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Clayton falls down the stairs 1987

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Miss Ellie gets a phone call from Donna in Washington informing her that Ewing Oil is in trouble with the Justice Department, she runs out crying. Clayton is not very happy with this, in fact he's down right mad, he opens his mouth wide as it goes to scream "JR". He then in a violent rage finds JR in the hall and throws him against the cabinet.

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Clayton then throws JR across the hall, who goes sliding along the floor, Bobby and Pam rush out and good `ol Bob tries to hold Clayton back, but Clayton is unstoppable and pushes Bobby away and runs after JR. At this point JR is running for his life, Clayton tries to attack JR on the stairs but slips.....................

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..........Clayton goes flying down the stairs......Pam, Sue Ellen and Bobby run down and JR sits at the bottom of the stairs with an unconscious Clayton. JR looks up "He's Not breathing" he says.

The Credits Roll

A note of interest this is Pam's 2nd from last ever episode. :)

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