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Dallas - Season Two - Episode 15 - Season finale

Legacies” – Original broadcast Monday,April 15- 2013, 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

In the electrifying second season finale, the Ewings unite to execute J.R.'s master plan. Twists and turns abound as each family member tries to ensure its success in ways that would make even a scoundrel like J.R. Ewing proud. When the shocking answer to the question "Who killed J.R.?" is finally revealed, the stage is deliciously set for new alliances and new battles to begin.

Directed by Steve Robin
Written by Cynthia Cidre and Robert Rovner


Jordana Brewster as Elena Ramos
Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing
Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing
Julie Gonzalo as Pamela Barnes
Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing
Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing
Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing
Mitch Pileggi as Harris Ryland

Guest starring

Judith Light - Judith

Lee Majors - Ken Richards

Emma Bell - Emma Brown

Ken Kercheval - Cliff Barnes

Full synopsis

Dallas TNT season finale who shot JR Ewing revealed

Busted by her father in his study, Emma tells him she's looking for pills. He opens his safe, which also contains a ledger and gun. He gives her a pill and she pops it.

Zurich Back at David's house, he tells Christopher he met her after the auto accident that burned over 60 percent of her body. She left Dallas because she didn't want to scare Christopher. After her last plastic surgery she found out she had pancreatic cancer and David took her to Abu Dhabi for an experiment treatment. But it didn't work, and she died.

Cliff found out about Pamela's shares going to Christopher and paid David and his wife, Pamela's nurse, to keep quiet about her death. Corina gives Christopher Pamela's will, passing her shares of Barnes Global to him. Corina gives him a note Pamela wrote a few days before she died, saying she always wanted to get home to him.

Pamela, John Ross and Bobby go to the jail to follow up on Roy, who isn't talking.

Harris Ryland meets with Cliff, assuring him Roy won't talk. When Harris leaves, Cliff calls someone with a job for them to do.

Pamela visits Roy in jail to try to get him to talk. She asks if her father knew she was on the rig. "Have other children, forget your father. There was nothing unintentional about it," Roy says.

Later, Roy talks to his family on the phone. The guards walk away and two inmates walk up and shiv Roy in the neck.

Emma sees the news that Roy has been killed. Harris assures her he had nothing to do with it. She tells him she's glad he's dead, so Roy can't hurt him.

At Southfork, the Ewings watch the news. Ann worries about Emma at Harris'. Christopher comes home and learns about Pamela and John Ross getting married. He offers congratulations. Bum joins them. Now that they can control Barnes Global, Bobby says it's time to reveal JR's plan. He shows them the gun JR left, which Pamela recognizes as belonging to her dad. It's the gun that killed JR.

Bum explains: JR found out Cliff followed him to Nuevo Laredo and called Bum. By the time he got there, JR was dying. He told Bum that Cliff was using the cartel to cover his tracks and to call Carlos del Sol. Carlos bought the gun that Cliff used to kill JR from the cartel. They said it was a mugger because JR wanted to give the family time to get things together. Bobby knew he couldn't tell John Ross because he'd go after Cliff before things were in place.

Pamela thinks she has a way to get her father to Mexico to face charges.

Elena apologizes to Christopher, but he doesn't think he can trust her anymore.

The Ewings all pile into a limo.

Pamela takes a ride with her father, saying she's working to complete Frank's casino deal in Nuevo Laredo. They get onto her father's private plane and she leaves the gun in his car.

At Harris' house, Emma crushes pills into food for her dad.

Police execute a warrant on Cliff's safety deposit box and get JR's replica belt buckle.

Emma gets a key from her father and finally gets into his safe. She gets the ledger with the drug transports and brings it to Ann.

Sheriff Derrick goes to Harris' house and arrests him for drug trafficking.

JR's body is exhumed and the bullet is removed. Police pull over Cliff's car and test the gun they find for fingerprints and ballistics. It's a match.

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Pamela intercepts a call from Cliff's office warning him about the police. She opens the door for the Ewings.

They lay out the facts for him, including that he's now a minority owner in his own company so they have control of Ewing Energies and Barnes Global. "Oh Pamela, you have just made the most grievous error of your young life," Cliff says. He claims Roy is lying that he knew she was on the rig.

Police arrive to arrest him. Cliff says the gun was stolen from his locker at the shooting range weeks before JR was killed. Cliff says he was in Cabo the night of the shooting, somebody moved his plane.

Police lead him away as Cliff repeatedly insists he didn't kill JR.

Bobby visits Cliff in Mexico lock-up to offer him a deal: if Cliff admits to blowing up the rig and having Roy killed and he'll get him moved to a US prison. Cliff turns him down. "Who killed JR?" Cliff asks. "You'll never know, Cliff," Bobby says.

Bobby and Bum visit JR's grave (his tombstone reads "The only deal he ever lost"). John Ross and Christopher show up, asking who really killed JR. Bobby reads the letter, in which JR says he has cancer and only has a few days to live. He urges Bobby to end the Barnes feud for good. He had Bum steal Cliff's gun and knew Cliff would be in Mexico for an annual fishing competition. He urges Bobby to plant what he needs to.

Christopher finishes reading the letter, in which he apologizes to Bobby for everything he did to him.

John Ross asks who killed his father. Bum did it, because JR asked him to. "Please believe that his last act was an act of love for his family, and for you," Bum says. "The only person who could take down JR, was JR," John Ross says, shaking Bum's hand.

Carmen tells Elena the news. Elena took another reading on her father's land and determined that it can't produce oil. She thinks Drew threw away his life for nothing.

Elena signs for a delivery from Cliff Barnes' lawyer -- land records for Bobby's land and her father's land.

Emma visits her father in prison, who rages against her and blames the Ewings for corrupting her. "This isn't the girl I raised," he says. "It is, because I am exactly my father's daughter," she says. Harris sees Ann waiting and asks if she's enjoying this. "Actually I'm not, Harris, because I'm not a sick, sadistic prick like you are," she says.

Back at Southfork, Christopher reads the letter from his mother.

Pamela walks by and suggests he try to forgive Elena. "Don't hold onto your anger the way my father held onto his," she says.

Elena visits Cliff in prison to learn about her father's land. Cliff says JR paid someone in the records office to switch the deeds for his land and her father's. He wants her to be his proxy for Barnes Global and go against the Ewings.

At Ewing Energies, they toast JR. John Ross takes a moment to enjoy that he owns half of Southfork. The governor reversed the eminent domain and oil is pumping again on the Henderson ranch. Sue Ellen urges him to be nice to Pamela. "What do you take me for, mama, a scoundrel?" he says. Sue Ellen walks away with a bottle of bourbon.

Elena drives crying. Christopher goes to her house but finds it empty.

John Ross buys flowers.

Elena drives to an estate in Mexico to see a man named Joaquin, who her she and her brother grew up with in Meixco. The many armed guards let her in.

John Ross takes his flowers and champagne up to a hotel room -- where Emma is waiting for him with the suitcase she got from her father's safe for him.

He climbs into bed with her.


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