Bobby Ewing’s shock encounter! Dallas TNT Spoilers Season 3


With only a couple of months to go before Dallas TNT blasts back to our screens with the second half of season 3 the rumor mill is starting up again.

We have pulled together some of the speculative spoilers doing the rounds so turn away now if you don’t want to know what could be coming up this season.



  • Bobby Ewing is about to come face to face with a past relationship and the flames of passion have not yet died away. But who is this mystery woman? Well apparently it’s none other than Tracy McKay Lawton originally played by Beth Toussaint in the original series of Dallas. For those who need a reminder Bobby became romantically involved with pool hustler Tracy back in 1988 while her father Carter was waging a war on the Ewings.  It all came to an end when Tracy’s crazy brother beat up April and later died.

Beth Toussaint will not be returning to the role as the character has been recast. Tracy turns up in Dallas in a storyline involving her son Hunter and his involvement with Nicolas Trevino. Her reunion with Bobby also spells trouble for Ann, with their marriage already in trouble will it survive with the return of Bobby’s old flame?

  • Another rumor doing the rounds is Bobby coming face to face with his estranged son. Priscilla Presley has already confirmed she has not been invited back to reprise the role of Jenna Wade , so is it Lucas we will see or is there the possibility of another son waiting in the wings? Time will tell.
  • The fire at Southfork and a subsequent death will make Sue Ellen do a complete rethink on her life as she puts ghosts from her past to rest and finally sobers up.
  • RIP Drew Ramos.
  • The cartel carry out their threat. Is Emma or another family member about to feel their wrath?

What do you think of these spoilers? Let me know and if you have any questions just leave a comment below.

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