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25 Jan 2013

Linda Gray interview – season 2

Linda Gray joined ultimatedallas.com to discuss season two of Dallas TNT and how the memory of JR will live on throughout the series. You can view the full interview here: http://www.ultimatedallas.com/linda-gray-dallas-tnt-interview/   
24 Jan 2013

Dallas season two promo vid

Dallas returns with season two on Monday January 28th on TNT in the US and Tuesday 29th on Channel 5 in the UK Here is the most recent promo with new scenes Dallas TNT season two promo
24 Jan 2013

Dallas TNT photos – episode 3

Spoiler photos – Dallas TNT season 2 episode 3 – Sins of the Father 
24 Jan 2013

Who killed JR Ewing?

The character of JR Ewing looks set to exit Dallas in a murder mystery “Who Killed J.R.?” According to TV Guide Magazine, “Dallas” executive producer Cynthia Cidre and the show’s writing staff decided to launch a “Who
22 Jan 2013

Suggest a question for Linda Gray

Linda Gray interview 2013  Dallas legend Linda Gray will be catching up with ultimatedallas.com and this is your opportunity to suggest a question. Simply fill out the form below and your question could be asked during the
19 Jan 2013

Spoilers Dallas TNT season two and the secret room 22

Not long to wait now my Forkie friends as Dallas returns to TNT on January 28th 2013 and for those of you who like to speculate on what’s coming up  you can find updated spoilers on this page.
16 Jan 2013

Dallas on Anderson Live – be in the audience

Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray will appear on Anderson Live Tuesday, 1/29 and you are invited to be in the audience. We are looking for Dallas fans in the NYC area to sit in our audience on
16 Jan 2013

Mandy Winger and Cally Harper in Dallas TNT return

Sue Ellen will have nighmares when JR’s most famous mistress Mandy Winger and his second wife Cally return to Dallas in the episode bidding farewell to JR. TVguide revealed today that Deborah Shelton who played Mandy in
14 Jan 2013

Dallas back in the UK the same week as the US

Dallas Season 2 will begin in the UK on Channel Five Season Two on Tuesday, 29 Jan at 9pm, hot on the heels of the US premiere on 28th January. Channel 5 continue to impress in their
8 Jan 2013

Sly to make a return in a farewell to JR Ewing?

Deborah Rennard who played JR’s secretary and devilish sidekick Sly Lovegren is in talks with Dallas TNT  to return to the series for JR’s funeral episode. Deborah told ultimatedallas.com that she is currently discussing her return to
3 Jan 2013

Writing out JR – your ideas

Thanks for all your emails in response to our article How to write out a television icon You can read a few of the more ‘alternative’ ideas below. Sorry we could not publish all them due to