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12 Oct 2012

A punch up in Texas – How to bring back a dead show

As we celebrate fifteen years online the fans and some of the original cast members credit with the return of Dallas on TNT. We now take a look back to find out how a once dead
10 May 2011

Dallas – It’s a wrap

The Dallas pilot wraps up filming this week and then moves into post production. Dallas veterans Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy will  be waiting for word if the series is picked up for a full
9 Sep 2010

TNT announce new Dallas pilot episode. JR Ewing is back

TNT has announced today they have ordered a pilot episode of “Dallas” revamped by producer Cynthia Cidre, the producer of tv series “Cane.” The new soap would revolve around the kids of brothers JR and Bobby Ewing
20 Jun 2009

Joshua Harris all grow up

Dallas actor Joshua Harris reunited with Patrick Duffy at A Father’s Day Salute to TV Dads. You may remember Josh as little Christoper Ewing – the son of JR shooter Kristin Sheperd. Now here he is all
14 Nov 2008

Dallas dream becomes fans nightmare

It was supposed to the soap event of the year but for some fans the Dallas 30th Reunion barbeque was as dry as Cliff Barnes’s oil well. To quote one reporter it was “the most muddled, exhilarating, disastrous
14 Nov 2008

Dallas cast respond to reunion woes

Meanwhile back at the ranch the drama over the Dallas reunion continues. With many fans unhappy with the event Dallas star Charlene Tilton kindly responded to fans concerns. I wanted to address the fans that have stories
16 Sep 2008

Dallas season 10 and Knots Landing DVD in 2009

Great news for fans of Dallas and its sister show Knots Landing as Warner Brothers announce the release of Dallas season 10 and the second season of Knots Landing in early 2009. Dallas fans will wave goodbye
31 Jul 2008

Victoria Principal wants Virgin Galatic women pilots

If Victoria Principal has her way she could one day be flying you into space. Virgin Galactic revealed White Knight Two this week, that will be used for his project to launch tourists into space. One of
25 Jul 2008

Gurinder waits for Dallas movie resurrection.

Is Gurinder Chadha hoping for a Dallas come back? In a recent interview with the London newspaper ‘Metro’ Gurinder hinted the movie may well be resurrected. So will she finally shoot JR after all? ‘It’s Hollywood, you know?’
9 Jul 2008

Charlene Tilton celebrates 4th July

Charlene Tilton celebrated the 4th of July in style as she attended the The Circle of Care Foundation fundraiser. The ‘Circle of Care Foundation’ July 4th Festival was held at the CBS Studio Center in Studio City,
25 Jun 2008

Charlene Tilton awarded for bad behaviour

Celebrities celebrated their EMA wins at the Home Entertainment Awards show, held June 24 at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Charlene Tilton was all smiles upon receiving her Legendary Television Bad Girl honor.   People still