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10 Apr 2013

Julie Gonzalo talks Dallas TNT season finale

The electrifying Dallas TNT second season finale airs this Monday so we caught up with Julie Gonzalo to discuss who killed JR Ewing, John Ross and the latest twists in the life of Pamela Barnes.
8 Apr 2013

Ask Julie Gonzalo

  The electrifying two-hour season finale of DALLAS is set to air on Monday April 15 and in the build-up we will be chatting to Julie Gonzalo who plays Pamela Rebecca Barnes. This is your opportunity to
17 Mar 2013

Charlene Tilton on her return to Dallas TNT

Charlene Tilton: “I think there is still enough life in Lucy to continue to be a little bit of a wild child. Lucy might be fifty but she’s still Lucy” As Charlene Tilton makes another return to
7 Mar 2013

Ask Dallas” executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin,

Dallas TNT executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin, will be joining us at for a Q&A session. This is your opportunity to suggest a question to be asked during the interview.   This Q&A
5 Mar 2013

Ted Shackelford talks about Dallas TNT

Ted Shackelford Q&A Ted Shackelford who plays the Ewing middle son Gary Ewing  discusses his return to Dallas on TNT Ultimate Dallas: Ted, welcome to Ultimate Dallas. Ted Shackelford: Thank you. UD: It’s great to have you
28 Feb 2013

Audrey Landers sings Dallas TNT

Audrey Landers: ‘Everything seemed so familiar that out of the corner of my eye, for a split second I would think it was one of the producers like Leonard Katzman‘ Audrey Landers joined the team to
24 Feb 2013

Ask Ted Shackelford

Ted Shackelford  who played the Ewing “middle son” Gary Ewing will be joining us at to talk about his upcoming three episode stint on Dallas TNT. This is your chance to suggest a question to be
6 Feb 2013

Joan Van Ark talks about her return to Dallas TNT

Joan Van Ark : ‘I put as much or more into this limited effort as I have in carrying a movie. I swear to God. It meant that much to me‘ Joan Van Ark, who is about
1 Feb 2013

Dallas TNT casts Lee Majors

The Six Million Dollar Man actor Lee  Majors has signed up to appear in two episodes Dallas  TNT  second season as Ken Richards, reports Entertainment Weekly Ken Richards is an old flame of Sue Ellen’s who finds
25 Jan 2013

Linda Gray interview – season 2

Linda Gray joined to discuss season two of Dallas TNT and how the memory of JR will live on throughout the series. You can view the full interview here:   
7 Dec 2012

David Jacobs talks Dallas TNT

Dallas creator David Jacobs joined us once again at and gives his thoughts on TNT’s Dallas.   Ultimate Dallas – Welcome back to – David Jacobs, the creator of Dallas and Knots Landing. David Jacobs–