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Meanwhile back at Pam's house Bobby is in the shower, Pam has opened the door and walked off , a confused Bobby walks out to see what's wrong with her.

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Bobby tells her she looks like she saw a ghost, Pam explains she had a terrible nightmare and she thought he was dead and that Katherine run him down, it seemed so real. Bobby explains `None of that happened`. Pam says don`t ever leave me.

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JR reads the newspaper and explains that the oil business is in trouble, companies closing down everyday and the `Arabs` flooding the market with cheap oil. JR says he needs to do something about it and make a phone call to arrange a meeting at his office. Mandy then asks JR about Sue Ellen still living at Southfork, JR explains that Sue Ellen is `drinking up a storm again` and he will get her off Southfork soon.

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Bobby leaves Pam's house (its the same morning we saw in the dream but minus Katherine's car), Pam is very jumpy and hears a car and gets spooked by it. Bobby tells her not to worry, Pam asks how Jenna will take the news that they are remarrying and asks if Bobby wants her to go with him. He tells her he should do it alone.

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The ladies of Southfork sit around for breakfast, Miss Ellie informs them that she spoke to Lucy on her honeymoon and she sounded very happy. Sue Ellen replies that `that puts her up on all of us". Sue Ellen asks where all the men are and that she doesn`t see any of them. Donna tells her to stop and that shes not the only one to have problems. Sue Ellen states "a Ewing, is a Ewing is a Krebbs"

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Miss Ellie looses her temper with Sue Ellen "I'm very happy with my husband, if I wasn`t I would do something about it" she yells "if the men arnt here whos fault is it?". She then gets up and leaves. Sue Ellen looks shocked and states "whos fault indeed".

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