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The first time we get to see a Ewing Barbecue is in 1978 and in typical Ewing style this one is action packed full of family drama.

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The Barbecue is in full swing with the traditional Square Dance, Sue Ellen plays hostess introducing a Senator to Ray Krebbs and his lady friend Maureen. Miss Ellie shows Digger Barnes around the Ranch as they discuss times gone by.

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Sue Ellen congratulates Pamela on being pregnant, but it isn`t long before she's downed several red wines and pouring her heart to the Texan Women folk about her problems and how Pamela is going to be the first to produce a Ewing heir. Meanwhile naughty Lucy is playing her flirtatious game with Pam's cousin Jimmy.

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Pam and Bobby announce officially that Pam is expecting a child, Jock and Digger reluctantly shake hands, but its not long before the truce is over and after an argument with Jock , Digger gets drunk and sings the Yellow Rose of Texas to an applauding crowd.

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Digger isn't the only one who's been downing too many Barbeque beverages, a drunk Sue Ellen and JR discuss the fact that Pamela is going to have a baby. JR in true style declares that Pamela has had many men causing Bobby to give him a power right hook sending JR to the floor.

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JR finds Pamela in the barn and climbs up to her, he tries to apologize for his behavior towards her, Pam declares her a Bobby will be leaving Southfork for good and JR begs her to change her mind, he tries to pull her back but she tries to get away from him and as she does she slips over the edge of the barn.

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Pam lays unconscious at the bottom of the Barn, JR looks on in shock.

Yep the 1978 Ewing Barbecue is one which will go down in Texas history, an event not to be missed.


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