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10 Oct 2014

Patrick Duffy who plays Bobby Ewing in Dallas joined us to talk about the cancellation by TNT and the fight to find the show a new home.

Patrick Duffy who plays Bobby Ewing in Dallas joined us to talk about the cancellation by TNT and the fight to find the show a new home. Ultimate Dallas – Here we are with Patrick Duffy, the
8 Oct 2014

Sue Ellen isn’t done – Linda Gray talks Dallas TNT cancellation

“Sue Ellen isn’t done. It’s just kind of like we were getting started” Linda Gray joined us at UltimateDallas.com to discuss the cancellation of Dallas on TNT and the fans fight to save the show. Ultimate Dallas:
7 Oct 2014

Dallas EP responds to fans Save Dallas campaign

Fans can be assured that the cast and crew of Dallas are fighting to save the show. In response to an email from UltimateDallas.com the shows Executive Producer Cynthia Cidre sent us the following message: “I am
7 Oct 2014

Join in and #SaveDallas

 ” Yesterday we cried, today we fight back.” We always knew Dallas fans were a passionate bunch but the reactions since the news of the cancellation have been absolutely amazing. Social media has exploded with fans using
4 Oct 2014

Could Dallas find a new home?

There has been an amazing response from fans of Dallas who are outraged that the show was cancelled by TNT, our e mail-bag is exploding with comments and questions. But could Dallas work on another network or
3 Oct 2014

Dallas TNT Cancelled

Not a great day for fans of Dallas on TNT. A spokesperson for the network sent us the following statement: TNT has decided not to renew Dallas. We are extremely proud of the series, which defied expectations by
20 Sep 2014

Dallas EP talks the death of a Ewing, JR’s secret and a possible return!

Executive producer Cynthia Cidre joined us at Ultimatedallas.com to tease the upcoming season finale – JR’s big secret and the death of a major character. Plus an insight into season 4 and the potential return of an
18 Sep 2014

Which Ewing will die? Dallas TNT Season Finale

The Dallas TNT two hour season finale extravaganza kicks off on Monday at 9/8c  and the big question of the day is “Which Ewing will die?” That’s right, a member of the Ewing family will perish on
7 Sep 2014

Tracey McKay infographic

Tracey McKay is about to make a shock return to Dallas on TNT so here is a snap shot of Tracey’s Dallas history:  
7 Sep 2014

Poll – Pamela’s Choice

In last week’s fantastic episode of Dallas on TNT Elena left Pamela with a real clanger of a dilemma – free her father Cliff from prison or leave him there to rot. Vote below – What should
7 Sep 2014

Q&A Prop Master “Dallas” Season 3

The  Prop Master for Dallas TNT,  Andrea Cantrell anwsered your questions in response to the blog post Dallas TNT Prop Master Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Stories Your blog post mentioned the requirement to get permission from the actors or