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Dallas Dream Season - plot synopsis

MAIN TITLES & THEME MUSIC: DALLAS: A Lorimar Production. Starring (In

Alphabetical Order): Barbara BelGeddes (Ellie Ewing-Farlow). Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing). Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing). Susan Howard (Donna Krebs). Steve Kanaly (Ray Krebbs). Howard Keel (Clayton Farlow). Ken Kercheval (Cliff Barnes). Priscilla Beauleau Presley (Jenna Wade). Victoria Principal (Pamela Barnes Ewing). Also Starring (In Alphabetical Order): John Beck (Mark Graison). Barbara Carrera (Angelica Nero). Jenilee Harrison (Jamie Ewing-Barnes). Jared Martin (Steven "Dusty" Farlow). Dack Rambo (Jack Ewing). Deborah Shelton (Mandy Winger).

Marc Singer (Matt Cantrell).

CREATED BY: David Jacobs

The 1985-86 season of DALLAS was, for lack of a better term, bizzare. First, Patrick Duffy had departed the show at the end of the previous season, his character being killed-off; Charlene Tilton had also departed. Donna Reed, who had replaced Barbara BelGeddes as "Miss Ellie" only one year before, was replaced herself by her predecessor. Reed, who later sued the production company, Lorimar, for breech of contract, died in January, 1986 at the age of sixty-two with DALLAS marking her final tv appearance.

The show still had to do battle with it's chief rival DYNASTY which by the end of the previous season, became the number one most watched show. So, more glamour and intrigue, in the form of an exotic villianess, was added to spice up the show. South American-born actress Barbara Carrera (Who was the only other memorable thing in the independently produced 1983 Bond film NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN besides the return of Sean Connery) joined the cast as the beautiful, but deadly Angelica Nero.

Also added to the supporting cast that season as Matt Cantrell, an old friend of Bobby's, was Marc Singer (THE BEASTMASTER) who had, ironically enough, starred in the short-lived science-fiction series V which aired on NBC opposite DALLAS during the previous season (Well, if you couldn't beat it, join it Singer probably thought.)

Unfortunately, all of the nightime soaps, including the DYNASTY spin-off THE COLBYS, which made it's debut in November, 1985, were facing competition from another television genre....sitcoms. Thanks to the success of THE COSBY SHOW (and the shows that followed it, making it NBC's very first "Must See" Thursdays) and THE GOLDEN GIRLS, situation comedies were making a huge comeback, and taking most of the nightime soap audiences with them.

But, the only problem the DALLAS producers were facing when the show resumed production in June, 1985, was what to do next now that Bobby Ewing was killed-off......

The 1985-86 season began a few hours after the previous episode ended, with the grief-stricken Ewings arriving at Southfork from the hospital where Bobby had died hours earlier. Ellie (Resumed by BelGeddes who wore a different dress from the one worn by Donna Reed), takes charge of the situation first by having the family doctor administer a sedative to calm down Jenna; and by telling J.R. that she needs his help in getting the family through the tragedy.

A emotionally-numb J.R.'s only response is to angrilly lash out at Sue Ellen, who had just returned from having lunch with Dusty while the Ewings were at the hospital ("Where were you Sue-Ellen? While, momma and everybody were cryin' their eyes out, where the hell were you? Go back to your bottle! Go back to your cowboy! I don't care where you go, just get out of my sight!"), which left Ellie having to deal with Sue Ellen, fearing that she might find solace with alcohol. "I'm not an alcoholic," Sue Ellen tells Ellie. "But, you are Sue-Ellen..." Ellie matter-of-factly tells her.

Gary calls from California, having heard the news of his younger brother's death from his wife Abby (in the Season Premiere of KNOTS LANDING which aired the night before DALLAS'), and informs his mother that he'll be in the next plane. Shortly after his arrival, J.R. lashes out at Gary and Ray after they offer to help him run the company. "So, Gary," J.R. sarcastically asks, "you want to help run the company too? Well, I don't need your help, or your pity. I only had one real brother (that I cared about)...and he's dead!"

Lucy is unable to make it to the funeral, but the rest of the Ewing family attend the small service, held near a treehouse where Bobby used to play as a child, including Pam, her son Christopher (Now played by Joshua Harris), Cliff and Jamie Barnes. After the funeral, the family, including Pam, arrives at lawyer Harve Smithfield's office for the reading of Bobby's will, which has a surprising outcome. Pam is to be the executor of Christopher's shares of the company, something which doesn't sit well with J.R. as he may have to do business with the person he hates the most in the world, apart from her brother Cliff of course.

Meanwhile, Sue-Ellen goes on another drinking binge after the funeral and ends up with her car, purse and ID stolen. She also winds up in an unfamiliar part of town (In a scene which marked the screen debut of Texas-born actor Lou Diamond Phillips, later of LA BOMBA, as a street tough) and, later in a drunk tank, and detox ward of the county jail where Ellie and Clayton finds her. After seeing Sue-Ellen in the worst possible state she's been in, Ellie convinces J.R. (who's more than willing) to commit his wife to a sanitarium rehabilitation program.

While Sue-Ellen recovers, the rest of the Ewing family start to put their lives back in order after Bobby's death. J.R. tries to resume his work at Ewing Oil, and bedding his mistress Mandy Winger, but can't. Jenna stays on at Southfork. Pam, however, recieves another shock when her former fiancee' Mark Graison shows up at her mansion...very much alive. It turns out that he staged the helicopter crash of the year before, so that Pam wouldn't come looking for him while he tried to find a cure for his disease which was now in remission.

Since Pam also had Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil, several offers by two interested parties were made. First, by Westar President Jeremy Wendell, which Pam seriously considers; then by J.R. himself. But, at the Oil Baron's Ball, where Bobby posthumously named the "Oil Baron's Man of the Year," Pam, in accepting on behalf of Christopher (At Ellie's request), tells the stunned crowd that she wouldn't be selling the shares after all. She also informs J.R. that, in order to protect her son's interests, she would be coming in to work at Ewing Oil. "I'll be seeing you in the morning, pardner," she tells J.R.

Meanwhile, the exotic CEO of Marinos Shipping, Angelica Nero, had her eye on another one of the guests at the Oil Baron's Ball, Jack Ewing, whom she wanted to meet for mysterious reasons of her own.....

Ray and Donna, who reconciled on the night of Bobby's death, didn't attend the ball because they were dealing with a family crisis which involved their unborn child. Donna's obstetrician dropped by their home to tell them that the baby would be born with Down's Syndrome. They eventually lost the baby, but adopted a 10-year-old hearing impaired boy named Tony, but not before they had to clear another hurdle, Ray's old suspended manslaughter charge stemming from the death of his cousin Mickey Trotter three-years before (See Part Four).

A recently recovered Sue Ellen, moved in with her mother, Patricia Sheppard (Martha Scott), and sued for custody of John Ross (at her mother's urging), which she eventually won. However, she changed her mind when the saw the sad look on her son's face when she came to pick him up. She told her mother afterwards that she can control her own destiny and moves back at Southfork to be with her son, but not with J.R.

J.R., however, had problems of his own. Angelica Nero had gotten him and Jack to go along with a plan she had cooked up with her assistants Nikolas (Played by George Chakiris who won an Oscar for his performance as Bernardo in the film WEST SIDE STORY) and Grace (Marete Van Kemp). Nero needed Jack to impersonate the owner of Marinos Shipping, Dimitri, whom the former resembled. The plan was for Jack to put in an appearance as Dimitri, in Martinique where a huge press party was being held. The trio also planned to kill Jack (as Dimitri) and J.R. by exploding a bomb planted on Dimitri's yacht.

The plan was, foiled, however, when Grace, who fell in love with Jack, told the two men about the assasination. The plan was foiled and Angelica hastilly escaped capture, but not before trying to kill Jack and J.R. at the masquerade ball herself. Angelica, then sought out her turncoat associates and killed them before dissapearing altogether.

But she surfaced in DALLAS a short time later, to wreak revenge on both J.R. and Jack. First, she cornered J.R. and told him that she has documents (phony) that could save the company which was on the brink of a financial crisis. She hid a bomb in a suitcase containing the phony documents which was set to explode shortly after making her delivery. J.R., in exchange for the information, would pay her $2 million in cash. She also had an accomplice hide another bomb in Jack Ewing's sports car.

On the season finale which aired on Friday, May 16, 1986; Angelica's plan went into action with both bombs being delivered to their destinations and exploding... but the intended victims escaped bodily harm. Instead, Jamie, who was about to take Jack to the airport in the sports car he had just given her, and Sue Ellen, who drove to Ewing Oil to look for J.R., were the victims.

After the explosion at Ewing Oil, the final scene showed Pam waking up in bed with a startled look on her face, and, after hearing the shower in her bathroom running, goes in. But, when she opened the shower door, she saw, not her new husband Mark Graison (they were supposedly married the day before), but Bobby Ewing, who turns towards her and says a cheery "Good morning......." End of season.

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