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10 Aug 2012

Jocks portrait making a comeback

Whispers at Southfork suggest the iconic portrait of Jock Ewing may return in season two of Dallas TNT where it holds pride of place at the new Ewing Energies space. Some may recall the original painting ,
9 Aug 2012

Dallas season finale review

Let’s get right to it!! BANG BANG! Tommy is dead! Seriously!! I kinda liked evil Tommy! I was sort of hoping Rebecca would get hit and miscarry (I know I’m mean but a pregnant chick already on
8 Aug 2012

The Dallas TNT Awards 2012

The Jock Dallas TNT Awards 2012 Take part by voting in the 2012 Dallas awards Survey is over
4 Aug 2012

Mimi C reviews Dallas TNT episode 9

Sorry all for the delay in my recap! I was sunning it up in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! The internet was shotty there so even though I did make it back to my room in time to
3 Aug 2012

Dallas finale promo in pictures

Not long to go now until that all important cliffhanger and the recently posted Dallas TNT video promo may shed some light on events. We have taken stills from the promo to give you a clearer look
2 Aug 2012

Dallas TNT : Revelations – season finale preview

We offer you a delicious taste of the Dallas TNT finale and throw in a couple of teasers With much excitement we received our preview copy of the Dallas TNT season finale -Revelations and it didn’t disappoint.
31 Jul 2012

Ken Kercheval talks Dallas TNT finale

Actor Ken Kercheval who plays Cliff Barnes in Dallas TNT answered questions from the fans  and teased the season finale.   Ken told ultimatedallas.com  “If it stays like it was written it will be a dynamite cliff-hanger,
26 Jul 2012

Season finale spoiler pics

TNT have released promo pics for the season finale of Dallas Episode 10 – Revelations Broadcast date – August 8 2012
26 Jul 2012

Dallas TNT Season two early 2013

Only two more episodes of Dallas TNT season one which ends with an astounding cliffhanger but fans won’t have to wait long before season two hits our screens. Josh Henderson who plays John Ross Ewing tweeted that
26 Jul 2012

Review episode 8 – No good deed

Dallas S1 E8 “No Good Deed” Tonight being with John Ross and Elena (?) in the interrogation room. I’m no police officer, but I’m pretty sure the only person allowed in an interrogation room with a murder suspect
20 Jul 2012

Review E7 “Collateral Damage”

WOW, WOW, and MORE WOW!!!! I don’t even know where to begin…. The episode opens with Christopher riding through Southfork, looking quite handsome in his cowboy hat! He stops at the “lovers” tree and glimpses the names,