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12 Mar 2013

Review – Dallas TNT S2 E8 J.R.’s Masterpiece

Review by By MimiC Earlier today I viewed the special opening credits and tears welled in my eyes at my desk. I knew right then and there that a box of tissues would be needed for tonight’s
11 Mar 2013

Your memories of JR Ewing

Thank you for all your memories of Larry Hagman and JR Ewing – we have a selection below and will feature all of them in our memorial pages   You have also been voting for your favourite
11 Mar 2013

Larry Hagman day – Live tweets

Today is officially Larry Hagman day and tonight we say a very emotional farewell to the iconic character of JR Ewing in Dallas TNT at 9/8c. Share your thoughts on Larry, JR and this amazing tribute episode
10 Mar 2013

Dallas Exec Producers Cynthia Cidre and Mike Robin Q&A

Dallas TNT Executive Producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin answer your questions and take us through the process of creating JR’s demise. This interview contains spoilers for JR’s funeral episode. Ultimate Dallas – We will start
7 Mar 2013

Spoiler photos – JR’s funeral

Spoiler photo gallery from episode 2:08 – JR’s Masterpiece
7 Mar 2013

Ask Dallas” executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin,

Dallas TNT executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin, will be joining us at for a Q&A session. This is your opportunity to suggest a question to be asked during the interview.   This Q&A
6 Mar 2013

Review – Dallas TNT ep2:07 “The Furious and The Fast”

The End of J.R. Ewing was the tagline for this episode. J.R.’s final moments were upon us and though I knew that good tv meant we would not see his final scene until the very last moment,
6 Mar 2013

Preview of JR’s funeral – hankies at the ready

I have  just finished watching a preview of JR’s funeral episode to be broadcast next week on TNT, in what must be one of the most moving episodes in Dallas history. You’ll need hankies, a truck load
5 Mar 2013

Larry Hagman Day – March 11

March 11 has been officially declared as “Larry Hagman Day” by the Mayor of Dallas who will issue a Proclamation declaring it official. The Dallas episode airing that evening is entitled “J.R.’s Masterpiece” and will be the
5 Mar 2013

Ted Shackelford talks about Dallas TNT

Ted Shackelford Q&A Ted Shackelford who plays the Ewing middle son Gary Ewing  discusses his return to Dallas on TNT Ultimate Dallas: Ted, welcome to Ultimate Dallas. Ted Shackelford: Thank you. UD: It’s great to have you
4 Mar 2013

Memories of JR Ewing

It’s the end of an era as we come to say goodbye to Larry Hagman’s iconic character JR Ewing in Dallas on TNT. We would love to hear your personal memories of  JR Ewing and Larry Hagman