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Dallas - Season Two - Episode 12

A Call to Arms” – Original broadcast Monday,April 08- 2013, 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

With the clock ticking in the wake of Cliff and Ryland putting Ewing Energies on the verge of collapse, the Ewings battle back with J.R.’s masterpiece to guide them. Christopher and John Ross attempt to bring Pamela into the fold by turning her against her father, but at the risk of alienating her completely. Meanwhile, Bobby is on the brink of exposing Ryland’s crimes as Emma and Drew’s relationship continues to fracture, and Christopher closes in on finding his mother.


Jordana Brewster as Elena Ramos
Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing
Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing
Julie Gonzalo as Pamela Barnes
Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing
Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing
Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing
Mitch Pileggi as Harris Ryland

Guest starring

Judith Light - Judith

Lee Majors - Ken Richards

Emma Bell - Emma Brown

Full synopsis

Dallas TNT season two episode 12 a call to arms

The governor (Steven Weber) holds a press conference after taking the Ewing's Henderson land through eminent domain for a pipeline to be built by Barnes Global. Bobby and Sue Ellen watch angrily.

After the conference, he talks to the Ewings. Sue Ellen accuses him of colluding with Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland to destroy the Ewings because Ryland bought him the election. He tells them about Ken Richards "resigning" from TESHA.

"My father took down three senators, two governors and a vice president -- and he taught me everything he knows. Your head's going to look real nice above my fire place, governor," John Ross says."

At Southfork, Bobby talks to Alan at the bank for more time on the loan. Carlos Del Sol reports that Ryland's trucks are regularly coming across the border, but inspections are coming up clean. Bobby tells the family they'll stick with the plan- take down Cliff by taking down his company. He urges Christopher to step up efforts to find his mom. Christopher thinks they also need Pamela as an ally and he wants John Ross to tell her the truth about her dad and the explosion.

John Ross worries how she'll take it, but goes to see her. He tells her everything. She accuses him of trying to manipulate her and throws her out.

Drew visits Elena, who lies to Christopher about how Drew got his injuries. He won't tell her why Harris had him beat up.

Drew goes inside and sees Emma, who's been avoiding him. She says she can't see him again. He suggests they run away together, but she thinks there's nowhere they can go where her father won't find them.

The governor meets with Harris and Cliff. He's annoyed at having to deal with the Ewings.

Christopher visits Ellis, the assistant US attorney, to find out about the investigation to find his mom. The dividends she's gotten from Barnes Global are sitting in a trust account, untouched. Christopher asks for a death certificate if she can't be found.

Ann sets up flowers in Emma's room and tidies her clothes. She finds Emma's anti-anxiety meds and mentions what Sue Ellen told her. Emma says she wasn't high that night, but Sue Ellen was drunk. She gives Ann her pills. After Ann leaves, she nervously checks her stash and finds she's out.

Elena drops by Ewing Energies. Christopher doesn't tell her why he was meeting with Ellis.

Bobby meets with Sheriff Derrick, asking him to check out Ryland's shipment coming in tonight.

Sue Ellen drops by Southfork, with no news about Ken Richards. Bobby decides to put Bum on it. Ann asks her pointedly how she's doing and mentions what Emma said. Sue Ellen says she had one drink, but hasn't had one since. Sue Ellen urges Ann not to believe Emma's lies.

Emma drops by the stables and asks a hot stable hand named McCabe to buy pain meds. She more or less offers to sleep with him in exchange for the pills.

At home, Pamela reads the TESHA report. Cliff comes by and apologizes for not coming by the hospital. He gives her her annulment paperwork. She tells them what the Ewings said about it being sabotage. Cliff denies it, but says she'll have her revenge soon.

Sue Ellen visits Bum, asking him to find Ken Richards.

Bobby finds John Ross drinking in his dad's room. He tells Bobby that Pamela didn't believe the truth about the sabotage.

Derrick calls Bobby. He's watching the Ryland trucks and one diverts from the warehouse.

Emma anxiously waits for her pill hook-up. Drew drives up as she's kissing the stable hand. He tries to interrupt, but Emma walks off with McCabe.

At Southfork, Christopher tells his family about trying to have his mom declared legally dead.

Sheriff Derrick watches Roy and armed guards supervise the delivery of a load off Ryland's trucks to a separate storage facility. But when they check it out later, all they find are shoes. John Ross and Christopher go talk to the owner, Roy. He says he's never seen Ryland before. Bobby pays him off to call them the next time a Ryland truck comes in. When they leave, Roy calls Ryland. "You were right, they were here. Cops, too," Roy says. "You swap out that cargo like we discussed?" "Yep, all they found was shoes," Roy says.

Drew visits Emma at Southfork. He offers to help her, but when she throws it back in his face he tells her if he sees her near McCabe again or high again, he'll go to the feds with what he knows about her father. He doesn't care if he goes down, too.

Alone in her room, Emma snorts her pills.

At Ewing Energies, meeting with the banker, they learn that the bank has sold their loan: to Cliff Barnes. He strides in, announcing he's calling in the loan. "Unless you can get your hands on $200 million in the next 24 hours, I will own you," he says.

John Ross calls Pamela to update her. He tells her to ask why he'd want bad technology. He's sure Barnes has a plan to do away with the fine. "He knows Christopher's technology wasn't to blame for the explosion and there's only one way that he could know that -- because he was behind it," John Ross says.

She hangs up on him.

Pamela comes home. Her father is waiting with flowers and news about taking over Ewing Energies. He tells her a few campaign donations will take care of the fine and then they'll make billions on Christopher's technology. She realizes John Ross was telling the truth. "I know this may be hard for you to hear, but the babies would have tied you to the Ewings forever. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise," he says.

Pamela goes to the bathroom to freak out.

Then she goes to see John Ross. Crying outside in the rain, she tells him she spent her whole life trying to get her father to love her, but now she realizes he's never going to love her more than he hates the Ewings.

John Ross scoops her into his arms.

Christopher's phone goes off while he's in the shower and Elena sees messages from Ellis about his mother. He tells her what Cliff is up to. She thinks he's being too cavalier about the idea his mom might be dead. "She was dead to me years ago, maybe now something good can finally come of it," he says.

Later in bed, Pamela tells John Ross she wants to hurt her father as much as he's hurt her.

Christopher and Elena meet with Ellis. He found payments made to a Swiss bank account from Barnes Global dating back to 1988. The money is being withdrawn under the name Patricia Barrett. Christopher's mother is alive.


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