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Dallas - Season Two - Episode Six

Blame Game” – Monday, February 25, 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

Ann comes out in prison orange jumpsuit to see her visitor, Sue Ellen. Everyone is preparing something for her sentencing, where she's facing 20 years.

Back in the courthouse lobby, Sue Ellen lays into Elena for not updating her on the drilling progress at the Henderson ranch.

After Elena assures her she's on it, John Ross mentions his next move to his mother.

Vicente Cano (Carlos Bernard) meets with the Colombia consulante, who is not happy he's being extradited. Later, Vicente checks with a consul security guard that everything is set for tomorrow to give the Ewings a "proper good-bye."

At Ewing Energies, Pamela Barnes' attorney suggests she'll settle for half of Ewing Energies. Christopher wants joint custody, an annulment and 7 percent of the company. They settle on 10 percent and everything else he wants. The annulment will be granted by the court after the children are born.

With his mom, John Ross explains Drew's violation of the morals clause of her contract with Elena, which would let Sue Ellen take over the Henderson drilling and her shares of Ewing Energies. Sue Ellen checks that John Ross didn't set Drew up.

JR plays around with his tablet, emailing funny dog videos to Bobby from his room to cheer him up.

Elena checks with Drew, who's set to plead guilty tomorrow. Christopher tells Elena about the mediation agreement.

At Ann's sentencing, Bobby tells the jury about meeting Ann when she was doing charity work with battered women, using horses.

The judge adjourns until tomorrow.

Pamela tells her dad about her deal for Ewing Energies, making him proud.

John Ross drops by. He's excited to swap her shares for his methane patent, like they agreed. But she's changed her mind. "I defied my father to save you from a murder rap, don't turn your back on me now," he says. She says he'll still have an ally on the board, but he regrets not letting JR go after her. This means war.

Bobby visits Emma as she rides at the stables. He invites her to Southfork, anytime.

Christopher drops in on Drew and gives him grief about getting into trouble. Drew assures him he's not a screw up and was just trying to raise money to buy his father's land back from Bobby. He tells Christopher someone smashed his tail light out on purpose so he'd get pulled over. He tells Christopher about his bad feeling about the foreman who changed the drilling angle and slowed down their progress. They wonder who would benefit from keeping Elena from pumping the oil.

The next day at the office, Christopher looks into Elena's deal with Sue Ellen. He finds the morals clause and calls Elena, who's in with Drew as he signs his plea. By the time Christopher explains what John Ross and Sue Ellen are up to, Drew has signed the deal. Elena lashes out at her brother.

Vicente Cano gets picked up, ostensibly to get a ride to the airport. Instead, his man uncuffs him and gives him a gun to aid his escape.

Emma visits Ann in jail. She can tell Emma is worried about something and tells her a story about Harris flipping out about her getting highlights. Ann assures her it'll get easier.

Back at Southfork, Christopher tells Bobby what Sue Ellen and John Ross pulled. Sue Ellen shows up with paperwork. Bobby goes to confront JR but finds his room cleaned out. Bobby pulls out his cloud drive to show John Ross what he has on them, but when he tries to open it, the file erases. There was a virus in the email JR sent him.

Pamela is listening outside when Vicente busts in with three armed thugs. He smacks John Ross.

At the sentencing hearing, Ann is concerned when none of the Ewings are there and Lou can't reach them. Emma arrives.

Back at Southfork, Vicente tells Christopher to send his employees home and then get the methane patent. He threatens Pamela, then Elena if Christopher isn't back in an hour.

On the stand, Ann explains not all abuse is physical and what it was like to find out her daughter was alive. She apologizes to Emma and begs for a second chance.

As they're held hostage, Elena asks John Ross why he screwed her out of the company. "You broke my heart," he says. "I saw the good in you when no one else did," she says.

"Yea, well, the day you stopped was the day the good died."

One of Vicente's armed men escorts Christopher to Ewing Energies.

At Southfork, Bobby suggests to Sue Ellen that she could do the right thing.

Harris paints a nasty picture of Ann at her hearing.

Pamela explains to John Ross that she went back on their deal to make her dad happy. She asks if she was just revenge sex for him. "Revenge sex was all I could afford," he says.

At Ewing Energies, Christopher gets the prototype methane extractor and tosses it at the thug to distract him, tackling him. Christopher gets the gun, but the thug has his finger on a button to text Vicente to kill Elena.

At the sentencing, the jury gives Ann probation. The judge lectures Judith and Harris for kidnapping Emma, saying he understands why Ann shot him. Ann worries that they can't reach any of the Ewings.

The thug brings Christopher back to the ranch. Vicente announces he's taking Elena with him.

Drew gets dropped off at Southfork and sees Vicente's helicopter landing and Elena being led away by Vicente. He gets his rifle.

Inside, John Ross fakes going after Christopher as a distraction and the Ewing men all go after their captors. Christopher runs outside to Elena, decks Vicente and then covers her with his body as he braces himself to get shot by Vicente. A shot rings out, but it's not aimed at Christopher. Vicente is hit through the back by Drew.

Outside, John Ross checks on Pamela. Bobby tells Sue Ellen that they're stronger together as a family. Ann arrives with her good news.

At Ewing Energies, Bobby, Elena and Christopher are shocked when John Ross introduces his mother as the newest member of their board. She reminds him what he said about them being stronger together.

"I never go looking for a fight, but when one finds me, I sure as hell finish it and they are in for the fight of their lives," Bobby vows.

Directed by Jesse Bocho

Written by Gail Gilchriest


Jordana Brewster as Elena Ramos
Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing
Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing
Julie Gonzalo as Pamela Barnes
Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing
Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing
Larry Hagman as JR Ewing
Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing

Guest starring

Judith Light - Judith

Emma Bell - Emma Brown

Carlos Bernard



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