Linda Gray Dallas TNT Season 3 Interview

Linda Gray Interview Press Conference Call Transcript- Season Three Dallas TNT

Operator:  Good day and welcome to the Linda Gray, Dallas Season 3 conference call.

TNT:  Good afternoon, thank you so much for joining the Linda Gray, Dallas Season 3 conference call. Season 3 of Dallas returns Monday, February 24 at 9:00, 8:00 Central on TNT. The conference call is now open for questions, please press star 1 to ask a question. Thank you.

 Operator:  Thank you, and we’ll go next to Josh Eilberg, your line is open.

 Josh Eilberg:  Hi Linda, Josh from Ultimate Dallas, how you doing?

 Linda Gray:  Hi Josh, fine. Nice to talk to you again.

Josh Eilberg:  Good, good. It’s a little cold down there I understand.

Linda Gray:  It’s snowing now. For everybody – I hope everyone is listening because I’m sitting out – and looking outside, it’s snowing in Dallas, Texas.

 Josh Eilberg:  Bizarre.

 Linda Gray:  Crazy, ((inaudible)) it’s so beautiful. Anyway, sorry. Sorry.

 Josh Eilberg:  Yes. Obviously with – J.R. is going to loom over this series like Jock loomed over the original series. And there are a lot of people out there that are skeptical about the show without Larry. How would you sell the show to people that are on the fence about whether it can continue in the best vein possible after Larry is not there anymore?

 Linda Gray:  Well I hear you, it’s a great question Josh. But Larry is still there. You know, they keep – you know, like John Ross is making daddy proud, because he’s kind of following in J.R.’s footsteps. So – and then Sue Ellen is like, “Oh my god, he is following in his footsteps.”

So, you know, Larry would – I mean because I knew him so well, he would say to me, “Oh for god’s sakes get on with it.” And that’s what he would – honestly he’d say. He would not want people to say, “Oh the series won’t work without him.” You know, he was always bigger than life, and he will always be bigger than life even though he’s not here in physical form.

His presence is – will always be there, you know, he will have done something, in my estimation, you know, 40 years ago some stupid oil deal that will, you know, reverberate and will cause chaos now. They’ll find some letter, they’ll find some document, and it will make a mess of things. So I think that they’ll, you know, always include him.

They did a beautiful thing where he’s still on the call sheet list when we get our call sheets and we go in, you know, we go in numeric order, you know, what number you are. Patrick is Number 2, I’m Number 3, and then the rest of the cast, you know, they have their numbers. Larry is always there.

It’s says, “Larry Hagman on hold,” and he’s Number 1, so he’s always there. So the producers did a beautiful thing by always including him, because he, you know, he started this whole mess. It’s all his fault.

So, you know, and so he’ll always be there. So it isn’t that, you know, how is it going – the people on the fence, those people will be on the fence about anything they want to be. Let them be on the fence. But they’re going to miss out on a wonderful, wonderful show that’s really – this year especially, they turned up the volume.

It’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s bawdy, it’s, you know, it changes. Patrick and I call either other and we’re like, “Did you know this was going to happen?” I say, “No, did you?” “No.” So we are constantly surprised.

So I think the people who are on the fence, you know, it’s like, “Well, they’ll just have to stay there on the fence.” But they’re going to miss great entertainment and great, great value. It’s beautiful television.

Josh Eilberg:  That’s great, thank you.

Linda Gray:  You’re welcome.

Operator:  Thank you and we’ll go to Chris Baker. Your line is open, please go ahead.

Chris Baker:  Hey Ms. Gray this is Chris Baker from Dallas Decoder.

Linda Gray:  Hello Chris, nice to talk to you.

Chris Baker:  It’s good to talk to you again. We spoke last year.

Linda Gray:  Thank you. Yes we did.

Chris Baker:  I wanted – yes, it was one of the highlights of my career.

 Linda Gray:  You’re so sweet. ((inaudible)).

Chris Baker:  I want to ask you it’s no secret that Sue Ellen has fallen the wagon again this season. How does this relapse compare to what we’ve seen in past? And how are – as an actress, how do you make this interesting for the audience?

Linda Gray:  Great questions as always. I feel that when J.R. Ewing passed that that was a perfect time for a relapse to occur. It wasn’t just sort of a tacky way of having her start drinking again, this was real. And a lot of people I’ve spoken to who are in the program have said, “Yes, that’s very realistic. That that’s – if there was to be a relapse, that that would happen.” So I felt very comfortable.

At first when I read the script there was a little pang, I thought, “Oh boy, here we go again.” But I realized that that could happen to her. And so, yes, we did it. You know, I think a lot of people don’t realize that we are – that there are scripts that we have to adhere to, and so I may have a personal thing about, “Oh no, I don’t want Sue Ellen to drink again,” but I thought it came across pretty well, and I really applaud the writers for doing it so beautifully.

 Operator:  Thank you. And we’ll go next to Craig Bryne. Your line is open. And we do ask that everybody limit themselves to one initial question and we can come back and take additional questions after everyone has gotten their question in. Your line is open, please go ahead.

 Craig Bryne:  Hello and thanks for speaking with us. What does Sue Ellen think of John Ross’ desire to remodel or drill on South Fork this year?

Linda Gray:  I think she would like to take that kid by the scruff of his neck and give him a good shake. I think that’s what he needs. She’s ((inaudible)). I love – I adore their relationship, and he’s always disappointing her, right? Which I love, I think it’s just fabulous.

I love their relationship, it’s just – it’s delicious. And it’s so – you know, she’s – I got a couple of Tweets saying from Twitter fans, and they say I’m meddling too much in John Ross’ affairs. Well, just wait, she’s going to keep meddling, meddling, meddling. And he’s going to keep doing bad things.

And so, you know, that’s the way it works. And the scenes that they have written, again applause to the writers, the scenes they’ve written for the two of us are extraordinarily wonderful and it shows. You know, once a mother you’re always a mother.

And you know, you’re always kind of in there and you want them to be better than they are, you see their highest potential and when they mess up you get disappointed and, you know, so it doesn’t matter how old the kids are, whether they’re 3 or 35, it doesn’t matter, you’re still in there. And you can’t help yourself.

You know, my girlfriend used to – my girlfriends and I used to say, “It’s part of our charm.” And so there’s times that I have to say – Linda Gray says to herself about Sue Ellen, “Sweetheart it’s part of your charm.”

 Craig Bryne:  Well thank you.

 Linda Gray:  You’re welcome.

Operator:  Thank you, and we’ll go next to Billy Ingram. Your line is open.

Billy Ingram:  Hi Linda, I’m thrilled to speak with you, I love the new Dallas. Are there any original cast members from the original series that you’d like to see come back for the new Dallas?

 Linda Gray:  Well, you know, I adore them all. We were such a tight close-knit family. You know, but then again, it isn’t up to us. You know, the writers – it’s crowded at South Fork, it’s very crowded. And we can just ((inaudible)) so many people, and then they’re – they bring another to add on, add depth to the ((inaudible)) series.

So I love all ((inaudible)). It’s kind of hard to hear this one. I’m having – there’s a lot ((inaudible)). So…

Linda Gray:  I’m having a little difficulty with – hearing this one. So we’ll do the best. I hope I’m answering that question for you properly. But as far as bringing new people in, I love it. We always love to see Charlene and Steve come in. I adore Kenny, Ken Kercheval. So you know, bring them in. It’s fine.

Billy Ingram:  Thank you.

Linda Gray:  You’re welcome.

Operator:  And we’ll go next to Jason Matthieson, your line is open.

 Jason Matthieson:  Hi Linda.

 Linda Gray:  Hello.

 Jason Matthieson:  It’s Jason, your friend from Minneapolis. Hope you are well.

 Linda Gray:  Hi Jason. Hi. Hope you’re well.

 Jason Matthieson:  Hi, how are you?

 Linda Gray:  Are you freezing there? Are you freezing in Minneapolis?

 Jason Matthieson:  Yes, it’s not even 12, so it’s pretty bad.

 Linda Gray:  Oh no. No. No, ((inaudible)) fires.

Jason Matthieson:  Kind of ((inaudible)). Yes, staying warm, trying to. Piggybacking a little bit on Josh’s question, you know, I think one of the things that made this reboot more successful than any other reboot was the great recipe of a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new as far as cast.

Without Larry it seems maybe a little bit of the balance is off. How do you think the show is handling that, and will handle that going forward?

 Linda Gray:  Well I think that they have handled it beautifully. I really do. I feel that, you know, Patrick and I were very concerned as the – two of the three musketeers. We had one musketeer left. And we thought, “How we going to play together?”

But we feel that we are the grounding force in that family. That I feel that if it just had started with the young people, that you know, I don’t know, it may not have had the impact that ((inaudible)) grounding. Because if they had not had this groundedness to bring in the older people, and you know, sort of bring younger people up to speed.

I talk to people on the streets and they say to me, “Wow, I have been a fan of the show since 1978 and I adore this new one. And the weaving of the older people and the young people has been magical.”

So, you know, when you talk to the people not, you know, what we all think, but when you talk to them, they love it. And feel that they needed – the beautifully brought us in, the three of us, they brought us in to ground it. And I think a lot of shows have failed that have just brought in new people.

You know, I did – what did I do, 90210, and it didn’t last very long. You know, I feel that that you have to bring in some sort of substance. And then bring in all the beautiful young people. That’s just my opinion.

 Jason Matthieson:  Thank you Linda.

 Linda Gray:  You’re welcome.

Operator: Thank you, and that is all the time we have for questions today.


Season 3 of Dallas returns Monday, February 24 at 9:00, 8:00 Central on TNT.


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