living hell.

Vanessa comes to Southfork which initiates a shouting match with the vulnerable Cally. Cally tells her that if she really's not out to cause trouble, she should take her son and leave Dallas. Vanessa counters that the ball is in Cally's court, because JR will listen to her. JR gets miffed at Cally's whining when he returns home the next morning after a long night and tells her that he can't deal with her insecurity right now. James advises Vanessa that she is really the woman that JR wants and she should stay in Dallas to make him see it. She declines but he insists that he wants to stick around.

McKay mobilizes his public relations troupe and gets a visit from Halliday. Al the Pal says that in exchange for a retirement fund, he'll provide Weststar with very useful information about the tankers. Cliff reaffirms to Michelle his desire to quit Ewing Oil for good. Weststar holds a press conference in which Carter makes public the information that the Ewing tanker was unseaworthy and its captain had been reprimanded several times for heavy drinking. He introduces Cliff as the man who's going to be heading a committee to look into the accident and make sure that the guilty parties be punished.

Cliff comes to Ewing Oil the next day to clean out his office and gets an earful from the Ewing brothers. Bobby even goes so far as to say he wants Cliff to stay away from Christopher. Michelle is next to come to the office, expecting her reward for getting Cliff out of Ewing Oil. JR declines because Cliff defected to Weststar's camp and Michelle tells him that he'll regret spurning her. She then heads over to see McKay for a reward. Carter says that instead of money, he'll offer her one open favor whenever she decides to call it in.

After hearing about the potential dire financial straits, April offers to help Bobby out with some cash but he declines. Bobby asks Clayton to keep Ellie away from the ranch for a while until he can straighten things out. Heading out to work, he finds that the Southfork pool has been vandalized and dirtied with oil. After JR surveys the mess, he says that he no longer feels that he can be a part of Ewing Oil. Bobby laughs it off and says that there's no way he'd let JR squirm out of the mess he created. April berates Cliff for abandoning Bobby and learns that Michelle has decided to move in with him. Many of Ewing Oil's customers come to see Bobby and tell him that unless he manages to salvage the situation, they may have to take their business elsewhere.

As Vanessa plans to head back home, JR asks her to stay and work out some of their unresolved issues. She painfully tells him that he's got her son now and hopes that James won't take his knocks the hard way from now on. James moves into Southfork and JR reconfirms that he's glad to have another son around. Cally predictably seems ambivalent about the new arrival.

316. Daddy's Dearest
Broadcast: November 17, 1989

James tries to fit in to life at Southfork and gets a short introduction about JR's past from Lucy. He also worries about what's going to happen when John Ross arrives at Southfork later that day. After coming home, John Ross is a bit perturbed at having to stay home while James heads off with JR to Ewing Oil. April brings Michelle's heaps of clothes over to Cliff's place and says she doesn't want to have anything more to do with either of them. Clayton and Ellie return to Dallas and are harassed by a reporter until the Ox summons his strength and threatens the guy.

Bobby calls in some of his markers in Austin to try and keep Cliff off of the committee investigating the tanker crash, but finds his old buddies cold to the idea. Hate mail continues to pour in to the office, and Jackie talks to Bobby about her future at the company. JR suggests that James take over Cliff's office and she stay on as his secretary, which she graciously accepts. Carter McKay arrives and presents the brothers with an all-encompassing civil suit for everything they're worth.

John Ross worries about his role in his father's life with James around. JR tells him that he'll eventually stop resenting his new brother, and become as close as [ahem!] JR and Ray were. Bobby and James talk in the exercise room and they agree to remain civil as long as each knows the others' role. Bobby and April have a picnic the next day and continue their discussion of marriage.

Marilee bumps into JR and James at the Oil Baron's Club and they take predictable jabs at each other. JR and James head back to the office as Michelle stops by. James seems to be smitten with her at first sight, as they ask Michelle to be a spy in Cliff's home. Michelle declines for the moment but leaves possibilities open. James visits Michelle at Cliff's place the next day and a cheap porn scene ensues.

Cliff [did you guess?] is named the head of the Blue Ribbon committee and says he'll ensure that justice is served. Cliff and Carter discuss future arrangements for Cliff's political career and McKay says he'll only continue to back him if Weststar comes out smelling like roses.

Bobby tells JR that if there's a Ewing Oil left after the committee's findings are made public, he'll be turfed. JR returns home and tells Ellie that he thinks Bobby is right - he's not fit to be a part of Ewing Oil. He heads back that evening to gather his things and Ellie follows him with the letter that Jock wrote to him from Europe. In it, Jock tells JR that the real test of a man is to succeed when failure seems certain, and exhorts him to never tire of continuing the Ewing legacy.

317. Hell's Fury
Broadcast: December 1, 1989

JR returns to Southfork, ready to take on the world - and his wife. Cliff tells Michelle about his plans to get the investigating committee and drops a few names to her about potential problematic members. JR and Bobby learn that the Weststar tanker was undermanned during its voyage. Bobby decides to talk to the captains of the tankers to gather information, but finds that his wife is bitter at the world and sick of talking to people.

James buys a new motorcycle and decides to take John Ross out for a spin, leaving Christopher alone at the house. They have a brotherly talk in which James tries to convince John Ross that he just wants to feel like part of the family and doesn't want to interfere with the family dynamics. He also manages to get John Ross a dirtbike so they can ride together. That evening, John Ross taunts Christopher about being the baby of the family and a fight predictably ensues. Christopher goes to his room and starts firing darts at a picture of John Ross until Bobby makes him see what his older cousin is going through.

James and Michelle go out for a night on the town and she says she's decided to help Ewing Oil out in their fight. That evening during a night of passion James tells her that he really wishes Cally wasn't in the way of her mother's relationship with JR.

That morning, JR tells Cally that he's gotten a business call from James, but later she spots him at a hotel, meeting with Michelle. Alex Barton tries to convince her that it might not be what it seems, but she's convinced that her marriage is practically over. Cally rushes home and tells Lucy about it, and she says she's not surprised. Lucy stupidly tells her that Michelle is staying at Cliff's place and Cally head over there in a huff.

JR and Michelle join James in a hotel room to watch the beginning of the investigative trial, and she gives him the names of the potential Ewing supporters on the committee. One of those members, Diana Farrington and Cliff argue about the rumors that he's more interested in nailing the Ewings than in justice. Carter McKay also stops by to drop his two cents in. JR finds the other member, George Middleton, and tries rather untactfully to convince him to be on his side. He does manage to learn where Diana Farrington is having dinner.

Bobby manages to find Jack Bouleris, the captain of the crashed Ewing tanker, at a local pool hall. He confronts him for the truth about the accident and is informed that he's been sober for four years and wasn't at fault for the accident - but he's been through so much that he's content to let the Ewings go down in flames.

Cally comes over to Cliff's place to confront Michelle, who lies and tells her point-blank that she most definitely is sleeping with JR - just like nearly every other woman in Dallas has. Cally next heads over to Ewing Oil but finds JR to be Austin - which Michelle claimed was her next destination. She leaves just as Kay Lloyd arrives. Kay tells Bobby that the Justice Department is considering revoking Ewing Oil's charter because of the accident. Meanwhile, Cally heads over to Alex's apartment and says she's planning her revenge on JR.

318. Cally On A Hot Tin Roof
Broadcast: December 8, 1989

JR buds in on Diana Farrington's dinner with her husband and manages to get her ear for a while. They make arrangements to have a private meeting to discuss Ewing Oil's side of the story. Diana later hears George Middleton tell the committee about the subtle bribe JR offered them. Meanwhile, Bobby and Kay get reacquainted and he tells her that he's become involved in another relationship.

Cally comes home and confronts JR about sleeping with Michelle and he, of course, denies it. She counters that she spent the night at Alex Barton's place. JR promises her that she and Michelle will both regret what they've done. JR heads over to warn Michelle about it and she reminds him that he needs her to spy on Cliff; he says that unless her information improves, her ass will be grass. Cliff finds Jackie at her exercise club and asks her to keep her eyes open around the office.

James finds Cally beginning a vegetable garden and offers to be a shoulder for her to cry on. She explains the instability of her marriage as James surprisingly tries to soothe the situation over. Carter McKay plans a massive PR campaign to put a good face on Weststar's cleanup efforts in the Gulf, despite the fact that Bobby is personally financing most of it.

April returns to Dallas and finds Bobby in a meeting with Kay. The three of them have dinner with Dave Culver and April's left out of the political talk. They confirm that Ewing Oil will likely be out of business if Cliff finds them to be mostly responsible. April drinks her way through the night and back at her apartment, she wonders why things are so difficult for them when he seems so relaxed with Kay. She tells him she wants some time apart until he decides that she's the one he really wants. Later, Bobby and Kay discuss how her presence is disrupting his love life.

JR's next stop is Cally's studio, where Alex Barton stops by. JR offers him a choice: a one-way ticket back to England, or being strung-up on statutory rape charges, courtesy of Ratagan and a couple of Lolitas. Surprisingly [to me] Alex makes the wise choice and starts packing, but tells JR that his night with Cally was the best of his life.

Cliff comes home from Austin early, to Michelle's surprise. James arrives soon afterwards and smartly realizes what's happened. He puts on a tough-guy act and pretends to be angry at Cliff for trying to ruin the Ewings. Later, James makes some humble suggestions for ways to get some cash for Ewing Oil and Bobby finds that they agree on most points.

Kay comes to April's apartment and tells her that their on-again, off-again relationship is distracting Bobby from his business travails and she only wants what's best for both of them. April is in no mood to hear it and tells her to get lost.

JR offers to set up Diana's husband in whatever business deals he needs in exchange for her support on the committee and she gladly accepts in the shower later. When he returns to Southfork, he tells Cally about Alex's departure and another argument ensues. Cally reveals that nothing happened during her night at Alex's place and she only said so because she thought JR slept with Michelle. JR doesn't believe it, of course, and throws his latest affair with Diana in her face. He heads over to watch Alex's plane take off and the Englishman confirms Cally's story that they just talked. JR rushes back home and finds Cally unconscious on their bed next to an empty bottle of sleeping pills

319. Sex, Lies And Videotape
Broadcast: December 15, 1989

Cally's bluesy guitar plays in the background as she is tended to by paramedics. JR seethes as Lucy admits that she told Cally where the sleeping pills were but later is distraught after seeing the shape his wife is in. Cally explains that the whole thing was accident because she didn't understand the nuances of pharmacology. She wonders whether JR would allow Alex Barton to return to Dallas and JR says he got the governor to pass an ordinance against bad teeth, though he encourages her to continue painting. Later, Lucy tells Cally she just bought an art gallery and so her career is back on track.

Bobby begins the painful process of selling Ewing fields to raise cash. Bobby calls April, who's stopped answering her phone, and heads over to Kay's place for a dinner party, arriving early. They rehash their relationship and realize that they still have different priorities which complicates things for them. April goes out and buys a huge new office for April Oil.

Carter McKay heads to Follett, Texas to find Rose and bring her to Dallas to be his wife. After their wedding night, Carter tells Rose he needs her help to try and defuse the tanker crisis - by using her body. Rose is righteously upset that Carter would ask her to do such a thing, but he says that he feels his back is against the wall. The next day, Cliff is accosted by Rose at a bar and after some small talk, he's convinced to accompany her to a hotel room. During a business confab the next day, Carter shows Cliff a tape of him with Rose, and reveals that the young woman is now his wife.

JR takes James down to Austin and they meet with Diana Farrington again, who says she's still interested in JR's fringe benefits in exchange for her continued support. James is surprised JR would even consider cheating on Cally, but he says it's only for business and it's not much different from the way he convinced Michelle to join their side. The next morning, James tells JR he's glad his mother never married him if this is the way he chooses to lead his life. JR is surprised at how alike they really are.

Bobby finds Captain Bouleris again and questions him about the crash, confirming that he did everything possible to prevent it and confirms that he was definitely not drunk at the time. He returns to the office and finds that Ewing 14 was sold for top dollar, to his surprise. Kay comes by and says she's going back to Washington where she feels she can help Ewing Oil's cause more. Bobby comes over to April's apartment later that day and after some arguing back and forth, he says he's decided he wants to get married.

320. A Tale Of Two Cities
Broadcast: January 5, 1990

James feels terrible about returning to Southfork knowing about JR's infidelity. Coming home, he and JR find that Cally has painted a portrait of JR to hang in his office. JR is incredulous at Bobby's decision to rehire Captain Bouleris and an argument ensues over the brothers' methods. James tells Michelle he wants her to move out of Cliff's apartment because he doesn't like having to sneak around to see her.

Carter returns home to find a disillusioned Rose dressed as the whore she feels like. He promises to get rid of the tape as soon as the committee hearings are over. Cally has another gallery showing and all of her paintings get sold, to Lucy's delight.

Bobby visits a Coast Guard office and argues with an official, claiming that proper procedure wasn't followed when the authorities arrived at the crash site, with a cover-up ensuing to avoid bad publicity for the Guard.

Diana tries to get Cliff involved with some political connections in an effort to distract him from his vendetta against Ewing Oil, but he doesn't bite. JR plans to go after another committee member to garner support. He finds Billy Joe Bates very receptive to his cause. Michelle learns from Cliff about McKay's blackmail tape. Carter meets with his tanker captain and instructs him how to lie at the hearings about the fact that the radar was unmanned.

James talks to Diana privately about calling off her affair with JR, for Cally's sake, but she doesn't care for the idea at all. That evening, just as James leaves them in JR's room and heads down to the lobby, he spots Cally there, waiting to surprise JR. He  rushes back to the room and hears another knock on the door. Figuring it's Cally, he makes it look like he's the one who's been with Diana - but it turns out to be Michelle, who espies Diana and calls off their relationship.

Michelle tells Bobby about Carter's setup of Cliff, and later finds James knocking on her door trying to explain again what happened. The predictable fight ensues and they decide to end their relationship for good. Bobby visits Rose and tries to convince her to sell the blackmail tape to him. She tells him off but he warns her that she'll be sinking with her new husband before long.

An ensign from the Coast Guard visits Cliff at his office. He says that he stayed on duty longer than he had to the night of the collision and monitored the tankers' progress, which he claims was definitely just an accident.

321. Judgement Day
Broadcast: January 12, 1990

Cliff debates his dilemma at Digger's grave and in the committee room. News comes over the airwaves that Captain Bouleris apparently committed suicide in his guilt over the situation. In Pride, Texas, Clayton tells the distraught Ellie [can you guess?] that she doesn't need to rush home to be with her sons. Bobby meets with Harve to see what legal recourses might be available to save Ewing Oil. Rose doesn't really feel like joining Carter in his preliminary celebration of victory.

JR comes to Michelle's new apartment looking for information but she says she's out of the spy business. When he wonders what's changed her mind about things, she tells him to ask James. James explains what went down in Austin and JR tells him to do whatever he has to to win Michelle back, but he refuses. April confronts Michelle about things but ends up soothing her hurt feelings. Michelle later tells Cliff about her spying, and after his initial anger, he feels more determined than ever to put the screws to JR.

McKay offers Bobby the chance to sell out Ewing Oil before the company is completely lost. Bobby glumly says he'll have to think it over. The next day, Carter tells April about his offer and tells her that it's in her best interests to convince Bobby to take the offer because Bobby certainly wouldn't marry her if he suddenly lost his wealth. The next day, Bobby remembers who his father is and tells McKay where he can put his offer. [Editor's note: damn, I'm proud of that boy!]

At the site of Jock Ewing's first strike, Ellie waxes nostalgic and wishes that her life hadn't been so intertwined with the dog-eat-dog oil business. Cliff confronts Diana about her liaisons with the Ewings and she retorts that Cliff is obviously in McKay's hands. Later, Diana confirms to JR that the committee is deadlocked and Cliff has the deciding vote tomorrow.

Bobby has a meeting with Cliff that evening and tries to convince him to leave their personal issues out of it, but Cliff isn't too hot on that idea. He subtly invokes the ghost of Pam, who would have advised Cliff to just do the right thing and let his conscience be his guide.

That evening, Carter burns the blackmail tape and tells Rose he wants to make a fresh start in their relationship. Ellie and Clayton have a rather confusing ceremony in the town of Pride supposed to mean something...I guess.

JR tells Bobby that he feels that Jock's portrait doesn't belong in his room any longer, and he offers Bobby a document taking full responsibility for the accident and absolving Ewing Oil in the matter. He tells Bobby about Jock's letter from forty years ago and says that the torch has been passed down. At the committee hearing, Cliff declares the collision to be an accident, causing JR to tear up his document and feel on top of the world again, as McKay just walks away seething.

322. Unchain My Heart
Broadcast: January 19, 1990

Being the man of the hour, Cliff appears on "Austin Today" to further his political ambitions. He returns home to find a magazine with his face on the cover, but empty inside. Curious, he contacts a phone number inside and arranges a meeting. He ends up meeting PR expert Stephanie Rogers, who says she wants to make him the hottest thing on the political scene.

With the brouhaha out of the way, Bobby gives April an engagement ring as fairy music is sprinkled through the background. Carter visits April at her offices, currently being furnished, and asks to buy the three fields she bought from Ewing Oil. She turns him down flat but has a concerned look on her face as he leaves. That evening, Carter and Rose bump into Bobby and April at dinner and McKay tells Bobby that April was the one who bought his fields, not Weststar as was originally supposed. It leads to a predictable argument over who cares more about who, and a rift develops.

JR returns to the ranch to celebrate with Cally and John Ross, and they decide to ride out to Pride to meet up with Ellie and Clayton. JR learns from Ellie that she thinks there's still oil in the area which might do Ewing Oil and the community some good. He channels the spirit of the wildcatting days and pledges not to rest until he strikes.

The next day, Carter overhears April putting her fields on the open market. Just after her broker tells her he sold the fields to Weststar, Bobby arrives with a huge apology card and a check to buy back the fields. After she tells him what happened, they have another argument about not really knowing each other, and April tosses his ring back at him. 

Lonely James goes out on a date with lonely Kendall and they bump into Michelle and her date. The two erstwhile lovebirds step towards an elevator to argue but end up in a passionate embrace. Later, Michelle tells April they should head out together to drown her sorrows. While out, they come up with the idea of a place for women to hang out without being hit on.

James tries to drum up some business on his own, as Bobby tries to keep the company going while getting April out of his life and his mind. He tells his major customers they'll have to take temporary reductions in their deliveries, and they tell him they just might do business with Weststar.

Clarence Melville, a hot-shot chemical engineer, arrives at the Pride drilling site and raises the ire of JR by knowing as much as he does. Despite their best efforts, no oil is found.

Bobby takes Phyllis out to make up for snapping at her the other day, and from across the room he spots a woman who's a dead ringer for Pamela.

323. I Dream Of Jeannie
Broadcast: February 2, 1990

Bobby chases after the mystery woman, but she's in a car before he can reach her. He manages to speak to her friend and learns that her name is Jeanne O'Brien, a realtor, and she's apparently new in town.

After the fiasco in Pride, JR tells the family to head back to Southfork while he checks out some information on the road. Cally makes a fuss about playing second fiddle to business. JR gets some information about a guy named Blackie Callahan who lives in Barkley, Oklahoma. He heads over to see him but ends up meeting his daughter, Meg. He explains that he wants Blackie to help him find the oil in Pride and is told to come back tomorrow.

Cliff gets a private investigator to check out Stephanie Rogers and see if she has any connection to JR. They have lunch at the Oil Baron's and get to know each other a little better. After a TV appearance, Cliff's PI confirms that Stephanie has nothing to do with JR or Weststar, and she's impressed at his thoroughness.

April and Michelle continue to discuss their new "hot spot" idea and are joined by James, who Michelle wants to bring in to the plan. April tries to contact Bobby, but fails. James and Cally discuss the troubles being caused in their lives, one way or the other, by JR, and a friendship develops.

Bobby is put in touch with Jeanne and goes to see a house with her. He's visibly disturbed by the striking resemblance to Pam but manages to keep his cool. He finds that just like his ex-wife, she came from a not-so-well-off background. Jeanne learns from a girlfriend that Bobby's divorced and she might have a really good chance with him. Bobby takes Cliff to meet with Jeanne, and confirms that Bobby isn't hallucinating - but she's definitely not Pam. The three of them have dinner, and Cliff warns Bobby not to indulge himself too much. The next day, Bobby tells Jeanne about why he's so smitten with her.

Meg takes JR to the county jail, where Blackie currently resides. To JR's dismay, he says he likes it there because his friends are there; the warden confirms that he keeps breaking in to jail, and if JR can convince him to stop, he can have him. JR learns that Blackie is willing to help him out, but only if he can arrange a night of passion with his favorite babe - who's about eighty. JR gets Ratagan to find a young look-alike, and Blackie appears satisfied. The next morning, Blackie says he wasn't fooled but appreciated the effort so much, he doesn't mind helping JR out.

324. After Midnight
Broadcast: February 9, 1990

On the way to Pride, Blackie tells JR that the reason he was in jail for a while was because his last oil project failed and some investors got really mad at him. JR gets awfully worried about it, especially after they discover that some of the landmarks Blackie remembered are no longer there, but Blackie assures him after a long walk that he's standing right on top of it, and that he should get his crew over there. It takes a few days of round-the-clock work, but Blackie and JR manage to strike a gusher.

April and Michelle check out some space in the warehouse district for their new project. She spots a travel poster of Salzburg and reminisces about that wonderful night with Bobby in Episode 305. They later meet with Eugene Inagaki, who represents the company who owns the property and refuses to sell because he has plans of his own.

Jeanne tells her girlfriend about the weird vibes she's been getting from Bobby but is encouraged to use it to her advantage. That night, she heads out to a barn dance with the Bob-man. Their night goes surprisingly well. The next evening, they happen to stop by the same haunt as James and the Stevens sisters, and the elder one starts to clue in to what's happened to he relationship.

An old friend of the Ewings named Duke Carlisle comes by the office and talks to James about a huge new racetrack he wants to build near Southfork. He invites James over to his place the next day for more details. Once there, James is introduced to his horny daughter Melinda, who tries to entice him into a game of strip archery. James declines but discovers that she seems to be the key to earning the deal with Duke. At another Carlisle meeting, Melinda lays it out plain and simple for James: either he sleeps with her, or she blows his deal.

April tells Michelle that she's lost her enthusiasm since the break-up with Bobby, and is considering leaving Dallas. Michelle counsels her to forget her troubles and ensures her that she'll get the property they need within a week. Michelle visits Carter and calls in her favor - she asks him to convince Inagaki to sell to her.

Blackie is brought to Dallas for the celebration of the new strike, which Bobby foregoes in order to see Jeanne. During a dance, he also has memories of the night with April in Salzburg. He heads over to April's place afterwards, and in a bizarre twist, he asks her for a little bit more time to settle what he terms "unfinished business". She tells him she doesn't feel she has any more time to spare for him and is sick of dealing with his hang-ups.

The next day, Bobby breaks his lunch date with Jeanne but agrees to be at her place that evening. When he gets there, he finds Jeanne dressed in one of Pam's old dresses, and ready to be his ex-wife for him. At first, Bobby holds back but is unable to deny that it's what he wanted all along

325. The Crucible
Broadcast: February 16, 1990

At the Carlisle party, James continues to be harassed by Melinda until he bumps into Cally - and JR. JR breaks up James' deal with Duke, to James' chagrin as well as Cally's. Clayton and Ellie get word that an old friend, Atticus Ward, just died and his will is being read very soon.

Carter McKay visits Eugene Inagaki about the warehouse property. Inagaki declines, saying that his plan is part of a greater plan to keep the Far East economy dominant, and to finally extinguish the Texas oil "dinosaurs". Carter tells Michelle that the negotiations are tough but she insists that he keep his promise.

Bobby and Jeanne discuss the somewhat sicker aspect of their relationship, and she tells him that she puts up with being a "stand-in" for Pam because it's the only way she could ever have a chance with a guy like him.

Cliff is pushed to become the head of the Oil Regulatory Commission, which irks JR, especially after his dinner at the Oil Baron's is pre-empted by one of Cliff's private parties. JR returns home and an argument with James ensues over the Duke incident. JR later calls Ratagan to find out who's behind Cliff's popularity.

Cally starts to get frustrated at not having JR around, so she decides to accompany Lucy to a new club opening - at which they happen to bump into April and Michelle, who are beginning to realize how dumb their idea really is. Insults are traded about who's sleeping with who [and in April's case, who isn't] and Cally almost gets violent with Michelle for flaunting her "affair" with JR. She settles for tossing a drink in her face, prompting April to respond in kind. More arguments occur the next morning when JR confronts Cally about not coming home that night.

JR learns about Stephanie's aid of Cliff and heads over to see her. He says he wants her to devote her time to improving Ewing Oil's image - at any cost. She flatly turns him down, saying she doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Cliff rubs in JR's pathetic attempt at the Oil Baron's later.

Christopher's best friend moves away and he tells Bobby that he wished he had the chance to give him his baseball glove - or even to say goodbye. It gets the Bob-man thinking...

Carter brings in the Chairman of Inagaki's company to come by and inform him that the company has decided to exchange the warehouse property for some land in the Bahamas. Inagaki protests but eventually accepts the well-deserved smackdown.

Clayton and Ellie come to San Angelo for Atticus Ward's will-reading, and are told by Atticus's twin brother Arlen that he was lost at sea and no body was found. Carter comes by later as well to view the tape, which bequeaths the bulk of the estate to a man named Curley Morrison, after a 30-day waiting period. It's decreed that if Curley dies, another dude named Rabbit Hutch gets it all; and then it falls to Arlen Ward. Suddenly the lights go out...but Curley's okay. No! Wait! He keels over... [Cue the ominous music.]

Bobby visits Jeanne that evening, and tells her that he's realized why he was so infatuated with her - because he never got the chance to say goodbye to Pam. He finds, however, that his "unfinished business" is settled by saying goodbye to Jeanne - and Pam.

326. Dear Hearts And Gentle People
Broadcast: February 23, 1990

In the aftermath of Curley's collapse, fingers begin to point at Rabbit Hutch. The preliminary reports indicate that Curley died of a heart attack, but later it's discovered he was poisoned - and Rabbit's fingerprints are found on the milk carton that he drank out of. Ellie and Clayton bail Rabbit out and offer to help him out with his case. McKay is incredulous at Clayton's decision to help Rabbit out, claiming that he was safer there until the will is settled. The Farlows visit Rabbit to check up on him, but find that he's tragically hung himself.

Cally tries to rekindle her relationship but ends up driving JR to the Singletree. JR tells Bobby that he doesn't feel that he has anything in common with his wife any more. Stephanie calls the office and tells JR to turn on his TV, from which he learns that Cliff has been named head of the Oil Regulatory Commission. JR visits Stephanie in an apologetic mood, congratulating her on making something out of nothing with Cliff. He invites her to have dinner so that she can see what Cliff is up against.

McKay hands the Stevens sisters the property lease, but April still seems disenchanted with the world and continues to ignore Bobby's messages. Bobby heads over to the apartment but finds out from Michelle that April's left town. April calls him later, and says she's gone to her mother's house in Ohio. Amy Stevens advises her daughter to think about settling down in her hometown.

Bobby comes to the Stevens home and gets a cold reception from Amy. He assures her that he just wants to make things right between them, and she directs him to a nearby park where April's hanging out. They talk for a while and agree to allow some time for her to sort out her feelings. [Where have I heard this before?]

JR and Stephanie have lunch [instead of dinner] and have another round of the battle of the sexes. James and Cally spend the day together, frustrating JR yet again in his attempts to mold his marriage. James advises Cally to hang tough and not let JR dominate her life. Serena Wald returns to Dallas and tells JR that she's moved back to Dallas. The predictable "business lunch" at the Singletree ensues, and JR decides that enough is enough and it's time for a change. Heading back to the office, he uses a marker to mask out the "Ewing" from Cally's signature on his portrait.

327. Paradise Lost
Broadcast:March 9, 1990

Clayton and Ellie meet up with Arlen Ward and tell him about Rabbit's apparent suicide. Arlen seems way too happy about it for the Farlows' comfort. At Curley's funeral, the interested parties are told that Rabbit was actually poisoned and was then made to look like he killed himself.

James and Michelle find that a zoning law has conveniently been invoked to prevent her project from proceeding forward. They confront Carter McKay about it, who denies involvement, and James offers him a cut of the project in exchange for his help to twist some arms.

April talks to old friends about how wacky her life in Dallas has been, and how things are so hectic there. She seems to become more and more convinced that moving back home is the right thing. She and Bobby have dinner with a couple of her friends and get a close look at smalltown married life with kids.

JR tries to dig up dirt on Stephanie but is unsuccessful. He decides to get Serena to join her ex-husband for dinner, while he heads back to tell the family that he's sorry he's gotten himself so wrapped in business that he's ignored them. He tells Cally that he's made an appointment with a marriage counselor to sort out their troubles.

Cliff and Stephanie talk about JR, and he warns her that JR has only two motives for anything - libido and greed. Stephanie seems rather interested in that characterization. Meanwhile, Serena tells JR that Stephanie's ex-husband told her that she keeps meticulous notes about everything she does.

Ellie channels the spirit of Jessica Fletcher and she and Clayton begin to wonder whether Arlen might really be Atticus. Clayton realizes that "Arlen" seems to adopting all of Atticus's old habits, including tugging on his ear when nervous. The case seems solved, and after learning that whoever-it-is has foregone protective custody, they head over to tell him that they're on to him and soon they'll have proof.

Bobby confronts Amy Stevens about making life way too comfortable for April. They have some relatively meaningless conversation in which Amy is disappointingly made to accept his argument. Bobby tells April he feels he's done all he can and he's decided to head back to Dallas.

JR and Cally see Patrick, the marriage counselor, and she continues to see him privately. The counselor tells Cally that JR's pattern of behavior is unlikely to change and she had better prepare herself for the worst because their age barrier is relatively insurmountable. After hearing the diagnosis, JR angrily tells Cally that the doctor doesn't know what he's talking about and he plans to deal with him sternly. JR does head over to see him the next morning - but only to congratulate him for doing such a great job in discouraging his wife from sticking around.

328. Will Power
Broadcast: March 16, 1990

April arrives at the airport too late to stop Bobby from boarding his plane back to Dallas. She confides her confused feelings in her mother and tells her that she's worried about not having Bobby's undivided love. Amy reminds her that life isn't always a bowl of cherries and she shouldn't remain alone any longer. Bobby decides to take Christopher to Paris to get away from it all.

Mr. Ward takes a lie detector test under the watchful eye of the Farlows, and they confirm the evidence that the police seem to have found: he's really Arlen Ward. Ward promises Clayton that he won't forget all of the trouble he was put through. In a fantastic bit of detective work, Ellie realizes that whoever murdered Curley must have known the contents of the will in advance, so they decide to visit Atticus's lawyer. They learn that Arlen was outside the office when the lawyer was viewing the videotape but the police are frustrated by the neverending meddling and tell the Farlows to knock it off.

Cally tells Patrick that she thinks that JR's sweetness lately is a sign that her relationship is salvageable. JR is mortified that his plan has failed so far and is told that he's going to have to deliver the final blow to his marriage. Later, Cally accompanies Lucy to be on a talk show, and she's asked to be on an upcoming show about young women married to older men. JR is against the idea but in order to keep his charade with her, he allows it.

JR enlists Serena's help to try and get Stephanie's private notes. Through her ex-husband, Serena finds that the notes are kept in the office and manages to distract Stephanie's secretary so JR can get inside and find Stephanie's safe. Ratagan is called in to crack it and does so with relative ease.

Work begins on the singles club, and James gets upset at Michelle's blind ambition and spending habits, prompting a fight. She later apologizes over dinner. James accompanies Cally to her talk show appearance, which has the typical Sally Jessy, Springer-wannabe atmosphere. Cally hears the story of one other woman who had a marriage like hers which turned completely bad after her husband lost interest.

Bobby arrives at Ewing Oil to find his office turned into a mock miniature of Austria, with April back after deciding she really wants to be with him. They later discover that their warehouse has been condemned.

The Farlows go to Arlen's place to apologize to him and find that he's installed a high-tech security system for his home. They bump into the incoming Carter McKay on his way out. Their next appointment is with Honey North, who is discovered to have been working the day Curley was killed. After some pressure, she admits that Arlen asked her to lie but she knows he's innocent. Heading over to Arlen's place with the police, they find him dead in his aquarium. 

329. The Smiling Cobra
Broadcast: March 30, 1990

As JR persuees Stephanie's diary, he gets a visit from a guy who he pays off for an undisclosed job well done. Later, Patrick plays another tape of a conversation wth Cally, in which she indicates that James is helping her through her difficult time.

Bobby and April discuss the kink in the warehouse project and he resolves to find out who's behind the delay. He confronts McKay who claims complete innocence in the matter and even offers to help Bobby get in touch with people who can help him, but Bobby says he's got it under control. April asks Michelle to be the maid of honor at her wedding and that she's backing out of their project because she doesn't feel she can devote enough time to it, which gets Michelle completely upset at being abandoned by her sister once again. James and Michelle discuss April's pullout and he offers to help her out with the financing and stand by her.

The remaining friends of Atticus Ward assemble in his lawyer's office and discover there was a codicil to his will, establishing a new order of inheritance in alphabetical order - meaning that Clayton's first. Carter tells everyone that Atticus controlled 25% of Weststar's stock and made a deal to buy it from Arlen, which is why he was so interested in the will. He offers Clayton the same deal but is told to wait.

As the family settles in for dinner, Bobby and April announce they plan to get married next month. April and Cally work out their earlier differences and agree to be friends again, as Cally confides her fears to her. Meanwhile, Bobby and JR discuss the same marital issues.

Clayton returns home with armed security and learns from a newscast that Atticus was found on a deserted island and on his way back to Dallas. Atticus tears up his will after hearing about his friends' deaths. The Farlows are still suspicious, of course. At a dinner at the Oil Baron's Club that night, Atticus tells McKay that he intends to continue his takeover bid of Weststar. While Debbie is distracted, Clayton's drink gets a few drops of liquid from an eyedropper. Atticus ends up taking the drink and keels over, dead.

The next morning, Bobby learns from the guy that was paid off at the beginning of the episode that JR was behind the whole thing. All of the principals are informed, and James gets righteously upset over it. Bobby confronts JR about it, who claims to just be protecting his son from Michelle's wacky plans. Later, JR and James argue and he says he plans to marry Michelle so they can be one big happy family.

JR returns home and lays a classic guilt trip on Cally for turning James against him and pushing him towards Michelle. Much like Sue Ellen, Cally is so devastated that runs crying up to her room. JR calls Serena and tells him that Cally's ready to go over the edge. She calls back a few moments later to confirm an upcoming rendez-vous, prompting Cally to start packing her bags. John Ross overhears her saying goodbye to Lucy and tearfully rushes out of the house to stop her. He tells JR, who's watching from the balcony, to make her stay, so he's forced to retract everything he said.

330. Jessica Redux
Broadcast: April 6, 1990

Cally tells JR that things will have to change in their relationship or she'll leave for good and let the world know why. Cliff returns from wherever he's been and learns about Bobby and April's wedding, and is asked to be the best man. James buys a well-placed restaurant that he feels can be turned into a perfect club for Michelle.

At the Oil Baron's, Carter makes the suddenly forgetful Farlows remember that the poison was obviously meant for Clayton, sending Ellie into a worried tizzy. Realizing that Atticus's original will is now in effect, she formulates a plan to find out what's in it. She enlists a surprised JR's help in obtaining the necessary skills.

Cliff tells Stephanie that he wants her to stay away from JR as long as she's running his campaign, leading to a predictable argument. Cliff insists and tells her he's willing to dump their relationship if she doesn't comply. JR comes by the office later with Stephanie's favorite flowers and jellybeans (her secret passion) and makes reservations for her favorite restaurant.

Michelle comes home and finds JR in her apartment with a briefcase and his "you're leaving town" ultimatum to keep her away from James. JR reveals James' intention to marry her, which makes her resolve to stick it out in Dallas and refuse his offer. Unfortunately, the next day, James tells Michelle that he only told JR about getting married to ruffle his feathers. Another predictable argument [I've been saying this a lot lately] ensues and yet another breakup occurs.

The Farlows are put in touch with Ratagan and an expert safecracker, who manages to get in to Spangler's safe easily. They are flabbergasted to learn that Atticus's will leaves most of his estate to Dusty Farlow. Clayton can't figure it out and so he decides to talk to Jessica to find out the reasons why, but learns that Jessica was released 6 months ago, claiming to be headed for Southfork. A day or two later, Clayton gets a call from Jessica saying that she plans to see him - sometime soon. The Farlows decide to head to a quiet hotel until things boil over.

JR manages to arrange it so that Cliff will see him and Stephanie at dinner that evening. Bobby, who arrives soon after, and Stephanie both realize that JR orchestrated the whole thing to separate her from Cliff.

Eugene Inagaki meets with Michelle and says that he was so impressed with her vision that he wants her to go to the Caribbean and run a resort for his company - and leave immediately. Michelle is so impressed with the money that she almost instantly agrees. Before leaving, she says goodbye to James and they realize they have different outlooks on the world, and their relationship. As Michelle's plane leaves, JR thanks Eugene for a job well done and says he'll have his warehouse back real soon.

That evening, after poisoning the police guard outside their door, Jessica enters the Farlows' room and prepares an injection.

331. Family Plot
Broadcast:April 13, 1990

Just as Jessica is about to strike, the phone rings and wakes Clayton up. She manages to get away as Detective Marshall informs them that Jessica's fingerprints were on Curley's fatal milk carton. Bobby foregoes a tuxedo fitting to be with them. They all attend Atticus's funeral and eagle-eyed Bobby spots Jessica getting into a limousine. He trails her back to her hotel and while stalling her until the police arrive, he learns that Atticus was Dusty's father.

JR arranges another visit to England for John Ross so as to finally get rid of Cally once and for all. James and April find Michelle's apartment devoid of clothes, but with a note explaining her sudden disappearance. They question Inagaki about it and during their conversation they find that he's been in contact with JR. James confronts his father about it and says he's through being a Ewing.

A still-deranged and Dusty-obsessed Jessica tells the police that she committed all of her murders to misdirect the police from realizing that Clayton was her real target. She calmly explains that in exchange for changing his will and leaving everything to Dusty, Jessica planned to knock off all of Atticus's enemies, including her brother.

Cliff tears up his contract with Stephanie, citing a clause about dealing in good faith, and says that he doesn't need her help to become Governor. JR arrives soon afterwards with a Lalique vase for her collection, which she promptly breaks because she's disgusted with his attempts to manipulate her. JR tells her about finding her diary, and tells her that he expects her to spread some good words around Austin for him whenever he asks for it. Cliff sits down to a healthy dinner of Chinese take-out and potato chips and learns that he's no longer in line for the Governor's seat.

Clayton tells Carter that Jessica is currently in control of Atticus's Weststar stock while Dusty is not around, even though he plans to get power of attorney. Carter wants to buy the stock or ask Clayton to join the company, but he declines on both counts.

James tells Cally he's sorry he can't stick around Southfork any longer because of JR's duplicity. At Cally's next session with Patrick, she tells him she doesn't think she can take her married life any longer. Patrick informs JR, but finds that Cally's been listening to him outside the door. Cally and James talk later and he encourages her to hang around the house and be supportive of her husband, until he makes his next mistake.

332. The Southfork Wedding Jinx
Broadcast: April 27, 1990
Cally proceeds with James's plan and tells JR that no matter what he does, she plans to be the perfect wife for him from now on. At the same time, James comes to Ewing Oil and tells JR he wants to return to the company because he's realized he doesn't have much of a chance in the business world without his father's support. Cliff and Bobby meet up with Liz Adams, who just happens to be the sister of an old college friend. She says her father just died and left her an oil company which she doesn't know how to run, but Bobby says he doesn't think he has the money right now. After learning that Liz is a great Chinese cook, Cliff decides to get off his misogynistic kick and he and Liz head out to lunch. Later, Cliff discovers a gun in Liz's purse, which she claims is just for protection - a habit she picked up while modeling in New York. With Michelle in the Caribbean, April asks Cally to be the maid of honor at her wedding. Bobby has a rather wild bachelor party which features a predictable argument between Cliff and JR, and a surprise appearance by Carter McKay to let bygones be bygones. Meanwhile, Amy Stevens arrives for the wedding and a rather small bridal shower. JR learns that Clayton has returned Jessica to the sanitarium and is in the process of become a major partner in Weststar, thanks to the stock that Dusty inherited. Interest peaked, JR tries to see Jessica at the sanitarium but is told that she's not allowed visitors. He shrugs his shoulders and decides to give up his pursuit. [KIDDING!] No, of course, he manages to find a greedy orderly and tells him to get Jessica to sign over power of attorney to him instead of Clayton. At the shower, Lucy tells April that no Southfork wedding has ever worked out well, but she hopes the jinx will be broken. April gets some baby things from the attendees, which makes Cally visibly upset. Later, Cally tells April that she just learned she's pregnant, and is now torn between her need to leave JR and the wish to have a proper family for the child. April gives Cally the keys to her place so that she can crash there if she ever needs to. The nuthouse worker tries to pass off an obviously fake Jessica signature which frustrates JR to no end. After some unnecessary prompting from Harve Smithfield, JR decides that it might be best to get Cally to commit him if he really wants to see Jessica. Bobby and April are married without incident, and prepare to head for Europe. Meanwhile, every else gets wanderlust as Lucy decides to go to Rome to discuss art with Alex Barton, and the Farlows head to the Orient. After everyone leaves, JR and Cally are left alone in the house and JR makes her sign the commitment papers. He then tells her that he intends to get her out of his life for good before long, and hands her a check for $ 200,000 before taking the long drive out to his sanitarium stay. Cally tells James that she never plans to let JR see his child.
333. Three - Three - Three, Part 1
Broadcast: May 4, 1990
JR gets used to life at the sanitarium and does his best to keep away from the wacky inmates - except for a tough guy named Morrissey, who seems to have a chip on his shoulder. That night, JR tries to get into to the ladies' ward to see Jessica but is stopped by Morrissey, who says that the area is his turf and starts strangling JR. The guards break up the fight and JR explains the incident away by claiming he just got lost. Cally moves into April's apartment and tells James she wants to take JR's money and go back to Haleyville to raise her child. Scheming James convinces her to see a divorce lawyer first, to see if she can do some more hurt to JR. She agrees after sending him to get some tomato juice and shaved ice. Cliff tries to convinces Liz Adams to stay with him in Dallas so that they can run her company together, and is so hyped about the idea that he gets Liz an apartment which looks a lot like Michelle's. At the Oil Baron's Club, the new dynamic duo meet up with the McKays and introductions are made - but Carter and Liz don't seem to need them. Since no one is at the office any more, Sly gets bored and tells James about an envelope which JR left with her in case he was not heard from within five days. James tries to convince Sly to cough it up, but she says she has a duty to her boss. However, she does agree to a date. James comes back to the office later that night with Cally and she types up a letter from JR to Sly which tells her that he has gone on an extended vacation and left James in charge of everything. The sanitarium has a first-graders' dance for the inmates to relieve some of their pent-up stress. JR finds the aloof Jessica there and she recognizes him as they chat for a while. JR is quickly snatched away by a wacky woman named Anita, whom he tries to convince to allow him to get into the women's area. She agrees to do it if JR will take care of her womanly needs. James and Sly go on a date to a cowboy bar. While Sly excuses herself to the bathroom, James slips a little something extra in her beer. The next day, JR sees the resident psychiatrist and feeds him the psychobabble that the doctor was expecting to hear about his tough childhood and marriages. The doctor tells JR that Anita is a psychotic nymphomaniac who has a habit of killing her lovers. Despite his previous failures, JR manages to get to the women's ward again that night and a hand pulls him through the door.
334.Three - Three - Three, Part 2
Broadcast: May 11, 1990
At the mental sanitarium, J.R. manages to have Jessica sign over the voting rights to the Weststar stock. Liz Adams (Barbara Stock) tells McKay that she knows about his dirty past. Cally and James blackmail J.R.'s attorney Walter Berman (Stephen Mendel) in order to get J.R.'s release papers. Cally wants to keep her pregnancy secret from J.R., and she sues him for divorce. James teams up with Cally to coerce J.R. into signing a property settlement. James tears up J.R.'s release papers which means J.R. is forced to stay at the sanitarium.
335. April in Paris
Original Air Date: November 2, 1990
At the mental institution, J.R. gets locked up in solitary confinement where he has to deal with Morrisey (Mitch Pileggi) again. Cally and James have a fight over James' decision to leave J.R. in the sanitarium. J.R. is released from solitary and learns that Jessie has been transferred to another institution. James takes full advantage of J.R. being away from Ewing Oil. For their honeymoon, Bobby and April go to Paris where they meet Sheila Foley (Susan Lucci) who tells them about her late husband and his suicide. J.R. realizes he's locked up for good, and he tries desperately to get out. In Paris, Bobby and April come across Jordan Lee but the honeymoon turns into nightmare when Bobby learns that April has been kidnapped.
336. Charade
Original Air Date: November 9, 1990
In Paris, Sheila Foley tells Bobby that she will "take April's place" for a few days, and Bobby is forced to play the charade. Back in Dallas, James loses everything in a poker game with Duke Carlisle and his friends. Cally continues to feel guilty over J.R. being locked up in the sanitarium. Cliff dates Liz Adams. Morrisey threatens J.R. again, and J.R. manages to get the other patients to help him. Doctors diagnose paranoia in J.R. and they put him on double medication. Bobby encounters disbelieving French police officers and he tries to get Jordan Lee's help to get April back.
337. One last kiss
Original Air Date:November 16, 1990
In Paris, April discovers for the first time that Sheila Foley is behind her kidnapping, and she confronts her. Bobby fails in his desparate attempt to rescue April. Doctors at the sanitarium put J.R. on drug therapy. Sly manages to get in touch with Cally who visits J.R. at the sanitarium and presents her conditions for letting him out. J.R. is released and he fires Sly from Ewing Oil. Sheila reveals her plan for the VIP party to Bobby. Bobby goes through a shock when Jordan Lee calls Sheila April in public
338. Terminus
Original Air Date:November 23, 1990
J.R. is back in business at Ewing Oil, he meets with Cally, and looks for James. Liz is told to break up with Cliff and she is not thrilled to see Johnny Dancer (Ramy Zada) back in town. Sly lashes out at James first, for having switched the letters to J.R., but then James makes her realize that they could possibly work together. J.R. learns that Sue Ellen is on her honeymoon with Don Lockwood. J.R. plots to frame Duke Carlisle's daughter on possession charges. In Paris, Bobby feels betrayed by Jordan Lee who later gets murdered. Bobby tries yet another unsuccessful rescue attempt to get April back, and he gives Sheila his new conditions, but the high-security OPEC reception ends in tragedy for April when Sheila starts to implement her real plan.
339. Tunnel of love
Original Air Date:November 30, 1990
Duke Carlisle confronts J.R. about his daughter. Sly Lovegren tells James that she changed her mind about revenge on J.R. James approaches Cliff about getting back at J.R. Cliff proposes to Liz Adams but then a surprise visitor scares the hell out of him. J.R. takes advantage of marital problems between Carter and Rose McKay. J.R. tries to locate Jessica Montfort. Liz learns that Johnny Dancer had her brother killed. Bobby attends April's funeral in Paris and returns to Dallas. Bobby hires detectives to look for Sheila Foley. Bobby, bitter after April's death, lashes out at J.R. and blames money and the oil business for the tragedy.
340. Heart and soul
Original Air Date:December 7, 1990
Michelle angrily confronts Bobby and blames him for April's death. Clayton, John Ross, and Christopher return to Southfork. J.R. blackmails Rose McKay to force her to spy on Carter. James keeps going about Dallas trying to give Sly's files on J.R. to different people, but nobody's interested. Clayton strikes a deal with McKay regarding his voting rights. Cliff gets injured during a scene with Johnny Dancer in front of Liz Adams. Bobby vows to find Sheila Foley and destroy her company. Liz pulls a gun on Johnny Dancer. Vanessa returns to Dallas and starts seeing J.R. again. Johnny Dancer wants to take over Weststar. J.R. rebukes Michelle's offer to help get rid of Bobby's power in Ewing Oil. Bobby and Michelle attend a reading of April's will. Johnny Dancer is found dead.
341.The fabulous Ewing boys
Original Air Date:December 14, 1990
Police investigate Johnny Dancer's murder, they search Cliff's apartment, and they question Liz and Carter McKay. Michelle apologizes to Bobby and offers her help in finding Sheila Foley. J.R. takes Sly back into Ewing Oil. Vanessa fears she may have to choose between J.R. and James. Liz tells Bobby that she could be helpful in locating Sheila Foley. Cally tells Vanessa that she's pregnant with J.R.'s baby. J.R. has a tape of McKay threatening to kill Johnny Dancer. Clayton, Christopher, and John Ross meet Michelle. Bobby learns that Sheila Foley is in Odessa. J.R. violently confronts Clayton but Bobby intervenes and threatens to sell Ewing Oil.
342. The Odessa file
Original Air Date:December 21, 1990
Bobby and Michelle look for Sheila Foley in Odessa. J.R. tries to frustrate Bobby's plans to sell Ewing Oil. Rose McKay tells Carter about how J.R. seduced and then blackmailed her. Cliff learns about Liz's past and accuses her of lying and manipulations, but they make up again later. Vanessa meets Michelle. J.R. proposes to Vanessa. J.R.'s delightful "Vienna-style" evening with Vanessa is interrupted when he learns that Bobby sold Ewing Oil to Lee Ann De La Vega
343. Sail on
Original Air Date:January 4, 1991
J.R. tries to prevent the sale of Ewing Oil from becoming final as Vanessa gets increasingly concerned about its impact on their relationship. Ratagan gets pressured from both sides -- J.R. and McKay after McKay learns of his involvement in the tapes. James continues to resent his mother for choosing to marry J.R. Cliff's political future is jeopardized by his involvement in Dancer's murder and his drinking. Lee Ann De La Vega threatens J.R. that she'll merge Ewing Oil with Weststar. Cally's divorce from J.R. becomes final. McKay gets arrested for Dancer's murder. Cally has shocking news for J.R. about her pregnancy.
344. Lock, stock and Jock
Original Air Date:January 11, 1991

JR angrily confronts James over Cally's revelation that he is the father of her child. James doesn't deny it and promises that it will be 'their little secret'.

New evidence against Carter surfaces. Rose tells the police that Carter told her to lie for him. Also, fresh fingerprints are found on a glass in Dancer's room. McKay tells the district attorney that he had a drink with Dancer that night but he left Johnny alive. Then he went to another room to meet the wife of a very important person. Unfortunately for Carter, the woman denies knowing him.

Cliff proposes to Liz and this time she gladly accepts. The police learn that Dancer killed Liz's brother and that she had a strong motive for his murder as well.

Lee Ann and JR have lunch and they return to the office, where he learns the sale of Ewing Oil has been finalized. Lee Ann offers JR a minor ownership possibility for his expertise and help in running the company. Lee Ann finally reveals to us the reason she is bent on revenge against JR: they met in college and he got her pregnant. She was forced to have an illegal abortion which nearly cost her her life.

Bobby returns to Dallas and cleans out his office, which will now be JR's office. JR insists that Jock's portrait remain there. Detective Breslin tells Bobby that all of the people in the photograph that they found in Odessa are dead. Bobby asks Liz to see if she knows anyone with information about 'Sheila Foley'.

JR tells Sly - who Lee Ann has hired, along with the other secretaries - to find out whatever she can about her. He makes plans to use his dummy corporations to get Ewing Oil assets back piece by piece. After meeting with Vanessa, Lee Ann makes plans to ruin JR's happiness with her. At the office, she kisses JR and says she finds him attractive - it's too bad he's engaged.

345. "S" is for seduction
Original Air Date:January 18, 1991
Bobby has a dream of April and him. LeeAnn De La Vega plots to break J.R. and Vanessa up, and she uses Michelle's help to achieve the goal. Liz helps Bobby discover Sheila Foley's real name -- Hillary Taylor, and they both go to Midland where Bobby sets up Hillary's ex-partner Paul Keats (Charles Frank). Rose McKay testifies against her husband at his murder trial, and McKay gets convicted. Liz is shocked to hear Cliff's confession in the Johnny Dancer case. Bobby learns of Hillary's daughter Jory
346. Designing women
Original Air Date:February 1, 1991
Vanessa gets suspicious as J.R. spends time with LeeAnn in Caracas. Bobby tries to track down Hillary's whereabouts. James warns his mother that J.R. will always cheat. The judge in McKay's case declares a mistrial, McKay is released and vows to find the real kiiler and then go after J.R. LeeAnn tells J.R. that she will make him full partner. LeeAnn manages to split J.R. and Vanessa up, and Vanessa returns to Vienna. Rose extorts money from McKay at gunpoint. Bobby keeps having dreams and flashes of April and him. LeeAnn tells J.R. her real identity and she reveals Michelle's role in her scheme to pay him back for her suffering in the past.
347. 90265
Original Air Date: February 8, 1991
Michelle takes control of Ewing Oil and fires J.R. Liz Adams tries to help Bobby locate Hillary Taylor. J.R. tells Bobby and James that he misses having the family around. James and Michelle get married. A troubled J.R. seeks comfort with Sly Lovegren and unexpectedly gets seduced by her. Bobby travels to Malibu, California where he meets Hillary's daughter Jory (Deirdre Imershein). James moves into Southfork with Michelle. J.R. is furious to have Michelle at Southfork. In Malibu, Bobby learns that Hillary will be coming soon.
348. Smooth operator
Original Air Date:February 15, 1991
In Malibu, Bobby has Jory's phone calls tracked to find out more information on Hillary. Bobby gets a warning from a friend of Jory's that he should leave. J.R. meets LeeAnn De La Vega's sister-in-law Carmen Esperanza (Barbara Luna) and together they plot a revenge against LeeAnn. James and Michelle clash because she doesn't buy J.R.'s sudden displays of family feelings. J.R. blackmails Senator Garrity (Charles Bateman) in a plot to buy Liz Adams' company. J.R. has a plan to use James to kick Michelle out of Ewing Oil. Bobby learns that Hillary is Jory's step-mother. Jory is shocked to find her apartment broken into and she asks Bobby for help in resolving the mystery.
349. Win some, lose some
Original Air Date: March 1, 1991

James flaunts his latest girlfriend at Michelle at Southfork. All three of them end up in the pool. The next night, Michelle brings her secretary Derrick [don't you hate this guy?] home to bother James. JR takes James's side in the matter and tells Michelle to know her role. Michelle arranges for JR to crash her shower. JR says he's absolutely turned off by her but Michelle says she knows him better than that.

JR learns of Blackie Callahan's death in Oklahoma and makes plans to attend the funeral. Liz is suspicious of the delay in Cliff's appointment. Sensing JR's hand, she agrees to sell him her company and suddenly Cliff's appointment is confirmed. JR plans to sever ties between Liz's company and De La Vega Oil to hurt them financially. Cliff returns and Liz tells him she sold the company to JR, and why. Cliff goes ballistic and after a heated argument, Liz tosses away her engagement ring. Cliff visits Michelle and asks for her help to ruin JR. She agrees. Egged on by Jory, Bobby goes to the pawn shop and the ticket gets him a briefcase containing cocaine. He dumps it in an empty police car. Hillary calls to say she'll only be in Los Angeles for two hours before she has to take another flight. Mark Harris, the biker Bobby met in Paris, just happens to be a busboy at the restaurant Bobby and Jory visit that day.

Jory becomes suspicious of Bobby's past. The next day, as Bobby prepares to take Jory to a hotel, the two guys return and kidnap her. Bobby receives a note that they want the drugs back or $500,000. And they want it at noon tomorrow - the same time Hillary's plane arrives. Dana is released by the kidnappers; she tells Bobby that they've killed her boyfriend John and they'll kill Jory too if he doesn't show up. Bobby makes the swap for Jory after having tipped off the police, who catch the bad guys. Bobby rushes to the airport but arrives too late. He tells Jory the truth about his life - except for what happened in Paris.

He ends by asking Jory to tell Hillary that Bobby Ewing saved her life.

350. Fathers and sons and fathers and sons
Original Air Date:March 8, 1991

Bobby comes back from California to Southfork and tells Christopher that he stopped looking for revenge on Hillary. J.R. goes to Blackie Callahan's funeral. McKay learns who killed Johnny Dancer and he plots his revenge. Liz breaks up with Cliff and the wedding is off. James and Michelle give a TV interview. J.R.,Bobby,James, Christopher, and John Ross go on a cattle drive. Michelle thinks her marriage is finally beginning to work, so she sells her apartment. Bobby tells J.R. he won't deal with the oil business again. A girl named Debra Lynn appears at Southfork with a little boy, claiming to be James' wife.

351. When the wind blows
Original Air Date :March 29, 1991
Debra Lynn tells JR her story: she was underage when she married James; her parents wanted to get the marriage annulled until they learned she was pregnant. James believed the annulment was finalized, so he never mentioned it.

JR gets her a room at the Singletree and promises to let her know when James contacts him. He verifies that her story is true, and asks her to get a divorce to protect James's current marriage. Debra Lynn says she'll get a divorce if that's what James wants. James, of course, is on the Ewing cattle drive. JR goes out to see him and asks him what his arrangement with Michelle is. James says he has control of half of Ewing Oil, as long as the marriage with Michelle lasts. Michelle fires Derrick because she doesn't need him any more to bother James.

JR pretends to warm up to Michelle and the newlyweds agree to work to improve their marriage. JR helps out by sending Michelle flowers on James' behalf and it works. McKay tells Cliff that he has proof, furnished by Liz, that Cliff killed Johnny Dancer. He tells Cliff to resign as Energy Czar within 24 hours or he'll make the info public. Liz denies telling McKay anything but Cliff doesn't believe her.

Liz confronts McKay and tells him she has information about his past with Dancer which she will use if he continues to hurt Cliff. Cliff resigns and snubs Bobby's attempt to help him deal with it, choosing to wallow in self-pity as usual.

Michelle visits Cliff and tells him that their deal is off because things have been working out lately between James and herself. Jory Taylor gets a call from Hillary and tells her that she met Bobby. Hillary agrees to see her the next day. Debra Lynn gets suspicious of JR's stalling tactics and calls Ewing Oil.

Jackie tells her that James has been in town the whole time. That evening, as Michelle tells the family she plans to make James an unconditional partner, Debra Lynn barges in and declares that she intends to hold James to their marriage. Yet again, the show ends with another JR "I'm so sad" look.
352. Those darned Ewings
Original Air Date:April 5, 1991
As James rediscovers his son Jimmy, Michelle gets visibly irritated and John Ross begins to complain about all the new people in the house. J.R. attempts to strike a deal with Debra Lynn as he gets a warning from Michelle about her marriage to James and Ewing Oil. Jory appears at Southfork and gets an encouragement from Bobby to settle down in Texas. J.R.'s doctor warns him to start caring about his health. James refuses to share a room with Michelle while Debra Lynn remains at Southfork. Michelle seeks Cliff's advice on the new situation at Southfork. Michelle asks Debra Lynn to let her and James adopt little Jimmy. J.R. is shocked to learn about who is the real father of Cally's child.
353. Farewell, my lovely
Original Air Date:April 12, 1991
Upon James’s revelation that JR has another son, JR says he’s going to track Cally down. James threatens to walk out on him and Ewing Oil if he does. JR seems to change his mind about it, but hires a PI to track Cally down anyway.

She's eventually found in Florida. Cliff advises Michelle to leave James but she can’t bring herself to do it. They formulate a plan: Michelle keeps James busy at the office while Cliff visits Debra Lynn and tells her that James’s marriage is only for the sake of his share of Ewing Oil. Michelle gives JR two days to get rid of Debra Lynn or she’ll take back James’s half of the company.

Clayton returns to Southfork and meets Debra Lynn and James Jr. He visits Carter, who is planning to leave Dallas and find Rose again to start a new life. Carter agrees to give Clayton the Weststar voting shares back. Clayton tells him that Southfork will have a new owner soon. Clayton gives JR the voting shares, and tells Bobby that Ellie has decided to leave him Southfork. JR accuses Clayton and Bobby of plotting against him to rob him of his rightful inheritance.

JR confronts John Ross about skipping school. John Ross mouths off to him and JR tells him that one of the ranch hands is going to make sure that he goes to school. John Ross tells Christopher that he wants to move to England with Sue Ellen. Debra Lynn tells James she’s leaving with James Jr. because she feels that Ewing Oil is more important to him.

Michelle also tells James that he must make a decision. JR sees Cally and his son with Cally’s new boyfriend. He tells the PI that there’s been a mistake and he should call off the search. JR tells James that he let Cally go, but he feels that James should keep his family together - even if it means letting Ewing Oil go. James agrees and plans to work at JR’s new office.

Bobby and Jory start to get romantic, but Bobby wants to take it slowly. He offers to buy Carter’s land back but Carter tells him he’s already sold it to Michelle, who plans to make it a home for herself and James, away from JR. Hillary Taylor arrives at Jory’s beach house.
354. Some leave, some get carried out
Original Air Date:April 19, 1991
J.R. and James work with a lawyer to have James' marriage to Michelle dissolved. J.R. continues to argue with Bobby about the ownership of Southfork. Michelle buys McKay's ranch for her and James but it doesn't stop James from splitting with her and staying married to Debra Lynn. John Ross resents all the attention that J.R. is giving to James and little Jimmy. Michelle and Cliff plot revenge on J.R. John Ross leaves for England. J.R. is disappointed when James decides to leave Southfork and move east with his family. Hillary Taylor comes to Dallas and is confronted by Jory regarding April's death. Cliff tricks Michelle into marrying him. A furious Michelle goes to Southfork, gun in hand, to finally settle the score with J.R. but it is another enemy of hers who unexpectedly gets the bullets.
355. The decline and fall of the Ewing empire
Original Air Date:April 26, 1991
Cliff triumphantly comes to Ewing Oil and learns of Michelle's arrest. He tries to get Michelle to sign over power of attorney over Ewing Oil to him, but Michelle refuses. Cliff gets his attorney to make him conservator over Michelle's estate. Bobby tells JR that Michelle was coming over to shoot him, not Hillary. JR wants to see about getting the charges dropped to avoid publicity. He offers to get Michelle off the charges if she sells Ewing Oil to him. Michelle offers half, and JR agrees. JR and Cliff meet at Ewing Oil and discover to their horror that they're partners now.

Bobby accompanies Jory to her mother's funeral and Jory returns to Los Angeles. Christopher goes to visit John Ross in England. Two major shareholders at Weststar offer JR a deal - they'll help elect him Chairman of the Board in exchange for important posts. JR agrees enthusiastically.

They tell him he has to get rid of any oil-related assets to avoid conflict of interest. To Cliff's amazement, JR offers to be bought out of Ewing Oil. Sly tells JR that she's getting married to an engineer who's going to work overseas, so she'll have to leave Dallas. JR offers Phyllis Sly's job but Phyllis tells him she'd never work for him. Carter and Rose McKay visit JR at his now-unattended office to tell him that Carter has once again become the majority shareholder in Weststar - thanks to Dusty Farlow, who's sold his shares of Weststar to Carter.

JR gets drunk and angrily tells Sly that she's fired immediately. Michelle comes to her new empty home [Carter's ranch]. She yells out, cursing James and JR for leaving her like this. JR comes home to the ranch and tells Bobby that he's lost everything. He pleads with Bobby to sell him half of Southfork.

Bobby tells him he's welcome to stay at the ranch as long as he wants, but he's not selling. John Ross calls JR and tells him he's staying with Sue Ellen - permanently. JR pulls Jock's gun out of his nightstand and lies down with it, pensive...
356. Conundrum
Original Air Date:May 3, 1991
JR comes out of his room, drinking.

He wanders around for a while among the empty rooms, still clutching his gun. He takes a seat on the porch and contemplates what life would be if he was no longer around - or if there had never been a JR Ewing. A guy in white appears on the balcony and encourages JR to pull the trigger.

JR shoots at him and watches as the shot goes right through him. The guy suddenly moves to the diving board and says his name is Adam. Adam offers JR the chance to find out what life would been without him. JR is hesitant but Adam seems to know everything about his life situation. The pair is transferred to the Ewing Oil office, now housing an insurance company.

Ewing Oil went bankrupt because Gary, the oldest brother, mismanaged it into the ground. Jock killed himself over it and then Ellie died, broken-hearted, a few years later.

Cut to Gary: He's a successful divorce lawyer in California. He never married Val - there was no Lucy.

Cut to Jason, the new little brother. He's a greedy land developer in Dallas who plowed Southfork into the ground and built housing estates on the land. Cut to Sue Ellen, who's become a successful soap actress on the hit series "Top of the World". She dismisses her agent for making a bad career move, and she's married to Nicholas Pearce. Much to JR's chagrin, she's gotten by fine without him. Cut to Bobby. He's a compulsive gambler in Las Vegas, divorced from Annie Ewing, with three kids. Annie, picking up the kids from the park, reminds Bobby he's way behind in his support payments. Bobby promises to get the money somehow. JR can't believe it the way things have turned out for him. Adam tells him that without JR to butt heads with, Bobby become an aimless drifter, bereft of purpose after Ewing Oil collapsed. Cut to Kristin. She meets a man in a hotel, posing as a call girl. Suddenly she whips out a badge and tells her prey that she's an undercover cop. Actually, it turns out she's a very good con artist who goes after high-ranking officials, who would rather pay her off than have the world know their secrets.

Cut back to Gary. Valene visits his office and they meet for the first time, clearly liking each other. Cut back to Southfork. JR tells Adam he doesn't like what he sees, but Adam retorts that no one said he had to like it. Adam walks on the pool water over to JR and tells him that if he doesn't think things are better off without him, that he should shoot himself. JR declines, concerned about Bobby. Cut back to Bobby, who comes home to a screeching showgirl girlfriend with a pathetic fake Long Island accent who tells him that creditors are after him. Bobby goes to see Carter McKay. Carter was fired by Jeremy Wendell, who, without JR to get in his way, was able to concentrate on building up Weststar. Carter ended up working in Johnny Dancer's operation as a casino boss. Bobby owes him $ 50,000 and Carter gives him two days to come up with the money. Cut to Cally, living in a marriage to Eb, arranged by her brothers. Eb makes OJ Simpson look like an honorary member of the National Organization of Women. One night when Eb has a bad day and threatens to get violent with the kids, Cally grabs a shotgun and kills him. Thanks to Haleyville justice, Cally goes to jail for life. Cut to Cliff. He's got the perfect aristocratic family. His son's going to Harvard law school, his daughter's having a coming out party - and just when things couldn't appear worse to JR, it turns out Cliff is the Vice President of the United States - and the President just had a stroke. Cut back to Bobby. He calls Bootsie, Jason's wife, and asks her to tell Jason he's coming to Dallas. Bobby's apartment is now empty, cleaned out by the showgirl. Cut to Ray, who works odd jobs to earn a living. Because of Jock's untimely death, he never found out who his real father was. After a nasty fall at a Ewing Rodeo, he has chronic back problems and is forced to work hard at menial tasks. But he's got a great family who loves him and he considers himself the luckiest guy in the world. Cut back to Jason and Bobby. Jason doesn't want to lend Bobby anything, and gives him a lot of abuse. Bootsie tries to seduce Bobby, but he turns her down. Bootsie tells him that Jason's got cash stashed away and Bobby 'borrows' $ 50,000. He gives Annie half, and then he offers McKay $ 25,000. When McKay demands the rest of the money, Bobby tells him he has $ 75,000 left in the briefcase [which he doesn't] and offers McKay double or nothing. McKay is hesitant, but his pride takes over. The game is one card out of the deck: Bobby picks the five of diamonds and things look very bad. To JR's relief, McKay picks the two of spades and loses. Adam tells JR that Bobby will blow it all that night. Cut back to Southfork. Adam tells JR he's not from heaven, and JR wakes up as if from a dream. Adam appears in the mirror, dressed in red, exhorting JR once again to pull the trigger.

JR raises the gun to his head. Adam's eyes flash red and he yells, 'DO IT!". Bobby arrives home and hears a gunshot. Rushing to JR's room, he cries out in horror, "Oh my God!".
Original Broadcast Date March 23, 1986 - CBS Running Time - 3 Hours
JR begins the story by talking about "The Early Years" of Dallas to someone who wants to write a book about Jock and Digger way back in the old days. The action cuts to Armistice Day, 1951, at the Ewing Barbecue. While Ellie and Jock attend to their guests, JR spends time in the hayloft with a pretty young thing named Mary Lou. Maggie Barnes arrives to the barbecue with her young niece Pamela and a mouthy Cliff. A drunken Willard 'Digger' Barnes wanders through the crowd with a gun, which he points at Jock Ewing. A shot is fired...

Cut to 1933. Ellie finds Willard just before a dance party at Southfork to get him dressed up for the event, which he reluctantly decides to attend. Willard ditches Ellie and heads inside the house in search of booze, but is distracted by Ellie's mother Barbara, causing him to cause the whole liquor cabinet to topple. He and Ellie talk later and he tries to tell her that he loves her, but she's blathering on laughing about catching her brother Garrison's girlfriend Cherie about to get it on and doesn't hear him. That night, after all of the Southfork lights go out, a drunk Willard climbs a ladder up into Ellie's room. He asks Ellie why she laughed at him and she says she just didn't hear him say he loved her. They start to get romantic until overheard by Ellie's brother Garrison, who sends Willard out the window to a nasty fall and a broken wrist.

The next morning, Aaron Southworth tells his daughter that he wanted to leave Willard's father a piece of land but he was too proud to take it. He says he's decided to give Willard the land in the hope that he might gain some common sense - and stay away from Ellie. But Willard's left the premises before Ellie can give him the news. Cut back to 1951. Digger's shot goes awry and he's divested of his gun by Ellie. Dr. Johnson, who tended his wrist 18 years ago finds that his wrist is permanently mangled because it never healed properly.
Jock Ewing wonders what brought Digger back that day, after so long.

Cut back to 1933. In the boxcar of a train, a guy tries to take Willard's daddy's boots while he sleeps and a brawl ensues, which Willard loses because of his broken wrist. Jock happens to be there, comes to his rescue and subdues the would-be thief, who is unceremoniously tossed into a passing creek. Jock advises Willard to take better care of his stuff and splits his lunch with him. They get off at Regal, Texas and meet up with Jock's brother Jason. Oil's just been discovered near the town and the three of them attempt to get on as hired hands for the field boss Ed Porter until Willard pipes up that he doesn't think there's any oil there. Turns out after a few weeks Willard is found to be absolutely right.

Meanwhile, at Southfork, an anthrax outbreak continues to ravage the cattle herd, while oil towers are seen off in the distance. On their way east to find new work, Jock stops at a sanitarium to see his unstable wife Amanda. While the trio is stopped for car repairs near Pride, Texas, Willard says he knows there's oil right where they're standing. They talk to Seth Foster, a black sharecropper who tells them that most of the land is owned by a man named Newman, who's already got a deal with an oil company. Jock gets an idea and tries to strike a deal with Foster because he sees that Seth's contract entitles him to half of whatever oil is found on the land - but they'll need money to get the project started. Willard gets some money from Jason and joins a poker game, sucking back drinks the whole time. Jock and Jason start to worry as the stakes get higher and higher and Digger grows less and less coherent. An oil lease is tossed into the pot as well and Jock figures it's over when Digger's opponent puts out a full house - but Willard has four fours. That night, Jock finds that Digger told a prostitute she can have it all because he doesn't care about the money. Realizing that she's telling the truth, Jock lets her go. When Jock rips into him the next morning about it, another fight ensues, which Jason tries to split up until he's told what happened. Enraged, he turns the fight into a triple-threat match. All three combatants end up on the floor. Things at Southfork become so bad that Aaron Southworth agrees to have the land drilled for oil. But none is found. Jock enlists the aid of a local lawyer, Sam Culver, to try and convince the local sharecroppers to put in with Jock against Newman. None of them are willing to take the chance to lose what little they have except Foster. The rest of the crowd eventually agrees and Willard again sniffs out the drilling spot. Ed Porter is brought in to get the process started. Newman returns to Pride and is mad at hell at what's transpired, with words of doom for the sharecroppers who turned on him. Texas Rangers are called in as well as a detective to prevent trouble. No oil is found on Willard's special spot at first, but suddenly a gusher starts spewing out. Ed Porter anoints Willard "Digger" for his wildcatting nose. Sam Culver suggests a community agreement to protect all interested parties, and Newman concurs. That evening, Jason proposes to a local tavern worker named Nancy Shaw.

The prostitute from a few nights ago tells Jock that Jason and Newman are conspiring to turn on the sharecroppers at the meeting to finalize the agreement. Jock warns Ed Porter, who changes the venue of the meeting from the local church to the oil field. In the end it makes little difference because the Sheriff shows up with a dozen KKK hoods, including Newman. Jock leads the assembled throng out of the field house. As torches are lit, one of the hoods falls off of his horse and starts a wildfire which spreads amongst the nearby wells. Most of the hoods crash and burn, and Jock rips into Jason for his stupid greed. The next morning, before he leaves town, Jason tries to explain that he figured they wouldn't have won a court battle so he sold out to Newman. Jock refuses to buy his argument and is still angered at the betrayal, but he shakes Jason's hand for Nancy's sake. A dude from Petrolux Oil comes by and offers to buy their oil leases - and pay the sharecroppers handsomely - to prevent any future trouble in the area. A triumphant Jock and Digger take their fortune and buy up some more oil leases. They then head back to Southfork with Sam Culver and his wife for Thanksgiving dinner. Digger gets predictably drunk and again professes his love for Ellie - but this time she feels the same way. Digger passes out and Jock comes by to collect him. Jock tells Ellie that he knows she just wants Digger now that he's a success, in order to save her daddy's ranch. He also tells her to find a dress that fits better, because she obviously stuffed hers in anticipation of Digger's visit. Jock takes Digger back to their hotel and says he plans to help him win Ellie's heart - unless he messes it up, in which case he considers Ellie fair game. He pours out all of Digger's booze which causes him to go ballistic because it's Sunday the next day and there's no booze to be had. Jock tries to smarten him up and tell him to lay off in order to keep his chance to make a life with Ellie, but Digger goes into another tirade and says he wants out of the partnership. He tosses a coin and Jock calls it correctly. Jock tells Sam he intends to give Digger his rightful share of the proceeds from the wells. Ellie visits a dead-to-the world Digger at the hotel and is told by Jock that she'll have to sell herself to someone else in order to save her daddy's ranch, which earns him a vicious slap. Ellie returns home to learn that Aaron had a heart attack. She later visits Jock again to apologize, and after another brief argument about whether it's a buyer's or seller's market, Ellie realizes she doesn't have much of a choice in the matter and we have a five-minute love scene. Ellie visits her father, who's recuperating in the hospital, and tells him that she's been seeing Jock rather than Willard. She heads out to the oil fields to find Jock and tells him that she's pregnant. Ellie expects him to marry her but he hedges on it. Figuring he's just a trifling weasel, Ellie spits at him. With a heavy heart, Jock goes back to visit Amanda to tell her that he has to divorce her. Amanda, of course, has no idea what he's talking about. Jock promises her he'll always take care of her. Then he returns to Southfork with flowers for his bride-to-be. Meanwhile, Digger wanders around the fields and roads nearby, singing "Yellow Rose of Texas". Cut back to 1951. Digger blathers to his fellow oil workers about how Jock robbed him blind. Aaron and Jock visit him and try to convince him to take the piece of Southfork that Aaron wanted to give him but Digger refuses to take it. He does offer to let Jock buy it from him for $ 1000, and Jock realizes that he's beyond anyone's help. Cut back to the 1951 Barbecue. Seth's son Ben Foster tells Jock he should have Digger locked up, but Jock reminds him that without Digger, Ben wouldn't be a successful Dallas lawyer. Cut back to earlier that day. Digger's boss tells him to deliver some samples in a hurry, so he cuts across Southfork.

He ends up on the land that would have been his if he hadn't sold it back to Jock and finds that there's oil there. In a mad craze, he heads over to the barbecue. Back at the barbecue, Jock and Ellie wonder what drove Digger to try and shoot Jock. Cliff and Pam and taken away by JR and Gary, respectively, to the play area. Cliff continues to pout, so Maggie decides to take the kids and leave, dragging Pamela away from the swings and a disappointed Bobby Ewing.

Directed by Larry Elikann

Writing credits (in alphabetical order) David Jacobs write

Cast (in credits order)

David Marshall Grant Digger Barnes
Dale Midkiff John Ross 'Jock' Ewing
Molly Hagan Eleanor 'Miss Ellie' Southworth Ewing
David Wilson Jason Ewing
Hoyt Axton Aaron Southworth
Bill Duke Seth Foster
Geoffrey Lewis Ed Porter
Diane Franklin Amanda Ewing
Marshall Thompson Dr. Ted Johnson
William Frankfather Newman
Elizabeth Keifer Cherie Simmons
Wendel Meldrum Honey
Matt Mulhern Garrison Southworth
Joe Rainer Sam Culver
Davis Roberts Preacher
Kevin Wixted Young John Ross 'J.R. Ewing
Joe Berryman Roscoe
Angie Bolling Deborah
Blue Deckert Player
Cynthia Dorn Jeanne
Bob Hannah Sheriff
Norma Moore Maggie
Randy Moore Hotel Manager
Karen Radcliffe Hooker
Terrence Riggins Benjamin Foster
Marjie Rynearson Barbara Southworth
Joel Allen Gary Ewing
Jesse Bace Driver
Ryan Beadle Young Bobby James Ewing
Bill Bolender 4th Player
Terry Evans Young Man
Johnny Felder Young Clifford 'Cliff' Barnes
John William Galt Guest
Lee Gideon Haskins
Vernon Grote Foreman
Max Harvey Farmer
Rhashell Hunter Priscilla Foster
Joyce Ingle 1st Townswoman
T.J. Kennedy Abernathy
Dennis Letts Crick
George Leverett Square Dance Caller
L. Gregg Loso Webster
Bernie Moore Benjamin
Tony Morris 1st Ranch Hand
Chuck Page 1st Townsman
Peyton E. Park Justice
Jim Ponds 1st Farmer
Ray Redd 2nd Townsman
Debra Lynn Rogers Joanne Haskins
Rose Mari Roundtree Girlfriend
Mike Shanks Hobo
Gena Sleete 2nd Townswoman
Louanne Stephens Woman
Fred Vest 2nd Ranch Hand
Woody Watson Legionaire
Andrea Wauters Young Pamela Barnes
Bethany Wright Laurette
Larry Hagman Narrator (J.R. Ewing)
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Gordon Greene Hotel Desk Clerk

Benton Jennings Oil Man

Suzanne Niles Waitress-Cattle Baron's Restaurant
James Clarke Oil Field Worker (uncredited)
Andy Sherman Foreman (uncredited)

Scott Sligar Painter (uncredited)

Produced by
Joseph B. Wallenstein .... producer
Original Music by
Jerrold Immel  
Cinematography by
Neil Roach  
Costume Design by
Winnie D. Brown  
Daniel J. Lester  
Makeup Department
Fred Lackey III .... key hair stylist
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Tommy Burns .... second second assistant director
Sound Department
Irwin Cadden .... sound editor
David D. Caldwell .... supervising sound editor
Derek Casari .... dubbing engineer
Terry Chambers .... sound editor
Stuart Chasmar .... sound editor
Brian Courcier .... sound editor
Rick Crampton .... sound editor
Dan Finnerty .... sound editor
Donald Flick .... sound editor
Don Higgins .... sound editor
Ted Johnston .... sound editor
James Koford .... sound editor
Ingeborg Larson .... sound editor
Linda Moss .... sound editor
Lorie O'Shatz .... sound editor
Tally Paulos .... adr editor
Greg Stacy .... sound editor
Clancy T. Troutman .... supervising sound editor
Dick Vandenberg .... sound editor
Mike Virnig .... sound editor
Special Effects by
Ken Estes .... special effects supervisor
Camera and Electrical Department
Robert Driskell .... gaffer
John Johns .... video playback operator
Henry Tirl .... additional first assistant camera
Music Department
Patricia Peck .... music editor
Nanette Farlow .... location manager
Cate Hardman .... script supervisor


Original Broadcast Date November 15, 1996


Original Broadcast Date November 15, 1996

Running Time - 2 Hours

The cliffhanger ending of the series finale is resolved in the opening minutes of the movie. The gunshot J.R. Ewing fired was at the mirror, not himself. It is also revealed that J.R. has quit drinking.

Several years later, J.R. is in Europe, while Bobby Ewing lives at Southfork alone with his son Christopher, happily out of the oil business, and Cliff Barnes is still the president of Ewing Oil, relishing the fact that he finally beat J.R.

However, things aren't as cheery as they may seem. Bobby, conscious of the fact that Southfork is now almost empty, considers selling it. Meanwhile, Cliff, weary of the oil business, decides that after all the trouble he and J.R. went through during their rivalry, he wants to try to regain whatever he lost in it. Cliff concludes that the best way to do so is to sell Ewing Oil to Weststar Oil, a giant Oil conglomerate headed by J.R.'s other nemesis, Carter McKay. McKay promises that Weststar will incorporate Ewing Oil's assets into his company, and Ewing Oil will cease to exist. J.R. hears this and decides to try to regain his position. He appeals to Bobby to get back in business together and buy Ewing Oil back but is rebuffed. J.R. arranges for Afton to be put in a sanitarium so Cliff can't find her.

After a surprise trip to Ewing Oil where he taunts a rattled Cliff, J.R. learns of a provision in Jock Ewing's will where Jock left J.R.'s son, John Ross, stock in computer company Cyberbyte, which has a value of $200,000,000. The provision states that John Ross is only to receive this stock upon the death of his father. However, since John Ross is living in Europe and is unaware of his inheritance, J.R. decides to sell some of this stock and buy shares to take over Weststar. He sells the stock portfolio and buys a controlling stake in Weststar Oil. To cover his tracks, J.R. rebuys the stock and reinstates the provision, saying that if anyone finds out about the incident, he will claim that they were released to John Ross Ewing, Jr. (J.R.) instead of his son (full name John Ross Ewing III) in a clerical error.

To set this in motion, he fakes his death in a car accident and has his attorney "accidentally" put the shares in his name instead of his son's. Thinking that J.R. has died, Bobby holds a memorial service, with John Ross and Sue Ellen attending and Cliff in quiet celebration, believing he's won the ultimate victory over J.R....until J.R. returns to Southfork. He claims to have been kidnapped and escaped. Sly is disgusted and resigns as J.R's assistant.

In the final moments of the show, J.R. is the majority shareholder in Weststar, and he uses that clout to force McKay to back out of buying Ewing Oil. McKay says that Cliff sold Ewing oil to someone else already. After being sent a letter notifying him of his daughter's whereabouts, Cliff decided that finding his family is more important than beating J.R., but Bobby figured out a way that Cliff can have both, and he bought Ewing Oil. Bobby later realizes that he was tricked back into the oil business by J.R. who knew getting Bobby off Southfork would force him not to sell. J.R. maneuvered the board to remove McKay as Chairman of Weststar and for himself to take his place.

An unhappy Bobby sells half of the company to his new partner, Sue Ellen Ewing. J.R. appears shocked and crushed. Bobby, Sue Ellen, and Cliff believe they pulled one more over on J.R. A drunken and bitter Sly had tipped off Sue Ellen that J.R. faked his own death. Sue Ellen suspected this all along and was neither surprised or even that angry but felt that J.R needed to be taught a lesson. Cliff, meanwhile, greets Afton and Pamela outside the sanitarium after Afton is released and they leave to be a family.

In the last scene, John Ross asks J.R. why he is smiling even though he lost Ewing Oil to Bobby and Sue Ellen. J.R. points out that Bobby is back in the oil business and is no longer going to sell Southfork. Ewing Oil is back in Ewing hands. J.R. is Chairman of the Board of Weststar Oil. Sue Ellen is back at Southfork to stay, and John Ross will remain in Dallas to learn the oil business from J.R. John Ross realizes that his father planned everything to work out this way. JR's last words are, "You see, John Ross? You're learning already."

Cast (in credits order)
Rosalind Allen .... Julia Cunningham
Chris Demetral .... Christopher Ewing
Patrick Duffy .... Bobby James Ewing
Linda Gray .... Sue Ellen Shepard Ewing Lockwood
Larry Hagman .... John Ross "J.R." Ewing, Jr.
Omri Katz .... John Ross Ewing, III
Deborah Kellner .... Pamela Rebecca Cooper
George Kennedy .... Carter McKay
Ken Kercheval .... Clifford "Cliff" Barnes
Audrey Landers .... Afton Cooper
Tracy Scoggins .... Anita Smithfield
Deborah Rennard .... Sylvia "Sly" Lovegren
Buck Taylor (I) .... Steve Grisham
George Petrie .... Harv Smithfield
Blue Deckert .... Detective Markham
Lee Gideon .... Judge Hooker
Sean Hennigan .... Dave Colquit
William Earl Ray .... Male Nurse
Ellen F. Locy .... Debbi
John William Hoge .... Ratigan


Media Article
By Susan King / Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times

HOLLYWOOD -- When Dallas fans last saw the crafty, charming, conniving J.R. Ewing on the series finale five years ago, he was literally in a devil of a mess. Only brother Bobby witnessed what really happened when the suicidal J.R. raised his pistol and a shot rang out.

Even Larry Hagman, who played the role to perfection for 13 seasons, was in the dark as to J.R.'s fate. "I didn't know if he was dead," Hagman says. "I didn't know if they were going to do (a Dallas movie). The way we ended it left it open."

Well, J.R. is alive and well and up to his dirty tricks in the CBS reunion flick, Dallas: J.R. Returns, which airs in the series' old 9 p.m. time slot tonight (Channel 62 in Detroit).

It seems that for the past five years, J.R. has been living, and loving, in Paris. But he's come home to reclaim Ewing Oil from his old nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kerche-val). Cliff is busy trying to relocate the long-lost daughter he had with former flame Afton Cooper (Audrey Landers).

Meanwhile, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) has been running Southfork and is living a quiet life on the ranch with son Christopher (Chris Demetral). J.R.'s former wife, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), and son John Ross (Omri Katz), who have been living in London with her new husband, return to Southfork when they hear some startling news about J.R.

Reuniting for the movie, Duffy says, was "just like you seeing your family again. We obviously don't call each other 'J.R.' and 'Bobby' when we see each other socially, but you put on those clothes and you step in front of that camera and it was like, 'Oh, my God. This is wonderful. This is the best life ever.'"

"It was like we had never stopped," Kercheval adds.

J.R. Returns had been in development for a few years. "Larry and I have always wanted to do something with Dallas," says Duffy, who is co-executive producer of the movie with Hagman.

"We even considered at one time, and I still think it would be a great idea, to do the Airplane! version of Dallas as a feature film and just go for right-off-the-wall humor."

Production originally was set to start a year ago but was delayed when Hagman had a liver transplant. Six months after his surgery, the actor was strong enough to do the film.

"We were really cheerleaders for his health," Gray says. "It was really a magical experience for us. We had to watch his pacing, but he was fine."

The film is dedicated to its director and executive producer, Leonard Katzman, who died in September of a heart attack. Katzman was one of the series' executive producers and wrote and directed countless episodes.

"He was the master of both Dallas and television," says executive producer Rich Heller. "He was the most delightful man."

"Leonard was probably the closest thing to a surrogate father that I had," says Duffy, whose long-running ABC sitcom, Step by Step, will return to the lineup midseason.

"His name, besides Leonard, was Uncle Lenny. He was the force behind Dallas. He was the quality control. He directed. He produced. He did everything but clean up the chairs after the cast had lunch. This is his monument."

As with the original series, J.R. Returns has plenty of sex. Not only does J.R. have a one-night stand with Sue Ellen, he also has an affair with his attorney's niece (Tracy Scoggins).

"It was hell, but somebody had to do it," Hagman says, laughing. "Tracy's not a bad-looking girl."

"Well, you know, it is the '80s thing," muses Duffy. "We were doing the horizontal Macarena a lot in those days."

Reruns of Dallas, once the most popular show on television, are currently airing three times a day on The Nashville Network. "You can't look at those," Kercheval says, laughing. "Those are sad because we were so young."

"That's when you know when time has marched on," Duffy adds. "You take a look and go: 'Look at that. I only had one chin.'"

The cast reports that ever since Dallas went off the air in 1991, fans have been asking about a reunion. "They are so happy when I tell them we did a movie," Duffy says. "You'd think I had given them a Christmas present."

Hagman believes the series was such a phenomenon because "it added stability to (fans') lives. It was a pretty close family even if they didn't get along and a lot of people have a J.R. in their family they can identify with. He did love his mother and he did love Sue Ellen in his own sick, warped way. But he loved his family and he loved his business -- not necessarily in that order."

But, Hagman adds, "it's kind of old-fashioned because, let's face it, where do you find in America three millionaires -- Bobby, me, Daddy and Mama -- living in the same house with their wives in one room with one bathroom!"

The Dallas gang are about as close-knit as the Ewings themselves. "Patrick and I go fishing and hunting a lot," says a fully recovered Hagman, who is currently at work in New Orleans on his new midseason CBS drama series Orleans. "I see Linda perhaps once every two weeks."

"Larry and I are both Virgos," Gray says. "Every year we have our Virgo dinner, as we call it. I (also) have an Easter egg hunt at my house every year, so I invite everybody who has children, so Ken brought his daughter. So we do see each other, not all the time, but sporadically and always with love."



Dallas War of the Ewings

Original Broadcast Date April 24, 1998 , running time 120 minutes

Dallas: War of the Ewings" begins with a scene of Bobby Ewing in the shower. He turns arounds and says 'Good morning'. The same scene from thirteen years ago, when Pam woke up from her "dream". Sue Ellen Ewing steps into the shower with him and gives him a kiss... it's then turns out, that it's is actually J.R. Ewing's bad dream. Sue Ellen comes in to his room and wakes him up, reminding him that they're planning to have lunch.

J.R. reads the morning paper at breakfast, seeing that his company, Weststar Oil, is rated the number 1 independent oil company in Texas. Ewing Oil, now owned by Bobby and Sue Ellen, is second.

J.R. asks his banker to get him a loan, so he can plan a hostile takeover of Ewing Oil. He's told that his net worth won't cover such a large amount. Anita Smithfield, J.R.'s lawyer and lover comes over and J.R. tells her he's tired of making offers to get Ewing Oil back - he plans on splitting Bobby and Sue Ellen up in a 'divide and conquer' setup. He also tells her that he has discovered geological reports that indicate there's oil under Ray Krebbs' ranch, which J.R. intends to use a collateral for his loan.
The Ewings have lunch at a place called the Ranch House. Some guy hits on Sue Ellen and Bobby slugs him, initiating a barfight. Bobby wins, with a minor assist from Sue Ellen and a big assist from Ray Krebbs, who turns up out of nowhere. J.R. hides behind an overturned table. It turns out J.R. paid the guys to stage the fight for his own purposes - he gets them to throw him out gently to complete the charade. Ray tells the Ewings that he's returned to do some work for a European oil company. J.R. scoffs at the cowboy trying to play the oilman's game.

Later, Ray confides in Bobby that he's broke, and the ranch is mortgaged several times over. Bobby offers to help and asks Ray to help him out at the ranch while he's around.

Sue Ellen meets with Carter McKay and his associate Peter Ellington. McKay offers Sue Ellen a proposition that will make Ewing Oil bigger than Weststar. He knows about some hidden oil reserves but won't tell Sue Ellen where they are unless she makes him a partner in Ewing Oil. It turns out that they plan to buy up the mortgage on Ray's ranch and use those oil reserves.J.R.'s limo is full with his luggage so he hitches a ride with Sue Ellen to the airport. During the ride, J.R. shows the first seeds of dissension, making Sue Ellen feel like she's the real driving force behind Ewing Oil while Bobby just tags along for the ride. Jus then J.R.'s limo explodes. A bomb was planted to kill him. Bobby and J.R. discuss the day's events and J.R. tells him that while Sue Ellen may be firm and strong on the outside she's really a very fragile person.

J.R. makes overtures to Sue Ellen, claiming he still needs and wants her companionship but he reaches too far and Sue Ellen suspects that he set up the whole bombing to make her sympathetic to him, in order to get a piece of Ewing Oil. Anita tells J.R. that Sue Ellen and Bobby are negotiating with McKay. She also mentions that Ray is badly in debt and the mortgage is due soon, so J.R. better act fast.

Stunning Jennifer Jansen, CEO of Jansen Oil, comes to see J.R. from Europe. She wants J.R. to help her find some other independents in Texas to deal with. He suggests Ewing Oil and arranges a meeting, figuring the Jennifer will easily be able to distract Bobby and cut a good deal.The guys are quickly bailed out by J.R., who set up the rustling scheme to try to get Bobby away from the office. J.R. berates them for bringing guns along, against his orders. The guys tell him the plan would have succeeded if not for Ray.

Bobby and Sue Ellen meet with McKay again. Bobby is still hesitant to proceed with the deal because of McKay's cutthroat nature and he knows he's just in the oil game for his own ends. Sue Ellen sees his hesitation as lacking 'the killer instinct', as J.R. told her before. Bobby wishes he could set it all aside and just stay on the ranch.

J.R. introduces Jennifer to Bobby [who's charmed] and Sue Ellen [who's not] at a hotel. He explains Jennifer's situation and asks Bobby to take Jennifer back to her hotel. Bobby does one better and asks Jennifer to dinner to discuss their deal. J.R. meets Anita in the lobby of the hotel and a shot is fired in his direction, barely missing.

Bobby and Jennifer eat at Weststar's private box at Texas Stadium, as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes an apperance. Jennifer lets slip that she knows that McKay is planning to join Ewing Oil, which tips Bobby off that she's probably spying for J.R.. He immediately leaves.

While Bobby and Ray fix up some fences cut down by rustlers, Ray mentions that he saw some guys loading up cattle in a truck. They head over to investigate and the rustlers start shooting at them. Fortunately, some ranch hands come by with guns to even the odds. Daring Ray manages to force their surrender by outmanoeuvring them as the police arrive.
Ray tells Sue Ellen about his problem. She offers to help but Ray says he has to deal with it himself. J.R. tells Ray he knows about his problem and is willing to buy his ranch, claiming he wants to move away from Southfork but not too far. Ray tells him to forget it and J.R. starts taunting him about being a 'half-breed'. Bobby arrives and tells J.R. he cut his date story because he knows Jennifer was coached by him.

Sue Ellen and Bobby have an argument about Bobby's lack of involvement and enthusiasm for his daddy's company. Bobby resents her accusation, telling her she's beginning to sound like J.R.. He says he'll stay out of the business if it keeps her happy. J.R. is thrilled that his plan seems to be working.

Jennifer comes to the ranch and rides out to find Bobby. She apologizes for cooperating with J.R. and says that she wishes she could make things better because she feels like she really cares for him. Bobby agrees that they should start over. Sue Ellen agrees to McKay's deal and wants to discuss it with Bobby over dinner but Bobby says he's already made plans with Jennifer. Bobby and Jennifer hit it off and she decides to stay a while longer than she expected after they spend the night together.

Anita Smithfield tells J.R. that Ray's mortgage is up at the end of business tomorrow. J.R. calls his banker, and asks him to get some money together so he can buy the ranch. J.R.'s banker meets with McKay and Ellington and lets them know that J.R.'s bidding on the property as well which gets McKay hot and bothered.
Ray find one of the rustlers in a bar and questions him about what happened. He finds out that J.R. set the whole thing up.

Bobby and Sue Ellen apologize to each other. McKay calls Sue Ellen and tells him that J.R. is competing for his oil reserves and also finally lets her know that they're under Ray's ranch. Sue Ellen realizes that Bobby was right and McKay can't be trusted. Ellington overhears Sue Ellen making plans to go over to see J.R.

Ratagan, who has been investigating the attempts on J.R.'s life, finally finds out that Ellington is the one responsible. Ray tells Bobby that the rustling was a J.R. ploy to get Bobby away from the office. He also tells him that J.R. is trying to buy his ranch. Bobby chides Ray for letting his pride overcome his faith in his family.

Ellington finds Sue Ellen getting into the elevator at J.R.'s building and pulls a gun on her. McKay gets to J.R.'s office first. Bobby and Ray arrive soon after and tell J.R. that Bobby has paid off the mortgage. J.R. and McKay start bidding on the ranch. When the bidding gets up to 45 million dollars, Bobby realizes there must be oil on the ranch.Ellington calls from the next room and tells J.R. that he'd better let McKay win the bidding war or Sue Ellen will be killed. McKay offers Ray a ready-made cashiers check for 50 million and J.R. gives in. Once the check is handed over, J.R. tells Bobby and Ray about Sue Ellen's situation. J.R. creates a diversion while Bobby and Ray go around the other side. Ellington shoots J.R. who falls back on the floor. Sue Ellen rushes to help him but he's fine because he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Bobby and Ray manage to beat Ellington as Ratagan drags him off. McKay tells the Ewings that Ellington acted alone. J.R. tells McKay that he may own the ranch, but Jock Ewing made sure a long time ago that only the Ewings would have drilling rights on Southfork, so McKay just owns the ranch again. McKay storms off, defeated.

Ray thanks J.R. for unwittingly helping him. Bobby gives J.R. a fist in the face for endangering Southfork. Jennifer arrives and Bobby says he has planned a trip to Europe with her. Then Sue Ellen punches J.R. one too. But the movie ends with J.R's smile.


Directed by
Michael Preece  
Writing credits
Arthur Bernard Lewis   (story)

Arthur Bernard Lewis   (teleplay) and
Julie Sayres   (teleplay)

Cast (in credits order)

Patrick Duffy ... Bobby James Ewing

Linda Gray ... Sue Ellen Shepard Ewing Lockwood

Larry Hagman ... John Ross 'J.R.' Ewing, Jr.

Michelle Johnson ... Jennifer Jantzen
Steve Kanaly ... Raymond 'Ray' Krebbs
George Kennedy ... Carter McKay

Tracy Scoggins ... Anita Smithfield

Amanda Welles ... J.R.'s Secretary
Philip Anglim ... Peter Ellington
Mark Dalton ... Rustler
Sean Hennigan ... John Savory
Sonny Franks ... Cowboy
Brad Leland ... Deputy Sheriff
Jerry Cotton ... Detective Murphy
Constance Jones ... TV Reporter
Paul Pender ... J.R.'s Body Guard
Jerry Jones ... Himself
Vernon Grote ... Foreman
Zach Hope ... Bellman
Alfred Biernat ... Doorman
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Brent Anderson ... Salesman
John William Hoge ... Rattigan (as John Williams Hodge)

Robert F. Cawley ... Oil field worker (uncredited)
Fabian Watkins ... J.R.'s Chauffeur (uncredited)
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Produced by
Patrick Duffy .... executive producer
Elliot Friedgen .... producer
Larry Hagman .... executive producer
Rich Heller .... executive producer (as Richard M. Heller)
Original Music by
Jerrold Immel  
Cinematography by
Karl Kases  
Film Editing by
Bud Friedgen  
Production Design by
Jack Marty  
Art Direction by
Jack Marty  
Set Decoration by
Terri M. Raith   (as Terri Raith)
Costume Design by
Janet Lucas Lawler   (as Janet Lawler)
Makeup Department
Gigi Coker .... makeup artist (as GiGi Coker)
JoJo Guthrie .... key hair stylist
Keith Sayer .... makeup artist
Production Management
Dennis Judd .... unit production manager
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
George Fortmuller .... first assistant director
Larry Lerner .... second assistant director
Art Department
Bradly E. Breitbarth .... property master
George Harding III .... set dresser
Sound Department
Neil Brody .... sound re-recording mixer
Joseph D. Citarella .... sound re-recording mixer (as Joe Citarella)
Skip Frazee .... production sound mixer
Michael E. Lawshe .... supervising sound editor (as Mike Lawshe)
Catt LeBaigue .... supervising sound editor
David A. Smith .... boom operator
Special Effects by
Jack Bennett .... special effects
Jack Lynch .... special effects technician
Kevin A. Bode .... stunt double
Jim Henry .... stunts
Matthew Tompkins .... stunt double: Drunk
Russell Towery .... stunt coordinator
Bryon Weiss .... stunts
Camera and Electrical Department
John Knight .... key grip
Andy Stefanek .... electrician
Darryl Tawney .... gaffer
Casting Department
Rody Kent .... location casting
Editorial Department
Tim Board .... assistant editor (as Timothy Board)
Music Department
Chris McGeary .... music editor
Other crew
Janis Burklund .... location manager
Joseph Crisalli .... location stage manager: Dallas
David Jacobs .... created characters
Joe Pope .... production consultant
Tracy Simpson .... stand-in
Ran Barker .... administrator (uncredited)
Sarah Nean Bruce .... production advisor (uncredited)