Which Ewing will die? Dallas TNT Season Finale

The Dallas TNT two hour season finale extravaganza kicks off on Monday at 9/8c  and the big question of the day is “Which Ewing will die?”

That’s right, a member of the Ewing family will perish on Monday night and the guessing game starts right now.

Can then really kill off a Ewing? The last time that happened as a planed storyline was the demise of April Ewing and before that Jamie and of course dear old Bobby who then made a miraculous return from the dead in Pam’s shower.

First of all watch the trailer, read our theory and take part in our poll

Which Ewing will have a visit from the Grim-reaper?


Is the Bobster  about to have another deathbed scene? We can’t see that happening

Death Rating – UNLIKELY



Ann hasn’t had an easy time of it lately. Is she going to pull a desperate housewife move and exit the series with a single shot? She could always come back and narrate season 4.

Death Rating – Possible




Christopher feels a little sidelined in season 3, taking a backseat in all the drama. But we love Jesse and hope he isn’t the one but it’s not looking good. We know Elena takes a shot with her gun, could she hit the wrong person?





Sue Ellen was back on the bottle, will it be one glass of vodka too many, sending her head over designer heels down the Southfork stairs? This lady is too iconic to kill off, she’s the Queen of Southfork

Death Rating – No way. Surely not but then again………….



grimjohnrossJohn Ross has made quite a few enemies over the course of three seasons, maybe someone takes a disliking to those chiseled cheekbones and puts an end to him once and for all.

Death Rating – Perhaps but he would fake his own death in some plot to take control of Ewing Global



grimlucyLucy who? Yeah Lucy Ewing, remember? The one who pops up out of nowhere  and opens the door and hangs around at weddings. Could she die?

Death Rating – Maybe she is dead!  We don’t know. Why bother to kill her off? We are sure she will be back for another wedding or a funeral!  Who would Ray hang around with if not.


grimpamelaPammy has already tip toed with the Grim-reaper in season three. Could her new thirst for revenge result in some horrible tragedy?

Death Rating – Low. She is a Barnes and has to keep the blood feud going, we don’t see her going anywhere.



Which Ewing do you think will die?


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