Reasons to love Dallas TNT season 3

 Dallas TNT season 3 with Josh Henderson and Linda Gray

Dallas blasts back to our screens on Monday at 9pm with the premiere of season 3, but will it manage to satisfy fans of the series?

The opening episode throws us back into the world of the Ewings twelves hours after we left John Ross and Emma in the hotel room and sets the stage for some exciting developments that really only  begin to gain steam in episode two.

The series has a saga like feel to it, seamlessly building on the previous two seasons to turn the dynamics on their head. In the original series we were thrown into the drama once the characters were defined – JR was bad, Bobby was good,  Sue Ellen was vulnerable and the feud was established but with Dallas 2.0 we have witnessed the seeds being sown and  as we reach season three the show begins to settle down with some exploration of character.

Elena has ditched her accolade as queen of the Methane nerdettes and is now working with Cliff Barnes to bring down the Ewing family, sporting a pair of designer specs she is out for revenge in the name of justice,  Christopher is kitted out with an angry man beard following his split with Elena but it’s not long before he starts to fall for the charms of ranch-hand Heather. Meanwhile John Ross is getting hot and steamy in his boxers with the manipulative Emma Ryland, wonderfully portrayed by Emma Bell.

The true love story at the center of all this is between John Ross and Pamela Rebecca, the first episode will excite fans with a romantic scene under the night sky of Southfork but will John Ross walk in his father’s footsteps or will true lover conquer all? This is the question Sue Ellen is grappling with as she is reminded of her turbulent past with JR, demons that send her back to the bottle.  Can she stop her son from becoming his daddy?

The Ewing’s gain a new enemy in the season premiere with the arrival of powerful self-made billionaire Nicholas Trevino played by Juan Pablo di Pace, who is instantly compelling, not only is he completely gorgeous but Juan brings a natural flair to the role which brings the character to life. If Pamela decides to play John Ross at his own two timing game then Nicholas is the perfect candidate. Watch out John Ross!

We won’t get to see the fabulous Judith Light until episode two when she returns with a lethal walking stick and takes Dallas to the dark side in a perversely comedic scene that would not seem out of place in a Tarantino movie. It’s also  not long before Harris is back in the fold, quickly establishing  the Rylands as the most macabre family to grace the soap opera genre.

With the Ewing’s now all under the same roof at Southfork and a focus on the dysfunctional family dynamics, it looks like season three is going to be a real treat for old and new fans alike.

For those worried about the lack of JR Ewing he is very much present as a catalyst for some  good old fashioned Dallas drama.

Reasons to love Dallas TNT Season Three
  • The iconic opening 3 way split titles used in the original series return
  • It’s uber sexy – We kick off 12 hours later and John Ross and Emma are still getting down to business in the hotel room.
  • The memory of JR Ewing continues to resonate throughout the season as a catalyst for some great emotional drama.
  • John Ross in his boxers and socks. Yes it’s only the second scene and it’s delicious, only John Ross could get away with making socks sexy. P.S Try not to get too excited by the close up of his butt.
  • All the Ewings live under the same roof allowing for some good old fashioned Dallas family dynamics
  • Pamela and John Ross continue to captivate as the couple we root for but can it really end happily in Dallas?
  • Linda Gray is a complete soap diva and is compelling to watch as we see Sue Ellen back on the booze and emotionally torn over her son. Sue Ellen is also the mouth piece for historical Dallas references.
  • Sex texts – Emma Ryland continues to stir a whole pot of trouble and only needs 140 characters to snare her man. We expect fireworks when Pamela discovers her husbands infidelity with Southforks resident nympho.
  • Christopher’s angry man beard – Jesse Metcalffe can do no wrong, there is more soul searching for Christopher this season plus he looks hot with a beard and wielding an axe.
  • Nicholas Trevino – We love this character, Juan Pablo di Pace brings a whole new dynamic to the series as the Ewing’s new adversary.
  • Cliff Barnes is back and still causing trouble for the Ewing family from his prison cell. But with Elena on his payroll  will he finally manage to prove he did not murder JR?
  • The return of Judith Ryland – Yes Judith Light is back in the second episode and takes the character to a whole new level of depravity.  She is utterly delicious in the role and we can’t wait to see her story unfold.
  • Too many reasons to watch season 3 – A Ewing Barbeque, a rodeo, weddings and funerals, Arctic oil leases and drilling on Southfork. Bobby, Ann and the return of Harris. Just too many reasons to list here.

Don’t miss the Dallas TNT Season Premiere 9/8c on TNT

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