Season Two Archive

30 Jan 2013

Dallas ratings

The 2-hour season premiere of Dallas season two on TNT scored an audience of 2.98 million total viewers and a 0.8 rating among adults 18-49. This does not include the +1 ratings which have yet to be revealed.
29 Jan 2013

Promo photos for Dallas TNT season 2

Season two of Dallas TNT kicked off to a fantastic start and it looks like it’s going to get even better. We thought we would slow down the exciting season 2 promo with a series of stills.
29 Jan 2013

Review/Recap of Dallas TNT premiere

Warning contains spoilers for the first two episodes of season two  Dallas returns tonight with a vengeance! But before they got the ball rolling, a moving message from the cast in regards to the “beginning of the
28 Jan 2013

Pamela Ewing reveal for season two

It’s been a long time coming but the big reveal of what really happened to Pamela Ewing is about to rock the foundations of Southfork. Jesse Metcalfe recently revealed to  Starry Constellation magazine that in season two we
25 Jan 2013

Linda Gray interview – season 2

Linda Gray joined to discuss season two of Dallas TNT and how the memory of JR will live on throughout the series. You can view the full interview here:   
24 Jan 2013

Dallas season two promo vid

Dallas returns with season two on Monday January 28th on TNT in the US and Tuesday 29th on Channel 5 in the UK Here is the most recent promo with new scenes Dallas TNT season two promo
24 Jan 2013

Dallas TNT photos – episode 3

Spoiler photos – Dallas TNT season 2 episode 3 – Sins of the Father 
16 Jan 2013

Mandy Winger and Cally Harper in Dallas TNT return

Sue Ellen will have nighmares when JR’s most famous mistress Mandy Winger and his second wife Cally return to Dallas in the episode bidding farewell to JR. TVguide revealed today that Deborah Shelton who played Mandy in
26 Nov 2012

Dallas can and will go on….

The show can and will go on…. But will never be the same again. Ewing Reviewing podcast presenter Cristo Foufas looks back at the times he met Larry Hagman, and asks can the Dallas brand survive without
9 Nov 2012

Cynthia Cidre chats Dallas TNT

Dallas TNT executive producer Cynthia Cidre joins radio presenter Cristo Foufas to talk all things Dallas TNT. How will continuity issues be addressed? Will Pam be back? And what’s in store for season two?
6 Nov 2012

Dallas TNT does Christmas

It’s Christmas in Dallas. The cast of TNT have been at it again on Twitter and this time posting some great photos for a Dallas themed Christmas promo. We never saw Christmas on the original show and