Dallas 1.0 News Archive

8 Jun 2009

Dallas season 11 missing scene

The Dallas DVD’s at times are edited by Warner Brothers resulting in the loss of several scenes. Many people assume that DVD’s are uncut versions but some scenes end up on the cutting room floor and are
8 Jun 2009

Patrick and the Crab discuss a threesome with Cox

Patrick and the crab are back and discuss a threesome with Courtney Cox.
31 May 2009

Jenilee Harrison greets her fans

On July 18-19 Jenilee Harrison who played Jamie Ewing in the TV series Dallas will be doing her first signing convention appearance at the Hollywood Show. It takes place at the Burbank Airport Hilton in Burbank, CA.
9 May 2009

Victoria Principal vs the maid in assault lawsuit.

Dallas star Victoria Principal is involved in a courtroom drama worthy of a Dallas storyline. After getting sued by a housekeeper Maribel Banegas ,  who claimed that Victoria pulled a gun on her, Victoria Principal is fighting
19 Apr 2009

Dallas season 12 makes its way to DVD

Dallas season 12 on DVD makes its way to the UK this October. The US should expect an August release for the series that says a fond farewell to the character of Sue Ellen played by Linda
17 Apr 2009

The Crab Dares Patrick To Eat A Dime

The Crab and Patrick return in ‘The Crab dares Patrick to eat a dime’. Perhaps they should remake Digger’s Daughter with Bobby returning to Southfork with Crab.
15 Mar 2009

Patrick Duffy and the crab

Patrick Duffy has ventured into the world of Youtube with this wacky partnership. At least we know what became of the first baby Christopher…………. What do you think?
14 Mar 2009

Larry Hagman honored at Hall of Fame ceremony

In the winter of 1978, Larry Hagman drove the cast of the new television show Dallas around the city of Dallas in a converted bread truck showing them dive bars and much fancier restaurants. He was the
27 Feb 2009

Things aint so bad at Southfork

With the world gripped by the economic recession not even the Ewings famous mansion can escape the impact but things ‘ain’t so bad at Southfork’. Some internet fans have suggested that Southfork Ranch is on the brink
19 Jan 2009

A sly chat with Deborah Rennard

Deborah Rennard who played JR’s infamous secretary Sly took time out to answer questions from Dallas fans on UltimateDallas.com  How did you get into acting?  How did you get the role of Sly, did you expect to be with the
30 Nov 2008

Dallas still making headlines

It is almost a month since the Dallas Reunion, a bad time had by some and a great time by others. Despite the fiasco that took place in the press following the event perhaps we can now