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Insights: Virtual Reality and Augmented RealityVirtual reality (VR) allows users to interact with digital environments and objects, typically using a headset. When you turn your head, you see other areas of a 360 degree digital environment.

The data center industry response coque samsung j5 2017 chaton to the COVID 19 Coronavirus coque samsung j5 2016 pastel dominated the news in March, as industry professionals sought out the latest news on the evolving crisis.

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How Technology Can Transform Data Center Construction

By Rich Miller April 2, 2019 1 Comment

New technology can make data center construction faster, cheaper, safer coque galaxy samsung j3 2017 and coque samsung a50 tic et tac more inclusive, according to Nancy Novak of Compass Datacenters, who spoke on the topic at Data Center World.

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Gartner: Immersive coque j3 2016 samsung infini Augmented Reality is Coming to the Enterprise

By Rich Miller December 10, 2018 1 Comment

Mass adoption of augmented reality coque samsung j3 2017 chicago (AR) has been limited thus far. coque samsung galaxy j5 2017 minnie That about to change, and the coque samsung j3 2016 3d liquide enterprise may lead, according to coque football samsung j3 2017 Gartner Research, which says IT teams should prepare to support immersive, data intensive media experiences.

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Data Driven: Emerging Tech Spurs Demand for Large Scale Data Storage

By Sarah Rubenoff August 3, 2018 1 Comment

Demand for data center services is being fed by streams coque riverdale samsung a70 of data from a wide variety of emerging technologies. In ourData Driven series, Data Center Frontier is examining emerging technologies that are generating large volumes of data, and how their growth will impact data centers.

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Virtual Reality May Test Our Digital Infrastructure

By Kayla Matthews July 3, 2018 2 Comments

Virtual reality content may need up to 20 times more storage space than coque om samsung j3 2017 a today high definition video. Will your data center be ready Here a look at how VR may test our samsung galaxy j3 coque miroir digital infrastructure.

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Futurist: New Tech Will Drive Enormous Demand for Data Centers

By Rich Miller March 23, 2017 1 Comment

The data center role in the economy will be transformed by technologies like AI, virtual reality, voice assistants, autonomous vehicles and robots, according to futurist Steve Brown.

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The Year Ahead: Delivering on the Promise of Virtual Reality

By Rich Miller January 3, coque pour samsung j3 2016 3d 2017 Leave a Comment

The growth of virtual reality and augmented reality may require more investment in data centers, as well as innovation in networking,

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