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1 Sep 2015


A conversation with Linda Gray August 27, 2015 Interviewed by Josh Eilberg and Melanie Joy for Ultimate Dallas Transcription and introduction by Melanie Joy   I’ve worked with Ultimate Dallas for a couple of years now transcribing
25 Aug 2014

Revenge Ramos style – Marlene Forte talks Dallas TNT season 3

Ultimate Dallas interview with Marlene Forte who plays Carmen Ramos on TNT’s Dallas. “All the Ramoses, Elena too. Let me tell you, we’re on that roller coaster and we’re just at the edge of the big fall”
17 Jun 2013

Dallas TNT Season 3 wish list

Dallas TNT season 3 As the writers and producers of  TNT's Dallas reassemble to discuss where the series is heading in season 3 we trawled though our mailbag, forum
2 Apr 2013

Review – Dallas TNT – S2 E11 “Let Me In”

Review by By MimiC First let me just say that I adore when The Ewing’s are on the same side. They are more powerful than anything when they’re all fighting for the same cause; as Sue Ellen shared
26 Mar 2013

Review Dallas: S2 E10 “Guilt & Innocence”

Review by  By MimiC This week picked up right where we left off… the aftermath of the explosion on the rig. John Ross and Christopher work together to free Pamela who is trapped under a large metal
12 Mar 2013

Review – Dallas TNT S2 E8 J.R.’s Masterpiece

Review by By MimiC Earlier today I viewed the special opening credits and tears welled in my eyes at my desk. I knew right then and there that a box of tissues would be needed for tonight’s
6 Mar 2013

Review – Dallas TNT ep2:07 “The Furious and The Fast”

The End of J.R. Ewing was the tagline for this episode. J.R.’s final moments were upon us and though I knew that good tv meant we would not see his final scene until the very last moment,
28 Feb 2013

Review – Dallas: S2 E6 “Blame Game”

Dallas: S2 E6 “Blame Game” By MimiC Somewhere in Dallas, at the Venezuelan Consulate (we have one of those in Texas?), Vincente is meeting with the Consul General. He informs Vincente that knows he’s evil, but because he
19 Feb 2013

Review: Dallas TNT : S2 E5 Trial and Error

Trial and Error opens with Ann storming into Harris’ hospital room demanding to know why he would blame Bobby for shooting him when he knows full well she’s the one who did it. Harris gloats a bit,
14 Feb 2013

Review: Dallas: S2 E4 “False Confessions”

Rating: False Confessions was another ride on the long and winding road that is Dallas! Again there was so much that happened tonight, blink and you might miss a plot point. Let’s get right to it, shall
5 Feb 2013

Review – Dallas: S2 E3 “Sins of the Father”

So much happens so fast on every episode of this show it’s hard to keep up! Tonight’s installment was no different, secrets were revealed and there was quite uh.. bang… by the end. “Sins of the Father”