Could Dallas find a new home?

Dallas TNT cancelled. But it could it find a new home?

There has been an amazing response from fans of Dallas who are outraged that the show was cancelled by TNT, our e mail-bag is exploding with comments and questions.

But could Dallas work on another network or one of the digital on demand services?

Patrick seems to think there is life in the old show yet in his recent Twitter post:

Live viewing figures for Dallas on TNT declined over the three seasons and the reasons behind this need to be explored before looking for a new home. But Dallas is such a huge brand and fans are out there, it’s a lost opportunity to close the door with such finality.

Live ratings declined globally for Dallas but the on-demand viewership did extremely well, this was not just evident in the US but also in other countries such as Channel 5 in the UK.

There has always been a strong online audience for Dallas, the show lived on digitally for many years through thriving  fan communities.

Maybe the key to the survival of Dallas is to find a home on one of the digital on-demand platforms – Netflix or Amazon.

Why it could work:

  • Dallas is already an established brand internationally.
  • The show did well on-demand globally, it was live viewing that was the issue.
  • On-demand breaks down the international barrier.  If available to all countries at the same time the numbers start to look really impressive.
  • Dallas has a very large, active and passionate online community. The transition over to a digital streaming proposition would translate for this audience.

Would you like to see Dallas return?

What changes would you like to see happen?

Let know in the comments below, on Facebook or on the Fans Forum

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