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Clayton, Ellie and Ray go to the Cattle auction, Miss Ellie talks about when she used to go to cattle auctions with her father. Ray and Clayton confirm their new partnership in cutting horses and Ray tells Miss Ellie he will find a new replacement for Ranch foreman.

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Cliif holds his meeting for the Oil community regarding `his` idea. Jack and JR get into an argument when JR tells him to not get involved with Ewing Oil. JR explains to Bobby they should get Jack out the way.

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JR sees Cliff outside the meeting.

Cliff : I'm surprised to see you here

JR : Well the zoo was closed.

Cliff : Your just bitter that the whole oil community backed me up

JR : well i was surprised to see you up there but the best part about it was that I couldn`t hear you

Marilee then tells them they shouldn`t argue as they would soon be brother in laws again.

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Jamie tells Marilee to stay out of it.

Marilee : I always thought children should be seen and not heard

Jamie :  I dumped you in the swimming pool before, wanna try the fountain

Jordan asks for everyone to calm down

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Sue Ellen tells Pam that she is crazy for going back to Southfork, Pam is concerned that Sue Ellen is drinking again. Sue Ellen says "Didn`t Bobby tell you, I'm Southfork's resident alcoholic". Sue Ellen explains the only time she will stop drinking is when she finds something to replace her need for alcohol.

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Cliff asks his attorney the best way to get a divorce from Jamie, Cliff then walks over to Jamie and she introduces him to her brother Jack. Jamie then tells Cliff he stole her idea , Cliff her tells her it wasn`t her idea and that her idea was dumb and could'nt of worked.

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