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Cliff is not happy as he is advised to cut back production on 340 due to the low cost of oil. Cliff explains that OPEC is killing him, Jamie says it makes sense to her that all the independents should get together and put a tax on all imported oil so it would cost more. Cliff says that will never happen, Jamie says it makes allot of sense to her. Cliff says that's because she doesn't understand the Oil Business. Jamie gets angry, Cliff asks her to make him a cup of coffee and she tells him she doesn't know how to make coffee either so he had better go and make it himself.

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JR arrives for his meeting, he explains that he is cutting back production and there will be job loss's. One explain explains there should be a bomb that blows up Saudi Arabia, which sets JR thinking.

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Ray explains to Clayton that he wants something new in his life, and tells Clayton he is starting up a cutting horse business and asks Clayton to help him.

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Jenna waits by the pool as Bobby pulls up in his car. Jenna says she missed him for breakfast,  he then says "Jenna I have known all my life , I owe you so many things and the truth is one of them"

Jenna says she doesn't want to hear what he has to say she just wants to marry him.

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Bobby tells Jenna he was with Pam and he asked her to marry him. Jenna gets angry "what do you expect me to congratulate you to wish you well". Jenna tells him not to touch her and runs off

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JR calls Sly in and asks her to get in touch with General Longly who was booted out of the army for war mongering and that his idea of world peace was to blow everyone up. He asks a shocked Sly to arrange for him and General Longly to have lunch.

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