Join in and #SaveDallas

Save Dallas TNT and join the petition

 ” Yesterday we cried, today we fight back.”

We always knew Dallas fans were a passionate bunch but the reactions since the news of the cancellation have been absolutely amazing.

Social media has exploded with fans using the hashtag #SaveDallas and the online petition by Sara Duckworth has reached huge numbers.

Some of you may think these online petitions are a waste of time but they really mean something, the press have already picked up on the campaign with articles in numerous publications such as the New York Times and Digital Spy

So keep it going and here’s how:

Remember don’t give up and keep motivated. You can make a change.

What are the aims of this campaign?

Obviously we want Dallas back and that does not necessarily mean on TNT, there are other options such as Netflix or other on-demand platforms.

Your contribution can really make a difference



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